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Shaurya Chakra to Lance Naik Deepak Ale

2:52 PM
GORKHA PRIDE: President presents  Shaurya Chakra to Lance Naik Deepak Ale

Honourable President of India Ram Nath Kovind presents Shaurya Chakra to Lance Naik Deepak Ale, 1st Battalion, 3rd Gorkha Rifles. He displayed courage, selfless devotion and gallantry beyond the call of duty in killing four militants in Kupwara, Jammu & Kashmir.

Watch the Video here.

Message from Gorkha Janmukti Morcha President Shree Bimal Gurung

5:30 PM
To all my Gorkha Family,who have been working and waiting so patiently for the past 8 to 9 months.
The news of my arrest which went viral yesterday has caused panic and fear,I want to assure them ,I am safe and secure
I carry the Idea of Gorkhaland in my very being.

Rest assured that I am doing everything to achieve Gorkhaland. I cannot even conceive of our future without Gorkhaland .I have taken a vow to realise this dream and until  that is met nothing can stop me.
I am safe in my own place and I want our people to know that we are following the righteous and lawful path towards working for the Gorkha community and Gorkhaland.
A heartfelt request to my Gorkha Family, please do not get agitated and react to these unfounded rumours of my arrest.This is just a ploy to incite us and trap the true Gorkhas.

Sachin Tendulkar's encouragement words for Shiva Thapa

10:17 PM
23rd June 2016 The lone Indian boxer to have qualified for 2016 Rio Olympics so far, Shiva Thapa have received a vedio where Sachin Tendulkar have some supporting words for him in the popular social media. The post read "It is the biggest experience ever for any athlete to represent their nation at Olympics".A huge shout out to Shiva Thapa on his ‪#‎RoadtoRio‬. Jee jaan laga dena!"  ‪#‎AgainstAllOdds‬ Indian Olympic Association. India had gone with a 13-member squad and only Shiva qualified for the Olympics so far.

In a reaction to this gesture from the God of Cricket Shiva replied "Thank you Sir for your motivating words." This is the second time that Sachin have actually made a video for Shiva Thapa. The first time Sachin made video for Shiva was when  he replied to a question asked by Thapa in a Twitter chat, wished the 22-year-old the very best for his second Olympics. “Firstly, all the very best for the Rio Olympics. We are with you. We are supporting you. Don’t think about the pressure. Just think about the process, results will follow,” said Tendulkar (Details here Sachin Tendulkar wishes Shiva Thapa good luck for Rio Olympics 2016 )

Watch the video
In the time when boxing in India has been facing a lot of problems with the lack of a federation these words from Sachin have come as a ray of hope.

Syndicate Bipul Chettri video guitar Lesson, chords and lyrics - Maya

9:21 PM
Syndicate is a song from Bipul Chettri second album Maya. The song is a simple story of two ordinary people sharing a public space and the individual fantasy world we sometimes enjoy ourselves to be in. Syndicate has already enjoyed huge popularity since it was released as a single last year.

TABBED BY: Pravesh



Strumming pattern: D UUD UUD DU (listen to the song for the tempo)

C G Am F Em Dm

If you do not have capo, you can substitute
C G Am  F Em  Dm  by
E B C#m A G#m F#m respectively

[Verse 1]

Bheta bhayo aja hami, Syndicate ko Maajha hami
C                                          G    
Uvechu timro bagal ma, busy timi mobile ma herechu
Kheleko yowan
Naam timro thaha chhaina, tara malai parwa chhaina
C                                             G    
Boli kei rahechau hai aankha le kehi bhanirahechau hai
G         Am  
Bolu ta k bhanera
                Dm     F
Dar pani lagcha sochera
F                    Em               C
Timi jaane siligudi, Ma jaane sikkima tira

[Verse 2]

Khusi chu hai timrai majha bhule sara sansar aja
C                                       G
timi paani ma sanga nai jaane bhae kati ramailo
hune thyo bhanna ta
Kasto yo milan hamro bis minute ko sambhandha hamro
C                                              G
payera paani napae jasto chinera paani nachine jasto
G                  Am
Jindagi yestai nai ho ra
Am                   Dm      
Aafnai bato ta jaanu chandai chha ra
F                   Em             C
Timi jaane siligudi ma jane sikkim tira


C F C G  x4

[Verse 3]

Am                   F      C
Malai nai here jasto lagcha ghari ghari
Here lagcha ghari ghari
Am                    F    C
Farki herchu ma paani aasa saari
Aasa saari
Am                 F       C
Mana ma sochdai ma ramauda chu
Mana ma sochdai ramauda chu
Am                 F       C
Timi sangai bhaeko kalpana garchu
kalpana garchu



[Verse 4]

Kasto darke paani paryo bhijera ma chura bhae
C                                           G
timi sangai ota laagi aafno gaadi parkhi ma rahe
Bhijechu aja ma rahara le
Saba gaadi chalna thalyo commander ko horn suni
C                                     G
Kalebung to siligudi, hana timi kasto nisthuri
chodera gayau kata tira
Am                  Dm
chadi rakhyau malai etai tira
F                   Em              C
Timi jaane siligudi ma jane sikkima tira

Syndicate - Guitar Lesson by Nepali E-Chords

Syndicate lyrics in Nepali
भेट भयो आज हामी सिन्डिकेट्को माझ हामी
उभिएछु तिम्रो बगल मा, बिजि तिमी मोबाइल मा हेरेछु
खेलेको योवन,

नाम तिम्रो थाहा छैन तर मलाई पर्वाहा छैन
बोली केही रहेछौ है, आँखाले केही भनिरहेछौ है
बोलु त के भनेर
डर पनि लाग्छ सोचेर

तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर

खुसी छु है तिम्रै माझ भुले सारा संसार आज
तिमी पनि म संग नै जान भए कति रमाइलो
हुने थियो भन्नत

कस्तो यो मिलन हाम्रो, बीस मिनेट को सम्बन्ध हाम्रो
पाएर पनि नपाए जस्तो, चिनेर पनि न चिने जस्तो
जिन्दगी यस्तै नै हो र
आफ्नै बाटो त जानू छदै छर

तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर

मलाई नै हेरेको झै लाग्छ घरी घरि
(हेरे लाग्छ घरिघरि)
फर्की हेर्छु म पनि आशा सरि
(हुउ... आशा सरि)
मनमा सोच्दै म रमाउद छु
(मनमा सोच्दै म रमाउद छु)
तिमी संगै भएको कल्पना गर्छु
(कल्पना गर्छुउ...)

कस्तो धर्के पानी पर्यो, भिजेर म चुर भए
तिमी संगै ओत लागि आफ्नो गाडी पर्खिरहे
भिजेछु आज म रहर ले

सबै गाडी चद्न थाल्यो कमाण्डर को हर्न सुनी
कलिम्पोङ टु सिलिगुरि, भन तिमी कस्तो निस्ठुरी
चडेर गयो कता तिर
छाडी राख्यौ मलाई यतै तिर
तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर
तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर
तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर

Bollywood Song Stole Bipul Chettri’s Music But It’s Still Shit!

2:27 PM
Writers Neeraj Pun (NEO)

Bollywood has been ‘getting inspired’, screw it, we will just say what it is — Bollywood has been stealing since ages. Anything that’s good needs to be copied, whether a film, a scene or a song because creativity is just a myth for these guys. The latest victim of this trend is Bipul Chettri whose music has been ripped off in a song from an upcoming film ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’. The music for the song titled ‘Chhu Liya’ is composed, or let’s just say stolen, by Ajay Singha and it is sung by Papon and Neha Rajpal. It wouldn’t actually be a bad song if the music was not stolen but as we are so used to of listening to Bipul’s soothing voice along with that music, it sounds terrible.

Here's the song
Title : Chhu Liya
Singer : Papon & Neha Rajpal
Lyrics : Mohit Pathak
Music : Ajay Singha
Arranger/Programmer : Ajay Singha/ Nilotpal Bora

The people from "Hai Apna Dil Tou Awara" have removed the following video where music was straight away taken from the song Aasar of Bipul Chetteri because of too many dislikes and hate comments.

No Bollywood, it doesn’t work that way. You just don’t steal our favorite artist’s music and get away with it without anyone noticing. Busted!!

However, we had the copy of the version of song Chhu Liya where music was taken from the song Aasar of Bipul Chetteri and you can watch the video here

And here’s the original by Bipul Chettri - Asaar

Via neostuffs

Bipul Chettri - Wildfire/Dadhelo music Video released

1:29 PM
Bipul Chettri, a Nepali music sensation well known for his Nepali folk tunes, have Published his new music video titled "Bipul Chettri - Wildfire/Dadhelo (Official Music Video)" on 21 May 2016 in YouTube. The video is an amazing work of art by Polka Studio's guys from UK. In a nutshell the music video is the combination of Great Music and the Great work of Art. Viewers in the You Tube have nothing to say but  praises for both Bipul Chettri and Polka Studio.

 Details Of the Music Video
 Music & Lyrics - Bipul Chettri
Artist/Concept - Asis Rai
Video Consultant/Advisor - Sonam Tashi

 Watch the Music Video Here

Here is what Bipul Has to say about his first Ever Music Video on FB

 "You should not miss this. In a brilliant video narrative, Bipul Chhetri's new Wildfire/Dadhelo is actually a piece of art. This song became a phenomenon three years back. Capturing the life of the artist in just three and a half minutes, the video depicts his journey of life as an artist. Congratulations Bipul Chettri - Wildfire!! You inspire us." - Gorkha Youth and Students' Association of India - GYASA

The hills have eyes: has GJM met its nemesis in Harka Bahadur Chettri?

2:41 PM
There was great need for such a party in the hills, claims Harka, as all other parties have let the people down. "The common man in the hills has suffered immensely because of communal politics. Even the demand for Gorkhaland has been communalised. I want to take people away from this," he says.
The JAP is supported by the Trinamool Congress, which has made some voters uncomfortable given the ruling party's opposition to the creation of Gorkhaland. But Harka insists the alliance won't compromise his party's Gorkhaland agenda.
"I could have joined the Trinamool but that wouldn't have helped my agenda. Formation of Gorkhaland is the number one point in our manifesto, but it is a process," he says. "I want to empower the people of the hills first and create the necessary infrastructure. People have been deprived of basic necessities like food, water, roads, employment, education and healthcare, nothing is taken care of. For me the term 'Gorkhaland' is not a vote-catcher like it has been until now."
"Also," he adds, "the hill people consider the Trinamool a Bengali party and don't trust them. Had I joined the party, I would have been finished."
Taking a dig at the GJM, he says, "A party which has been unable to provide even water to the people of the hills claims they will get them a separate state of Gorkhaland."
Harka was initially declared a Trinamool nominee, Mamata Banerjee herself announcing his name as part of the party's candidates list in February. But he quickly clarified that he would be contesting on a JAP ticket.
Unlikely allies
Although Harka swears by Gorkhaland and Mamata is dead set against it, they seem to be getting along quite well. Harka was instrumental in getting the Mamata government to approve district status for Kalimpong. The bill to effect the change, though, is yet to be passed by the assembly.
"Practically speaking, you can't get anything from the state government if you don't maintain a cordial relationship with them, especially if you really want to work for the people. Having said that, I have never compromised the welfare of the people. I am thoroughly satisfied with the cabinet approval for the district status for Kalimpong. I have been working for it ever since I was elected in 2011. This has only happened because of my good relationship with the state government," he says.
Making Kalimpong a district, Harka argues, is a step in the direction of creating the state of Gorkhaland. "When more districts come under the proposed area of Gorkhaland, we will have more MLAs and MPs. The demand for Gorkhaland will become more valid."
"Only a fool will raise the Gorkhaland demand in the assembly. It has to be raised in the Parliament as only parliamentarians can decide whether or not Gorkhaland can be formed," he argues. "The state is not the forum. Hence, my relationship with the state government has no effect on my demand for Gorkhaland."

His rivals, chiefly the GJM, however, see the proposed demarcation of Kalimpong district as an attempt to weaken the movement for Gorkhaland. The party's General Secretary Roshan Giri argued that it was an "extremely cunning" move on Mamata's part. "This is a move to influence the people of Kalimpong and separate them from the other parts of the hills. This move is an attempt to weaken our movement," he told Catch.
Harka rejects the GJM's argument. "Our agenda for forming a separate state of Gorkhaland may be the same, but our plans for making that happen are as different as heaven and hell," he says.
Indeed, it was his opposition to GJM's methods, Harka says, that compelled him to part ways. The GJM had won Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong in the 2011 assembly election, only to order its legislators to resign in protest against the alleged "interference of the state government in the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration". The GTA is an elected semi-autonomous body that administers the hills, and is currently run by the GJM.
Harka refused to resign, however. He quit the party instead and continued as an independent MLA.
"There were hardly an similarities between me and GJM. But I realised this too late," he says. "I thought good sense would prevail but that didn't happen. A number of positions were offered to me by the state government that would have benefited our people but I wasn't allowed to accept them by the party."
Safety first
Although he leads his own party now, Harka is treading cautiously. He has decided against fielding a candidate from Darjeeling or Kurseong "owing to limited resources". "We are very new. It has been just three months since we founded the party. We do not have enough resources to contest elections from other areas as of now. However, I am confident that the people of Kalimpong will choose me."

Via: Catch News

Sachin Tendulkar wishes Shiva Thapa good luck for Rio Olympics 2016

8:57 PM
New Delhi: Shiva Thapa, the only Indian boxer to have qualified for the Rio Olympics so far, today got words of encouragement from none other than cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar. Tendulkar, replying to a question asked by Thapa in a Twitter chat, wished the 22-year-old the very best for his second Olympics. “Firstly, all the very best for the Rio Olympics. We are with you. We are supporting you. Don’t think about the pressure. Just think about the process, results will follow,” said Tendulkar

“You have to stay positive and enjoy the game. Pressure is going to be there but if you try and live in the present, then pressures will take care of themselves. Good luck,” he added. Tendulkar was responding to a flurry of questions from fans on Twitter. “I am going to my second Olympics at Rio. How did you handle pressure when you played for India at World Cup?” Thapa had asked. The world No.6 Thapa won the bantamweight silver at the Asian Qualifiers in Qian’an, China to qualify for the Olympics in August.

Former India captain Anil Kumble and former England captain Michael Vaughan also had questions for Tendulkar. While Kumble asked him when they could plan a trip together to a wildlife sanctuary, Vaughan asked Tendulkar whether the ball he bowled to him was the “greatest delivery” he had ever faced.

Via cricketcountry

Narendra Modi confirms that process to grant ST status to Gorkhas has begun.

6:43 PM
Narendra Modi at Madrihat Bengal confirms that process to grant St status to 11 Gorkha Communities has began.

“Many promised that they will include the Gorkhas among the SC and ST category. But none delivered. Your MP has started the exercise,” - Modi

Speaking at Madarihat in the North Bengal Dooars tea belt, Modi started his speech in Bengali, drawing on tea to connect with his audience. “You produce tea here. I also sold tea in my childhood. I want your blessings as I want to solve your problems.”

In quite a few tea gardens in the Dooars region, more than 100 workers had died of conditions related to severe malnourishment in the past few months. Given the ailing condition of several tea gardens, the Centre in January authorised the Tea Board of India to take over seven gardens belonging to the G P Goenka group – Birpara, Garganda, Lankapara, Tulsipara, Huntapara, Dhumchipara, Demdima with a total of 17,555 workers. The move followed more than one visit of union minister Nirmala Seetharaman who came to check on the situation in the gardens.

Watch the Video
“We ordered takeover of the tea gardens. But Mamata Banerjee together with the owners went to the court and obtained a stay... But I will not stop. I will not allow welfare of the tea workers to stop,” Modi said, as he accused the state government of apathy and alleged no welfare officers were willing to listen to the plight of the distressed tea workers.

“The Left took the state on the path of ruin in 34 years. Didi is pushing Bengal forward in the same direction,” he added.

Also focusing on Gorkhas, Modi said, “Many promised that they will include the Gorkhas among the SC and ST category. But none delivered. Your MP has started the exercise,” referring to S S Ahluwalia who won the Darjeeling Lok Sabha constituency in 2014 with support from the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM), a BJP ally.

Via: Hindustan Times

Video - Maruni dance in World Culture Festival

10:42 AM
Gorkha cultural traditional Maruni  is a dance from Sikkim and Darjeeling usually performed by the males in female costumes, whose body movements are extremely graceful. 370 performers dance to the Samala beat , a rhythm expressing celebration with a touch of romance , on the second day of World Culture Festival organized by The Art Of Living.

About 370 participants between 15 to 45 years, from various districts of Sikkim, Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar, Dooars, and some remote villages falling under the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration will congregate in New Delhi to bring to the world the scintillating folk dance with its own folklore. Sikkim alone counts for 118 young dancers; most of them hailing from West District. Others are from Namchi in South Sikkim and Kokaley and Khesey in East Sikkim. Hon’ble Minister for Cultural Affairs & Heritage Department Government of Sikkim Shri. G.M. Gurung is likely to attend the three-day festival. A huge contingent of Art of Living volunteers from Sikkim will be travelling to New Delhi to be part of this extravaganza.

Watch the video

Gorkhey Film "Ek Dhakar Jiwan" makes to 20th International Short Film Festival

6:54 PM
After  bagging The Best Short Film Peace Award in the just concluded Gothenburg Independent Film Festival in Sweden Phurba Tshering Lama, a young filmmaker from Darjeeling, has made us all proud as his film "Ek Dhakar Jiwan" has been selected for the 20th edition of the International Short Film Festival. His film has been selected in the Indian Panorama Section. The festival will take place in Canada in march. It is a big honour for the Indian Gorkha community and country as a whole.

For Phurba who owns a production house in Darjeeling "FerryTale Pictures" this is like a dream come true. Phurba was born on 21st January, 1982 in Kurseong. He studied Literature from St. Joseph's College, Darjeeling and pursued Direction in Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. His debut short film ‘Ek Dhakar Jiwan / The Beaten Path’ won the Best Short Film Peace Award at Gothenburg Independent Film Festival and a Special Mention Jury at the Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival. He is currently working on his debut feature film titled as Macqee, in Darjeeling.
Gorkhey Film The Beaten Path (Ek Dhakar Jiwan) in 20th International Short Film Festival
Gorkhey Film The Beaten Path (Ek Dhakar Jiwan) in 20th International Short Film Festival
About the Film The Beaten Path (Ek Dhakar Jiwan)

India 2014; 27 min
Original version: Nepali
Genre: Drama, Short

Synopsis: In the face of an apparently meaningful world Balvir lives and coexists in the grand mosaic of nature like any other entity. However, his human spirit yearns to understand life especially from a sense of disorientation and confusion as a result of the material world.

Director: Phurba Tshering Lama
Writers: Phurba Tshering Lama, Gupta Pradhan (story)
Star: Man Bahadur Tamang
Cinematography: Ayan Saxena

His short film "Grey and Matter" went on to be project in Nepal Cine-Symposium, 2012 and SIGNS Film Festival / Kerela (India) 2013

Ek Dhakar Jiwan (The Beaten Path) has gone all the way to many festivals. Some of them are;
  • - Gothenburg Independent International Film Festival, 2014 / Sweden (Best Short Film Peace Award) 
  • - SIGNS International Film Festival, 2014 / India (National Competition Section)
  • - XX Film Festival Della Lessinia, 2014 / Italy (International Competition Section)
  • - IDFL Film Festival, 2014 /India (National Competition Section)
  • - Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival, 2015 / France (Special Mention Jury)
  • - JAGRAN International Film Festival / India (Top Shorts Section)
  • - WIZ-ART International Film Festival, 2015 / Ukraine (Special Screening) 
  • - Ajyal Youth Film Festival, 2015 / Doha (International Competition Section)
  • - International Short Film Festival, 2016 / Canada (International Competition Section)
Watch the Trailor of The Beaten Path (Ek Dhakar Jiwan)

His vast Experiences includes:-
  • - Visa Girl (Nepali Feature Film): Position: Chief AD / Casting Director / Supporting Role
  • - Sikkim University (Documentary): Chief AD / Post-production Supervisor
  • - Have made social documentaries for CARE International (in Nepal and Lucknow) and for 
  • - Himalayan Climate.
  • -Worked as a Chief AD for an IndiaMART Advertisement in Mumbai.
We wish him success in future.


Videos - Kalimpong part of Bhutan, a lease-hold land - Bimal Gurung

9:53 AM
Addressing GJM public meeting at the Mela Ground in Kalimpong on Gurung 28th Jan 2016 GJM chief Bimal Gurung suggested that Kalimpong could not get the status of a district till the lease was cancelled and India incorporated the area.Kalimpong is a no man's land, lease-hold land, you first show by incorporating this area inside your own Bharat ...

"Let the Central government understand this. I don't have to make the state government understand. First the central government must understand; this is a no man's land, lease-hold land, you first show by incorporating this area inside your own Bharat ...Let Bengal's Miss Mamata Banerjee not boast that this is your place. You can never lay claim to it. For this, we will talk to the Indian government, otherwise at the international level," he said.

Watch the videos

Kalimpong part of Bhutan, a lease-hold land

India should first incorporate Kalimpong into Indian territory

Kalimpong part of Bhutan, a lease-hold land - Bimal Gurung

VIDEO PROOF Capt Ram Singh Thakuri Gave Tune to National Anthem We Sing It Today

3:46 PM
Setting the Record of Our National Anthem Right - Capt. Ram Singh Thakuri Gave It The Tune We Sing It in Today - VIDEO PROOF

Writes: Upendra

Yesterday after we(The Darjeeling Chronicle) shared the report on Classified Netaji files being released by the Govt of India, we had also mentioned how Gorkhali contribution to Indian Freedom Struggle was never reported. In particular we had shared three names Saheed Indreni Thapa and Saheed Sabitri Thapa, who were teenagers when they joined the ‘Bal Sena’ or ‘Janbaz Dal’ of the Indian National Army and who attained martyrdom fighting against the British.

We (The Darjeeling Chronicle) had also highlighted how Capt. Ram Singh Thakuri the Director, Music of Indian National Army had in fact given the tune to our national anthem in the form in which we sing today [Details:].

Capt. Thakuri was asked by Netaji to re-compose Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's version of Jana Gana Mana in a martial tune to which INA soldiers could march to. On Netaji's request INA Capt. Abid Ali with the help of Mumtaz Hussain rewrote Gurudev’s Gana Gana Mana (which he had written in Sanskritised Bengali) in Hindusthani as “शुभ सुख चैन - Subha Skhuh Chain ki Barsha Barse” which was adopted as the national anthem (Qaumi Tarana) by the Provisional Free Government of India (Arzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind) led by Netaji. The original tune for Jana Gana Mana was composed by Gurudev Tagore, however it was Capt. Thakuri who gave it the form we sing it in today.
Captain Ram Singh Thakuri (extreme right) playing the violin in Gandhi's
presence, during one of Gandhi's visits to INA prisoners at Red Fort, 20 June 1946
photo- wiki
शुभ सुख चैन was first played as the national anthem of free India first time on 11 September 1942 at Hamburg, and Capt. Thakuri was especially invited to play Jana Gana Mana when Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru unfurled the Tiranga from Lal Quila. In 1950, it was decided that Jana Gana Mana will remain India’s national anthem, the version of the tune was the one that had been composed by Capt. Ram Singh Thakuri [original version can be heard here:]

While our report got numerous positive comments from those who care, including this kind comment from Mr. Debangshu Sen who wrote: "An eye opener for me, I was aware of Capt. Thakuri, but not much. Knew today about great sacrifices of saheed Indreni Thapa and Sabitri Thapa. My request to Admin or any other fellow members to shed more lights on these brave Indians. Please let us know more about them. Please publish their photographs too. Thank you again for this excellent article."
However, we also got this comment

"Pro gorkhaland page aal baal likhe diyeche...kono nepu ram er dewa music e amra national anthem gai naa...juto pitti dite hoy ei gulo ke...limits to spreading lies...tao Netaji r naam use kore"
In Bengali same thing reads "Pro গোর্খাল্যান্ড পেজ ইটা.. কি আল বাল লিখে দিয়েছে।.. কোনো নেপু রামের দেব মউজিক এ আমরা ন্যাশনাল অনথেম গাই না... জুত পিটিয়ে দিতে হয় এই গুলো কে... limits to spreading lies... তাও নেতাজীর নাম use কোরে"

Which translates to, "this is a Pro-Gorkhaland page... they have written all crap... we don't sing our national anthem which contains any music written by any Nepu Ram... need to beat them up using shoes... limits to spreading lies... that to using Netaji's name.."

Watch the Original tune of Jana Gana Mana as composed by Gurudev Tagore 

Well to all the skeptics here we are glad to reproduce the Jana Gana Mana as sang by Our Beloved and Most Respected Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore in person... This was recorded in Germany.
Hope the skeptics realize that in music, tempo, meter and tune matter... Though the original tune for Jana Gana Mana was composed by Gurudev Tagore, however it was Capt. Thakuri who gave it the form we sing it in today.

Via TheDC

Gorkhaland is a Need of India - Subash Ghisingh

10:33 AM
The political legacy of Subash Ghisingh i.e. “Treaty of Sugauli, Article 1 & 8 of Indo-Nepal Treaty of 1950, Article 1 (3) C, Article 2 of Indian Constitution and International court of justice Hague” are being used by The Greater Nepal Activist in Nepal to claim its old legitimate Territory from India.

I, still remember once Mr Ghisingh said in his chowk bazar’s speech..., Now Gorkhaland is a Need of India, as India have NO other option BUT to declare Gorkhaland as its union of state under Article 1 (3) C, Article 2 of Indian Constitution as it is only the way out left with India to incorporate the No-man’s land of Darjeeling and Leasehold Land of Kalimpong and Dooars Constitutionally within the Republic of India.

Decoding Article 1 (3) C, Article 2:
Article 1, Name and territory of the Union:
Article (1) = India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States (2) The States and the territories thereof shall be as specified in the First Schedule.] (3) The territory of India shall comprise- (a) the territories of the States; (b) the Union territories specified in the First Schedule; and (c) such other territories as may be acquired.

Article 2 = Admission or establishment of new States.-Parliament may by law admit into the Union, or establish, new States on such terms and conditions as it thinks fit.

Hence, Article 2, Article 1 (3) C here stands with = “The Parliament may by law establish a new state comprise of others / foreign acquired territories"
Subash Ghisingh
Subash Ghisingh
Which means, considering the proposed area of Gorkhaland as unclaimed legally dispute land of Nepal, Bhutan or India; The only option left with Indian to claim the land is to declare the territory of proposed Gorkhaland as its Union of States, considering it to be others acquired territories as per Article – 1 (3) C of Indian Constitution, as it is the only article in our constitution which fits the most to claim the mentioned territories in said circumstances.
The Fate of Indian Gorkhas are waiting for its bad days or good days just like an old graveyard of an unknown soldier.

Watch the video here
Jai Gorkha ! Jai Gorkhaland ! Jai Hind !

Via Gorkhas N Gorkhaland and HAMRO APPA

GJM releases video clip against Harka Bahadur Chettri

9:44 AM
Morcha video to nail Harka
Writes Vivek Chhetri

Darjeeling, Oct. 1: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has brought out a video clip to show how Kalimpong MLA Harka Bahadur Chhetri purportedly changed his stance and went against his own words.

The 12.34 minute video mainly consists of various bytes of Chhetri, Bimal Gurung and Darjeeling MLA Trilok Dewan.

The clip starts with the Morcha president announcing the names of the party's three candidates, Chhetri, Dewan and Rohit Sharma, for the 2011 Assembly elections.

With Dewan and Sharma by his side, Chhetri is shown saying: "A very big responsibility has been given to us and we will try and we will try not to let him (Gurung) down. We will prove that his (Gurung's) decision was right..... We will take our argument to a high that has reached under Bimal Gurung and we will try and make Bengal government bow."

On the day of nomination, March 28, 2011, Chhetri is seen talking about the possibility of resigning as the MLA even before going to the Assembly. "This (resignation) could also happen the day after we win the election if the necessity arises and Bimal Gurung directs," Chhetri says.
Harka Bahadur Chhetri
Harka Bahadur Chhetri 
Chhetri had gone against the Morcha's directive to resign from the Assembly and quit the party instead, alleging that Gurung was acting in a dictatorial manner.

On the counting day, May 13, 2011, Chhetri is shown saying: "The moment I had got the ticket I had said the Morcha's candidate, whoever it may be, will win and not Harka Bahadur Chhetri. Our priority is Gorkhaland and we will not overlook development either."

Sources in the Morcha said the video would be shown across the hills to expose Chhetri's changing stand since 2011. The video was shown at the party's public meeting in Kalimpong yesterday.

Chhetri, who is in Calcutta, couldn't be contacted.

A truncated video of four minutes is also doing the rounds in the social media.

Source Telegraph

Harka Bahadur Chhetri threatened to quit Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, meets Mamata

11:59 AM
Kalimpong MLA Harka Bahadur Chhetri has threatened to quit the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, saying the unilateral way in which Bimal Gurung told the three party MLAs to resign from the Assembly had hurt him.

The MLA said this a day after meeting chief minister Mamata Banerjee in Kalimpong at a time ties between the Morcha and the state government are under stress, given hill party chief Gurung's unhappiness with the state government's purported interference in GTA matters.

Chhetri did not give a date on when he would leave the Morcha.

He said he would quit as Morcha MLA too, while pointing out that none of the three legislators was called for a discussion before Gurung took the decision.

The Morcha has refused to comment on the stance taken by Chhetri, who is respected in the hills as a soft-spoken leader. Party general secretary Roshan Giri said: "I will comment later."

Party chief Gurung is in Delhi now.

This is not the first time Chhetri has spoken of leaving the Morcha. The hill leader had quit the party in 2010 after the murder of Madan Tamang, who was the chief of Morcha's rival party, the Akhil Bharatiya Gokha League. Soon, though, he rejoined the Morcha.
Kalimpong MLA H.B Chhetri
Harka Bahadur Chhetri
Recently, Gurung had said the three Morcha legislators would quit their posts on September 18 to protest the meddlesome attitude of the state government.

Chhetri today said: "An important decision like asking the MLAs to resign was taken by the party without even inviting the MLAs to the meeting. Our opinions were never sought on the matter. The decision was only conveyed to us. Apart from being an MLA, I am also the spokesman for the party, but this is not the first time that I have been kept in the dark. Personally, I was hurt with this attitude"

He said: "If the party thinks, I have nothing left in me to contribute for the party, I think as a self-respecting man I should no longer continue in the party."

Watch video - Kalimpong MLA H.B Chhetri's reaction on his resignation.

Chhetri has developed close relations with the state government. Although, no Morcha leader attended a single event of Mamata in the hills yesterday and today, Chhetri admitted that he had gone to meet the chief minister late last evening in Deolo to pursue the demand of upgrading Kalimpong sub-division into a district. He said the chief minister had promised to look into the issue when Alipurduar district was formed.

The Morcha is principally not opposed to the formation of a Kalimpong district.

Chhetri said the response had been positive from Mamata yesterday. "When the process of forming Alipurduar district had started, I had raised the issue and the chief minister had asked the official to take note of the demand," he said. "Even yesterday, she said she was aware of the demand and it was on her mind."

In Calcutta, Trinamul sources said that while it was too early to predict if Chhetri would join the ruling party, it was "significant" that the hill leader chose to meet Mamata at a time the Morcha has shunned both the state government and the ruling party.

"No other Morcha leader met the chief minister, except Harka. This is significant since it shows the closeness of Harka to the chief minister," the source said.

Gurung had held a meeting with the elected GTA Sabha members on September 11 in Darjeeling, where the decision had been taken that the MLAs would quit the Assembly. None of the Morcha MLAs was present at the meeting.

Chhetri said: "I have always maintained that we have representatives in all elected bodies, the GTA, the Bengal Assembly and even in Parliament, and now the fight for statehood must be done in a very technical manner. The agitation has to be through lobby, negotiations and talks and by raising the issue in Parliament."

The Kalimpong MLA was of the opinion that he had no problems with the decision of the party that the MLAs must resign, but was hurt with the manner in which the decision was taken and the Morcha's style of functioning.

"Moreover, an MLA can do little. We are only three in a house of 294. I think the major role of the MLAs in the state Assembly is to act as a facilitator between the GTA and the state government. We, as MLAs, are also ex-offico members of the GTA but we were never informed about the working of the GTA nor invited to GTA meetings," Chhetri said.

"I believe that the problems regarding the functioning of the GTA should have been addressed through legal course. The GTA has an Act and we could have easily dragged the government to court on the interference issue," Chhetri said.

Chhetri seemed undecided on when he would leave the party. "It could even be before I resign from the Assembly or it could be jointly. The date is not important, now that I have decided on the matter," the MLA said.

The high school teacher of botany said he would like to "go back to the life before the Morcha".

"I am a writer and would want to go back to the life before the Morcha. I still have two years left in my teaching career," Chhetri said.

Source Telegraph

Bipul Chettri's Ram Sailee Lyrics, Guitar chords & video lesson

6:41 PM
Guitar chords with Lyrics and the complete how to play Guitar lesson video of Bipul Chettri's Ram Sailee - Ode to my Father from his album: Sketches of Darjeeling Sketches
Here's Guitar chords with Lyrics

Note: Play with Capo at 1st Fret
G       D         Em       C
Ram sailee Ma ta Yo banako Pirale
G       D         Cadd9      G
Gum Khaye Yesai Khola Kinarai Ma x 2

G                 Em          C        G 
Dhalapala Garchan Badal Mathi badal ki rani
D                               G
Nabirsanae timilai tadha bhayae pani
Cadd9        G
tadha bhayae pani
D            G
tadha bhayae pani

G       D         Em       C
Ram sailee Ma ta Yo banako Pirale
G       D         Cadd9      G
Gum Khaye Yesai Khola Kinarai Ma

Em          C          Em        D   
Chiso Chiso Hawa Bagyo Mutu Nai bhijnae
Em          C          Em        D
Yesarinai Hoki Mero jindagi bitnae

G       D         Em       C
Ram sailee Ma ta Jindagi Ko Khojma
G       D         Cadd9      G
Gum Khaye Yesai Birano Sahar ma

G                 Em          C        G 
Dhalapala Garchan Badal Mathi badal ki rani
D                               G
Nabirsanae timilai tadha bhayae pani
Cadd9        G
tadha bhayae pani
D            G
tadha bhayae pani

G       D         Em       C
Ram sailee Ma ta Yo banako Pirale
G       D         Cadd9      G
Gum Khaye Yesai Khola Kinarai Ma
Cadd9        G
Khola Kinarai Ma
D            G
Khola Kinarai Ma

Here's the Ram Sailee - Guitar Lesson video click to play.

Ram Sailee - Guitar Lesson by DaniaGreathouse

Hope you guys liked it dont forget to share it....

Bipul Chettri's Ram Sailee Guitar chords video lesson

Via dailymotion &

How a 4th generation Gorkha in Manipur feels

10:03 AM

Dinesh Sharma

Before you even start reading the article, let me be clear that I am a 4th generation Gorkha settled in Manipur. And I will accept criticism if you at any point feel that the article is a little biased. I am a confused person right now. Suddenly, after having lived for 31 good years of my life, my belongingness and loyalty towards my motherland is being questioned.
 Manipuris protesting against racism in Delhi Via ePao
 Manipuris protesting against racism in Delhi Via: ePao
I do not write this article with pride. Infact, it is shameful that despite having been born and brought up as a Manipuri Gorkha, today I am having to publish an appeal to clarify that I too belong to Manipur. From time immemorial, it is always the majority who create history. We have never read or heard about the story of the minority. Today, I will narrate the story of the minority, the voiceless and the helpless.

Recently, there was a video circulating on social media it showed a lady who was being delivered a mob justice. She was being slapped, hit by a shaft, and ever had her hair chopped in public. Whatever be the reason, that was not the right way to vent dissatisfaction in the wake of such political crisis. Tomorrow, some other crowd might just want to do the same thing on another individual. Who is going to take the blame then? As a civilized society with such rich history and culture, a more matured approach would have given a dignity to the agitation.

Watch the video - Helpless Non Manipuri woman beaten mercilessly

We are accused of encroaching the land. We are accused of being a threat to the social fabric of the state. We are asked to pack up and leave the state. How is it even possible? We are not here staying in a rent house that we pack our belongings and move to another house. My family has not grabbed any land or encroached upon anyone else’s territory. We have papers for our land as per the law of the land. We also grew up listening to our grandmother narrating us stories of the Japanese drones flying above the roof. We have heard stories of our grandfathers fighting to protect the land alongside the British and the maharaja’s army. Are our stories any different from the stories of a Meitei, Naga, or a Kuki kid?

They say that our contribution to the land is zero. Turn any pages of history of this land and you will find a Gorkha, Major Subedar Niranjan Singh Chhetry amongst the earliest martyrs of the land. He was hanged to death alongside Bir Tikendrajit and General Gambhir Singh by the British on 13th of August 1847.

They must have also conveniently forgotten that we are the most peaceful community in the state. We live happily with all other communities, be it the Meiteis, Nagas or the Kukis. I have studied Meiteilon throughout my childhood, I can speak a bit of Kuki, and I have lived with a Naga friend for about 7 years of my life.

Like you all, we have recited Ougri Sheirent, listened to Khamba-thoibi with awe, enjoyed the colours of Yaoshang, celebrated Lai Haraiba with equal enthusiasm, and cannot live without Ironba, Nga-Thongba and Ooti as our daily staple. What makes me less Manipuri than anybody else from my state? Perhaps we are the only community in Manipur which never had any law and order problem with the state. We don’t have any armed struggle or resistance to any government policies. We have been one of the most hospitable community both to the armed forces and the rebels. Yes, in the interiors we have stories of people who wake up in the middle of the night to cook and feed rebels who are passing by the village. The same villagers also prepare team when government forces pass by.

Despite all this, we are time and again asked to cite history of our existence in the state. Below are some historical records of the settlement of Gorkhas in Manipur to put across the point that we are not just land grabbers and that we have taken equal part in the nation building process in Manipur:

1. On recorded history, the first batch of Gorkhas came to Manipur during the time of Raja Gambhir Singh. In 1824, the Gorkhas of the 16th Sylhet Local Battalion, later to become the 8th Gorkha Rifles, were included in the Police Levy of Gambhir Singh. During the first quarter of the 19th Century, Manipur was much troubled by Burmese intruders and troops. To secure Manipur, Gambhir Singh raised an army in 1825 and recruited Gorkhas from Sylhet for it. The militia was named the ‘Victoria Paltan’. (Source: The Role of Gorkhas in Making of Modern India)

2. Before the beginning of the 20th century, the Gorkha/Nepali Gwalla (cowherd community) was confined in the Manipur valley. And since the Meitei community were not a great consumer of milk and ghee and land was becoming scarce in the valley, the Govt of Manipur decided to shift the Gorkhali/Nepali Gwalla to the northern part of the Manipur Valley creating a Gorkha/Nepali reserve (18 miles long) in between Sekmai and Kangpokpi in 1915 and later on partially extended up to Maram, Siddim Pukhri and lrang Part-I & II (Source: Manipur State Administrative Report 1915-16 Chapter – V, No. 2 Para V. Durbar Resolution 1 dated 17th February 1915).

3. That, the creation of the Sekmai Kangpokpi Gorkha Grazing Reserve the Nepali graziers began to settle within the reserve areas of Kurapokpi, Sapermeina, Shriwani, Keithelmanbi, Paspati, Kalapahar, Santolabari, Chandraman, Kangpokpi, Irang, Maram Siddim Pukhri. In 1918, a survey of the Gorkha/Nepali Reserve area was done wef. 19th June 1918 to 7th January 1920 and Patta was issued for the Gorkha/Nepali graziers who applied for agricultural land.

4. The 1st Assam Rifles was raised in Manipur in 1915, and had over 80% Gorkha personnel.

5. First Manipur Rifles, raised in 1946 also inducted huge number of Gorkhas. Still today, the family quarters of the battalion has several Gorkha families living there.

6. Even eminent scholars like MK Binodini, the royal family of Manipur confirms that the Gorkhalis have long been a part of Manipurs cultural milieu. She says “…in fact I do not know at what time so called Nepali community actually came to Manipur. Since my childhood beginning from Mantripukhri to Kangpokpi, I have seen their settlement to be in existence long before many years. At the time of my father Maharaja Churachand, when he was in drive on the Dimapur road, I still remember the joyous welcome and applause accorded by the Nepalese children near by the road and I saw many Nepali personnel in the post of high rank and files of the Manipur State Police” (Source: ‘A Yaipha Paojel’ in a journal called ‘Netee’; published by Manipur Nepali Sahitya Parishad in 2006)

7. When the World War II reached till Kanglatongbi-Kangpokpi, the Gorkha community was evicted by the Govt. Many of them left their land temporarily and got back when the war was over. However, the government had by then ceased the Nepali grazing reserve (26th August 1946), giving effect from 1st December 1946. Many who failed to comply with the government order or returned late to their land lost their land and had to seek shelter with their neighbouring tribal brothers for their livelihood.

The Gorkha community is settled for nearly 2 centuries and have lived in an area of 140 sq. miles till 1915. Besides the army settlers, we could rear more than 10,000 cattle and buffaloes. An entire stretch of road named in Jiribam was named as Man Bahadur Limbu’s Road. Today, after almost 2 centuries, our population is not even 1 lakh. How could we possibly disturb the social fabric of the Manipuri society or even snatch away opportunities from the locals?

Today, we are as much a victim of historical circumstances, miscalculation and manipulation as all of you. We too would want to be part of the decision making process which will segregate the outsiders from the insiders. Sadly, despite being a part of the greater Manipuri society for nearly 200 years, we have been pre-leveled as “outsiders”. Look into your hearts and think for once, how would you react, if you and your community were labeled as such?

Most of the Gorkha youths from Manipur today are working in the defence or in the metro cities. This also brings in revenue to the state. How can we possibly exploiting the wealth of Manipur? I would love to know if you have seen anything unjust being committed by any Gorkha in Manipur.

Today, we live outside the state in metro cities. Ask one of your own ‘inside Manipuris’ about how does it feel to be humiliated. If you have no idea of how humiliated your brothers and sisters feel when faced with racism outside the home state, maybe you should go and speak to them. While we outrage over “racism “against our Manipuri people in Delhi and other cities, we have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to numerous instances of racism here in Manipur itself, isn’t that hypocritical?

In this city, we only have people; there is no Meitei, Naga, Kuki, Gorkha, Bengali, Bihari or Marwari. If someone asks me, I proudly call myself Manipuri Gorkha. Here no one accuses anyone of stealing opportunities or ancestral land. No Bihari cries of innocent people being killed, no Meitei accuses a Bihari of depleting his economy. We share rooms to save money, lend and borrow money when we are broke, we share pizzas and drinks together, we contribute for the electricity bills, we wait for each other to walk back home after office, We cook together, we laugh at each other’s jokes, we fall in love, we get married. We live happily here, but we never talk of our problems back home. Why?? Because it divides us.

We are happy out here, but why this indifference back in our own homeland?? I leave this for you to ponder upon.

[Dinesh is a senior member of Gorkha Youth and Students' Association of India - GYASA

In Manipur, currently non-Manipuri's are being persecuted against, and the community which is facing the most vlatant form of Racism are the Gorkhalis... please speak out against this RACISM against our community in Manipur..

Via- TheDC

Robin Hibu IPS addressing 1st Delhi/NCR ‪Gorkha‬ meeting video

12:14 PM
Mr Robin Hibu IPS, Jt Commissioner of Delhi Police and Nodal officer for NorthEast commemorating 201st Bhanu Jayanti & addressing 1st Delhi/NCR ‪#‎Gorkha‬ meeting at Jt commissioner officer Nanakpura. He spoke highly of Gorkhas, even quoted Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw quote about ‪‎Gorkhas‬. "If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gorkha." Robin Sir also supported GYASA and endorsed & Blessed GYASA to be an Apex body for the Gorkhas and spread all over the country and Unite Gorkha brothers & Sisters. We are really honoured and blessed by the love and care he has for we the ORPHAN Gorkhas in Delhi.


Source - GYASA

Baba Ramdev on Gorkhaland on national Media

10:40 PM
Baba Ramdev reminded the nation that ‪Gorkhaland‬ demand is legitimate on Zee News one of the esteemed and widely watched news channel in India. Watch the video below.
He has earlier said the Formation of Gorkhaland would strengthen India's security.
Also read Baba Ramdev batted for Gorkhaland

Watch the video

Baba Ramdev on Gorkhaland
Video Thumbnail

Video via Zee News

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