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Students of Sikkim University campaign to support Gorkhaland

9:42 PM

Writes Sailendra Yakha Dewan.

Students of Sikkim University has started campaign to support the demand for Gorkhaland. We started with a signature campaign within our campus with an idea  that since  Sikkim University is a central  university, students from all over India comes here to pursue their education and creating awareness among wide array of students is of much importance.
We also want to showcase the general public that we can demand Gorkhaland or any other demand #without_getting_involved_in_any_political_parties_and_without_tagging_ourself_to_same.
We would like to thank friends from all over India, especially from Sikkim (who came in masses to sign) for extending their full fledged support to the cause.

We will start with other programs soon.

Long Live The GORKHAS STRUGGLE!!!!!!
JAI HIND!!!!!!!!


Darjeeling students denied to sit for admission test for Masters Program

6:48 PM
Students from the Darjeeling Hills denied the right to sit for admission test for Masters Program at Visva Bharati and Sikkim Central University due to the delayed final results by NBU. This is why Darjeeling needs Central University of its own.
Darjeeling 16th July 2016: 56 students from the Darjeeling Hills, all affiliated to North Bengal University denied the right to sit for admission test today for Masters Program at Education Department, Visva Bharati due to the delayed final results which are yet to be declared by NBU

56 Students who had travelled all the way to Bolpur to sit for admission test today at Education Department were categorically not allowed to sit for exam today as they could not show the concerned department officials their final mark sheets for verification. According to central university protocol and rules and regulations, there is no provision for showing the final mark sheets during the time of admission test. Only after the applying candidates have cleared the test and have been selected, do they normally have to show their final mark sheets for verification. However, today these 56 students were not allowed to sit for test on the premise that the Education Department had on their prospectus as well as their admission forms clearly mentioned that final mark sheets are to to obtained prior to admission, but nowhere has it been mentioned that final mark sheets are to be shown on the DAY OF ADMISSION TEST.
Darjeeling students denied to sit for admission test for Masters Program
North Bengal University
Few concerned officials of Visva Bharati are trying to help and console the students as they feel what was done today to these 56 student with no final mark sheets is against the rules and the spirit of the University. These students have submitted an application to the ViCe Chancellor asking him to intervene and allow them to sit for the admission test at a later date.

As of now, the aspiration and faith of these students remain in a limbo. If only one could have foreseen the unintended cost of last years election on the careers of our students, one would have been able to do all the needful lot avoid these kind of situation for the students. We have only a few days ago highlighted how the delayed results by NBU have cost some bright young minds their deserving seat in Sikkim University. Similar trend is being shown at Visa Bharati.

Sikkim Central University has given admission to second and third best choice of students this year, as they have denied the best students admission on the grounds that they don’t have their final year mark sheets.

Whether this is so by design or by default, we will let all of you decide...

Here are the facts.
Following the admission test, majority of the merit list candidates featured top ranking students from Darjeeling, but sadly they were denied admission, as their final year mark sheets were not available at the time of admission.

Having received numerous complaints, we decided to dig in and this is what we found
Explaining the situation, Sikkim University officials stated that “it is clearly mentioned in our Prospectus, if students are unable to produce their final mark sheets will not be given admission.” Given that this year, there was an election in West Bengal, unfortunately of which Darjeeling region is still a part, the final year graduation examinations got postponed by a month, so when Sikkim University demanded mark sheets by June 30th, 2016 all the students from Gorkhaland Territorial Administration who are forced to study under NBU, were unable to produce the same.

Traditionally, since the formation of Sikkim University, they allowed students to submit their mark sheets by the end of October, “but that system created a lot of problem... many students didn’t submit their mark sheets in October and pleaded with us to give them extensions, which we did, given they were pleading” says Vice Chancellor TB Subba. He added, “many of these students did not clear their Bachelors for long, and some of them have both Bachelors and Masters degree issued in the same year... so we decided we cannot allow this to continue.”

What happened in the past, as far as we can tell, is that Sikkim University officials did not do their duty proper, and allowed those who did not produce their Mark Sheet past October of the given year to continue. However, they didn’t seem to have any compunction on the failure of the University to keep a check on students who did not produce their Mark Sheets in the past, and instead decided to punish those who would apply this year.

When we called the SU VC Mr. Subba and asked him about chances of giving the meritorious students provisional admission till their results were declared, he said, “we have made this law and we cannot change it mid-way... we cannot change the law to accommodate students from NBU... they have had to apply within the given dates.”

But that is where SU hypocrisy gets highlighted, despite the fact that they had set June 30th as the last date for the students to show their final mark sheets, they extended the deadline to July 5th . Why so? Because Sikkim University themselves did not publish many of the results till July 3rd.

So while Sikkim University conveniently allowed provision for their own students to apply past the original deadline, they prevented students who had appeared for final examinations through NBU, from seeking admission, showing their lack of mark sheets as an excuse.

A SU Professor who was part of the admission committee earlier said, “I am no more part of the admissions committee, so I was unaware of the decisions they had taken, we had earlier allowed till Oct 30th for students to submit their mark sheets, which the new committee removed without informing anyone, including the faculty... it is about fairness, how can they arbitrarily extend dates to accommodate SU students, while leaving the students from NBU to suffer? This is not only unfair, but also reeks of a systematic provision to deny students from Darjeeling admissions here at SU.”
When we asked SU VC Mr. TB Subba on why provisional admission was not granted, he said, “a law professor drew our attention to that fact it would be illegal to give admission to students who haven’t finished their Bachelors exam to continue onto their Masters.”
So we decided to dig in and this is what we found.

All the ICSE schools in Darjeeling allow for Sikkim students to gain admission after their class 10 exams are over, and months before their results are declared it is not deemed illegal. Numerous Universities across India, including Premier - Indian Institute of Management's allow for students to join their courses while their results are being declared.

We are not sure why Sikkim University decided to prevent students from Darjeeling to join, however what happened is grossly unfair and we hope that the SU authorities allow for admission of meritorious students from across India provisonally, if necessary, instead of selectively preventing Darjeeling students to join in, due to arbitrary rules that specifically deny admission to our students.

Via TheDC

Ramilo SU-Khim: The Sikkim University Fest

7:49 PM
Writes *Animesh Rai

28th May 2016, was a historic day for Sikkim University (SU), one of the youngest yet the highly debated ‘Highway’ University of India. The focus this time was not the usual debate or debacle between the state and the academia nor was it the issues pertaining to research fellowship grants, reservations, campus land tussles but it was solely the victory of the university officials and students in institutionalising the association, a consensual co-ordination of SU students with specific aims and objectives. The day was special for it was the closing ceremony of ‘Ramilo-SU-Khim’, a month long first fest organised by the Sikkim University Student’s Association (SUSA).

SUSA, the brainchild of the present Vice-Chancellor of SU Prof. T.B. Subba and the MS-18 Team, through their hard work, dedication and commitments laid the foundation of the student body and framed its constitution with 18 articles. SUSA organised the first student fest of the university with the theme “Ramilo SU - Khim” where Ramilo stands for Happy, SU is an abbreviation of Sikkim University and ‘Khim’ means Home in Limbu language. Thus, SU-Khim means Happy Sikkim University Home/Family in particular and in the broader context SU-Khim means a ‘New Home’ in the Himalayas according to the historical account of the Limbu Queen of the erstwhile Kingdom of Sikkim, the sweetheart of the noble Bhutia King – Tensung Namgyal, the second Chogyal of Sikkim. Very true, Sikkim University has today become a new home not just for the Royals but for students across and beyond the nation. The national university boasts of having students from the Indian states across Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat towards the extremes north east via Guwahati.
Ramilo SU-Khim: The Sikkim University Fest 
Mr. Swaraj Thapa, the Chief Advisor of Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) was the Chief Guest of the ceremonious event. He delivered a soothing talk on the issue concerning a separate state for the Indian Nepalis – Gorkhaland. The program was hitched by the integrative dance steps of the NeBuLa – The Himalayan congery of Nepalis, Bhutias and the Lepchas followed by the floor sweeping Bihu steps performed by the Assamese students. ‘Mother’ a dance form presented by the department of Horticulture was howling and heart-touching – the group enthralled the audience to extreme joy and called for an eternal obeisance and obedience to a Mother. The popular North Indian Bollywood desi-mixes staged by the Trio’s of Psychology department made the judges go insane in deciding the winner.

The tune and tone of ACDC’s TNT – sung by the first year students of Horticulture Department went to be an inaugural super-hit among the ‘Rock Music’ loving fans. Chimey and the band was too blue to make the mid-summer night so bright and beautiful with a touch of jazzy Joplin and the pinch of trendy Soulmate’s. The Lazy Fingers brought the classic rock and its charms back to life just before two minutes to midnight. The Doodles, a unified heterogeneous music project constituting of the young hill music maestros hailing from ‘Kalimpong’, the land which in Lepcha means ‘the ridges where we play’ did fiddle the musical ridges in all possible ways – superbly played in between the scales of bass to alto and soprano. Doodle’s way of singing ‘Wonderful Tonight’ with their originals ‘Nakkali’ and ‘Jhilkey’ made everybody go gaga in the steps of Elvis Presley in the land of Maruni and Madal. The fest did shake and kept the Tadong hills of Gangtok alive till the midnight and successfully accomplished the mission of ‘Ramilo SU-Khim’ in the modest manner. SUSA with the emphasis on the local terminology ‘Ramilo SU-Khim’ has surely produced a ‘new culture’ of integration of diverse communities and cultures with a space and sentiment to accommodate all across and beyond borders and frontiers in the new home, in the happy family of Sikkim University.

*Animesh Rai is a Research Student in the Department of Sociology, Sikkim University.

Post-graduate courses in Bhutia, Lepcha and Limo languages - Sikkim University

10:36 AM
New courses in Sikkim

Gangtok, March 18: Sikkim University plans to launch post-graduate courses in Bhutia, Lepcha and Limo languages from the next academic session, said the assistant registrar of the Sikkim University.

The assistant registrar, Grace Chankapa, said the university had written to the Union ministry of human resource development and University Grants Commission seeking the approval for the courses.

"We may start the post-graduate programmes in three languages if the approval is given to us from the Union ministry of HRD and UGC. The vice-chancellor of Sikkim University T.B. Subba is regularly pursuing the matter with the two agencies. These three languages have been listed as endangered languages by the Unesco," said a senior official of the university.

Chankapa said if the approval was granted by the UGC, Sikkim University would be the first varsity to start the post-graduate course in the three languages.
Post-graduate courses in Bhutia, Lepcha and Limo languages - Sikkim University
Sikkim University
The Sikkim University presently offers post-graduation in 29 subjects, including Nepali. The three proposed languages are taught in government schools and in government colleges at the graduation level in Sikkim.

The students had requested Subba to start the three language courses so that they could pursue further studies in these languages, informed the university officials.

A source in the university said that once the approval was given by the UGC, the university would work on finalising the course and appointing teachers.


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