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Airtel 4G Girl Sasha Chettri Joins Reliance Jio

8:14 AM
Sasha Chettri, the unexpected villain of Airtel 4G campaign has decided to leave Airtel, and join Reliance Jio’s 4G campaign from now on. She took this major decision after a user from remote Umiam Lake of Shillong is taking her to court as he was not able to watch India vs West Indies World T20 Semi final clash on his mobile phone using Airtel 4G.

As per reports emerging, Sasha decided to take this extreme step after she was fed up of the trolling she received due to her Airtel 4G campaign; and when it became serious due to this legal angle.

In an exclusive e-interview via Twitter, she said, “Paka daala yaar! (Bugged me off dude!) Don’t these trolls have any other task?!”

This controversy reached it’s crescendo during the World T20 semi final clash where West Indies defeated India. The user, who was so impressed/influenced with Sasha’s advertisement for Airtel 4G in Shillong, that he purchased an Airtel connection for watching the crucial India-West Indies T20 match on his mobile. But unfortunately, the mobile was not able to get the desired bandwidth, and live streaming couldn’t happen.

In his petition, the man who refused to be identified, said, “India has never lost whenever I watch the match. Due to this strange Airtel 4G girl’s advertisement, I took Airtel SIM, and then it was all blank. The match couldn’t be streamed, and I couldn’t watch the match and India lost. Sasha now must pay the price..”

In that particular advertisement shot at Umiam Lake in Shillong, Sasha’s friends actually say to her: “Famous on TV, non-stop, loud speaker..”; and in reply, Sasha admits, “Thoda over ho gaya…Glad we are here, 4G se bhi break, public se bhi break!”.

But suddenly, she is stunned to notice that a girl is playing songs on mobile using Airtel 4G. This ‘miracle’ is what must have inspired that unnamed user who later sued Sasha.

Sasha Ditching Airtel – The Real Reason

As per insider reports, Sasha is tired of watching trolls demolish her self-confidence and belief in the fact that she is a great actor. The biggest issue is that Airtel’s 4G isn’t working as smoothly as she had expected, and this is resulting in intolerance among users.

But why Reliance 4G of all the telecom companies?

She says, “See, first of all, Reliance Jio is really dicey – nobody knows when it will be launched. I am estimating that it will take another year or so before Reliance Jio 4G SIM cards are actually available. On the other hand, Airtel is everywhere, and it’s simply not working!”

It seems that either she received a bigger contract or her visibility has been massively planned (or both), even surpassing Airtel’s campaign.

Just for records, Sasha officially became the face of India’s most hated brand earlier this year; and several analysts had directly blamed Sasha for the same.

As per official data from Broadcast Audience Research Council India (BARC), between September 19 and November 20, 2015, 54,406 times, Sasha Chettri was aired 54,406 times, which resulted in her capturing the small screen for 1,708,586 seconds. In short, she was on TV screen for almost 475 hours, or some 20 days!

Ad-pundits have even started calling her ‘Lalitaji’ of 2015-16.

In a question related to her future plans, the trained copyrighter and passionate singer who accidentally landed up Airtel’s huge, massive ad-campaign, said, “First of all, let me handle these legal issue; and the emotional distress which I am going through. And then, I will plan a comeback by planning more torture for the Indian audience using Reliance 4G advertisements. Just wait and watch..”

Rumors are in that she has proposed a tagline: “4G Liyo To Jio!”, which is being examined by Reliance’s corporate communication experts.

*More updates awaited…


MTV Roadies accident in Darjeeling Pesok

7:56 PM

MTV Roadies Meet With an Accident
An accident took place near Pesok view point in Darjeeling. A mini bus carrying crew of roadies fell down the road. They were shooting in Mirik and Darjeeling hills  recently. According to the report there has been several incidents of accidents in the same spot in the past. The Roadies crew made a mistake by not taking the local driver said one of the locals.

Details of the injured persons:
Magen Basu Matary (36) Ashis Ansari(24) Akash Patel (25) Surendra Pràdhàn (35) Sidarth Soni(24) John Britto(33) Sandeep Bamkar(29) Bijoy kumar Panday(32) Rabi Rajan kumar(24) Santosh Jaiswal(35) Gawrab Pazoz(32) and the vehicle no is AS 01FC9100.
All assistance have been provided to the injured, who have been taken to Kalimpong and Siliguri hospital.

Thank God, there have been no casualties and we are hopeful it remains that way.

Via TheDC

Bibechana Gurung one of the finalist of India's Best Dramebaaz Season Two

1:20 PM
Indian Gorkha, Miss Bibechana (Gungun), one of the finalists of India's Best Dramebaaz Season Two is the pride of gorkhas in India. 12 years old Bibechana Gurung hails from Kurseong and also studies in Dow Hill School in Kurseong.  Her mother is from Bharnabari Tea Garden, Hasimara in ‪‎Dooars.

What is India's Best Dramebaaz?
India's Best Dramebaaz is a Indian reality show. A talent show for children where they will be judged for their acting capabilities. They will also undergo through a series of tasks and challenges which will groom them as actors.

Channel : Zee TV
Days : Sat-Sun
Timings - 09.30pm Onwards

Bibechana Gurung one of the finalist of India's Best Dramebaaz Season Two
About Bibechna Gurung
She lives with her father who is in the police, her mother a homemaker and her elder sister. She started dancing when she was 3 years old and learnt learnt kathak from her mother. She learnt Bharatnatayam and Hip-Hop and considers Madhuri Dixit to be her inspiration. .

Sasha Chettri helps Airtel 4G ad grab eyeballs

9:33 AM
You might not have heard of Sasha Chettri, but you've most probably seen her and chances are that you'd even recognise her in a crowd: she's the Airtel 4G girl. The youngster has grabbed eyeballs of 1.2 billion Indians as the telecom major is relentlessly streaming its 4G campaign into Indian homes and cities, giving this next-door girl more air time than most celebrities.

According to Broadcast Audience Research Council India (BARC), between September 19 and November 20, 2015, the Airtel 4G ads featuring Chettri were aired 54,406 times, together accounting for 1,708,586 seconds. That is, in those two months she was on TV screen for almost 475 hours, or some 20 days.

"Chettri is the 'Lalitaji' of 2015," said Jagdish Acharya, founder-director of creative agency Cut The Crap. "Chettri is doing what Kavita Chaudhary did to Surf in mid-80s. Irrespective of the Airtel hardselling 4G, the stickiness of the campaign is because of her," he said, giving all credits for the campaign to its protagonist. "You cannot break down what worked for the campaign - her face, her haircut, her voice, or her communication - but she has caught the fancy of everyone."
Sasha Chettri helps Airtel 4G ad grab eyeballs
Sasha Chettri helps Airtel 4G ad grab eyeballs
An upcoming music artiste in Mumbai who once worked as a trainee copywriter with not much experience in acting and modelling, Chettri was clearly not an obvious choice for a big national campaign like that of Airtel 4G, though her current campaign is taking her places. The girl from Dehradun in Uttarakhand studied advertising from Xavier's Institute of Communications, Mumbai. She told ET: "I love music. It's who I am and I am working on my ep (a mini album) right now."

Agnello Dias, chairman and cofounder of Taproot that created the Airtel 4G campaign, insisted that casting Chettri was not unusual. It was done in "the normal way we cast, choose from a group, narrow it down and then make one choice".

Source - economictimes

Sairaj Khati Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa gets a Warm Welcome in Mirik

9:30 AM
Mirik lad Sairaj Khati on his two day visit to native place witnessed mammoth gathering Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa top 10 contestant,Sairaj khati has been on his two days visit to home Manju,Dara Gaon since yesterday. Sairaj's irresistible voice and amazing performance made him grab limelight among fan followers.

On his first day of the visit,Sairaj Bhai was invited and welcomed at Phuguri High School where he studied before leaving for Zee Bangla singing competition.All the teaching staffs,students and his well wishers were present there to honour him with khadas and warm hugs with zeal and enthusiasm.

Sairaj Khati Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa  gets a Warm Welcome in Mirik
Mirik Lad Sairaj Khati Gets a Warm Welcome in Town
Mirik Lad Sairaj Khati Gets a Warm Welcome in Town

Sairaj Khati Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
Sairaj Khati Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Meanwhile Soureni constituency GTA Sabhasad Arun Sigchi and the Various Artists Association of Mirik were also present to give him a bid welcome.

Photo - Yowan Gurung
Via - Voice of Mirik - VoM 

First All Indian Nepali Satellite TV Channel (ABN) launched

12:35 PM
ABN (All Bharatiya Nepali) is the first Nepali Satellite TV Channel in Indian  which was launched at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi. Present on the occasion was Telecom & Communication Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Shri BalKrishan Acharya, GTA Chief and GJM President Bimal Gurung and Entrepreneur Bijay Chamling from Sikkim.

This news & entertainment channel will be dedicated for Nepali audience across the country and it will start telecasting from 3rd week of October.

First All Indian Nepali Satellite TV Channel (ABN) launched

Airtel 4G advertisement features Gorkha from Bhopal, Sasha Chettri

1:02 PM
Airtel launched its new 4G advertisement on 6 August. It takes no time for this wonderful advertisement to become an instant hit. It is creating a sensation over the Internet with millions of views on Twitter.

The content of this advertisement, that is a sort of challenge, might be controversial. Many current users of Airtel are ridiculing the company for this sort of fake challenge. They are wondering why the company is unable to provide impeccable network over 2G and 3G networks.

Anyway, that is not the point here.

This advertisement is also in news for its models. The ad features two young and beautiful girls with different features, particularly their hairstyle is different. Both are cute and people want to know more about them. The girl with short hair, who wins the challenge, is currently hot favorite.
Gorkha from Bhopal, Sasha Chettri featured in Airtel 4G advertisement
Gorkha from Bhopal, Sasha Chettri featured in Airtel 4G advertisement 
The name of that girl is Sasha Chettri. She is only 19 years old. She is basically from Bhopal. As a matter of fact, she was a student of All Saints’ Academy, Bhopal.

Watch her in one of the Airtel 4G advertisements below.

Later, she took admission in a BBA course. She says that modelling has always been her dream. She was registered with many modelling agencies and fortunately got a call from Taproot Dentsu, the agency which has produced this advertisement. She went Mumbai for audition and was selected.

Sasha had never imagined such type of popularity throughout India for just an advertisement. She is now planning to get settled in Mumbai for more opportunity.

She has never been seen on television. Initially, many took her as Akshara Hassan. However, that isn't true. Taproot Dentsu was looking for a fresh face for this advertisement who has never been seen on television.

Following are some of her tweets

Via: indicivil

Why it should be "All India Gorkha Channel" ? and not "All India Nepali Channel"

7:54 PM
Sanjog Chamling for IG

According to the Statesman article titled "GTA announces ‘own’ TV channel" which was later published on Darjeeling Times (details -  Gorkhaland Territorial Administration have recently announced 24 hr Nepali channel, hosted by NTV, named "All India Nepali Channel" which will be fully functional from the month of September this year. It is to be noted that this has not yet been confirm by the GTA officially.

If the new is  true, this would be the great initiative on the part of GTA, however, there has been campaigns in social medias and to change the name of the channel from "All India Nepali Channel" to "All India Gorkha Channel". Online Petition addressed to GTA chief Mr Bimal Gurung, Chief Executive and other executives members of the GTA  has been submitted.
All India Nepali Channel" or "All India Gorkha Channel"?
All India Nepali Channel" or "All India Gorkha Channel"?
It was mentioned in the article that .. Addressing a gathering organized to mark the 201st birth anniversary of Bhanu Bhakta Acharya at Gorkha Ranga Mancha Bhawan here, Assistant general secretary of the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha (GJMM) and Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) executive member, Binoy Tamang said: “ Initially we had thought of keeping the channel’s name Kanchangunga TV or Gorkha TV, but we finalized on All India Nepali (AIN) because the channel will be for all the Nepali speaking population of India

Language, Nepali, has already been recognized, on 20th August 1992 the Constitution of India gave recognition to Nepali language in the eight schedule of the Indian constitution. It is the term "Indian Gorkha" that needs to get highlighted at the national arena.The term "Indian Gorkha" tries to make a distinction between citizen of Nepal and the Indian citizens of the Gurkha ethnic group.

By including the word "Gorkha" in the channel name, people think, it would help take the demand of Gorkhaland to the national level, outside the political realm ... one by asserting our presence, two by making people debate more about Gorkhas on national level.

Moreover, word “Nepali” is not only the language but also synonymous with the citizenship of Nepal. Hence, the name "All India Nepali Channel" would only add to the Identity issue  arising out of Indo Nepal Treaty of 1950 which has already blurred the citizenship of the Indian Gorkhas.

Since, every Nepali speaking Indian or Indian Gorkhas aspire for their homeland, Gorkhaland, inclusion of the Word Gorkha in the name of the proposed channel would be supported by the mass. Nevertheless, its up to the concerned authorities to decide whether to go with the mass and use the opportunity to take the demand on national level or stick with their own decision.

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