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Baba Ramdev batted for Gorkhaland

9:46 AM
Televangelist Baba Ramdev today batted for Gorkhaland to the delight of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha.

Baba Ramdev today held a yoga camp for hill residents at Chowrasta, which was jointly organised by the GTA and Hamro Swabhiman - a cultural unit of Patanjali Yogpeeth of Ramdev.

Later in the morning, at an interactive session between Ramdev, his aide Acharya Balkrishna, elected GTA members and the general public was organised at the Gorkha Rangamanch Bhawan.

During his speech here, Ramdev said: "If Gujaratis can have Gujarat, Bengalis Bengal, Telegus Telangana, what is wrong in creating Gorkhaland for Gorkhas. It is after much struggle that the Nepali language was recognised in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution and Gorkhaland will also be created."
Gorkhaland Will Ensure National Security of India - Baba Ramdev
Gorkhaland Will Ensure National Security of India - Baba Ramdev
He added: "If a small state like Goa can be famous on the world map, why can't Gorkhaland? Gorkhaland will definitely be created," Ramdev said.

"During an agitation, obstacles will always come in your way, but achieving something without any obstacles will not be sweet. Move ahead with conviction and you will never lose," the yoga guru said.

The BJP-led NDA government has not said anything conclusive on the creation of Gorkhaland. The Bengal government is against the statehood demand.

Morcha chief Bimal Gurung, who had yesterday said that he had invited Ramdev not for political gains but for yoga, was visibly happy.

"I had not expected Baba Ramdev to speak what he has today. Baba Ramdev has spoken something that is dear to the hill people's hearts. Our face makes us foreigners in our own country. We elected a number of MPs and MLAs from our place but our aspirations were never fulfilled. However, we are now confident that Narendra Modi will fulfil our aspiration," Gurung said.

"We are hopeful that Baba Ramdev will take our cause even to the Prime Minister."

Last week, K. Keshava Rao, an MP of the TRS, had given support to the statehood demand.

Source: Telegraph

Formation of Gorkhaland would strengthen India's security - Baba Ramdev

6:11 PM
Baba Ramdev Says - "Struggles Have Made You Stronger" ‪Gorkhaland‬

Speaking to a full house crowd Baba Ramdev said today, "Struggles have made you [Gorkhas] stronger... You had to struggle to get your language recognized and included in the Constitution of India... so to have to struggle for Gorkhaland, its not something new..."

He added, "people say forming Gorkhaland poses threat to national security... there are both young and old here we need to have these self-beliefs... we are the children of God... we are the children of great Risis... Gorkha is not merely a Jati... the very word Gorkha encompasses these valuesL Saurya - brightness of thoughts and deeds... Swabhiman - Self-respect... Khuddari - Self-belief... and the sense of Sacrifice... to die for one's country... to protect one's country and never back down...

Ramdev Baba said forming Gorkhaland would help in protecting India... and not pose a threat to it.

When ever one hear's the word - Gorkha... Not just India... but even Europe... England has acknowledged... they will never betray one's nation..."

Thus he argued, forming Gorkhaland would help in protecting India... and not pose a threat to it.

Source: TheDC

Dr. Surbamanian Swamy speech at the seminar on Gorkhaland - Video

11:52 AM
Dr. Surbamanian Swamy speech at the seminar on "Small States and Gorkhaland" at Gorkha Rangmanch Bhawan in Darjeeling on April 14, 2015.

Watch the video of Dr. Surbamanian Swamy speech at the seminar on Gorkhaland 

Former cabinet minister and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy gave the yearning of the Gorkhas for a separate state a fresh lease of life on Tuesday with his words: “Gorkhaland is now only a question of when and not why.” In his maiden visit to the Darjeeling Hills, he was speaking at the two-day national seminar on Creation Gorkhaland and Smaller States.

Recalling Narendra Modi’s election campaign speech for the BJP candidate in Siliguri in 2014, Swamy said he would remind the Prime Minister about his promise. “In his speech Modi had said ‘the dreams of the Gorkhas were his.’ When I return to Delhi I will remind him about his promise and ask when it would become a reality” he said to the applause of the crowd attending the seminar.

Swami, an economist who is well-known for his sympathies for creation of smaller states encouraged the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) leaders spearheading the statehood movement to keep up the momentum. “Gorkhaland ko koi rok nahi sakta (no one can stop Gorkhaland being formed) and the question now is when Gorkhaland and not why. Believe in the provision of the Indian constitution,” Swamy said adding he would talk to people in the corridors of power to bring the Gorkhaland demand in Parliament.

In his speech Swamy also said that the BJP would not forget the gestures of the GJM in supporting its candidates in the last two Lok Sabha elections. “The Gorkhas are brave and loyal. You (GJM) sacrificed the seat and not only supported the BJP candidates in 2009 and 2014 but also made them MPs. You have been our ally since 2007. We at the BJP will not forget your gesture and will continue to work for you till Gorkhaland is achieved. In fact, I want you to say to the present government in Bengal that your goal is very near,” he said which brought another round of vociferous approval from the crowd.
Dr. Surbamanian Swamy
Dr. Surbamanian Swamy
He was also of the opinion that creation of smaller states would not be negative for Bengal or for the country, unlike theories that circulate every time such a demand is made. “There are provisions in our Constitution that confers powers to the Center to protect it. Smaller states will bring in vast development as has been proved by new states that were formed, only recently. Moreover, no one will go to Pakistan or Bhutan if a Gorkha state is created,” Swamy pointed, who had been in the forefront to voice and also participated in the struggle for creation of the Uttarakhand and Telangana states.

The BJP leader also advised the GJM leadership to emulate the steps taken by the Uttarakhand agitators till its demand was fulfilled. “You should start what we did in Uttarakhand. Demand for an additional DGP and chief secretary in Darjeeling. I have come to know that the SP is the highest police officer in your territorial administration. If you have an ADGP and additional chief secretary you need to take directions from Kolkata. Similarly, ask for a high court bench to be established in the Hills,” suggested Swamy.

Via : Darjeeling Live

GJM‬ ‪GNLF‬ CLASH near Ghoom in ‪‎Darjeeling‬

9:00 AM
The Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) alleged that Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) supporters who were in Bimal Gurung's convoy attacked a vehicle carrying GNLF supporters returning from Subash Ghisingh's funeral prayer at Ghoom this evening.
There were four persons in the vehicle that was attacked.

Immediately after the incident, which took place around 3.40pm near the Ghoom railway station, GNLF supporters staged a demonstration in front of the Jorebunglow police station, which brought the traffic to halt for almost two-and-a-half-hours along NH55.

Bishal Mukhia, a GNLF supporter from Pokhriabong area, who was injured in the incident, said: "We were coming after attending the funeral prayer of our leader when Bimal Gurung's convoy stopped our vehicle and the Morcha members beat us up."

Ghisingh died on January 29 and 21-day funeral prayers are being conducted at his house on Dr Zakhir Hussain Road. Relatives, well wishers and those who attended the funeral, take part in these prayers.

Watch Video

A windowpane of the Maruti Alto in which the GNLF supporters were travelling was also allegedly smashed.
The driver of the vehicle was injured, but did not want to be named. He said: "My vehicle had been hired and I am not affiliated to any political party. The dajus in my vehicle were shouting slogans and suddenly a convoy stopped and started attacking us. The attackers also took away my car's key," said the driver.

The driver, however, did not clarify the content of the slogan as he refused to speak further to the media.

Another GNLF supporter who was protesting, however, said the GNLF supporters were just putting up slogans like: Long Live Subash Ghisingh.

"In a democracy we have the right to put up such slogans. Even Bimal Gurung stepped out of his convoy," he said.

Nawal Bomzom, president of GNLF Pokhriabong committee, said: "Bimal Gurung's convoy stopped on seeing our party flag and even a police constable in his convoy was involved in the attack."

Gurung's convoy usually consists of a police pilot and a police vehicle. In today's convoy, there were other vehicles, which were returning after attending a GTA event at Maneybhanjyang, about 24km from Darjeeling.

M.G. Subba, the convenor of GNLF's Darjeeling Branch Committee, today said: "We have filed an FIR against Bimal Gurung and others. The police have given us an assurance to arrest the culprits within 24 hours. If the police fail to make any arrest, we can even go for a 24 hour general strike in the hills."

Roshan Giri, the general secretary of the Morcha, however, denied that Bimal Gurung's convoy was involved in the attack.

"Bimal Gurung was returning from Maneybhanjyang today when GNLF supporters who were drunk used filthy language and tried to misbehave with the convoy. It is after this incident that the public reacted. We have also filed an FIR."

Akhilesh Kumar Chaturvedi, the Darjeeling superintendent of police, said: "There has been an incident in which GNLF supporters have been allegedly assaulted by Morcha supporters. We are taking all legal action."

Gurung was today returning from Maneybhanjyang after inaugurating a Rs 38 crore road strengthening and improvement project from Maneybhanjyang to Sandakphu-Phalut, which are the highest points in Bengal, situated at 12,000 feet.

Source: Telegraph

In Conversation With Bipul Chettri | Syndicate | The Two Room Apartment

8:56 AM
In Conversation With Bipul Chettri | Syndicate | The Two Room Apartment, a video, was Published in Youtube on 14 Feb 2015.

In Conversation With Bipul Chettri is an interview, where Bipul talks about his early days, and the story behind his latest single "Syndicate".

Watch the Video

"In conversation with The Two Room Apartment, introducing my new Single 'Syndicate', which will be releasing very soon. Enjoy this small snippet from the new tune. Cheers!
Thank you Donny, Sehran & Monga." - Bipul Chettri on FB

"In Coversation with Bipul" is a short story where Bipul Chettri talks about his early days and the story behind his Latest Single "Syndicate" - The Two Room Apartment on Social Media

In Conversation With Bipul Chettri | Syndicate | The Two Room Apartment

Nepali culture and traditional outfits in Hindi video song 'Jane Kya'

6:54 PM
A Hindi video song highlighting the Nepali culture and traditional outfits was launched in New Delhi is getting popularity in India and Nepal.
Nepali culture and traditional outfits in Hindi video song 'Jane Kya'
Title of the song ‘Jane Kya’ is sung by Pawan Diyali from Dooars who is trying to promote the Nepali culture and costumes in the entire globe.

The model and actress Priyanka Darjee wearing the traditional Nepali attire ‘choubandi cholli’ and ‘Fariya’ has acted in the video.

Priyanka a successful model from New Delhi is born in Kurseong and is also trying to promote the Nepali culture.

She said that the video song was launched in MP Hall, South Avenue, New Delhi where Vijay Jolly (Ex MLA of BJP Saket), Narbu Tshering (DCP Delhi police), Matinda Gurung founder member of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha Delhi Unit and Manoj Shankar president of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha Delhi unit were among the guests.

A Delhi based model Ankit Saneja co actor of Priyanka in the video song said that he felt proud to promote Nepali culture wearing the ‘Daura Suruwal’. He also said that Nepali tradition and outfits are really rich and Nepali youths should come forward to promote it by wearing regularly.

Watch the video:

Nepali fashion designer Alka Sharma appreciated Diyali and Priyanka for promoting Nepali traditions in the nation’s capital. She said, “Priyanka is really talented model and worked with her in several fashion shows. Sharma also appreciated Diyali for his tremendous voice.

Source: EOI

TMC Raises the Issue of Gorkha Certificate for Chritian Gorkhas

9:48 AM
TMC Rajyasabha MP Derek O'Brien made a demand to take urgent measures to ensure issuance of Gorkha certificates to christian Gorkha minorities.

As the member sought Minorities Affairs Minister Najma Heptulla's response, she assured the member that she has already asked ministry officials to look into the issue and ascertain the reasons for denial of certificates to gorkhas.

"We will try to find the reason and why this has happened. The facts are being ascertained.If it falls under my Ministry, we certainly take steps to redress the grievance," Najma said.

Derek O'Brien speaks on denial of #Gorkha certificates to Christian Gorkhas in Rajya Sabha.

Peter Biaksangzuala died as he landed awkwardly while celebrating a goal

6:48 PM
The 23-year-old Peter Biaksangzuala Indian footballer damaged his spinal cord doing a somersault after scoring an equaliser for Bethlehem Vengthlang FC against Chanmari West FC in a state level game in the Mizoram Premier League.
Peter Biaksangzuala: Indian player dies after goal celebration
Peter Biaksangzuala died as he landed awkwardly while celebrating a goal
Peter was taken to hospital and had surgery, but passed away.

It has been a sad day for Mizoram football and the demise of the footballer shook his team-mates, footballers and fans alike all over Mizoram.

Watch The Video

"Peter was a defensive midfielder who had always been aggressive and hard working, a true team player.

Source: bbc, KYZ TUBE

Sharad Dipesh Diyali wins the Great Indian Guitar Solo Competition

11:04 AM
Sharad Dipesh Diyali an Indian Gorkha from Kalimpong wins the Great Indian Guitar Solo Competition.

Sharad a Kalimpong lad is an alumnus of St. Augustine's School, Kalimpong and he completed his ISC from Rockvale Academy,and Graduated from Asutosh College, Kolkata..

 Sharad Dipesh Diyali  wins the Great Indian Guitar Solo Competition
 Sharad Dipesh Diyali  playing his solo Vande Mataram
He is currently the Lead Guitarist in a Professional Kolkata based band, "PRITHIBI"
Currently Sharad is in the news, because he is amongst the Top Five contestants in the Great Indian Guitar Solo competition held by a very renowned Guitarist of India Sir. Baiju Dharmajan.

His never give up attitude can be judged from the fact that this is the 3rd time that Sharad is participating in this contest. His first two entries landed him FOURTH place, when asked,  he said, he is not giving up till he lands the 1st place. This year he he has done it , after entering the final round ,  Sharad Dipesh Diyali wins the title.

You can watch his entry here: Vande Mataram by Sharad Diyali

Ever humble Sharad attributes his success so far to his parents, his elder brother and the lead vocalist from his Band Mr. Kaushik Chakraborty for continued support and encouragement.

He has a request to the established musicians from Darjeeling, he says, “I've personally experienced, seen and also heard from people around, that the Hill people are really skilled in the Art of Music, but despite that people from Hills doesn't get a proper platform for themselves to showcase their talent. It would be great to hear if Musicians get some kind of a Platform in the Hills too and get the recognition for their talent. I will be happy if senior musicians and friends from hills who are reading this will help new musicians to and provide them with some good opportunities in the coming days.”

With inputs from The Darjeeling Chronicle

Bipul Chettri's Wildfire guitar Lesson video

6:05 PM
After  Asaar lyrics with Chords here's Bipul Chettri's how to play Wildfire guitar  Lesson video.

Wildfire Dadhelo - Guitar Lesson

Bipul Chettri's Wildfire guitar Lesson video
Bipul Chettri's Wildfire guitar Lesson video

Source:  Nepali E-Chords

Tuwalo public response and review - video

3:00 AM
Nepali thriller film "Tuwalo The mystery mist" directed by Bhawesh C Thakuri is running successfully at Inox in Darjeeling. Tuwalo is the first Nepali film from Darjeeling that was released in Inox.

The audience at Inox Darjeeling appreciated the new kind story and technical parts of the film.

 "super excited with the public response of my film TUWALO the mystery mist ....Today "s show was a great success with packed audience. am feeling so relaxed and happy ...thank you GOD AND MY AUDIENCE" -Bhawesh C Thakuri

Watch the video of  public response and review of the Nepali film  "Tuwalo The mystery mist"

Nepali thriller film "Tuwalo The mystery mist"
Nepali thriller film "Tuwalo The mystery mist"

Nepali Feature Film Tuwalo 'The Mystery Mist' releasing Friday 1st August 2014

11:22 PM
Darjeeling 30th July: Press Conference on a Nepali Feature Film by Bhawesh C. Thakuri Tuwalo "The Mystery Mist" releasing this Friday i.e. 1st August 2014 at Inox Cinema Hall, Darjeeling. In the Conference Director/Editor/Writer/Cinematographer and also an Actor Bhawesh C. Thakuri together with new Actress Mandira Raya was present for the conference.

Press Conference on Nepali Feature Film A Film by Bhawesh C. Thakuri Tuwalo The mystery mist
Press Conference on Nepali Feature Film A Film by Bhawesh C. Thakuri 
Tuwalo The mystery mist
This Film is based on psychological Thriller, suspense, romance and action. Tuwalo  is produced by Veteran Actor Mr. Kiran Thakuri...lead role of this movie includes Manjeeta Raya, Sani Thami, Aju Singh, Surendra Tamang, Bishal Sharma, Kavita Sharma, Lalit Tiwari, Mahendra N. Pradhan, Bhawesh C. Thakuri and Kiran Thakuri...Supported by Mariamit Lepcha, Dilip Lorung, Sheetal Subba, Kumar Rai, Rishi Sharma, Santa Gurung, Nudup Bhutia.

Watch Trailor of nepali film TUWALO the mystery mist.

Poster of Tuwalo The mystery mist
Poster of Tuwalo The mystery mist 

Source: Ashi Raya

Documentary film on Gorkhaland - From the top

9:48 PM
This is one of many documented short films on the Gorkhaland movement.

This film is about the demand for the formation of a separate state called Gorkhaland, which will not be a part of West Bengal. The documentary tries to understand the reason behind this demand, and the public opinion regarding this movement.

Watch Documentary film on Gorkhaland - From the top

Documentary - From the top

This film is about the demand for the formation of a separate state called Gorkhaland, which will not be a part of West Bengal. The documentary tries to understand the reason behind this demand, and t...

Documentary film on Gorkhaland - From the top
Documentary film on Gorkhaland - From the top

Source: Pocket Films - Short Films Channel

A Documentary on Gorkhaland - 'Changing Faces of Gorkhaland'

9:30 PM
This is a documentry about the issue of Gorkhaland, a separate state demanding by the Gorkhas of India at Darjeeling. Gorkhaland is actually not a matter of Development or Self goverment but it is the issue of Identity of Gorkha in India.
Watch the Documentary on Gorkhaland

A Documentary on Gorkhaland - 'Changing Faces of Gorkhaland'
A Documentary on Gorkhaland - 'Changing Faces of Gorkhaland'

Source: KTV

Anushka chhetri's vote appeal in Nepali video

1:03 PM
Little Anushka chhetri from Darjeeling is one of the super four contestants in Zee TV DID L'il Masters Season 3. Here is the video where Anuska appeals in Nepali to her community to vote her and make the winner of the season.

Nano Drive With MTV in Darjeeling video

12:17 AM
After Siliguri Nano Drive with MTV have reached Darjeeling . Team will head to Kalimpong after Darjeeling  round.

Drive With MTV is India's first social show featuring the journey of 4 teams in their Tata Nanos going across the country, telling the story of their adventures and sharing their experience with us every day!

The Nano drive with MTV - TV show East Team have finished their round in Darjeeling and are in Kalimpong today.

Watch the video:

Glimpse of  Nano Drive With MTV  Darjeeling

HAPPY DARJEELING We are from Darjeeling video on Pharrell Williams song

9:06 AM
Darjeeling, May 28: Pharrell Williams has made Darjeeling clap along and make its own Happy tribute song.

Happy, the world-wide hit number from Despicable Me 2, has spawned over 1,500 tribute videos — from Tehran to Calcutta, and now Darjeeling.

Watch video - HAPPY DARJEELING We are from Darjeeling ,India "Queen of the Hills".

“When the whole world is coming up with a tribute video, we, too, decided to come up with ours. We released it on YouTube (on May 25) and it has registered more than 15,000 hits,” said 27-year-old Sikher Chettri, who has a video production studio in Darjeeling.

Chettri got help from a motley home team — professional photographer Smriti Rahel Philip, hotelier Prawin Pradhan, dentist Priyanka Rai, musician Bibek Thapa and singer Pragya Lama.

The three-minute-plus video shows Darjeeling residents channelling their happy vibe as Williams’s song plays.

The name of the YouTube video is not as short as the one-word original title. It is called Happy Darjeeling-We are from Darjeeling, India, ‘Queen of the Hills’.

 HAPPY DARJEELING We are from Darjeeling video on Pharrell Williams song

“It took us about a week to shoot. We tried to capture the happiness of the people in Darjeeling. Since the Happy tributes are the most seen and talked about videos at the moment, our work would serve to promote Darjeeling and showcase its beauty to people around the world,” Chettri said.

“The aim was to shoot impromptu,” Smriti said. “We went around town, told some people about the Happy concept and asked them to do a few steps. Students of schools such as Loreto Convent and Vidya Vikash Academy helped us.”

The locations for the shoots were chosen to capture the sights and sounds of Darjeeling. The video featured people at Darjeeling main promenade Chowrasta, the railway station, the Peace Pagoda, the Rink Mall, the Lloyd Botanical Garden, St Andrew’s Church and the Mahakal temple, among a few.

The youngest among the performers were six-year-old twins in their identical yellow dresses. Maya and Tara Rai, students of Loreto Convent, got featured in the video primarily because of their father Vikram’s enthusiasm.

“The Pharrell song is well-known and we were aware of the tremendous interest it has generated across the world. When Shikher called to shoot with my kids, I immediately agreed. It is a good way of letting the world know about Darjeeling. Moreover, the theme of the Pharrell song goes with Darjeeling. The people are always smiling and they always overcome their daily burdens with a smile,” Vikram said.

One of the Happy tribute videos has been in the news for an unhappy reason. In Iran, three girls and three boys were arrested by police earlier this month for dancing in the video that hurt public chastity. The girls, without veils on, had danced in living rooms, rooftops and public places.

There was global outcry over the arrests and Iran released them days later.

In May 2013, when the hills were supposed to be buzzing with summertime tourists, it was in the grip of a general strike called by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha after one of its leaders, Chandra Yonzone, was arrested for allegedly burning down the home of a Trinamul leader.

This summer has turned out to be happier, dare we say. The tourists are back, and some residents have found the right tune to celebrate.


Nepali short film Ek Dhakar Jiwan bags international Best Short Film Peace Award

9:58 AM
A short Nepali film “Ek Dhakar Jiwan / The Beaten Path” produced and directed by a Kurseong lad, Phurba Tshering Lama has won the Best Short Film Peace Award in the just concluded Gothenburg Independent Film Festival in Sweden.

Phurba Tshering Lama, Producer and Director of 'Ek Dhakar Jiwan' from Kurseong.
Phurba Tshering Lama, Producer and Director of
 'Ek Dhakar Jiwan' from Kurseong.
Lama informed a total of 65 films from 30 different countries were screened in the inaugural or the first Gothenburg Independent Film Festival from May 22 to 25, in Sweden. "There were three films from India. The films from India were Vivek Budakoti’s 'Pied Piper', Utpal Borpujari’s 'Songs of the Blue Hills' and 'Ek Dhakar Jiwan / The Beaten Path'. These films were selected and nominated for the film festival on different categories," he added.

Lama also informed that his 27 minute Nepali-language film is based on a short story ‘Manchhey Manchheyko Busty Bhitra’ written by Gupta Pradhan, a renowned Nepali littérateur from Ghoom/Darjeeling. The story revolves around Balvir, a porter, who lives and coexists in the grand mosaic of nature like any other entity. However, his human spirit yearns to understand life especially from a sense of disorientation and confusion as a result of the material world.

It was learnt that Phurba Tshering Lama’s short film “Ek Dhakar Jiwan” has also been selected for screening at the upcoming SIGNS Film Festival to be held in Kochi from May 28 - June 1.

Notably, after completing his graduation from NP College, Darjeeling, Lama completed the course of direction in the Films & Television Institute of India, (FTII), Pune in 2010 and for the past few years he has been involved in different films on different aspects in Mumbai and in Nepal. His 27 minute short film was shot in Sikkim last year and after mixing and editing in Mumbai the film was completed in the month of February 2014. Lama is also targeting to participate in more film festival.

Lama has credited his success to his father Jay Prakash Lama and mother Prabha Lama.

Source: EOI

Video - Narendra Modi's Full Speech in Siliguri Darjeeling on 10th April 2014

6:01 PM
Watch video of Narendra Modi's Full Speech at Khaprail Maidan in Siliguri Darjeeling in West Bengal on 10th April 2014 on a GJM-BJP meeting  that was held in Siliguri to support SS Ahluwalia GJM backed BJP candidate for Darjeeling constituency in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election.

Tom Gorkhey Funny Video on Lok Sabha Election Darjeeling

2:37 PM
Tom Gorkhey in a Faceook page writes "Hello I am Tom "gorkhay" Cat. I hail from Darjeeling and so my heart and soul beats for my land. Therefore its my right to be cynical and to criticize ."
Watch Tom Gorkhey Funny Video

I criticize whats wrong and praise whats right. My mission is the achievement of Gorkhaland. I am the voice of the people and I stand for each and every Gorkha of India. My objective is to create political awareness among all,so that each and everyone can stand on their own and claim their right. I may offend some but I've got my heart in the right place and I know that my dream of Gorkhaland will come true . Jai Gorkha Jai Gorkhaland.

Watch Tom Gorkhey Funny Video on Lok Sabha Election Darjeeling :

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