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Sikkim chief minister Pawan Chamling's message

Gangtok, June 22: Sikkim chief minister and president of the Sikkim Democratic Front Pawan Chamling has asked party workers to visit the villages across the state and make people aware of the programmes and policies of the state.

The SDF chief at the Sampurna Kranti Diwas programme urged the leaders to help the villagers understand the programmes of the government on education, health, social justice, women and child rights and infrastructure and on issues like Limbo Tamang seat reservation and tribal status to 11 communities of Sikkim.

The SDF had come to power in the state in 1994.

Today, the Sampurna Kranti Diwas programme was organised by the SDF at its headquarters here. The day is observed by the party every year on June 22 as the SDF had started revolt against Bhandari government demanding restoration of democracy on this day.
Sikkim chief minister Pawan Chamling's message
Pawan Chamling's message



Sikkim 19th June 2016 Bharatiya Janata Party President, Sikkim Pradesh, DB Chauhan has again stressed that the Chief Minister in his meeting with the Prime Minister recently has only placed the same old demands and repeated the same old assurance to the Sikkimese people that the “Central Government is sympathetically looking after these issues and analyzing the facts’’. Calling him an ineffective leader, Chauhan states that the Chief Minister has failed time and again to convince the Centre on many important issues of the State.

Calling Mr. Chamling double-faced, he says, “Outside the state, just after crossing Rangpo Bridge he is the Chief Minister of whole Sikkim and demands developmental budget before the union government for the overall development of Sikkim. But no sooner that he enters Sikkim he becomes the Chief Minister of SDF Party only and its close associates, ignoring the opposition party and its supporters.”

According to Chauhan, this attitude is leading a section of the Sikkimese people into utter frustration and its consequences are appearing into the society in different forms like alcoholism, drug addiction murder and rapes.
Bharatiya Janata Party President, Sikkim Pradesh, DB Chauhan
Bharatiya Janata Party President, Sikkim Pradesh, DB Chauhan
Speaking about the study loan financed by SIDICO, he says that it is mandatory for the loanee to get it cleared by the school/college authority, and the office of the CM is the final authority to award the loan.

“So we cannot deny the fact that the SIDICO loan will be given only to those students who are the nearest and dearest ones desired by the CM and the area MLA. The chances of getting the loan who are not in the good book of the area MLA and CM is very bleak. So there is cent percent probability of rejection for a student whose parents are not the supporter of SDF party. Matters relating to different grants in aids and other facilities meant for the general public faces the same consequence which has created a great deal of public displeasure and annoyance through Sikkim.

Mr. P.K. Chamling speaks high about developing Sikkim but in reality he is developing his own supporter’s family members and relatives depriving the opposition party supporters even if he or she is eligible for the grant-in-aid, and loan. BJP Sikkim Pradesh condemns such bias policy of SDF government,” states the state BJP president.

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Hamro Prajasakti allegedly defaming Pawan Chamling

Writes Deejay Bolo
It is very unfortunate that Anjaan Upadhya and Pabitra Bhandari have been defaming Sikkim and Sikkimese for the last 2 decades. They run a paper called Hamro Prajasakti.

Hamro Prajasakti (A Daily Nepali Newspaper), yellow paper in the garb of newspaper has been publishing news to malign and defame our Party SDF and the Leader Pawan Chamling for decades. This mouthpiece of frustrated and fallen antisocial and anti Sikkimese elements has misquoted the Chief Minister's speech on Sakewa celebrations on May 21, 2015.

The Chief Minister had asked the gathering to stay away from the propaganda spread by some politically frustrated people gathered as Gorkha Jagaran Sangh against the minorities in Sikkim . His speech was Sikkim-centric.

Shri Chamling while stating the history of Sikkimese Nepali said that we are known as Sikkimese Nepalese down the line in history before the state became part of India in 1975 and thereafter. We are known as Sikkimese Nepalese unlike our brethrens in some other parts of the country.
Hamro Prajasakti allegedly defaming Pawan Chamling
Hamro Prajasakti allegedly defaming Pawan Chamling 
The SDF Government led by Shri Pawan Chamling has stood by the demand of the Gorkhaland state of Darjeeling hills all along and piloted a resolution in Sikkim Legislative Assembly on 28 March,2011 and Sikkim is the first state to do so. The resolution was adopted unanimously.
Shri Chamling raised Gorkhaland demand in all the national forums including UPA meeting in 2006 , in September 2015 at Gorkha Rangamanch in Darjeeling in full view of the galaxy of national representatives of Gorkha/ Nepali from all over the country . He has been consistently in support of the cause wherever possible.

The Chief Minister also eulogised the history of Gorkhas who have regiments in the Indian Army who have laid down their life for the security of the Country. In the context of Sikkimese Nepalese , it is a fact that they are in majority in the state and therefore bear the responsibility to protect the interest and rights of the minority Bhutia Lepchas .

Sakewa speech of CM dealt with contribution of Gorkhas to the nation and their valour right from the British empire till today. There was nothing against Gorkhas around the country. He never said Gorkhas came to India for recruitment in the army.

Prajasakti paper has hatched a conspiracy to create a difference and controversy to create misunderstanding among Sikkimese Nepalese and Nepalese / Gorkhas around India.

  1.  Gorkhas have settled in India, they are Indians from time immemorial along with all ethnicity. Chief Minister said that. What is wrong about it??
  2.  Shri Chamling asked the people to be cautious from Gorkha Jagaran Sangh, an anti minority outfit which is misguiding the people . What is wrong about it??
  3. The CM dwelt on irresponsible and anti Sikkim activities carried out by defeated, frustrated elements who are trying to disturb traditional unity and affinity among Sikkimese BHUTIA LEPCHA NEPALESE AND BYAPARIS. As guardian of the Sikkimese people he does his duty.
  4. Sikkim has amicable and close relationship and constant touch with the people of Darjeeling. Conspiracy of a yellow paper like Prajasakti should not be taken as truth.

Truth should prevail and words should not be put into our mouth. SDF advises all concerned to condemn this conspiracy of frustrated elements who have conspired with this yellow paper Prajasakti.

Writes Manju Kc Nanu 
प्रजाशक्ति पत्रिकाले आज नकारात्मक जातिवाद सोच भएका व्यक्तिहरुको मुखपत्र भएर एसडीएफ सरकार र मुख्य मन्त्रीको बिरोधमा नकारात्मक कुरा जनमानसमा फैलाउने कार्य गरिरहेको छ ।

मुख्यमन्त्रीको सम्भाषणलाई तोड़मोड़ गरेर जातिया अशान्ति फैलाइने षड्यंत्र यो पत्रिकाले गरिरहेको छ । पवन चामलिङको लोकप्रियता दूरदर्शी योजना र कार्यक्रमको डाह लोभ र लालचले जलेर यी नकारात्मक जातीवादी तत्वहरुले बिभिनन प्रोपोगंडा मच्चाए मुख्यमन्त्रीको बदनाम गर्नलागि रहेका छन ।

नकारात्ममक सोचले पत्रकारिता गरेर अशान्ति फैलाएर भाई चारा सद्भावना तोड़ने कोशिश कसैले पनि नगरौ ।
यस्ता नकारात्मक पत्रकारितलाई अब युवा चेली र जनता अघि आएर कड़ा भन्दा कड़ा जवाब दिन अति आवश्यकता देखिन्छ ।

Writes Pravesh Stratosphere Chhetri
भारतमा नेपाली भाषी गोखाॅहरूको पहिचान गोखाॅको रूपमा पहिला भारत को ब्रिटिस सरकारले गोखाॅ रेजिमेन्ट आमीॅ मा बनाएर गोखाॅ हरूलाई छुट्टै पहिचान र सम्मान गरेको हो।अनि गोखाॅ हरू पनि देसको लागि ज्यान प्राण दिएर योगदान गरेको हो।

तर आज गोखाॅ हरू आफ्नो पहिचान र अस्तित्व को लडाई लडन परिरहेको छ, यस्को ज्वालन्त उधारण दाजीॅलीङ जिल्ला लाई छुट्टै राज्य गोखाॅल्याण्ड बनाउने हो।यस्को लागि सिक्किम को मुख्य मन्त्री पवन चामलिङ ज्यू ले सिक्किम बिधान सभामा दाजीॅलिङ लाई छुट्टै गोखाॅल्याण्ड राज्य बनाउनू पछॅ भनेर पास गरेको सबैलाई थाहा छ साथै मुख्य मन्त्रीको रूपमा श्री पवन चामलिङ ले देशका बिभिन्न राष्टिय फोरममा दाजीॅलिङ का गोखाॅल्याण्ड राज्य माँग को समॅथन मा बोल्नू भएको सबै लाई जनकारि भएकै हो।

यसरि सिक्किम छुट्टै राज्यको मुख्य मन्त्री भएर दाजीॅलिङ को गोखाॅ हरू को पक्षमा बोल्दा पश्चिम बंगाल सरकार र केन्द्र सरकार ले चामलिङ ले अकोॅ राज्यमा हस्तक्षार गर्यो भनेर चामलिङ ज्यूलाई Warning दिएको सबैलाई थाहा छ। यसरि चमलिङ ज्यू ले जातीको लागि गोखाॅको पक्षमा अडान लिएको सबैलाई थाहा भएको कुरो हो।

पवन चामलिङ ले अहिले सम्म गरेको काम हरू लाई बिस्वास गनूॅ पछॅ तर उसको बिरोधी हरू ले गरेको षंडयन्त्र र प्रजाशक्ति ले गलत प्रकारले छापेको समाचारलाई बिश्वाश गनूॅ भन्दा पहिला साचो कूरा के हो त्यो बुझ्नू पछॅ यस्तो षंडयन्त्र ले नेपाली अथवा गोखाॅ जाती लाई नै नोकसान गछॅ यो सिक्किमको नेपाली लाई मास्ने षंडयन्त्र हो अनि भारत भरि बसेको गोखाॅ हरू लाई कमजोर गनेॅ षंडयन्त्र हो यस कारण हामी सारा भारत मा बस्ने गोखाॅ हरू मिलेर बस्नू पछॅ षंडयन्त्रमा परेर आफ्नै जाती मा दुश्मनी गनूॅ हुदैन।।

Pawan Chamling and SDF Govt Completes 21 Years in ‪Sikkim‬

The state government headed by the Sikkim Democratic Front today completed its 21 years of governance. Chief Minister PawanChamling thanked the people of the state for “toiling and suffering” with him and standing resolutely by his party for all these years.

He said, “The vision and philosophy of our government has always been service to the people, with PawanChamling as the number one servant of the people of Sikkim. The endeavour of my government has been to restore the dignity of the people of Sikkim, as Nobel Laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore had envisioned - ‘Where the head is held high and the mind is without fear’.”

The chief minister said the situation faced by his government 21 years ago was grim and formidable. Resources for development were meagre and the state had incurred financial liabilities of nearly Rs 500 crore. According to Chamling, his government has been largely successful in transforming Sikkim by sheer dint of perseverance and arduous and self-confident efforts.
Pawan Chamling and SDF Govt Completes 21 Years in ‪Sikkim‬
Pawan Chamling a file photo
Today, Sikkim’s economy is one of the fastest growing ones in the country and it lists among the highest per capita income states. The percentage of the population below the poverty line has also fallen at one of the fastest rates ever seen in the country. He said tourist footfalls have increased exponentially, and today, Sikkim attracts more foreign tourists than the entire North Eastern region put together.

Further, Chamling said Sikkim will soon be declared as the first completely organic state of the country. “The ‘green’ policies being pursued over the last two decades have resulted in total forest cover increasing. Nearly one third of the land area has been directly conserved by establishing an extensive protected area network of sanctuaries and national parks. This is the highest in the country in percentage terms, with the national average being less than 5 per cent,” said the chief minister.

Over the past two decades, Sikkim has been conferred with numerous awards and distinctions, by both national and international institutions, in terms of governance and environment protection, among others.

The chief minister concluded by saying, “My government and I will continue to labour relentlessly, and without a break. Let us all work together, hand in hand, in taking Sikkim to further heights of glory.”

Source: EOIC

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