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Gorkha Students, JNU in Solidarity with NBU fighting for Gender Justice

9:28 PM
Solidarity Statement from Gorkha Students, JNU to the students of North Bengal University (NBU) fighting for Gender Justice

We students of JNU salute and take inspiration from the historic struggle waged by students of NBU against the recent incidents (15th August, 2016) of sexual harassment in campus premises of North Bengal University. The struggle has unsettled the deep patriarchal anxiety of the administration and will definitely contribute to expansion of the spaces for women (both within and outside campus premises).

   The patriarchal unequal gender relation of society also permeates the work premises. This power relation has its own class, caste and racial manifestations. Under such hierarchical social relation the gender justice cannot be achieved if the perpetrator lies in top of power relation. Failure to deliver gender justice only strengthens the forces of patriarchy and sexual-harassers and jeopardizes the space for women to come up and lodge complaints against similar cases of violence. The administration throughout country has repeatedly used their authority to shield sexual harassers even after they have been found guilty under enquiry, particularly when the guilty is someone with influence. At the one hand laws (Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Work Place Act, 2013) which are supposed to protect and give justice also reflects the same patriarchal attitude. Hence, to look matter of sexual harassment and to sensitise campus on issue of gender, we think that independent and effective body like Gender Sensitisation Committee Against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH), as per the Supreme Court's Vishaka Judgement guidelines 13th August, 1999, should be constituted in every work place of this country and decisions of the GSCASH should be made binding upon the administration or any person with sufficient influence/power. The ongoing struggle of students in NBU can make sure that such proper institutional mechanism is instated in campus premises. Even regressive act like Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Work Place Act, 2013 makes its mandatory to do so.
The procession taken out by NBU students and research scholars on Friday.
 Picture by Kundan Yolmo
We believe promoting a security centric solution to the issue of crime against women (like putting the entire campus under the gaze of CCTVs) will only worsen the situation for female students and hamper their mobility within campus. The security centric approaches reflect the same protectionist patriarchal male chauvinist attitude that will perpetuate the age old unequal gender relations. Such security centric measures are very likely to be used by authority as tool of extensive surveillance and discipline and contrary to initial believe, can be used to further curtail the freedom of students. Definitely prisons are safe, but we don’t want our campus to be that.

We demand speedy trail and prompt justice to be delivered. We demand the perpetrators to be brought to justice, through an impartial investigation and speedy trial in appropriate forum of authority. We extend our solidarity to the uncompromising struggle of students of NBU on issue of sexual harassment and gender justice.

Only the unity among an oppressed can break the chain of patriarchy!  Let us all join hands together and raise voices for gender justice!

-Gorkha Students, JNU                
Issued on 20/10/2010

Gorkha found murdered at Karong,Senapati Manipur

9:39 AM
Senapati Manipur, 11 Aug: In what could be termed as heinous crime, a Gorkha tenant from Kanglatongbi Mandir was found murdered this morning at a place near 3 Karong Villages Water Reservoirs, above Mao Karong, Senapati District Manipur.

The victim was identified as one Kumar Pokhrel, 35 years of age, s/o (L) Ram Chandra of Kanglatongbi Mandir and presently residing at Mao Karong for nearly two months. He was survived by his wife and one daughter.

The accused was identified as one K. Adahrii, aged about 49 years, s/o (L) Krehrii of Mao Karong Village. He is the present Chairman of Mao Karong village.

According to some villagers, the dead body was found only after the accused, who fled from the village after the incident, informed one of the villagers that he has committed the crime last night on suspicion of theft who has stolen a sum of Rs.79,000 from his house.
Gorkha found murdered at Karong,Senapati Manipur
Gorkha found murdered at Karong, Senapati Manipur
On hearing the news, Mao Karong villagers along with some Gorkha residents at Karong went out in search of the dead body and later found at the spot with some bruises on his legs. Villagers said that the victim must have succumbed to some internal injuries as no serious injury was found on his body except a small bruise on the left side of his forehead.

In this connection, elders and leaders of Mao Karong and Kanglatongbi Mandir including Senapati Gorkha Samaj brought about an amicable solution to the problem so as avoid unwanted consequences in future and decided not register the case at Police station, but settled the case according to customary law.

According to the case settlement, the accused has been fined a sum of Rs.4 lakhs as penalty for committing the crime and ex-communicated from the village.

The dead body was later taken to his native village for cremation this afternoon.

Via Herald Today

Three arrested for raping minor in Darjeeling

9:33 AM
DARJEELING 10 Aug 2016 Police arrested three youths on Tuesday night from the Lebong area in Darjeeling for sexually assaulting a minor girl and the three were today produced in court and sent  to judicial custody. According to the police, the three are Bijendra Khawas (21) from Kothey Gaon, Harsingh; Dipen Rawat (30) of Gofley Phatak; and Sushant Pradhan (23) of Upper Harsingh.

The fourth culprit, Ajay Tamang of Banekburn, is absconding, they said.

All the youths are drivers of a local taxi syndicate and hail from the Lebong area, located 8km from Darjeeling town. Police sources said the minor, who appears to have known the accused, was raped twice  in the Lebong area. “The first rape took place on July 25 and the perpetrator was Tamang. That day, the accused picked up the victim and took her to a garage in Upper Harsingh and committed the crime,”  said a police officer.

The second assault was committed on August 1 by Khawas and Rawat. “We are trying to string together the incidents based on the complaint lodged by the victim’s uncle. It seems on August 1, the two accused had taken the victim to Rungdung Khola, a few kilometres below Harsingh, and committed the crime,” the officer said.

The victim’s family lodged a police complaint on August 9, after a week, and the police subsequently arrested the youths the same day. “An investigation has started. We were told by the victim’s family they  were not aware of crime. It was only yesterday that the victim told her family,” said the policeman.

Amit Javalgi, the Darjeeling SP, confirmed that a complaint had been lodged and three people arrested. “Yesterday a complaint was lodged in the Darjeeling sadar police station about rape. Acting on the complaint, we have arrested three people who were today produced in court, while a search is on to trace the fourth accused. Medical examination has also been conducted on the victim and reports are awaited,” he said.

The three accused were produced in the Additional District Session’s (second) court and sent to judicial remand. They have been directed to appear before court on August 19.

Condemning the incident, the Lebong Motor Syndicate today halted vehicular services from the town area to Lebong for the day. “We strongly condemn the incident and want justice for the victim. The accused must be arrested and given severe punishment to ensure such crimes do not recur,” said P. Hingmang, general secretary of the syndicate.


Alert‬ taxi driver foils alleged trafficking bid, 4 Darjeeling girls rescued

10:43 PM
Writes Amitava Banerjee, 
7 Jul 2016, DARJEELING: Four local girls were rescued from Darjeeling Hills on Saturday just as they were about to be trafficked, thanks to a vigilant taxi driver who alerted authorities in time.
The incident happened at Mirik, a scenic tourist town in Darjeeling surrounded by tea gardens. However, the economically backward condition of people of the tea gardens and surrounding villages makes it highly vulnerable to trafficking. A number of sex rackets operating from private residences and guest houses were unearthed in SIliguri and other towns of North Bengal recently.
Sailesh Subba, the taxi driver at Krishnanagar taxi stand in Mirik, noticed the four girls talking to a man, who looked like an outsider.
“Recently I had attended an anti-trafficking awareness programme conducted by MARG, an NGO, and police,” Subba told HT. Suspecting something wrong, he approached the girls and learnt that they were going to Bangalore for jobs in a beauty parlour and that the man was escorting them to Siliguri railway station.
He immediately informed the NGO which in turn alerted the police. The four girls and the man were taken into custody for questioning.
Alert‬ taxi driver foils alleged trafficking bid, 4 Darjeeling girls rescued
Sailesh Subba, the taxi driver at Krishnanagar taxi stand in Mirik. (HT Photo)
The girls, aged between 18 and 24 years, revealed that they had undergone a beautician course and were offered jobs in a salon in Bangalore through a manpower placement agency in Kolkata. (The name of the manpower agency and the salon has been withheld for investigation purposes.)
“We found a lot of anomalies in the documents,” investigating officer R K Diyali said. “The Kolkata placement agency document claimed that seven girls would be joining as stewards in F&B service department of the Bangalore based organization. However, the girls had no clue they were joining as stewards. The offer letter from the Bangalore salon claimed they would be joining as hairstylists and beauticians.”
Nirnay John Chettri, president of the NGO, Mankind in Action for Rural Growth (MARG), said they got in touch with “our partner NGO, Justice and Care, in Bangalore. They paid a visit to the salon posing as customers. Except for a massage bed, the single room did not have any equipment used in a salon.”
50-year-old Prabal Mohan Bhattacharya from North 24 Parganas has been arrested and charged under Section 370 IPC (trafficking). “We are thoroughly investigating the case,” the Investigating Officer Diyali said.
Recently four students of Darjeeling Hills had unearthed an international flesh trade racket resulting in the arrest of its kingpin from Gurgaon in Haryana. “Along with the four students we will felicitate Sailesh Subba also,” Chettri said.
Source: hindustantimes

Yet another Sex racket busted in Siliguri at Hakimpara

8:28 PM
Siliguri 5th July 2016 After two consecutive sex rackets busted at Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri police today again busted another sex racket at Hakimpara but this time with the active support and information of a local NGO.

Five people including four females and a male have been arrested from a flat at ward number 16 of Hakimpara.

Three girls are resident of Kolkata while a woman who was running the racket and a man involved in supplying the girls are from Siliguri. One another man said to be the kingpin managed to flee during the raid of police.

Kingpin Raju Kamar is absconding while his wife Rina and driver Nandu and three girls are in police net.

The NGO STEPS who expose the racket had done sting operation and send their member acting as a customer and traced the flat through Mobile's GPRS.

Priya Paul, Joint Secretary of STEP was a woman behind making the intelligent and daring steps to expose the sex racket. The local people today termed Priya as 'Maa Durga' and thanked her for saving the society.
Sex racket busted in Siliguri at Hakimpara
Sex racket busted in Siliguri at Hakimpara - Photo Siliguri Times

Priya said when she went with police to raid the flat three girls were hidden inside the box bed while others were preparing to flee.


Siliguri Sex Racket: Three more arrests from Pradhan Nagar

9:36 PM
Siliguri: After the recent arrest of 18 people, allegedly involved in sex trade from Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri police yet again on Monday busted another big racket from the same area and arrested three people including two girls and a male from Pradhan Nagar.
Police said interrogation on arrested persons will lead to more arrest speculating that the number may rise till late night.
The racket was running inside a house at Pradhan Nagar and the police are still investigating on the details of the house owners and the kingpin.
Since last January 2016 police have arrested 26 people from Pradhan Nagar area.
Local people time and again have alleged that Pradhan Nagar, Hyderpara and NJP areas are becoming sex market and the series of arrest by police has proved their allegation.
Siliguri Sex Racket
On July 1 acting on a tip-off police from Pradhannagar Police station had conducted raid in a guest house located at Pradhan Nagar and arrested 18 people including 12 males and 6 females. Two cars were also seized.
On January 31 police had arrested five people including three females and two males from a flat at Pradhan Nagar. 

Via newstimetoday

Sex racket busted in Siliguri, 18 arrested from Pradhan Nagar

10:27 PM
Writes Prashant Acharya

SILIGURI 2 Jul 2016 An ongoing sex racket in Siliguri was busted on Friday night with police arresting 18 people from the Pradhan Nagar area. Acting on a tip-off, the Pradhan Nagar police conducted a raid  at a guest house and arrested 12 males and six females and also seized two cars from them.

Siliguri police commissionerate DCP Indra Chakraborty confirmed the arrest of the 18 people from the Pradhan Nagar area last night. He said the police have received bonafide information of the involvement of many more people in the sex racket.

The investigation is ongoing, he said, adding the accused are residents of Alipurduar, Siliguri, Kolkata and other adjacent areas.

All the 18 arrested were today produced in Siliguri court from where 12 were sent to police custody and the remaining six to jail custody.
Sex racket busted in Siliguri
Sex racket busted in Siliguri - file photo
A few months back too, the Pradhan Nagar police raided a flat where immoral activities were being carried out and arrested three females, of whom two were from Hooghly and the third from Islampur.


Four gets life in prison for murder of a GNLF Supporter in 2004

3:20 PM
DARJEELING 29 Jun 2016 A Darjeeling court today convicted four members of a family from Dootriah-Balasun tea garden for murder and sentenced them to life imprisonment with hefty fines. Additional Sessions Judge (court 3) Mihir Kumar Mondal found Bijay Shankar (53) guilty of murdering Dambar Subba (36) in 2004. The convict’s brother Prakash (44), father Kaila (79) and mother Chandra Maya (75), who were present during the incident, were convicted of abetting the murder.

According to Public Prosecutor Pranay Rai, the murder was political in nature as the victim was a Gorkha National Liberation Front supporter, while the four convicts were CPM supporters, all from Dootriah-Balasun tea garden, 16km from Darjeeling. “The murder was a political fallout as the victim and the accused had political differences and often got into altercations,” said the PP after the verdict was read out by the judge.

Along with life imprisonment, the convicts have been asked to pay Rs 50,000 each as penalty, failing which their sentence would be extended by an additional three years.
Four gets life in prison for murder of a GNLF Supporter in 2004
Four gets life in prison for murder of a GNLF Supporter in 2004
The PP said the murder had taken place in the evening of November 14, 2004. “On that day, the victim was returning from a Deusi (Nepali festivity during Diwali) programme.

As Subba crossed the Shankar family house, Bijay’s father and mother incited him to attack the victim. Bijay asked his brother to get a chopper and he used it to hack the victim to death, with his parents egging him on all the while,” said Rai.

Following the incident, an FIR was lodged filed with the Jorebungalow police station by Subba’s brother Manjit against the four and they were arrested on November 16, 2004. “Since the police had filed the charge sheet after 90 days, the four were out on bail and taken in custody yesterday only,” the PP said.


Sikkim State Women's Commission met Bijanbari Case victim Kala Subba actually from Nepal

Writes ‎Prakash Lee‎ 

The news that went viral in social site (FB) on 14th June of Mrs. Kala Subba (31years), who was rambling around in search of job in Bijanbari, Darjeeling and ending the quest in hospital due to brutal physical assault by police personnel at Pool Bazaar Police Station, Darjeeling...thereby creating public rage on social media, some of them claiming her to be of Sikkim, some blamed Sikkim State Women's Commission of being headless, some tried to politicize the matter...But nobody investigated to its roots and got the concrete information of victim.

Finally, the State Women Commission of Sikkim, gathering information and after understanding the matter, made a team comprising (two members of Sikkim State Women Commission Laki Denzongpa and Leela Dulal, NGO Subha Lakxmi Social Organization (SLSO) President Lalita Lama, East Distt General Secretary Dev Gurung (SDF Party) and headed for Sahid Durga Malla District Hospital Darjeeling and visited the victim today.

It is so surprising to find her bed-ridden even after 13 Days. She is still under medical supervision with the support of Rastriya Naari Aayog and Limbu Association of Darjeeling.
State Women Commission Sikkim met Bijanbari Case victim Kala Subba actually from Nepal
State Women Commission Sikkim met Bijanbari Case victim Kala Subba
It is learnt that, she is completely sane, all she said was she, her husband and in-laws are originally from Taplejung, Nepal and temporarily staying in Rumbuk, West-Sikkim. She also said that her husband eloped with another woman and abandoned her thereafter, since then she was being tortured by her in-laws and bearing the burnt of torture and insult, she had to leave the in-laws house and went in search of job to sustain life. Further she claims that she has two children (a son and a daughter).

According to her claims and considering her matter as a top priority, the Sikkim State Women Commission assured her to trace her in-laws' whereabouts in Sikkim and ensure all possible help. And also hope that, the victim will definitely get justice, according to the law of the land.

Darjeeling police busted International sex racket with the help of school kids

9:11 PM
Writes Amitava Banerjee

Darjeeling, Jun 19, 2016: Intervention by schoolchildren helped uncover an international sex racket, leading to the arrest of the operation’s kingpin from Delhi along with a woman trafficker from Nepal.

Three traffickers were arrested at the West Bengal-Nepal border, and a police team from Darjeeling was rushed to Delhi to nab others involved in the racket. Members of Mankind in Action for Rural Growth (MARG), an NGO, accompanied the police team.

Gagan Verma, the alleged kingpin, was arrested from his residence in DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon, by the Darjeeling police team along with Haryana police on Saturday. Verma allegedly forged government documents such as Aadhaar cards to traffic girls, and force them to dance in bars and into flesh trade.
Most of the girls were trafficked from the hills of Darjeeling, Sikkim and Nepal. The racket was operational in the National Capital Region, particularly in Gurgaon and Mudrika area of Delhi.
However, Verma’s aide, Sunni Tamang, managed to give police the slip and escaped to Nepal by road. MARG subsequently informed its partner NGO, Maiti Nepal, and Tamang was apprehended at the Nepal-West Bengal border at around 6pm on Saturday.
 Darjeeling police busted International sex racket with the help of school kids
 Darjeeling police busted International sex racket with the help of school kids
The Darjeeling police team comprised of two sub-inspectors, two women and two men constables. “We are bringing Verma to the Darjeeling district. He will be produced at the additional chief justice court in Siliguri,” said Deo Gazmer, officer-in-charge of Khoribari police station.v
The operation to bring down the racketeers began after MARG received information from Maiti Nepal that a 15-year-old girl had gone missing from a remote village in the Sidhupalchowk district of Nepal.

The NGO has 12 Students Against Trafficking Clubs (SATC) running successfully in Darjeeling schools, under which students of Class 10, 11 and 12 are sensitised on the human trafficking issue.
“We had alerted our SATC regarding the missing girl. Four of our students from an SATC we run in a school located in the remote part of the district bordering Nepal managed to trace [the girl] on a social network site and befriended her,” said Nirnay John Chettri, president, MARG.

The students pretended to be residents of Nepal who were looking for jobs. The 15-year-old girl then introduced the SATC members to her “friend” in Delhi, who offered them jobs with a salary of Rs 15,000. They would have to work as bar dancers and entertain guests in Delhi.
When the SATC members raised concerns about being caught at the India-Nepal border, they were asked to e-mail their photographs and within 20 minutes they received fake Aadhaar cards along with their appointment letters.

“The students then laid a trap, stating that they would run away from their homes for Delhi. They requested the person in Delhi to send someone to meet them in Panitanki on the Indo-Nepal border, located in the plains of the Darjeeling district,” said Chettri.

At 1 pm on June 8, a man and a woman arrived at the rendezvous point in Panitanki, and were apprehended by police. The duo was identified as Ugen Tshering Bhutia, 23, of Jaldhaka in Kalimpong sub-division and Srijana Rai, 22, of Kumai in Darjeeling district.

“The whole evening, we continued chatting with the Delhi people from where we learnt that a girl from their group had boarded the Rajdhani Express to pick up our SATC girls from the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) on June 9,” said Chettri.

A second trap was laid on June 9 at NJP, and Pranita Mukhia, 22, originally from Sipchu in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, was arrested.

Along with her Hierien (39) of Shilong, Prashant Borah (24) and Pranjol Sunwar (37) of Dibrugarh were arrested from NJP.

MARG the key NGO working in this case states: After our recent intervention in Panitanki (Indo Nepal Border) and NJP on 8th and 9th of June we got certain lead information of sex racket flourishing in Gurgaon and Munrika area of Delhi and NCR.

Most of the girls were trafficked and recruited from the hills of Darjeeling, Sikkim and Nepal. Darjeeling Police Team organised by  Deodoot Gajmer (OC Khoribari) and headed by  Anup Roy (SI) and MARG members left for Delhi.

After taking support from  Robin Hibu (IPS) Jt. Commissioner Delhi Police, (Nodal Officer for the North East Folks), Deepak Saharan (HPS) DCP East of Gurgaon, Mam Tanya Singh (ACP) Gurgaon, SHO DLF Phase 2, Darjeeling Police Team raided and arrested  Gagan Verma from his residence.

Verma is one of the kingpin who was pushing girls into club dancing, flesh trade and was illegally making documents like Aaddhar Cards for the girls.

Sunni Tamang an aide of Verma escaped that very morning for Nepal by road. This information was again relayed to Maiti Nepal. At around 6pm yesterday Sunni was apprehended by Maiti Nepal Team in Nepal Gunj.

Mission Impossible became possible because all worked as a team.

It was the joint effort of Robin Hibu (Jt. Comm), Deepak Saharan (DCP), Mam Tanya Singh (ACP), Deodoot Gazmer (OC Khoribari), Kalyan Gurung (CI, Khoribari), DYSP (Khoribari), Sanjay Prasad (Maiti Nepal), Subir Roy (for arranging a vehicle for the team on the 16th), Lisa from Caritas India (Anthony Chettri, Delhi) for arranging vehicle for two days for the team, SATC members.

Via Hindustan Times

Bijanbari police tourture victim referred to ‪Darjeeling‬ District Hospital

8:55 PM
18 June 2016 Bijanbari The victim of alleged police torture Ms. Kala Subba has been referred to Darjeeling District Hospital.

Yesterday a team from Sikkim led by SDF Daramdim Samasty President Mr. Bhupendra Chettri arrived in Bijanbari to ascertain the facts relating to Ms. Subba's address.

Speaking to the Press Mr. Chettri stated, "we are trying to ascertain her address and we will do all we can to assist her... we have already lodged a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission and we will proceed as and when we get more information."

A team from Darjeeling Women's Commission under the leadership of Ms Lalita Lama also visited Ms Subba and under their care and that of Bijanbari Nari Kalyan Samity Ms. Subba has been taken to Darjeeling District Hospital as her condition is still critical.
Victim of alleged police torture Ms. Kala Subba
Victim of alleged police torture Ms. Kala Subba
In the meanwhile, cry for ouster of Bijanbari OC Saurav Sen has grown stronger with DYFI, local women's organizations, Bijanbari Limbu Samaj demanding his suspension.

Via The DC

Sikkim woman not kept at Bijanbari police station, lied about her identity - says SP

10:17 AM
Cloud on Bijanbari woman's identity

Writes Vivek Chhetri

Darjeeling, June 16: The woman, Kala Subbawho was allegedly beaten up at the Bijanbari police station where she had taken shelter on Sunday, has given wrong information regarding her family and whereabouts, the police said today.

She had been admitted to the hospital with bruises on her thighs and hands.

The woman in her mid-thirties had said she was from West Sikkim and had a daughter and a son. She had also said she had come to Bijanbari in search of a job.

Darjeeling police chief Amit P. Javalgi said: "The person she had described as her father and a gram panchayat member of the area from where she said she was visited the lady at the hospital yesterday. Neither of them could identify her."

He added: "The headmaster of the school in which the lady had said her son was studying could not verify if such a student was enrolled."

The SP said the woman was not kept at the police station on Sunday night.

"The lady was not kept at the Bijanbari police station for the night. The officer in charge of the police station got a call around 3.45pm (on Sunday) from some people in Bijanbari who told him that a lady, who was not in her senses, had lost her way. She was not from the locality and the caller asked if the police could take her to the police station."

He added: "The OC (officer in charge of the police station) asked if she was a minor or an adult and on being informed that she was an adult, a team consisting of a male ASI, lady constables, lady home guards and lady civic police were sent (to get her). On the way to the police station the lady became violent. She was brought to the police station so that her address could be traced and she could be handed over to her family."

The police chief said: "Since the woman couldn't provide any information and was intoxicated, she was taken to the hospital. With the help of some local people, she was taken there around 8pm the same day. The statement that she was admitted to the hospital the next day is wrong."do not providing also whether Everything is being verified said another police officer The medical from of the Bijanbari hospital also that that the woman was intoxicated.

Via Telegraph

Sikkim woman thrashed by Bijanbari police - All you need to know

8:00 AM
Lady thrash slur after night in police station - Woman lands up in hospital with bruises, Sikkim panel writes to Darjeeling SP

Vivek Chhetri and Nirmal Mangar

Darjeeling, June 15: A woman from Sikkim who had come to Bijanbari here in search of a job was allegedly beaten up at the local police station where she had been sheltered by social workers on Sunday.

The next day, the police took allegedly by police the next day<> where she is undergoing treatment.

Sources said the woman, in her thirties, had injury marks on the thighs and hands.

The woman has reportedly told some people at the hospital that she was beaten up by the " bara babu" of the police station as well.

The officer in charge is usually referred to as " bara babu".

Sharmila Pradhan, a social worker in Bijanbari, said: "When a couple of us were returning home after attending a meeting on Sunday evening, we saw a woman murmuring to herself on the road. We went up to her and asked her about her family. She told us that she was from Sikkim and her husband had eloped with another woman."
Sikkim woman allegedly thrashed by Bijanbari police
Sikkim woman allegedly thrashed by Bijanbari police
Pradhan said: "The lady also told us that she had kept her son and daughter at her mother's house and she had come here looking for a job."

Pradhan said the lady appeared "slightly drunk".

"I think she was slightly drunk. We decided to call the police so that the woman could be in safe hands," she said.

The social workers contacted the Bijanbari police station.

National anti crime & human rights council of India visit the bijanbari hospital for investigation and took statement from the victim watch the video
"Soon, lady police personnel came and took the woman to the police station," Pradhan said.

She added that she and her friends had also gone to the police station later in the evening.

"I think some police personnel were handling the woman in a rough manner. We wanted to meet the officer in charge of the police station but could not. Since it was getting dark, we decided to go back home," Pradhan said.

The next day, the woman was admitted to the hospital by the police for treatment.

Pradhan and the others came to know about it yesterday and went to the hospital to check on the lady.

"Injury marks could be seen on her thighs and her hands," Pradhan said.

Doctors at Bijanbari hospital have refused to divulge any detail about the woman's condition.

Darjeeling police superintendent Amit P. Javalgi said a probe was being conducted by the deputy superintendent of police.

"An investigation has started. We have sought the woman's medical reports," he said.

According to Javalgi, he was told that since it was late in the evening and raining heavily, the officer in charge of Bijanbari police station decided to keep the woman there on Sunday.

Bijanbari is around 35km from here.

"I have been told that after being informed by some activists, the police got the woman to the police station. But since it was late and raining, they decided to keep her at the police station with lady constables. The next morning, when they found that the woman needed treatment, she was sent to the hospital," Javalgi said.

The chairperson of the Sikkim Women Commission today wrote to Javalgi raising concerns over the alleged custodial torture.

The commission decided to write to the police officer after a photograph of the woman with bruises surfaced in the social media.

"We have sent an email to the Darjeeling SP seeking the details of the incident. We are concerned and we hope that justice will be given to the victim, if it is really a case of police torture," said Rehna Rai, the commission chairperson.

Sikkim West district SP Pratap Pradhan said the law enforcers were trying to locate the woman's family.

Man Prasad Subba, a writer and a retired school teacher from Bijanbari, said: "The woman is not a criminal and she does not deserve to be beaten up so badly. This is inhuman."


Bijanbari Police brutality on Kala Subba Case, FIR against policemen

11:53 PM
Update on West Bengal Police brutality on Kala Subba Case, Bijanbari

Bijanbari 16 June 2016 Locals, NGOs and Human Right Volunteers gherau Pulbazar Police Station demanding justice for Kala Subba. People are very much anguished after Police tortured innocent woman brutally as such her health is very critical in Bijanbari hospital.

National Human Rights Crime Control Organisation Sikkim Team and VOS correspondent met with a victim Kala Subba at Bijanbari Hospital who was tortured by police of Pul Bazar Police Station on 12 June.

According to the local social volunteers and NGOs victim's condition is critical . They further alleged that on Sunday when Nari Morcha (Women Social Help Group) handed this homeless lone woman Kala to Police and had informed the police that she was from Sombarey West Sikkim, however, Pul Bazar police did not contact the West Sikkim police, instead they trashed her brutally that night. Next morning ie on Monday morning locals found her in severe condition after being beaten up mercilessly by the Police.
Locals, NGOs and Human Right Volunteers gherau Pulbazar
Police Station demanding justice.
Police 'Bada Bau' (Thana Incharge) and Doctor's role is been seen doubtful after she was admitted at hospital alleges locals.

The Team from Sikkim has lodged FIR against policemen in same Police Station today.

Pics and News Dipak Gurung, VOS Rangpo

Sikkim women allegedly tortured by West Bengal Police, Police refuse to comment

10:36 AM
DESTITUTE FEMALE BRUTALIZED IN BIJANBARI - Locals Allege Police Torture, Police Refuse to Comment

A distraught women from Rumbuk in Sombarey, Sikkim Ms. Kala Subba (31 yrs) whose husband had elope with another women and had left her and her two kids straddle, had come to Bijanbari in search of a job . Today some female members of Bijanbari Nari Society (BNS) found her in a helpless condition near Sai Mandir area and took her to the Pulbazar police station seeking help.
Locals alleged that instead of giving her help, the woman was brutally tortured and left with severe injuries by the police, her body is bruised all over and she is undergoing treatment in the local hospital premises.

Once the locals came to know, they gathered yesterday in the hospital and protested against the brutal torture that Ms Kala Subba had to undergo.

Corresponding with TheDC, one of the members of BNS stated, “we took her to the police station, so that she would be protected as we felt the police will help her get back to her family, little did we know the police themselves would turn on her and treat her with such brutality… whatever little faith we had in the police force is today shattered… how could they beat up a helpless woman with such brutality?”
Sikkim women allegedly tortured by West Bengal Police
Sikkim women allegedly tortured by West Bengal Police
Locals told us that according to the victim it was Pulbazar OC Sourav Sen who beat her up, however when we contacted OC of Pulbazar police station Sourav Sen, he stated that he could not comment at the moment as the inquiry was being undertaken.

From the duty roster we know that SI Lhakpa Bhutia was on duty today, however when we contacted him he said “I was not at the police station when this happened… I had gone to Singla so I am unaware of what transpired…”

We tried to reach the Duty Officer Mr. Burman who was at the police station today, however we couldn’t connect to him.

Taking a grim view of the issue, noted Women’s rights activist Ms. Rangu Souriya has stated, “This kind of activity of the police is condemnable and shameful... This situation makes us feel ilk girls’ n women r not safe anywhere and it is indeed a matter of grave concern... so we need justice.”
Sandeep Chettri a local social activist stated, “Today the entire police station says they didn’t see anything… how is it possible? A mentally disturbed woman gets brutalized inside a police station and every police officer present there is saying they cannot comment… is this how woman’s rights are protected in this nation?”

In the past 6 months we have received numerous complaints of police excesses, and most of the complaints have concerned Mirik police station.

It could be telling that the entire Bijanbari police has refused to speak on this issue, are they really unaware of what happened, or are they hiding something?

It is shameful that in today’s day and age, basic human rights is not respected in our hills, the officers whoever they are need to ponder, would they react the same way and keep mum, if the victim happened to be their mother, sister, wife or daughter?

सिक्किम सोमबारे निवासी कला सुब्बा (३१) आफ्नो पतिले सौता लिएर घरबाट चम्पट कसेपछि २ जना नानीहरु ११, र ८ वर्षको लाई बोज्युसित छोड़ेर काम खोज्दै बिजनबारी आएकी थिईन् |

तर घटना अर्कै भईदियो | यहाँको साई मन्दिर नजीक कलालाई त्यहीकै बासिन्दाहरुले भेटेपछि पुल थानामा खबर गरि दिए|

अहिले पुलिसले भक्कुचुर कुटपिट् गरेको आरोप छ भने, कला यहाँको ग्रामीण अस्पतालमा उपचाराधीन अवस्थामा छिन् |

आज यहाँ यस क्षेत्रको सचेत नारी र युवाहरु अस्पताल परिसरमा पुलिसको विरोधमा ओर्लिए |


Mangal Singh Rajput's son held for raping a minor in Kalimpong

10:07 AM

Kalimpong, June 13: A probationary clerical staff member of the Kalimpong municipality was arrested from his home last night for allegedly raping a minor on Saturday night.

According to the girl's mother, the 16-year-old child was picked up by Arpan Singh Rajput while she was on her way home after buying grocery items from a fair price shop on Saturday evening. Arpan kept her confined in a garage overnight.

"Arpan forcibly put her on his bike and took her to a garage nearby. She was kept there overnight and he raped her repeatedly. We looked for her everywhere but could not trace her," the mother said.

"My daughter returned home after fleeing from the garage and she told us about the incident".

The girl's family lodged a police complaint against Arpan yesterday.

The Class VIII girl said Arpan repeatedly threatened her and asked her not to reveal anything to anyone.
Arpan, Mangal Singh Rajput's son held for raping a minor in Kalimpong
Arpan, Mangal Singh Rajput's son held for raping a minor in Kalimpong
"Arpan, 24, is the son of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha supporter Mangal Singh Rajput, who burnt himself to death during the party's agitation for Gorkhaland in the middle of 2013," said a police source.

A police source said Arpan had been booked under Section 4 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012. If proved guilty, he could face imprisonment for seven years or lifetime.

Arpan was produced in the Darjeeling sessions judge court today and remanded in judicial custody for 14 days.


Manipur Gorkha Union condemns attack on Gorkha truck driver

10:41 AM
Senapati, Jun 06: Manipur Gorkha Welfare Union has condemned the attack on a truck driver by some unidentified armed people on Saturday near Changoubung village, Senapati district.

The union secretary, in a statement, said such attacks are very common at the Changoubung to Motbung stretch of the highway.
Truck driver Sanjiv Pradhan (35) of Kanglatongbi was hit by a bullet in the stomach on the Saturday gun attack.

The union, in the statement, urged the State Government to deploy additional security forces along the highway or form a Highway Protection Force to thwarth such attacks.
 Attack on Gorkha truck driver  in Manipur

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Gorkha bodies condemns NH-2 shooting allegedly by Kuki militants

8:35 AM
Manipur Kpi/Spt, Jun 5 : Suspected Kuki militants numbering about four shot and seriously injured a truck driver identified as Sanjeev Pradhan (26) s/o Rudra Bahadur Pradhan of Taphou Nepali village yesterday at about 9.30 pm.

The incident occurred at S-Golai near Changoubung turning when the cadres stopped the truck for monetary demands and fired 20-30 rounds which injured the victim in his abdomen.

The cadres fled the crime scene after puncturing the tyres, destroying the windshield and pumping four bullets into the driver. Soon after the incident, the 35 Assam Rifles Hengbung post immediately rushed to the spot and recovered the driver before providing crucial first aid.

Driver Sanjeev Pradhan (26) shot on NH-2 suspected by Kuki militants Photos by Poudel Prakash Poudel

Based on the incident, a police FIR under U/S 400/307/338/427 IPC & 25 (I-C) Act has been lodged at Kangpokpi police station for further investigation. The police recovered more than 25 empty cases of cartridges from the spot today morning.

Meanwhile, the Gorkha Samaj, Senapati has strongly condemned the incident wherein innocent truck driver are targeted by armed cadres for extortion and kidnapping for ransom.

Such incidents of shooting, killing, harassing, kidnapping of drivers and transporters are common along the lifeline of the State. Strongly demanding justice to the victim and keeping NH-2 safe from all such unwanted incidents, the Gorkha Samaj has warned that it will be compelled to launch agitation if those responsible do not come out with clarification within three days deadline.

The Gorkha Samaj, Senapati has also expressed its gratitude to the 35 AR led by Major Gulati, company commander for timely intervention and saving the driver’s lives. Such yeomen service of the 35 AR is acknowledged in truest term and appreciated the noble deeds, it said.

The All Manipur Gorkha Students’(AMGSU) Union has also vehemently condemned the incident and termed the act as ‘notorious’ and unacceptable in society.

The union also urged all to shun anti-social activities in the future.

Gorkha Union Sadar Hills (GUSH) has vehemently condemned the attacked on a truck driver. GUSH general secretary Milan Pradhan condemning the incident said innocent truck drivers are frequently targeted by armed cadres for extortion and kidnapping for ransom along the Imphal-Dimapur road. The union has urged the armed group involved in the attack to stop harassing, killing and abducting drivers along the highway.

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1 Dead as Building collapsed in Pokhriabong Darjeeling

10:27 PM
Pokhriabong Darjeeling 2nd June 2016: A building collapsed in West Bengal's Darjeeling district in the wee hours of Thursday killing one person and severely injuring six others, police said. One person has been arrested in connection with the incident.

An old four-storeyed building, owned by Lakpa Nupu Sherpa in Pokhriabong Bazar at Darjeeling, collapsed at 4.30 am on Thursday allegedly due to "negligent construction" of a new building adjacent to it.

"Seven labourers were asleep in the building and six of them received severe injuries while one labourer, aged 30, died on the spot," a police official of Sukhiapokhari police station said.

 Pokhriabong Bazar Darjeeling
 Pokhriabong Bazar Darjeeling - a file photo
Following a complaint by Sushita Pradhan, a resident of Pokhriabong Bazar, a police case was registered against the owner Lakpa Nupu Sherpa.

"The accused named in the FIR has been arrested. The body of the deceased has been sent to hospital for postmortem examination. The situation in the area is peaceful," a police officer said.

‎Gorkha‬ Man pushed from train to Death in Andra Pradesh

9:27 AM
30th May 2016 Assam: On Monday morning Gautam Biswakarma of Pengri Tinsukia district Assam died in Nellore at Nayudepeta Andhra Prdesh being pushed away from the running train by a miscreants while he was going to join his work over there. He was engaged in a semi skilled job in Chennai.

All Assam Gorkha Students' Union activists of Pengri Regional committee have visited the family members and they spoke to police officials from Pengri as well as Andhra Pradesh to nab the culprit. The dead body of Biswakarma is yet to arranged to be brought back to Tinsukia for last rites as the family cannot afford to do do nd he was the only earning member of the t family. He leaves behind his wife recently born baby.

‎Gorkha‬ Man pushed from train to Death in Andra Pradesh
Numal Chettri president of Tinsukia district AAGSU have requested Railway Ministry and Andrapradesh administration to arrange to send the dead body to Tinsukia junction as soon as possible and nab the miscreant and punish them so that such incidents are not repeated any where in India.

The family members through AAGSU have request dynamic newly elected CM in charge of home affairs Shri Sarbananda Sonowal to kindly expedite the matter and speak to Railway Ministry and CM of Andrapradesh to act on this matter.

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