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Gorkhas Daughter wins Gold and Bronze in International Taekwondo Championship

11:07 AM
Gorkhas Daughter Sushila Sonar from Northeast India Arunachal Pradesh, who is a 4th Dan Black Belt, represented India in the above 76 kg category and has won Gold and Bronze medal in  2nd International Taekwondo championship 2016 which was held in Bhutan. Sushila Sonar won one gold and one bronze medal in Kyorugi in senior girls above 76 kg category and in Poomsae in U-39 year category.

In the event, Indian contingent comprised of 23 members. The International event was organized by Bhutan Taekwondo Federation and was sanctioned by World Taekwondo Federation.

You make our Indian Gorkha community, Northeast and country as a whole very proud!!!

Darjeeling wins eight gold medals in 35th Senior & Junior Taekwondo Championship

10:02 PM
The Darjeeling Hills has helped Bengal achieve a rare record feat of winning eleven medals and also making it the team champions, in the recently concluded 35th Senior and Junior Taekwondo Championship held in Mumbai from January 22 to 24.

Darjeeling represented Bengal in the event and in the process managed to get eight of the gold medals and four silver and six bronze out of the total of 9 and 10, respectively. “It is a huge achievement for us.

This is the first time that Bengal has managed to get such haul of gold medals in an event. And I am proud that Darjeeling has played a major role,” said Bikash Chhetri, president of the Darjeeling Amateur Taekwondo Association (DATA), today in press conference in Darjeeling.

The competition which had participants from 24 states was organized by the Taekwondo Federation of India (TFI) at Sachewalaya Gymkhana Colabain Mumbai, last month. From Bengal 41 members participated out of which 20 were from the Hills.
Darjeeling wins eight gold medals in 35th Senior & Junior Taekwondo Championship

In the selection process held in December 2015, from the Hills 18 were selected for the state championship, winning gold. They were then selected for the national championship. “Our effort has paid off with the Hills winning so many gold medals. It is also a big feat that Bengal emerged the team champions in the event,” Chhetri said. Ratan Century, one of the two coaches who helped the students achieve the feat reasoned that availability of proper equipments had played a major role. “One of the main reasons that we feel that the performance of the participants from the hills was good apart from their hard work was that they got to practice with proper equipments which was not the case just a couple of years back. We thank the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) for providing us the equipment worth Rs.2 lakh which includes mats, arm, chin and chest guards and head gears among other things,” he said.

The coach however rued the fact that the individual equipments could not provided as they were few in numbers. Also lack of practice halls hindered the participants. “We had thee equipments but they were small in numbers compared to the participants. We also did not have a practice hall. We had to use the premises of Turnbull school and Gymkhana club,” Century said.

The DATA comprises members from the Northern Taekwondo Academy, Taekwondo Sporting Academy and Himalayan Taekwondo Sports Training Centre which has links with the school along with Gymkhana.

Fifteen year old Iccha Malla, who won a gold medal in the national championship this year said, “It has been five years that I have started learning Taekwondo and have also won a few gold medals in the state championships. But this is the first time that I have won gold in a national championship and it feels good. This time I have learnt that there are many good players and that more practice and hard work is needed if I want to continue winning.”

Source EOI

Tirlok Subba receives Bengal Khel Samman award for Taekwondo

10:36 AM
KALIMPONG, December 1: West Bengal government today conferred Khel Samman Award
to international taekwondo player from Kalimpong, Trilok Subba.

Subba received the award from the hands of Sports minister Arup Biswas during a function held at Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata today. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was also present at the function.

Subba received a citation, trophy, cheque of Rs. 50,000 and shawl.

When contacted on phone, Subba said he was happy to become the first taekwondo
player in three years to receivethe award.

No taekwondo player was chosen for the award in 2013 and 2014, while this year four names were forwarded for recommendation for award by Bengal Taekwondo Association from which I was selected, added Subba.
Tirlok Subba receives Bengal Khel Samman award for Taekwondo
Tirlok Subba receives Bengal Khel Samman award for Taekwondo
“We were honoured to felicitate outstanding sports personalities for their valuable contribution in respective fields and conferred on them awards in humble recognition of their great achievements. We are proud of all of them,” wrote the West Bengal ChiefMinister on her official Facebook page.

Article was first published on sikkimexpress

Trilok Subba wins three gold medals in South Korea Taekwondo championship

7:36 PM
Kalimpong man wins three gold medals in South Korea Taekwondo championship

Forty-eight year old Trilok Subba has to his credential 12 international, nine nationals and seven North East games gold medals in Taekwondo, a feat that can challenge any other sporting achievements in the country, yet the man from Kalimpong remains as just another face in the crowd.
Trilok Subba wins three gold medals in South Korea Taekwondo championship
Trilok Subba wins three gold medals in South Korea Taekwondo championship
Subba is back after winning three gold medals- 2 in the 9th World Taekwondo Cultural Expo Competition on July 11 at Muju Province and 1 in the Jeonju Korea Open International Taekwondo Championship on July 18 at Jeonju Province both in South Korea, but for him it is a matter of only of adding another feather in the cap which has missed the eyes of the nation.

However, the man from 12 ½ Mile, Sindey Pong Busty in Kalimpong sub-division is not fretting about the apathy being shown towards his achievements, both by the state government and the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA), that governs the Darjeeling Hills.

“I have grown used to this type of disregard now. However, my fear is that young aspiring talents may feel demoralized to take this or any other sports,” said Subba, today in a felicitation program organized by members of the Darjeeling Taekwondo Association (DTA) in Darjeeling.

Subba who is a black belt 7th Dan and is also an international Taekwondo referee managed to bag the gold medals in the South Korea Taekwondo championship where more than 2000 people participated from over 31 countries, without a coach or proper training facilities. “I have converted the upper floor of my house into a practice room. However, I do not have the deep foam mattress that is a prerequisite for Taekwondo. While, participants from other countries were there in South Korea nearly a month ago in training camps but I could not do that because of the cost factor,” he said.
Subba had to pool in Rs.2.50 lakh for his stay from July 9 to 27. He could not afford the Rs.60000 as fee for the month long training in South Korea. And back home the Rs.1.30 to Rs.1.50 lakh for the deep foam mat is unaffordable, forcing him to practice in ordinary ones used domestically and even in cement floor.

That however has not deterred Subba from continuing with the sport that he took up when he was 15 years’ old. “I joined a Taekwondo club first in 1981 as I was impressed by the discipline of the sports. Initially, I participated in state level and national events but success eluded me. However, I did not give up hope and carried on putting in hours of work,” Subba said.

In 2009 Subba won his first gold medal in the Poomsae (martial art form) event in the 4th National Taekwondo Championship in Surat. In the international arena, Subba won his first gold in 2011 in the 6th Malaysia Classic International Taekwondo championship. This aside, Subba has also represented the country in international Taekwondo competitions in Scotland, Northern Ireland, London, Uzbekistan, Egypt and Bali.

Last year Subba wrote to the GTA for support but failed to get any positive feedbacks. “I had written to the sports and youth affairs department of the GTA to help us but have not got any response yet. But let’s see I will approach the local governing body of the Hills,” he said, on Sunday.
GTA executive member Colonel Ramesh Allay (Retd) in-charge of the sports and youth affairs department when contacted said, “We are aware of the laurels he has brought not only to the country but also to Darjeeling. We will write to the state government and the Centre to extend financial support to him, besides, the GTA will do whatever is needed in the future. In fact, we have decided to honour and felicitate Subba during the Independence Day celebration programme in Kalimpong”.


Trilok Subba to represent India in 7th AsianTaekwondo championship

12:12 AM
Kalimpong: Master Trilok Subba, 6th.Dan, National champion will represent India in 7th Asian senior Poomsae Taekwondo championship in 1st.Master Individual event.The 7th.Asian Senior poomsae taekwondo championship will be held on 25th.May 2014 at Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Trilok Subba has already won three Gold medals in the National Senior Poomsae Taekwondo Championship  held in Bhopal in 2013.

Trilok Subba to represent India in international Taekwondo championship
Trilok Subba from Kalimpong to represent India in international Taekwondo championship

The martial artiste from Kalimpong has many feathers in his cap, both as a player and as a coach. He has won five gold medals, two silver and two bronze medals in international meets. In national meets, he has won six gold, seven silver and two bronze medals. Subba conducts coaching classes in Sikkim and Kalimpong. Samten Kabo, a black belt in martial arts and an ex-footballer, said what was impressive about Subba is his passion for taekwondo.

Sikkim girl bags gold in top Taekwondo Tournament

10:17 AM

Sulochana Subba, who hails from the remote corner of Sikkim in West District, won a gold medal at a top Taekwondo Tournament held at Kokrajhar in Assam, according to media reports.
Sikkim's new Taekwondo champion Sulochana Subba.
Sikkim's new Taekwondo champion
Sulochana Subba.

Sulochana defeated formidable opponents from of Nepal, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Siliguri, Guwahati and Pune to win the medal. She lives in remote area in Uttarey in West Sikkim and has made the state proud. Sikkim already boasts of many champion Taekwondo athletes who have represented the state and the nation at top events nationally and internationally. The new champion is a welcome addition to the list.


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