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Shaurya Chakra to Lance Naik Deepak Ale

2:52 PM
GORKHA PRIDE: President presents  Shaurya Chakra to Lance Naik Deepak Ale

Honourable President of India Ram Nath Kovind presents Shaurya Chakra to Lance Naik Deepak Ale, 1st Battalion, 3rd Gorkha Rifles. He displayed courage, selfless devotion and gallantry beyond the call of duty in killing four militants in Kupwara, Jammu & Kashmir.

Watch the Video here.

Message from Gorkha Janmukti Morcha President Shree Bimal Gurung

5:30 PM
To all my Gorkha Family,who have been working and waiting so patiently for the past 8 to 9 months.
The news of my arrest which went viral yesterday has caused panic and fear,I want to assure them ,I am safe and secure
I carry the Idea of Gorkhaland in my very being.

Rest assured that I am doing everything to achieve Gorkhaland. I cannot even conceive of our future without Gorkhaland .I have taken a vow to realise this dream and until  that is met nothing can stop me.
I am safe in my own place and I want our people to know that we are following the righteous and lawful path towards working for the Gorkha community and Gorkhaland.
A heartfelt request to my Gorkha Family, please do not get agitated and react to these unfounded rumours of my arrest.This is just a ploy to incite us and trap the true Gorkhas.

Sachin Tendulkar's encouragement words for Shiva Thapa

10:17 PM
23rd June 2016 The lone Indian boxer to have qualified for 2016 Rio Olympics so far, Shiva Thapa have received a vedio where Sachin Tendulkar have some supporting words for him in the popular social media. The post read "It is the biggest experience ever for any athlete to represent their nation at Olympics".A huge shout out to Shiva Thapa on his ‪#‎RoadtoRio‬. Jee jaan laga dena!"  ‪#‎AgainstAllOdds‬ Indian Olympic Association. India had gone with a 13-member squad and only Shiva qualified for the Olympics so far.

In a reaction to this gesture from the God of Cricket Shiva replied "Thank you Sir for your motivating words." This is the second time that Sachin have actually made a video for Shiva Thapa. The first time Sachin made video for Shiva was when  he replied to a question asked by Thapa in a Twitter chat, wished the 22-year-old the very best for his second Olympics. “Firstly, all the very best for the Rio Olympics. We are with you. We are supporting you. Don’t think about the pressure. Just think about the process, results will follow,” said Tendulkar (Details here Sachin Tendulkar wishes Shiva Thapa good luck for Rio Olympics 2016 )

Watch the video
In the time when boxing in India has been facing a lot of problems with the lack of a federation these words from Sachin have come as a ray of hope.

Syndicate Bipul Chettri video guitar Lesson, chords and lyrics - Maya

9:21 PM
Syndicate is a song from Bipul Chettri second album Maya. The song is a simple story of two ordinary people sharing a public space and the individual fantasy world we sometimes enjoy ourselves to be in. Syndicate has already enjoyed huge popularity since it was released as a single last year.

TABBED BY: Pravesh



Strumming pattern: D UUD UUD DU (listen to the song for the tempo)

C G Am F Em Dm

If you do not have capo, you can substitute
C G Am  F Em  Dm  by
E B C#m A G#m F#m respectively

[Verse 1]

Bheta bhayo aja hami, Syndicate ko Maajha hami
C                                          G    
Uvechu timro bagal ma, busy timi mobile ma herechu
Kheleko yowan
Naam timro thaha chhaina, tara malai parwa chhaina
C                                             G    
Boli kei rahechau hai aankha le kehi bhanirahechau hai
G         Am  
Bolu ta k bhanera
                Dm     F
Dar pani lagcha sochera
F                    Em               C
Timi jaane siligudi, Ma jaane sikkima tira

[Verse 2]

Khusi chu hai timrai majha bhule sara sansar aja
C                                       G
timi paani ma sanga nai jaane bhae kati ramailo
hune thyo bhanna ta
Kasto yo milan hamro bis minute ko sambhandha hamro
C                                              G
payera paani napae jasto chinera paani nachine jasto
G                  Am
Jindagi yestai nai ho ra
Am                   Dm      
Aafnai bato ta jaanu chandai chha ra
F                   Em             C
Timi jaane siligudi ma jane sikkim tira


C F C G  x4

[Verse 3]

Am                   F      C
Malai nai here jasto lagcha ghari ghari
Here lagcha ghari ghari
Am                    F    C
Farki herchu ma paani aasa saari
Aasa saari
Am                 F       C
Mana ma sochdai ma ramauda chu
Mana ma sochdai ramauda chu
Am                 F       C
Timi sangai bhaeko kalpana garchu
kalpana garchu



[Verse 4]

Kasto darke paani paryo bhijera ma chura bhae
C                                           G
timi sangai ota laagi aafno gaadi parkhi ma rahe
Bhijechu aja ma rahara le
Saba gaadi chalna thalyo commander ko horn suni
C                                     G
Kalebung to siligudi, hana timi kasto nisthuri
chodera gayau kata tira
Am                  Dm
chadi rakhyau malai etai tira
F                   Em              C
Timi jaane siligudi ma jane sikkima tira

Syndicate - Guitar Lesson by Nepali E-Chords

Syndicate lyrics in Nepali
भेट भयो आज हामी सिन्डिकेट्को माझ हामी
उभिएछु तिम्रो बगल मा, बिजि तिमी मोबाइल मा हेरेछु
खेलेको योवन,

नाम तिम्रो थाहा छैन तर मलाई पर्वाहा छैन
बोली केही रहेछौ है, आँखाले केही भनिरहेछौ है
बोलु त के भनेर
डर पनि लाग्छ सोचेर

तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर

खुसी छु है तिम्रै माझ भुले सारा संसार आज
तिमी पनि म संग नै जान भए कति रमाइलो
हुने थियो भन्नत

कस्तो यो मिलन हाम्रो, बीस मिनेट को सम्बन्ध हाम्रो
पाएर पनि नपाए जस्तो, चिनेर पनि न चिने जस्तो
जिन्दगी यस्तै नै हो र
आफ्नै बाटो त जानू छदै छर

तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर

मलाई नै हेरेको झै लाग्छ घरी घरि
(हेरे लाग्छ घरिघरि)
फर्की हेर्छु म पनि आशा सरि
(हुउ... आशा सरि)
मनमा सोच्दै म रमाउद छु
(मनमा सोच्दै म रमाउद छु)
तिमी संगै भएको कल्पना गर्छु
(कल्पना गर्छुउ...)

कस्तो धर्के पानी पर्यो, भिजेर म चुर भए
तिमी संगै ओत लागि आफ्नो गाडी पर्खिरहे
भिजेछु आज म रहर ले

सबै गाडी चद्न थाल्यो कमाण्डर को हर्न सुनी
कलिम्पोङ टु सिलिगुरि, भन तिमी कस्तो निस्ठुरी
चडेर गयो कता तिर
छाडी राख्यौ मलाई यतै तिर
तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर
तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर
तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर

Bollywood Song Stole Bipul Chettri’s Music But It’s Still Shit!

2:27 PM
Writers Neeraj Pun (NEO)

Bollywood has been ‘getting inspired’, screw it, we will just say what it is — Bollywood has been stealing since ages. Anything that’s good needs to be copied, whether a film, a scene or a song because creativity is just a myth for these guys. The latest victim of this trend is Bipul Chettri whose music has been ripped off in a song from an upcoming film ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’. The music for the song titled ‘Chhu Liya’ is composed, or let’s just say stolen, by Ajay Singha and it is sung by Papon and Neha Rajpal. It wouldn’t actually be a bad song if the music was not stolen but as we are so used to of listening to Bipul’s soothing voice along with that music, it sounds terrible.

Here's the song
Title : Chhu Liya
Singer : Papon & Neha Rajpal
Lyrics : Mohit Pathak
Music : Ajay Singha
Arranger/Programmer : Ajay Singha/ Nilotpal Bora

The people from "Hai Apna Dil Tou Awara" have removed the following video where music was straight away taken from the song Aasar of Bipul Chetteri because of too many dislikes and hate comments.

No Bollywood, it doesn’t work that way. You just don’t steal our favorite artist’s music and get away with it without anyone noticing. Busted!!

However, we had the copy of the version of song Chhu Liya where music was taken from the song Aasar of Bipul Chetteri and you can watch the video here

And here’s the original by Bipul Chettri - Asaar

Via neostuffs

Bipul Chettri - Wildfire/Dadhelo music Video released

1:29 PM
Bipul Chettri, a Nepali music sensation well known for his Nepali folk tunes, have Published his new music video titled "Bipul Chettri - Wildfire/Dadhelo (Official Music Video)" on 21 May 2016 in YouTube. The video is an amazing work of art by Polka Studio's guys from UK. In a nutshell the music video is the combination of Great Music and the Great work of Art. Viewers in the You Tube have nothing to say but  praises for both Bipul Chettri and Polka Studio.

 Details Of the Music Video
 Music & Lyrics - Bipul Chettri
Artist/Concept - Asis Rai
Video Consultant/Advisor - Sonam Tashi

 Watch the Music Video Here

Here is what Bipul Has to say about his first Ever Music Video on FB

 "You should not miss this. In a brilliant video narrative, Bipul Chhetri's new Wildfire/Dadhelo is actually a piece of art. This song became a phenomenon three years back. Capturing the life of the artist in just three and a half minutes, the video depicts his journey of life as an artist. Congratulations Bipul Chettri - Wildfire!! You inspire us." - Gorkha Youth and Students' Association of India - GYASA

The hills have eyes: has GJM met its nemesis in Harka Bahadur Chettri?

2:41 PM
There was great need for such a party in the hills, claims Harka, as all other parties have let the people down. "The common man in the hills has suffered immensely because of communal politics. Even the demand for Gorkhaland has been communalised. I want to take people away from this," he says.
The JAP is supported by the Trinamool Congress, which has made some voters uncomfortable given the ruling party's opposition to the creation of Gorkhaland. But Harka insists the alliance won't compromise his party's Gorkhaland agenda.
"I could have joined the Trinamool but that wouldn't have helped my agenda. Formation of Gorkhaland is the number one point in our manifesto, but it is a process," he says. "I want to empower the people of the hills first and create the necessary infrastructure. People have been deprived of basic necessities like food, water, roads, employment, education and healthcare, nothing is taken care of. For me the term 'Gorkhaland' is not a vote-catcher like it has been until now."
"Also," he adds, "the hill people consider the Trinamool a Bengali party and don't trust them. Had I joined the party, I would have been finished."
Taking a dig at the GJM, he says, "A party which has been unable to provide even water to the people of the hills claims they will get them a separate state of Gorkhaland."
Harka was initially declared a Trinamool nominee, Mamata Banerjee herself announcing his name as part of the party's candidates list in February. But he quickly clarified that he would be contesting on a JAP ticket.
Unlikely allies
Although Harka swears by Gorkhaland and Mamata is dead set against it, they seem to be getting along quite well. Harka was instrumental in getting the Mamata government to approve district status for Kalimpong. The bill to effect the change, though, is yet to be passed by the assembly.
"Practically speaking, you can't get anything from the state government if you don't maintain a cordial relationship with them, especially if you really want to work for the people. Having said that, I have never compromised the welfare of the people. I am thoroughly satisfied with the cabinet approval for the district status for Kalimpong. I have been working for it ever since I was elected in 2011. This has only happened because of my good relationship with the state government," he says.
Making Kalimpong a district, Harka argues, is a step in the direction of creating the state of Gorkhaland. "When more districts come under the proposed area of Gorkhaland, we will have more MLAs and MPs. The demand for Gorkhaland will become more valid."
"Only a fool will raise the Gorkhaland demand in the assembly. It has to be raised in the Parliament as only parliamentarians can decide whether or not Gorkhaland can be formed," he argues. "The state is not the forum. Hence, my relationship with the state government has no effect on my demand for Gorkhaland."

His rivals, chiefly the GJM, however, see the proposed demarcation of Kalimpong district as an attempt to weaken the movement for Gorkhaland. The party's General Secretary Roshan Giri argued that it was an "extremely cunning" move on Mamata's part. "This is a move to influence the people of Kalimpong and separate them from the other parts of the hills. This move is an attempt to weaken our movement," he told Catch.
Harka rejects the GJM's argument. "Our agenda for forming a separate state of Gorkhaland may be the same, but our plans for making that happen are as different as heaven and hell," he says.
Indeed, it was his opposition to GJM's methods, Harka says, that compelled him to part ways. The GJM had won Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong in the 2011 assembly election, only to order its legislators to resign in protest against the alleged "interference of the state government in the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration". The GTA is an elected semi-autonomous body that administers the hills, and is currently run by the GJM.
Harka refused to resign, however. He quit the party instead and continued as an independent MLA.
"There were hardly an similarities between me and GJM. But I realised this too late," he says. "I thought good sense would prevail but that didn't happen. A number of positions were offered to me by the state government that would have benefited our people but I wasn't allowed to accept them by the party."
Safety first
Although he leads his own party now, Harka is treading cautiously. He has decided against fielding a candidate from Darjeeling or Kurseong "owing to limited resources". "We are very new. It has been just three months since we founded the party. We do not have enough resources to contest elections from other areas as of now. However, I am confident that the people of Kalimpong will choose me."

Via: Catch News

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