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Manila Pradhan wins the title MTV Supermodel of The Year

10:00 AM
Gorkhas daughter Manila Pradhan wins the title MTV Supermodel of The Year.
Supermodel of the Year has found its winner in the gorgeous Manila Pradhan in a dazzling finale. Hailing from Sikkim, Manila took the pageant home defeating Drisha More andPriya Singh in the fight to finish on Sunday (March 15). The show that premiered on 22nd December, was panelled by Malaika Arora, Milind Soman, Masaba Gupta and Supermodel Ujjwala Raut along with Anusha Dandekar leading the way as a host. Manila was pitted against Drisha More and Priya Singh.

Gorkhas daughter Manila Pradhan wins the title MTV Supermodel of The Year.

Gorkhas daughter Manila Pradhan wins the title MTV Supermodel of The Year

On winning the show Manila said, “It’s not less than a dream come true for me. One of the strongest things that I learned and would like to take away with me from this journey is to be yourself. That is your ultimate power that nobody can have. All the judges on the show and the mentors were great. But I really have a special intangible connection and a soft corner for Malaika maam and Ujjwala maam. No matter how much they shouted at me but in the end, it was for my betterment and personal growth.”

Amidst a series of daunting challenges and a bootcamp, Manila’s journey to finale wasn’t an easy one. Manila emerged victorious with a big margin in the finale photoshoot challenge that needed her to pose with the esteemed panelists.

With the judges decked up in their best attires coupled with Raja Kumari’s electrifying performance, Supermodel Of The Year culminated into a fascinating finale leaving behind a lot of learning for the contestants.

Commenting on the finale, Malaika Arora said, “What a tremendous journey this show has been. Supermodel of the Year wasn’t just about style and beauty, it was also about shedding off inhibitions and be absolutely confident in your own self. While we have one winner today, the show has given a platform to 10 gorgeous women who are sure to rule the ramp in future. Manila has been a revelation for us. Despite a tough start, she always took feedback in her stride and the results have shown. I wish her all the best for a stupendous future and hope that the learnings from the show guide her in the journey ahead.”

Via Times of India

१६ वर्षिय मञ्जु थापा बनिन् दिल्लीमा आयोजित मिस ग्लोरी अफ् इन्डिया अन्तर्गत मिस् ग्लोरी अफ् नर्थ इस्ट

12:11 PM
सिलगढी स्थित खोलाचन्द फाप्रीकी १६ वर्षिय मञ्जु थापा बनिन् दिल्लीमा आयोजित मिस ग्लोरी अफ् इन्डिया अन्तर्गत मिस् ग्लोरी अफ् नर्थ इस्ट

सिलगढी,बिकास तिम्सिना,
सिलगढीस्थित खोलाचन्द फाप्रीकी १६ वर्षिय मञ्जु थापा २०१८ -की मिस ग्लोरी अफ् नर्थ इस्ट भएकी छिन्।
गत १५ अप्रेलको दिन अमन गान्धी फिल्म प्रडक्सनको आयोजनामा नयाँ दिल्लीमा आयोजित मिस ग्लोरी अफ् इन्डिया अन्तर्गत उनले नर्थ इस्टको आठवटा राज्यका प्रतियोगीहरुलाई पछि छोडेर मिस ग्लोरी अफ नर्थ इस्ट भएकी हुन्।

आठौं श्रेणीमा अध्यनरत मञ्जु -ले आफ्नो गाउँलाई देशभरि चिनाउन पाउँदा आँफ्नो खुशीको सिमा नै नभएको बताएकी छिन्।
 सानैदेखि गीत गाउनु, नाच्नु अनि मोडलिङमा रुचि राख्ने मञ्जु -ले आफ्नो प्रेरणाको श्रोत आफ्नी आमा तुलसा थापा अनि गत वर्ष मिस वर्ल्ड बनेकी मानुशी चिल्लरलाई मान्छिन्।
आठवटा राज्यका प्रतियोगीहरुलाई पछि पार्दै बिजेता बन्न सफल भएकी मञ्जु -ले उक्त समयमा आफुले पाएको सम्मान कहिल्यै नर्बिसिने बताउदै अमन गान्धी फिल्म प्रडक्सनका निर्देशक डा. महेश यादव उर्फ अमन गान्धीप्रति धन्यवाद व्यक्त गरेकी छिन्।

स्मरणरहोस्, मिस ग्लोरी अफ नर्थ इस्ट २०१८ -को विजेता भएपछी आफुलाई यसै वर्ष मुम्बईमा हुने ईन्डिया कन्टिनेन्ट -मा प्रतिस्पर्धा गर्न अफर समेत आएको उनले बताएकी छिन्।

Via Gorkhaland 7×24

Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama to host an exhibition on April 20 – May 10

8:55 PM
Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama (born 1991) is an Indian Gorkha fashion designer from Darjeeling based in Bangalore. She launched her debut Prêt collection under the label "P.E.L.L.A" - also an acronym for her name, at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 as a Gen Next Designer.

For many years, there was a clear boundary between fashion designers and visual artists.However designer Priyanka Ella Lorena has made her young emerging fashion journey an artistic experience. Her designs, her fabric, her photographs and her sets are forming a practice that floats somewhere between art and artisanat. This April she will host a promising exhibition where she will be showcasing miniature versions of her creations which would be mounted into frames as a 3D installation as part of Alliance Française’s Young Talent Program.

“My designs are a form of visual arts to me. I love my designs and I got an opportunity where garments can be showcased as art. I proposed the idea though I have not done anything like this before,” says 25-year-old Lorena further adding that the show will be like a fashion diary which will showcase the process of bringing out a single garment. “For most of my garments I use single block of fabric, and this exhibition will have installations that will seem like a learning diary. I will be covering my past two collections called Utopia and Abstinence,” she says.

A student of fashion from Bengaluru’s National Institute of Fashion Technology, Lorena has established her own label, P.E.L.L.A., an acronym of her name. When asked to describe, Utopia, the collection she conceived while at the fashion school and will now be showing its miniature version, Lorena says, “It’s an existence of an ideal state of mind through enlightenment.”

And, that’s when you know she’s different. A believer in the Wabi-Sabi outlook towards art, Lorena’s collection transcends the present. “Much of my work brings together what I stand for. I am sure people will be quite intrigued with this exhibition as they would not have seen anything like this before,” she concludes.

April 20 – May 10. At Alliance Française Atrium. Entry free.

— NK

Via indianexpress

Binita Chhetry wins Pond’s Eclectic Model Hunt 2015

8:22 AM
GUWAHATI, November 30: Indian Gorkha's daughter Binita Chhetry from Guwahati was crowned as the winner of Pond’s Eclectic Model Hunt 2015 by Emika Pakyntein in front of a packed crowd at ITA Machkhowa auditorium, Pond’s Eclectic Model Hunt 2014 Winner, Tanushree Hazarika, Managing Director of Eclectic Publications and fashion designer Joy Mitra, said a press release.

It said, the 1st Runner-up was awarded to Kaheli Chophy from Dimapur and the 2nd Runner-up to Nandita Saikia from Guwahati, and the prestigious panel of judges of the event were fashion designer Joy Mitra, Shikhar Sidharth, Managing Director of Vogati Talents, Assamese actor Vaishalee Saikia, former model and pastry chef Mandakini Dass and social worker Miani D Shira from Shillong.
Binita Chhetry wins Pond’s Eclectic Model Hunt 2015
(Left – Right) Kaheli Chophy, Binita Chhetry and Nandita Saikia
The contest was enlivened by an impressive and diverse line-up of talents from across the region. A thousand-plus crowd cheered as Priyam Baruah and her team performed a kathak and Bollywood fusion dance. Sangeet Natak Academy award winner Moinul Haque’s mime act kept the audience enthralled, and the final performance was by Guwahati based band Swadhyay who had the crowd grooving to their peppy beats, said the press release.

It said, the event is managed by Tattva Creations Pvt Ltd and the main idea behind Pond’s Eclectic Model Hunt is to groom talented young women from across the Northeast and encourage them to become empowering role models of beauty, health and leadership.

Source; kanglaonline

Naseeb Tamang Best Physique in Mr North India Manhunt 2015

2:11 PM
Naseeb Tamang got Best Physique title on Mr North India Man Hunt 2015 presented Leo's Advertisement & Event Management. Grand Finale of Mr North India Manhunt Pageant 2015 took place  at Arya Auditorium in New Delhi on 24 August.
Naseeb Tamang Best Physique in Mr North India Manhunt  2015
Naseeb Tamang Best Physique in Mr North India Manhunt  2015 - pics via VOS
Naseeb Tamang from Singtam, East Sikkim who also runs the Gymnasium and one of the famous DJ of Sikkim was in the final of Mr. North India Manhunt Peasant 2015. The title is Mr. North India Manhunt Peasant 2015 organize by Leo's Advertisement & Event Management. 27 class entries were selected among 500 contestant and they were given grooming and personal development training at Jaipur, Rajasthan from 18th-22 August.

Naseeb on his FB status wrote "I went till top 10 but was not able to win the title Mr North India Man Hunt 2015.......But I m happy that i won the title Mr North India Best Physique!!!!Pics with one of the mentor n a model Ronny bhowmik...."

The Leo's Advertisement & Event Management believes in providing platform to all aspiring Youngsters to prove their talent and to enter the glamour Fashion Industry.


Awards -

WINNER - Rs. 50,000 CASH
1ST RUNNER UP - Rs. 30,000 CASH
2ND RUNNER UP - Rs. 20,000 CASH
AND MUCH MORE HAMPERS ..............................


With inputs from VOS

Indian Gorkha Fashion Designer Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama Invited to Lakme India Fashion Week

9:05 AM
A daughter of the hills, Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama dreamt big and now she is getting closer to where she wants to be. Priyanka is one of the fashion designers to look out for in the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week Mumbai in March this year. She is also donning the hat of a young (under 25 years) woman entrepreneur who has started her own label p.e.l.l.a and she is doing this with much élan.
Indian Gorkha Fashion Designer Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama from Darjeeling
Indian Gorkha Fashion Designer Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama from Darjeeling 
Her label P.E.L.L.A is a start-up that she hopes will help her synchronize her core beliefs in design.

The younger daughter of Mrs. Anjali Lama and Mr. Latshering Lama, Priyanka completed her primary schooling from Bethany School before becoming a part of the Loreto family. While imbibing designing as part of her life right from her school days, her passion took a professional turn when she decided to join National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bangalore.
Indian Gorkha Fashion Designer Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama from Darjeeling Invited to Lakme India Fashion Week
Indian Gorkha Fashion Designer Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama from Darjeeling Invited to Lakme India Fashion Week
Name: Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama
Mom: Mrs. Anjali Lama
Dad: Mr. Latshering Lama
School(s) Primary + Higher school(s): Bethany School (Primary) and Loreto Convent, Darjeeling (High School)
College(s): National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

What got her interested in Fashion Designing?

Growing up, I used to watch my sister paint and it fascinated me. She introduced me to the world of the creative arts at a very early age – from learning to draw and shade eyes to dabbing colors that brought nature alive. Back then, during weekends our house used to be in a riot of colors! Later, I also represented my school in various art competitions. What started as an interest soon became a passion and I used to draw with fervor – still life, portrait of my grandmother, costumes for my dolls and so on. Even now it stays close to my heart – I create all my fashion illustrations from scratch and develop and paint motifs on the fabrics myself.

When and how did she actually decide that she wanted to be a Fashion Designer?
It was in middle school – Class 8 to be precise, that I found out about NIFT from the internet. The more I researched about it, the more convinced I became that Design was an area where I could use my strengths. The next few years were spent focusing on submitting close resemblances of skirts and coats for my S.U.P.W assignments! I experimented with whatever inch of fabric my hands could find – from old scarves to pullovers, to jeans and school skirts, often to the disapproving glances of my parents. On a positive note, this was how I learnt to resize clothes for friends and family members. This was also the time when I conceptualized “P.E.L.L.A” – an acronym for my name which eventually became my Label. In the final year of school, I sat for the All India NIFT Entrance Exams and cleared the two rounds to finally get a seat in NIFT, Bangalore.

Challenges she faced in her journey
Convincing my parents about my decision was difficult at first but eventually they supported me in this quest. The big challenge came along when I decided to opt out of placements in the final year. I craved for creative freedom which would be limited if you got into a corporate career. But I knew I had to start somewhere, so I did freelancing for a year in Fashion Design, Styling and Illustration. This came with its own set of problems – some businesses who hired me got their job done for free or for nominal amounts. Since I was just out of college, I was not much aware of the value that I was creating for them and often got paid less. But eventually I got to learn the art of negotiating and putting things across the table in a professional manner. Also, freelancing work was often erratic – there were days when I would have no work and days when I would race against the clock.

How did she overcome them?
There were times when people questioned my dreams – gave me advice on how I should find a secure job, or did not understand why I would not want to work. Often during conversations, I had difficulty in explaining what I really did for a living. I do admit that things were not always rosy and such times, you start doubting your capabilities. But I held onto my dreams like the light at the end of a tunnel. I worked hard, stayed focused and surrounded myself with positive people who inspired and motivated me.

I started my own design studio with support from my family, then Lakme happened and there was no looking back. Also, the entrepreneurial spirit in Bangalore is phenomenal – be it technology, services, hospitality, retail or fashion – there is always a startup to offer something new and exciting. In fact, my studio is surrounded by quite a number of startups and when we are putting in long hours, we look outside the window and there will always be a lighted glass pane with a friendly smile and the thumbs up sign. The environment is very encouraging and pushes you to strive towards your goals.

Did coming from the hills help or hinder her journey?
Coming from the lap of nature, where I remember waking up to the sound of birds singing and the golden view of the majestic Kanchenjunga outside my windows, Darjeeling has always been pushing me towards creativity. It has made me revere natural and authentic beauty. Growing up around fashion where people are unafraid of experimentation helped me develop an individual sense of style. Apart from that, we are also fortunate to have such good schools here with teachers who mentor us to follow our passion beyond what is taught in class. I plan to open my studio there as well – when the right time comes. I believe there is an abundance of talent and creativity in Darjeeling.

Did she have to face racism in the fashion industry for being from the NE or due to her Gorkha/Nepali heritage?
No, I have always felt welcome – people love Darjeeling and in fact this was an icebreaker for conversations. In NIFT, we had students coming from all the nooks and corners of India and abroad, we were all away from home and so we connected well. I have made lifelong friends along my journey. Since, fashion is rooted in culture; the fashion community is open to learning from different cultures and traditions, food and costumes – you never know where the next big inspiration is going to come from.

Is it easier or more difficult for a woman designer to make a mark in the fashion industry, why?
I would not categorize it as easy or difficult based on gender. The product should speak for itself; it should reflect your thought process, your creativity rather than the way you look or your background. Fashion is a very competitive place so you have to carve a niche for your brand in order to make a mark.

What inspires her?
Being a keen observer, be it observing the environment, people around me or introspecting within me, inspiration to me has always been on an emotional level. Things which I have experienced until now or things which are happening in the present have been my food for thought. It can be as simple as breathing or something as complex as meditation. Experiences are a key source of my inspiration and I express them through the designs I create, which I hope would inspire someone somewhere.

When I joined Art of Living at the International Ashram here in Bangalore – an experience I was introduced to during my school days – it became a significant milestone in my life and that is what made me create this collection which I call "Utopia" which is derived from the utopian existence of the mind. A state of mind emancipated through meditation. It is a tribute to the life – one which is happy and content.

The Wabi-sabi way of life is another influence which inspires me and to a certain extent, my way of life. This has become a key foundation for my brand. Wabi-sabi is the beauty of things humble and simple in nature, slow and uncluttered, pure and unadulterated. Imperfections make us appreciate the beauty of natural objects and processes. Inspiration to me goes beyond fashion; it becomes a core value which I want to keep close to me, close to my heart.

Any thoughts on including Gorkha ethnic theme/motifs etc in her designing:
My debut collection is the interpretation of an emotional experience. There is an indirect influence of Zen Buddhism and arises from the meditation that I started in school and still continue to do. For one of my forthcoming collections, I do intend to incorporate elements of the Gorkha way of life.

Where does she see herself in the next 10 years:
Right now I have just set up my studio and I want to concentrate on establishing my brand name for the next few years. For the long run, I would like to integrate the social value chain into Fashion – help revive art and culture from the hills and work with the local cottage industries to bring our heritage to the rest of the world.

Word of advice for those who want to follow her footsteps:
To all the bright young minds – I would say discover what your passion is, don’t limit yourself to said norms. Make full use of the tools available to you, start reading and researching about it now, groom yourself for that role instead of waiting until you finish your board exams. Being just 23, I think a push in that direction in an early age certainly helped me reach where I am today. Also, if you start young, you have time on your side; the opportunities and learning you can get is immense. Dream big but start now by taking the first step towards what you want.

Like someone once said to me – “When you wake up in the morning, if the work you do does not excite you or put a smile on your face, you have to do something to change it.”

Other passions:
I have been making short amateur videos on my doodling of late and eating up my friends’ internet bandwidth when I share them! It is fun to combine music and art along a story line and I am fascinated by the whole process of developing the videos. Apart from that, I love cycling – I used to cycle quite often here until I lost my bike. I haven’t got a replacement since.

To complete this interview, we wanted to know about her from her best friend of many years, Ms. Prashanti Choiden Moktan a few things about Priyanka and posed her these questions to Prashanti

Do you believe in Priyanka? 
Priyanka has been one of my best friends for more years than I can recall. My faith in her remains unshaken and grows stronger still because I know of the way she has persevered to get where she is today.

From school days itself, she was always the creative one. Be it her sketches, her SUPW projects (which I sucked at) and her way of dressing up, she stood out. Many thought of her as too eccentric for our ‘everyone knows everyone’ small Nepali community, but I knew she was a diamond in the rough. Now she is shining bright and bringing glory to our very own Darjeeling. She dared to be herself, different from the others and never let negative criticism break her. This has resulted in her refining her passion into a beautiful worthwhile profession.

What sets her apart from other fashion designers?
Her minimalistic designs and her love for monochrome and subtle colours add a very international flavor to her collection. She is also a hard taskmaster on herself as she takes a lot of pain in creating her designs. Painstakingly hand painting her designs, her attention to details makes her designs definitely stand out yet blend it. So it is like being on two ends of a scale at once. It seems like harmony is serenading beautiful chaos. Besides her garments are very wearable and add layers to your own personality.
We are hopeful that our readers, especially the youngsters read the interview and enjoyed it… Follow your dreams and believe in yourself… others will always try to tell you otherwise… but if you believe in your dreams… do follow them.

We thank Priyanka for her time and wish her luck for the upcoming event… we are hopeful that in 5 years time, we will be reporting about your show from the ramps of Paris.

This interview would not have been possible with the help and support from Ms. Prashanti Choiden Moktan… THANK YOU

Source: The Darjeeling Chronicle

Salim Pradhan - From Patharjhora in Dooars to the Glamour of Mumbai

6:25 PM
Salim Pradhan like many of us, had a very hard life growing up. His parents worked as labourers - in Patharjhora tea garden in Dooars. Unable to support his expenses, his parents were forced to send Salim to work in Bangalore at the tender age of 12. Today he is the favourite hairdresser for some of the players in the Indian cricket team and Mumbai’s film stars.

Salim Pradhan with Youvraj Singh
His is a story of hard work, perseverance, sincerity and dedication. 

Salim, initially worked in the salons of Bangalore as a cleaner and gradually learned the art of hairdressing by watching experts at work. His lucky break came the day when a salon owner asked him to use a pair of scissors to dress a customer’s hair. Everybody present was amazed by Salim’s talent as he went about working with the finesse of an expert.

Gradually, Salim started earning a name for himself in Bangalore as a good hairdresser, and he says he started his career from the city’s famed White Mantra Saloon. His talent was soon recognised by leading salons across the country and he received work offers from several of them.

The Dooars’ lad was then hired by Bollywood actor-director Sohail Khan, the brother superstar Salman Khan, to work at his salon named ‘Khalistha’ at Bandra, Mumbai that was being run in partnership with Bollywood’s famous fashion designer Manik Soni.

Salim says he got the opportunity to dress cricketers Yuvraj Singh, Murali Vijay and S Sreesanth, and film stars such as Salman Khan, Ritesh Deshmukh and Sunny Leone, among many others. He does not even recall the entire list of his regular customers, who are film critics, sports personalities and politicians.

But he fondly remembers Murali Vijay as he always praised and encouraged him to take his profession to new heights.

Murali used to say, “Tere hath me jadoo hai yaar” (You wield magic with your hands, my friend), recalls Salim.

Having experienced the glitter and glamour of city life, Salim has now decided to settle down back in his own native place. He has struck a deal with Sushma Rai Mukhia of Mirik to open a salon in Siliguri. The partners today opened their ‘Attraction’ in town amid much fanfare. A beaming Sushma says working with Salim will help her a lot in understanding new techniques to satisfy customers.

TheDC team offers our humble salutations to Salim, and wishes him luck in his endeavour.

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