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Siliguri Gorkha Manch - Connecting Gorkhas in Dooars and Terai

9:42 AM
The Siliguri Gorkha Manch is on a mission, to connect Gorkhalis living in Terai and Dooars region together and to assist them in their times of need.
Siliguri Gorkha Manch - Connecting Gorkhas in Dooars and Terai
Siliguri Gorkha Manch - Connecting Gorkhalis in the Terai and Dooars

This purely NON-POLITICAL Body, is a SOCIAL ORGANIZATION, which seeks to assist people and bring them together.

In their course of outreach, yesterday Siliguri Gorkha Manch held an interactive meeting at Oodlaabari which was presided over by Shri H B Chhetri.

General Secretary of Manch Shri Suren Pradhan addressed first and he informed the gathering that the Manch is a non-political organization and it Acts in social causes, and that it won't come under under any political pressure under any circumstances.

He fruther said that in Siliguri if any of our community members face problems then the Manch shall definitely help them... Even in the case of medical treatment, college or University admissions and such the Manch shall help the needy in legal and possible ways.

He informed that, anyone facing problem in Siliguri may contact us any time from any where but his/her case must be genuine, and deserving of the time and efforts on the part of the Manch members

Smt Mamta Lama, Shri Bhanu Prakash Marmik and Vice President Sunil Rai also addressed the gathering.

Mr Raju Nepali, Mr T R Chhetri and P K Rai from the locality warmly welcome the vision of Siliguri Gorkha Manch. They have also assured to organize a free medical camp and blood donation camp.

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Awareness programme by SGM in Fapri

8:30 AM
Siliguri Gorkha Manch (SGM), being a social organization, is also committed to serve society selflessly at its best possible way. The representatives of SGM have been reaching remote areas, where Gorkhas people are living and making them aware of their basic rights and facilities provided by the governments, through interactive sessions with the villagers at their own localities. SGM also encourage people and extend their support to voice their fundamental rights / schemes provided by the government.
Awareness programme by Siliguri Gorkha Manch (SGM) in Fapri
Awareness programme by Siliguri Gorkha Manch (SGM) in Fapri
Such interactive session with the locals was organized by SGM at Kholachand Fapri under Dabgram 1 Gram Panchayat on Tuesday. Meanwhile, a free Medical Camp and blood donation and Grouping Camp will be held in Singi Jhora, organize by SGM on June 27. Representatives of SGM, Mr. Suren Pradhan, Sunil Rai, Hari Prasad Sharma, Bhanu Prakash Marmik, Smt Sunita Bhutia and Smt Hari Maya Sharma were present and addressed during the programme held in Kholachand Fapri.
We appreciate the commendable social works done by Siliguri Gorkha Manch.

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