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"Size of Darjeeling Bata Staircase Reduced" - Alleges Kadariya

Darjeeling 13th may: DYFI district President Ramesh Kadariya has alleged that the size of staircase connecting Bata in Darjeeling town has been reduced following the recent cave in.

Speaking to the reporters, Mr. Kadariya alleged that, "this was a well planned move to assist a private developer to occupy public land... they first dug the staircase and later reduced its size to enable private party to benefit... the private developer has gained around 4.5Ft land of land" alleged Kadariya,

He further stated, "this is not the first time such a thing has happened... right from old secretariat to TB Hospital to RKSP land mafia have occupied public land in Darjeeling town..

He added, "the value of land that the private developer usurped in Bata staircase is over 1 crore... hence we demand an independent investigation into the case by District Administration and Darjeeling Municipality.,"
 Darjeeling Bata Staircase
Meanwhile the Darjeeling Municipality authorities have reiterate "that is just a plain lie... the size of the staircase is same as before..."

Bata Staircase connecting Chowk Bazar with HD Lama Road (Bata ko Ukkalo), one of the busiest areas in Darjeeling town had caved in on Tuesday evening 27 Apr 2016.

The Darjeeling Municipalty had filed an FIR against the builders of an under-construction shopping complex which was coming up below the staircase, chairman Amar Singh Rai said today. Police said no one was injured in the incident that happened around 6.15 pm. Local people alleged contractors had been digging up underneath the staircase for the complex and that led to the subsidence.

Rai further added: "The municipality engineers are preparing a technical report and we have filed an FIR against the builders at the Sadar Police Station. "The municipality engineers will look into any deviation from the proposed building plan and other details."

A note to our readers: We haven't verified the size using a measuring tape ourselves so far

Via TheDC

Corruption allegation on Harka Bahadur Chettri by GJM, projects worth 24 lakh not executed

8:46 AM
Darjeeling, April 12: GJM (Gorkha Janmukti Morcha) has fresh allegation on Kalimpong MLA, Dr. Harka Bahadur Chhetri who has recently parted from GJM and launched his own party JAP (Jan Andolan Party) of not executing 3 projects worth 24 lakhs using MLA funds - Bidhayak Elaka Unnayan Prakalpa.

Morcha barb at Harka on funds a report on Telegraph

Darjeeling, April 12: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha today alleged that some projects recommended by Kalimpong MLA Harka Bahadur Chhetri with his MLALAD funds had not been finished although completion certificates had been submitted and money released for those.

The party alleged that two of Chhetri's aides were responsible for the irregularities.

Binay Tamang, the assistant general secretary of the Morcha, said: "On January 27, an order was issued by the district planning section of Darjeeling DM office where 12 projects worth Rs 29.5 lakh were accorded ... for schemes recommended by Harka Bahadur Chhetri. Those were to be executed using MLA funds - Bidhayak Elaka Unnayan Prakalpa."
Corruption allegation on Harka Bahadur Chettri by GJM, projects worth 24 lakh not executed
Harka Bahadur Chettri 
Tamang alleged that of the 12, three projects worth Rs 8 lakh had not been executed.

"Three projects involving construction of a protection wall and footpath above Hari Thapa's house on East Main Road (Rs 3 lakh), a jhora protection (wall) above Bassuripool, Upper Cart Road, Kalimpong, (Rs 2.5 lakh) and a protection wall in front of Puran Chettri's house on East Main Road have not been finished but a completion report has been submitted," Tamang said.

He added that on February 29, another 14 projects costing about Rs 30.5 lakh had been recommended by Chhetri. "A project involving the construction of a protection wall near Renuka Subba's house at School Dara in Kalimpong was shown as complete even without floating tenders. The payment has been made already," said Tamang.

Sources said the project was worth Rs 3 lakh.

"I urge residents of the area... to find out if work has been done. These works were given to two of Chhetri's close aides who used the funds for construction of personal property. The people of Kalimpong have to find them," Tamang said. He said Chhetri had used Rs 19 lakh for personal work when he was with the DGHC and GTA. "We have shown evidence of his corruption on two occasions," said Tamang.

Chhetri denied the charges. "My role as the MLA is to recommend projects to the district planning office. The office distributes work to executing agencies. It is for the BDO office to float tenders and monitor work... I think funds are released only after taking photographs of project. I have no role in choosing contractor..."

Asked about the allegations, he said: "What else do they have to talk about? I will not allow this slandering. I am consulting my legal team and will take him (Tamang) to court on these issues."

The BDO office of Kalimpong#-I is the executing agency of the four projects. BDO Bimalendu Das said : "If there is a complaint lodged with me or the DM, we will inquire."

HB Chhetri gets corruption tag from Morcha again a report on EOI

Darjeeling 12 Apr 2016 The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has once again accused Kalimpong MLA Harka Bahadur Chhetri of corruption, maintaining that some of the works sanctioned in Kalimpong from the MLA fund had not been executed at all even though completion reports had been submitted for those projects.

GJM assistant secretary Binay Tamang said, “After becoming the Kalimpong MLA, Chhetri undertook a number of schemes through the MLA fund. On his recommendation, two project orders were passed on January 27 and February 29 this year. According to the first order, the total cost of 12 schemes was Rs29.50 lakh, while the second order comprised 14 schemes with a total cost of Rs30.50 lakh. From the first order, work has not been done on three projects out of the 12, and from the second, one project out of the 14 has not been started. Tenders have not even been floated for it even though full payment has been made and a completion report submitted.”

According to Tamang, work not undertaken for schemes mentioned in the first order include a protection wall and footpath at East Main Road for which the cost has been shown at Rs3 lakh; jhora (stream) protection at Upper Cart Road for Rs2.50 lakh; and a protection wall at East Main Road at a cost of Rs2.50 lakh. He said the second order includes construction of a protection wall at School Dara for Rs3 lakh, but this project has also not been executed.

“It seems he (Chhetri) has siphoned off the money meant for the schemes. Harka is saying he will work for the benefit of the people if he gets re-elected, but we find him to be a corrupt legislator already,” alleged Tamang. Not long ago too, the GJM leader had accused Chhetri of misusing Rs19 lakh meant for landslide relief work when he was on the board of administrators of the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council.

“The Kalimpong MLA is alleging there is corruption in the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, and if this is true, he should back his claims by producing solid evidence like we have. His party (Jan Andolan Party) has an RTI Cell to look into matters of corruption, and it should start a probe against him,” Tamang said.

Chettri responded by dismissing Tamang’s allegations as unfounded, saying “the Morcha is trying to spoil my image looking at the support I am getting from the people”. He added, “Moreover, the only role I play regarding the MLA fund is make recommendations to the District Planning Section and all work is executed by the Block Development Officer. It is through the BDO that the work completion report is prepared along with photographs. Only then does the bill for the work is released.” The MLA further said, “I will file a defamation case against Tamang after the election as he is making false allegations against me time and again.”

Meantime, Kalimpong Block 1 BDO Bimalendu Das said, “All work in my block has been done as per rules and regulations. After completion of work, the engineer does the verification and the work completion report submitted following which the bills are cleared. If anyone has complaints, they can contact me and I can crosscheck.” (EOIC)

Kangana Ranaut to direct a foreign film

12:33 PM
Actor Kangana Ranaut says she has plans to direct a foreign film which will cater to the international as well as Indian audience. However, she is in no hurry.

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

The actress had earlier directed a short film, written in collaboration with an Australian writer, which was shot in the US.

Talking about her new project as a director, Kangana told IANS: "I want to make a film, but for direction I will have to leave this country for a year and at this point of time when I have so many films I don't think its the right time."

"The film that I will be directing is not a Bollywood film but it will also release in India. It's an international film meant for the international and the Indian audience as well.

"But I don't want to make a film just for the heck of it. When the right time comes I will talk more about it," added the 26-year-old who has recently launched her own website.

The actress has featured in films like "Raaz - The Mystery Continues", "Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai", "Fashion" and "Tanu Weds Manu". Her forthcoming film is the much awaited "Krrish 3".


Robert Vadra land deals paralysed Parliament

7:58 PM
NEW DELHI: Alleged dubious land deals of Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra paralysed proceedings in Parliament on Tuesday with Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha witnessing two adjournments following uproar by BJP.

Robert Vadra
'Congress ka haath, damaad ke saath' (hand of Congress is with the son-in-law) chanted BJP members, seeking to draw the attention on the Vadra issue in the Lok Sabha.

This was met with counter slogans 'Congress ka haath, janata ke saath, garib ke saath' (hand of Congress is with the people and the poor) by ruling party members.

The BJP demanded setting up of a Supreme Court-monitored Special Investigation Team (SIT) to examine Vadra's land deals across Congress-ruled states like Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan.

"Our demand is that the SIT, which should be a multi-disciplinary authority to examine the alleged violation of the banking law, company law and income-tax law through these land deals, be set up and the probe monitored by the Supreme Court," BJP leader Yashwant Sinha told reporters outside the Parliament.

Taking an obvious dig at Vadra, Yashwant Sinha said, "Though there are several business schools which teach models of making money, there is one highly connected person who did not go to any such school but has given a model where no investment is made but windfall gains of thousands of crores are made."

The Vadra issue dominated both the Houses which saw other issues too, including Telangana with TDP members continuing to storm the Well, wearing shirts with slogan 'Save Andhra Pradesh, Save Democracy'.

Soon after Lok Sabha assembled and obituary references were made, members of various parties were on their feet to raise different issues with the Left targetting Congress on the solar scam in Kerala and some others voicing concern over violence in Kishtwar and other areas in the Jammu region.

The Rajya Sabha also witnessed similar scenes, with the main opposition BJP forcing adjournment of the House till noon on the same issue, minutes after it assembled for the day.

BJP members shouted slogans which were countered by those from Congress.

As the din continued unabated, Chairman Hamid Ansari's remarks whether members wished the House to become a "federation of anarchists" added fuel to the fire.

With BJP members shouting slogans seeking probe and reply from the government on the Vadra issue, members from the treasury benches too were on their feet.

"Every single rule in the rule book, every single etiquette is being violated...If the Hon'ble members wish the House to become a federation of anarchists, then it is a different matter," Ansari remarked, amid strong protests from BJP members. He then adjourned the House till noon.

Uproarious scenes continued after the Upper House reassembled, with Rajiv Pratap Rudy (BJP) asking the Chair for his view on a Zero Hour notice to raise the Vadra issue.

"There is scam that has taken place. It has rocked the nation. It involves somebody very important," Rudy said, with his party MPs rising in support.

Soon Congress members were on their feet raising counter slogans, forcing adjournment of the House again till 2pm.

Lok Sabha witnessed uproar during Question Hour with opposition targeting the government on several issues including violence in Kishtwar, solar scam in Kerala as also the Vadra issue.

Congress members protested against BJP leader Yashwant Sinha's remarks against Vadra, with Sanjay Nirupam walking into the Well to protest against the charge.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath and his deputy Rajiv Shukla, both seated in the front row, were on their feet. BJP members countered them from their seats.

With the House in disorder, Speaker Meira Kumar adjourned it till noon. Though there was pandemonium on several matters, the Vadra issue led to its adjournment till noon.

When the House reassembled, the issue dominated with shouts and countershouts among opposition and ruling party members.

Earlier, Yogi Adityanath (BJP), who was asked by the Speaker to speak on violence in Kishtwar, said the government in Jammu and Kashmir has not woken up to the threat posed by separatist forces.

Left parties demanded resignation of Kerala chief minister Oommen Chandy and a judicial inquiry into solar scam.

Congress members joined issue with them and tried to shout them down.

Rajya Sabha earlier witnessed acrimonious exchanges between members of the treasury benches and the BJP, which continued to demand a discussion on Robert Vadra land deals.

BJP members shouted slogans which were countered by those from Congress.

Demanding a discussion on the issue, Deputy leader of BJP Ravi Shankar Prasad said, "It is a case of forgery of bank documents. Allow the issue to be raised."

Deputy Chairman P J Kurien, however disallowed any such discussion saying, "Chairman has not permitted (a discussion). What can I do? I will have to adjourn the House if that is the behaviour. I have no other way."

He told Prasad to go by the rules, saying he being a senior leader also knows that the House runs by rules.

As slogan shouting between BJP members and the treasury benches continued, Kurien asked members to read out their Zero Hour mentions.

Amid the pandemonium, he called the name of BJP member Bhupendra Yadav to make his Zero Hour mention.

Yadav, in his mention, raised the issue of a member of an influential family, triggering uproar by Congress members. This led to adjournment of the House till 2pm.
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