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Sunil Chhetri receives the prestigious Padma Shri 2019

3:45 AM
Legendary Indian Gorkha footballer Sunil Chhetri receives the prestigious Padma Shri 2019 for his revolutionary unparallel service to Indian football. Chettri has scored 2nd highest number of goals in international matches after Cristiano Ronaldo. He recently surpassed Argentine footballer Lionel Messi to become the second highest goal scorer during Asian Cup 2019.

Sunil Chhetri receives the prestigious Padma Shri 2019

Popularly known as Captain Fantastic Chhetri has been named as an 'Asian Icon' by AFC on 3rd August 2018.Chettri has not looked behind since he began his professional career at Mohun Bagan in 2002.

Chhetri has been named AIFF Player of the Year five times in 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2017. In club football, Chhetri has scored as many as 122 goals in 235 appearances, while playing for major clubs like East Bengal, Bengaluru FC and Mohun Bagan to name a few.

We, Indian Gorkhas, would like to congratulate Sunil Chettri for doing us and nation proud once again.

मिरिकमा फुटबल कोचिङ शुरु हुने

4:44 PM

१ अगस्तदेखि मिरिकमा फुटबल कोचिङ शुरु हुनेछ । प्रत्येक शनिबार र अाईतबार बिहान ७ बजेदेखि ८ बजेसम्म कोचिङ हुनेछ ।

कोचिङ क्लास यहाँको अाले खेल मैदानमा हुनेछ । कोचिङ क्लास सिलगढीको प्रसिद्ध क्लब डायनमिक फुटबल एकाडेमी अनि कञ्चनजंघा फुटबल क्लब ( केएफसी ) को संयुक्त अायोजनमा कोचिङ क्लास हुने मिरिक स्पोर्टस हाउसले जनाएको छ । ८ वर्षदेखि १९ वर्ष उमेरसम्मको ईच्छुक खेलाडीहरुलाई अंश ग्रहण गराएर फुटबल कोचिङ क्लास हुने जानकारी दिदै यी उमेरका खेलाडीहरुले भर्ना लिन सक्ने पनि बताए ।

तृणमूल स्तरबाट नै बलियो अाधार दिन अनि फुटबलको सठीक ज्ञान दिन फुटबल कोचिङ क्लास अायोजन गरिएको अनि कोचिङमा उत्कृष्ट हुनेहरुलाई इण्डियन अाई लीगमा पठाउने लक्ष्य राखेको अनि अण्डर १९को लागि पनि खेलाडी तयार पार्ने उद्धेश्य राखिएको केएफसीले जनाएको छ । फुटबल एकाडेमी पनि सुचारु हुने जानकारी दिदै एकाडेमी ३० जना खेलाडीहरु लिएर शुरु हुने जसकोलागि १२ जनाले भर्ना लिइसकेको अब १८ जनालाई भर्ना लिन बाँकी रहेको पनि मिरिक स्पोर्टस हाउसले जनायो । एक अगस्तदेखि शुरु हुने फुटबल कोचिङ क्लासको निम्ति मिरिक बजारको स्पोर्टस हाउससंग सम्पर्क राख्न अाह्वान गरिएको छ ।कोचिङको लागि २२ जुलाईसम्म नाम दर्ता गराईसक्नु पर्ने पनि स्पोर्टस हाउसले जनाएको छ ।

via Voice of Mirik


11:32 PM

There will be 64 matches in TOTAL•

*Group A:-* Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay
*Group B:-* Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran
*Group C:-* France, Australia, Peru, Denmark
*Group D:-* Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria
*Group E:-* Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia
*Group F:-* Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea
*Group G:-* Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England
*Group H:-* Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

*THURSDAY, June 14/6/2018*

*FRIDAY, June 15/6/2018*
2.EGYPT vs URUGUAY (5:30pm)
3.Morocco vs Iran (8:30pm)
4.Portugal vs Spain (11:30pm)

*SATURDAY, June 16/6/2018*
5.FRANCE vs AUSTRALIA (3:30pm)
7.PERU vs DENMARK (9:30pm)
8.CROATIA vs NIGERIA (5:30pm)

*SUNDAY, June 17/6/2018*
9.COSTA RICA vs SERBIA (12:30am)
10.GERMANY vs MEXICO (8:30pm)
11.BRAZIL vs SWITZERLAND (11:30pm)

*MONDAY, June 18/6/2018*
12.SWEDEN vs SOUTH KOREA (5:30pm
13.BELGIUM vs PANAMA 8:30pm
14.TUNISIA vs ENGLAND 11:30pm

*TUESDAY, June 19/6/2018*
15.POLAND vs SENEGAL (5:30pm)
16.COLOMBIA vs JAPAN (8:30pm)
17.RUSSIA vs EGYPT (11:30pm)

*WEDNESDAY, June 20/6/2018*
18.PORTUGAL vs MOROCCO (5:30pm)
20.IRAN vs SPAIN (11:30pm)

*THURSDAY, June 21/6/2018*
21.FRANCE vs PERU (5:30pm)
22.DENMARK vs AUSTRALIA (4:30pm)
23.ARGENTINA vs CROATIA (11:30pm)

*FRIDAY, June 22/6/2018*
24.BRAZIL vs COSTA RICA (5:30pm)
25.NIGERIA vs ICELAND (8:30pm)

*SATURDAY, June 23/62018*
27.BELGIUM vs TUNISIA (5:30pm)
28.GERMANY vs SWEDEN (8:30pm)
29.SOUTH KOREA vs MEXICO (11:30pm)

*SUNDAY, June 24/6/2018*
30.ENGLAND vs PANAMA (5:30pm)
31.JAPAN vs SENEGAL (8:30pm)
32.POLAND vs COLOMBIA (11:30pm)

*MONDAY, June 25/6/2017*
33.SAUDI ARABIA vs EGYPT (7:30pm)
34.URUGUAY vs RUSSIA (8:30pm)
35.IRAN vs PORTUGAL (11:30pm)
36.SPAIN vs MOROCCO (10:30pm)

*TUESDAY, June 26/6/2018*
37.AUSTRALIA vs PERU (7:30pm)
38.DENMARK vs FRANCE (7:30pm)
39.NIGERIA vs ARGENTINA (11:30pm)
40.ICELAND vs CROATIA (11:30pm)

*WEDNESDAY, June 27/6/2018*
41.S. KOREA vs GERMANY (7:30pm)
42.MEXICO vs SWEDEN (7:30pm)
43.SERBIA vs BRAZIL (11:30pm)

*THURSDAY, June 28/6/2018*
45.JAPAN vs POLAND (7:30pm)
46.SENEGAL vs COLOMBIA (7:30pm)
47.PANAMA vs TUNISIA (11:30pm)
48.ENGLAND vs BELGIUM (10:30pm)

*LAST -16:-*
*SATURDAY, June 30/6/2018*
49.Group C-1st vs D-2nd (7:30pm)
50.Group A-1st vs B-2nd (11:30pm)

*SUNDAY, July 1/7/2018*
51.Group B-1st vs A-2nd (7:30pm)
52.Group D-1st vs Group C-2nd (11:30pm)

*Monday, July 2/7/2018*
53.Group E-1st vs F-2nd (12:30am)
54.Group G-1st vs Group H-2nd (11:30pm)
55.Group F-1st vs E-2nd (7:30pm)
56.Group H-1st vs G-2nd (11:30pm)

*Friday, July 6/7/2018*
57.Winner 49 vs winner 50 (7:30pm)
58.Winner 53 vs winner 54 (11:30pm)

*SATURDAY, July 7/7/2018*
59.Winner 55 vs winner 56 (11:30pm)
60.Winner 51 vs winner 52 (12:00am)

*TUESDAY, July 10/7/2018*
61.Winner 57 vs winner 58 (11:30pm)

*WEDNESDAY, July 11/7/2018*
62.Winner 59 vs winner 60 (11:30pm)

Saturday, July 14/7/2018
63.Loser 60 vs Loser 62

Sunday, July 15/7/2018
64. Winner 61 vs winner 62 (8:30pm)

Sunil Chhetri, The absolute Legend

10:31 AM

Sunil Chhetri, The absolute Legend.
Oh my God look at those stats. Look at his much superior goal scoring ratio per match.
We are so lucky that Indian football got a player like you. For us you are greatest of all time.

If someone says Messi , Ronaldo, Rooney  played against much stronger opponents to score those goals than our response is , all of them are from strong team themselves and had equally good playmates to assist them. If you have player like Angel de Maria to assist Messi , you shouldn't be complaining and comparing about the opposition. Above it just look at Sunil's Goal scoring Ratio, far better than among top 5. In fact he has highest goal scoring Ratio among top 100 footballing nation.
Admit it all of them are gem of football and Legends.

Share if you are a proud Indian.

Aman Chetri selected in U-17 Indian National Football Team

8:40 PM
28th June 2016 Gorkha youth Aman Chetri From Northeast Assam (Maligaon, Guwahati) - selected in U-17 Indian National Football Team. Son of Mr. Munna Chetri and Mrs. Seema Chetri, Aman Chetri who plays Forwards was selected for the U-17 Indian team last year by Nicolai Adam. He has been a part of the team for the past one year, went to Germany, Spain and Dubai for the exposure trips. After Sunil Chettri Captain Indian National Football Team and  Anirudh Thapa captain of the Indian National Football Team (Under-19) here is Aman Chetri another captain in the making.

Nicolai Adam, head coach of the Indian U-17 football team  had earlier said that he is finding several talented players from the Northeastern region, particularly from Manipur and Mizoram. On Assam players he said, Aman Chetry is impressing him very much. “Aman is a good player. But he got a knee injury during the last foreign tour. Hopefully he will recover soon and will be a part of the Indian team,” Adam said.
Aman Chetri selected in U-17 Indian National Football Team
Played U-16 AFC championship qualifier last year in Iran. He was a part of just concluded AIFF Youth Cup U-16. Now, he will be for Germany and Norway for 3 months on the 28th of this month.

He will play AFC championship in September, which is going to be held in Goa.

He will be a part of the U-17 Indian Football Team, in the Upcoming U-17 FIFA World Cup, which is Going to be held in India.

Anirudh Thapa captain of the Indian National Football Team (Under-19)

8:45 AM
After Sunil Chettri, here's our own Anirudh Thapa, born on 15th January 1998 in Uttarakhand, has given us more reason to watch and follow football, the most followed sport by our community, ever closely. The captain of the Indian National Football Team (Under-19) Thapa came into the spotlight when India defeated hosts Nepal to win the U-16 SAFF Championship. Anirudh Thapa is a talented midfielder whose dribbling and passing skills are a treat for the eyes.

He did his schooling from St. Stephen's in Chandigarh. This is where he started playing football at the age of 10. The 18-year-old comes from Dehradun in Uttarakhand and is currently plying his trade at the AIFF Elite Academy based in Goa.
Anirudh Thapa captain of the Indian National Football Team (Under-19)
Anirudh Thapa
Thapa joined the AIFF academy in Kalyani in 2012. He was also integrated in the India U15 squad in the same year.

In 2013, Thapa won the SAFF U16 Championship. He also participated in the AFC U16 Championship where he scored once in four appearances.

The attacking midfielder went to Malaysia to compete in the Asia U16 Championship in 2014.

In 2015, Thapa was the youngest member selected to be part of the India U19 squad who were runners-up in SAFF U19 Championship. Thapa scored twice in four matches in the competition.

He won the U19 I-league in 2015-2016 season when he captained the AIFF Elite Academy. He played 14 games and notched up three goals.

Thapa's family backs him to the hilt.

Football is his love, he eventually sees his growth in the world's most followed sport. Aspiring to become one of the best, he continues to dream to play for the national team in the foreseeable future.

GYASA FC Runners-up in ‪‎Delhi‬ QUTAB Premier League

1:53 PM
A tremendous show by ‪Gorkha‬ players in a local ‪‎Delhi‬ QUTAB Premier League, Gorkha Youth and Students' Association of India - GYASA (GYASA FC) players walk away with Runners-up trophy in the 7th edition of ‪QPL‬, a Delhi-based local football tournament organized by Vijay Kumar Bali. Theho Pao from GYASA FC was the Top Scorer of the tournament with 6 goals to his credit. To spot Theho in the crowd is quite simple - he is the quiet guy sitting a little away from the rest of the noisy and chattering team circle.

We cannot forget to thank Jenny Lepcha and family for setting up the much-needed food and drinks stall for the boys. You did this for us despite all the inconveniences and the losses. Hats off for such a sporting spirit.

Well done boys, we are proud of you all.

GYASA FC Runners-up in ‪‎Delhi‬ QUTAB Premier League
In an all-Gorkha dominated finals, three Gorkha teams – two teams from ‪‎GYASA‬ FC and ‎North East‬ Gorkha Boys reached the semi-finals of the the 32-team knockout football tournament at Dlf Chhatarpur Farms, New Delhi. There were several other teams who did not make it to the final stages. It was indeed a pleasure to meet so many other Gorkha players playing for so many different clubs and teams.

We are all winners.... the Spirit is more than the trophy.


Gorkha youth selected for Indian National football team

9:55 PM
Manipur: A proud moment for Manipuri Gorkhas. Ajay Chettri S/O Ganesh Pandey of Kanglatongbi, Hatikhuwa in Manipur has been selected for Indian National football team. He will now represent INDIA under-19 team.

His former clubs and academies- 

  • Gorkha Jyoti Youth Club
  • Kqnglatongbi Gorkha Youth Association
  • Mohun Bagan Seal Acdemy-West Bengal
  • Royal Wahingdo ahengdo Shillong

Gorkha youth selected for Indian National football team
Gorkha youth, Ajay Chettri, selected for Indian National football team
Ajay was selected by All India Football Federation to represent Indian National U-19 football team. Earlier This month he was called for trail by AIFF after he showcased exceptional football skill representing Royal Wahingdo U-18 in recently concluded I-League matches. After the trial now he made it to National Under-19 team. What an inspiration for young footballers..

Lets congrats his achievement and wish him good luck, guys. Jai Gorkha.!!!

Via Prakash Chettri for Kanglatongbi Gorkha Youth Forum

Two ‪Sikkim‬ women referees for Tajikistan

9:01 AM
Writes: Nirmal Mangar

Two women football referees from Sikkim have been short-listed to officiate in the Asian Football Confederation Under-14 Championship that will be held be in Tajikistan from April 26.
Reshmi Chettri, 23, and Phurki Bhutia, 23, who left Delhi for the tourney yesterday are the first women referees from Sikkim to get such an opportunity.

While Reshmi works as a lower division clerk in the state forest department, Phurki is a sport teacher in Gujarat.

The duo have been officiating in several matches, both in the men's and women's categories, conducted by the Sikkim Football Association (SFA).

While Chettri is from Pangthang village in East Sikkim, Lepcha is from Bhushuk Naitam village, also from East Sikkim.

Tajikistan will take part in the tourney along with defending champions Bangladesh, and Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and the Maldives.
(Left) Reshmi Chettri and Phurki Bhutia
"This is a great achievement for our girls as women referees break the stereotype. We are proud of both the girls. This is the first overseas assignment for Sikkim women referees," said the general secretary of the SFA, Menla Ethenpa.

The head referee of the Committee of SFA, Chanchuk Lama, said the selection was conducted by the All India Football Federation and the Asian Football Confederation.

"They (the girls) had to go through the selection process - fitness, theory and practical (levels) - and they were shortlisted after a viva-voce," said Lama.

The final match of the Tajikistan tourney is on May 1.

Both the girls are national-level football players and were appointed as referees by the AIFF in 2012.
Reshmi's father Man Bahadhur Chettri said he was happy with his daughter's selection. "She always wanted to serve football. We are happy with her achievement," said Chettri who works in the forest department.

Phurki's parents, Sonam Gyasto Bhutia and Phampho Bhutia, who are farmers, said their happiness knew no bounds as their daughter had been selected for the overseas assignment.

Via: Telegraph

Gangtok Himalayan takes on table topper Neroca FC on Saturday

7:37 PM

April 14 2016 Gangtok Himalayan SC plays against familiar opponent Neroca FC, Imphal on Saturday at Paljor Stadium in its fourth straight home match of the I-League second division final round.

So far, Gangtok Himalayan has been disappointing at its home ground, collecting only two points from three matches. It is also yet to score from open play as its only goal in three home matches came from a penalty shot.

“In all the three matches, we played better than our opponents but we lacked in converting the chances. We are working on how to convert the chances and I am confident that our boys will start scoring goals,” said Gangtok Himalayan coach A Shanta Kumar to media in a pre-match conference today.

Team captain Nima Tamang also rued the chances missed during the matches against Dempo SC, Minerva Academy and Lonestar FC at Paljor Stadium. Sadly, we have been repeating the same mistake but we are working on improving on scoring goals, he said.
Gangtok Himalayan takes on table topper Neroca FC on Saturday
Gangtok Himalayan takes on table topper Neroca FC on Saturday
“We are in a situation now that we have to win all matches. We will give our best performance in the match against Neroca FC,” said Nima.

Gangtok Himalayan SC had earlier lost by a solitary goal to Neroca FC at Paljor Stadium during the first round of I-League. It went to Imphal for the return match and managed to secure a draw.

“We have analysed Gangtok team to be really good. The only drawback that they have is to score goals. We can’t take them for granted and we will give our best in the match against them,” said Neroca FC coach Gift Raikhan.

The match will be interesting, added Neroca FC captain Tomba Singh.

Neroca FC with seven points is leading the league while Gangtok Himalayan is in the fourth position with two points.

Via Sikkim Express

Legendary Indian footballer Amar Bahadur passes away

9:25 PM

Dehradun: Legendary Indian footballer Amar Bahadur Gurung, who scored the bronze medal winning goal for India against Japan at the 1970 Jakarta Asian Games, passed away at Medanta Hospital in Delhi on Wednesday. Fondly called ‘Amar Dai’ by friends, this footballer from the Doon valley brought laurels for the country though his outstanding sporting skills.

Born on 18 April 1942 in Dehradun, Amar Bahadur studied at the Gorkha Military School. He joined the 4/8 Gorkha Rifles in 1960 and quit Army service in 1967 to play for Mafatlal (Mumbai). He holds the distinction of being the only player from Dehradun to be awarded Maharashtra's highest sporting honour, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Award, in 1973.He was a regular member of the Indian football team in the mid-60s and early 70s.

Considered one the greatest left wingers India has ever produced, Amar gladdened the heart of the football lovers through his play, calmness and gentleman behavior on the filed. After leaving Maharashta, Amar Dai permanently settled in Dehradun in 2007 and since then was actively involved in football promotion. With the sole aim of sharing his knowledge and training budding players, Amar Bahadur formed the Doon FC club. deeply condoles the death of a great Indian footballer. Indian football will always miss a gentleman and sober sportsman like Amar Bahadur.

Bhaichung Bhutia seeks transfer of 'voter id' to Kolkata from Sikkim

10:06 AM
March 7: Former footballer Bhaichung Bhutia, who has been fielded as the Trinamul Congress candidate in the Siliguri Assembly seat, today got his name deleted from the voters' list in Sikkim, and sought the transfer of his "voter ID" to Kasba constituency in Calcutta.

Yesterday, The Telegraph had reported that Bhaichung's name figures in the voters' list of his home state of Sikkim and not that of Bengal. This should have made him ineligible to contest the Assembly elections in Bengal, according to the Handbook of Candidates published by the Election Commission of India.

Polling in the Kasba Assembly seat will take place on April 30 and the footballer's name can be added to the voters' list there on March 11, Election Commission sources in Calcutta said.

The former soccer player today submitted a letter handwritten by himself to the chief electoral officer of Sikkim in Gangtok, seeking the deletion of his name from the voters' list of Barfung Assembly segment in South district.
Bhaichung Bhutia seeks transfer of 'voter id' to Kolkata from Sikkim
Bhaichung Bhutia during the Trinamul meeting in
Siliguri on Monday. Picture by Kundan Yolmo
"This is to inform you that I am hereby surrendering my voter ID from Sanganath, Barfung Constituency, Sikkim. I am seeking to transfer my voter ID to 149, Kasba Constituency, Kolkata, West Bengal..." reads the application.

He has also mentioned in the application that "I would be grateful if you can kindly withdraw my name from the voter list in Sikkim".

A senior official in the chief electoral officer's office in Gangtok said: "Bhutia came to submit the letter this morning. We received the letter and forwarded it to the (South) district collector who is also the district electoral officer."

Later in the afternoon, Raj Yadav, the district collector of South Sikkim, informed that he had received the application and deleted Bhaichung's name from the voters' list. A confirmation letter has been sent to the office of the state election department, he said.

"Since the process of rectifying mistakes, addition and deletion of names in the electoral roll is going on, Bhaichung Bhutia's name was deleted from the list today itself," Raj said.

The Telegraph report published on March 6
Bhaichung had said he had transposed his name from Sikkim to Calcutta. Transposition refers to the deletion of a name from one voter list and its inclusion in another. This is a compulsory duty for every voter who has been staying at a different address for over six months.

"In the case of parliamentary elections, a candidate only needs to be an elector from any part of India. If he is, he can contest from any constituency," a poll official had said on Saturday. "But in the case of Assembly elections, the candidate has to be a voter from the state concerned. He can then contest from any Assembly constituency in the state."

Bhaichung, who spoke to the media in Siliguri this evening after a meeting of Trinamul, iterated that his name was on the voters' list of Bengal, but refused to share details.

However, the South Sikkim district collector today said: "If he intends to transpose or shift his name to any other Assembly constituency, an intimation from the district collector concerned, where he wants his name to be shifted, has to reach my office. However, till date, we have not received any such intimation. The deletion was made on the basis of the request made by Bhaichung Bhutia," said Yadav.

In Siliguri, the ex-player said: "My name has been included in the voters' list of Bengal. I would like to tell you that my name has been shifted to Bengal. I don't want to give details. At the same time, I would like to make one point, that it is about the party. It is about the Trinamul Congress. It is about Mamata Banerjee. Today, we are speaking of candidates... whether I remain a candidate or not, Gautamda (Gautam Deb) remains a candidate or not...there will be a candidate of the Trinamul Congress here. We have to work for the Trinamul Congress here and we believe workers will work for the party and Mamata Banerjee."


'UNITING YOUTHS THROUGH SPORTS' - AAGSU organising Inter-College Football Tournament'

10:33 AM
With the motto of "Uniting Youths Through Sports", the B.Barooah Gorkha Cultural College Unit, (Guwahati, Assam) in association with All Assam Gorkha Student's Union (AAGSU) Guwahati Mahanagar Committee is organising a first ever Inter-College Football Tournament'16, featuring six of the prestigious colleges of Guwahati, in the honour and memory of the great soul Saheed Major Durga Malla. 

"As it is the first ever Gorkha football championship in Guwahati, we are looking forward for eevryone's support and best wishes to all the participating college teams and the working members of the organising team as well,' said Resham Sharma (General Secretary, AAGSU, Guwahati Mahanagar Committee).

[Bina Sharma for TheDC]

GYASA FC for wins friendly football match against HMAR FC

8:30 PM
Shout out to Gorkha Youth & Students' Association (GYASA) FC for winning a friendly weekend football match with HMAR FC. GYASA FC registered their first vistory over HMAR FC with a score of 4-0. Sanjay Rai from GYASA FC was the star of the match scoring a HATRICK. The 4th goal was scored by Rahul from GYASA FC.

GYASA FC had met with the same team on an earlier ocassion and lost 4-0 during the North East Festival tournament. The victory was a sweet reward for the team who have put in so much of effort in the last few months. Now that the scores are even, both the team are excited to play again in the future.
GYASA FC for wins friendly football match against HMAR FC
Congratulating GYASA FC on the victory, HMAR FC official James Sanate said it is really good to see GYASA team improve so much in such a short time. Speaking after the victory, Amit Sharma, Manager of the GYASA FC team said "All of us from different parts of North East Region. GYASA FC has Gorkha boys and others players from Manipur, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Dehradun, Assam, and other parts. We have come a long way as a strong Gorkha team in Delhi/NCR. We hope we continue receiving support from sports lovers. This way, we bond, have some fun and win tournaments too."

The football match was graced by Shri. Kirti Mani Khatiwoda, General Secretary, Manipur Nepali Sahitya Parishad, Manipur.

Special Thanks to Dinesh Sharma & Jeeten Basnet for bringing refreshement and water for the boys.


Sunil Chhetri joined as the mentor and brand ambassador of DreamChasers

10:55 PM

MUMBAI: Indian football captain Sunil Chhetri has joined as the mentor and brand ambassador of a nation-wide talent hunt programme to pick 15 youngsters in the 8-14 age group for a comprehensive five-year residential schooling in Kolhapur, western Maharashtra.

Under the programme titled 'DreamChasers' and started by three retired army personnel, youngsters would be provided top-class coaching and technical expertise by Sporting Clube de Portugal, for whose reserve side Chhetri had played for a while in 2012-13.

The talent hunt will be held in 15 venues and 10 cities, after kicking off here in April, to cover Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Kolhapur (all in Maharashtra), Baroda, Gandhinagar (Gujarat), Kerala, Delhi, Kolkatta and Guwahati, it was announced at a media conference here on Wednesday.

The selected lot would be nurtured and would undergo professional training until the age of 18 at the residential training centre of Proforce -- housed at the Dr Cyrus Poonawala International School in Kolhapur.

They would be entitled "to a 14-days sponsored training camp at SCP (Sporting Clube de Portugal). They will also be inducted into the special training programme, which is a commitment for five years," it was announced.

Besides football training, their education as well as lodging and boarding will also be looked after. The programme will include 10 months of football training in Kolhapur and one month of free training every year at SCP.

Chhetri, present at the announcement, said that he will be actively involved in the initiative.

"I am going to be part of all major decisions taken. They will be provided the best possible training. Everything will be provided for. The most important thing is coaching," said the 31-year-old national captain.

"When I went to Sporting Lisbon I was 26 and had a four year deal, I was there for seven months and I just played six games. I was improving and enjoying my time over there with the training and the kids I was playing with," said Chhetri.

"It was a great team but the guys who I played with were 17, 18 and 19 years of age and I was 26. I wish I was 16-17 then and I would have stayed for four years. Not saying that I am not enjoying now," he added.

A coach from SCP will be sent to stay with the trainees in Kolhapur with an Indian as his assistant.

"We are considered as one of the best in recruitment. Football in India has a lot of potential," said commercial head of SCP, Bruno Mascarenhas.

4th Gorkha Sports Meet – Football began in Imphal Manipur.

9:51 PM
Imphal, Jan 24 : The 4th Gorkha Sports Meet – Football, organised by the Gorkha Youth Association, Kanglatongbi began today at Government Hindi High School Ground, Kanglatongbi in Imphal Manipur.

The opening function was graced by IFCD Minister Ngamthang Haokip, Sekmai AC MLA Kh Debendra, Sugnu AC MLA K Ranjit, Kanglatongbi GP Pradhan Shivakumar Basnet as chief guest, president and guests of honour respectively.

In today’s opening match, Kanglatongbi Gorkha Youth Association (KGYA) registered a comfortable 2-0 victory against Mantripukhri Gorkha Youth Association (MGYA).
4th Gorkha Sports Meet – Football began in  in Imphal Manipur.
Representational image
The winning goals of KGYA were scored by Roshan and Manoj. Altogether 16 football teams are participating in the tournament.

Via thesangaiexpress

Sunil Chhetri's hat-trick makes him top goal scorer in ISL

10:32 PM

• With six strikes from four games, Chhetri has shot his way to joint-top spot in the goalscorers' list.

• His efforts helped Mumbai rise from the bottom of the ISL standings to a top-4 spot with three wins on the trot.

• A tactical switch in his position has led to Chhetri's goal-scoring spree.

MUMBAI: The rate at which he's finding the back of the net in the second edition of the Indian Super League (ISL), Mumbai City FC striker Sunil Chhetri appears to be making up for lost time having had to watch the inaugural season as a mere spectator. With six strikes from four games, including a hat-trick in Mumbai's last fixture against NorthEast United, making him the first Indian to achieve the feat in the ISL, Chhetri has shot his way to joint-top spot in the goalscorers' list.

His efforts helped Mumbai rise from the bottom of the ISL standings to a top-4 spot with three wins on the trot. And that is what matters more to the Indian national team captain visa-vis his personal feat.

"Without wanting to sound cliched, it doesn't matter about the goals. I'm so happy that we've got three wins," Chhetri told TOI during a visit to a local Puma store on Friday.

"If I had scored a hat-trick and we'd lost 5-3, we'd have been in deep trouble. Things weren't great after the first three games, so it was very important for us to get wins. I'm happy that I got the goals but I'm more happy that we won those matches."

So the obvious question is what has sparked this emphatic turnaround?

"Just the fact that we understood that we were underperforming," replied Chhetri. "Say if you are not a very fancy team, don't have the firepower, you're giving everything and still losing, then fine. But if you do have the signings, the players, and still under-performing, then that's a worry. We weren't doing justice to our talent. Thankfully we have put that right," he added.

It's no coincidence that, in the 31-year-old's case, a tactical switch in his position from playing in a wide role in his first outing against Chennaiyin FC to occupying the hole between midfield and attack has led to Chhetri's goal-scoring spree.

"All my life really, I have played either as a No. 9 or 10. It's just for Bengaluru (his I-League club) that I have played as a winger. But here, because the (DY Patil) ground is big and I was really wide, I didn't get the ball at all against Chennai and I got frustrated. I was chasing the ball like a headless chicken. Then both Nico (Anelka) and Oscar (assistant coach) came to me and said 'where do you want to play?' I said, 'I'm fine with playing anywhere but I wasn't getting enough balls'. They put me in the number 10 position and thankfully it has worked," said Chhetri.

Perhaps an ominous sign for Mumbai's opponents is the fact that marquee player-manager Nicolas Anelka has barely featured in their six games so far due to a groin issue. Chhetri certainly sounded encouraged by that fact. "We have scored 10 goals and Anelka hasn't even started yet," he said, adding: "I just can't wait to have him in the 11 soon. He's in the last part of his rehab, so hopefully you'll see him soon."


Gorkha Boys defeat Khalanga Club 2-1

1:33 PM
Dehradun : Gorkha Boys beat Khalanga Football Club 2-1 in the 12th Lala Nemi Das District Football League played at Pavilion Ground here today. In the first half, Aman scored goal for the Gorkha Boys in the 11th minute of the game and gave his team an important lead. In the second half, Mahipal of Khalanga equalised the score by scoring a goal in the 40th minute but soon after Albert scored another goal for the Gorkha Boys and led his team to an exciting victory.

In another match of the day, Doon Football Club beat Sports Hostel team with score of 1-0. Robin scored the winning goal of the match in the 30th minute.
Gorkha Boys defeat Khalanga Club 2-1
A player of Doon FC (white) tries to dribble the ball past a player of Sports Hostel in a match in the 12th Lala Nemi Das District Football League in Dehradun on Sunday. Tribune photo: Abhyudaya Kotnala

Praveen Farasi, Pushkar Gusain, SP Joshi, CM Bhatt and Rakesh Baloni were referees.

Via Tribune News Service

Gorkha boys wins football match with Santhal students at Visva Bharati, Shantiniketan

8:03 AM
Amidst Chorus of "Jai Gorkha” - Gorkha Boys Win Handsomely at Shantiniketan

Writes: Bicky Sharma
There is a certain festivity about football which compels the hidden extrovert in all of us to be exposed. I have been on campus here for a week now, and all the people I had met seemed docile, quiet, gentle and bolda pani suttukai bolne... that was till yesterday.
Gorkha Boys football tead that Won Handsomely at Shantiniketan
Gorkha Boys football tead that Won Handsomely at Shantiniketan
The occasion was a football match between Gorkha vs. Santhal students at Visva Bharati, Shantiniketan. The match was organized by the University Sports Board.

The Santhalis are well known locally for their power and speed and are regarded as one of the best teams around. So when the seniors asked us to come cheer for the Gorkha Boys we all did go, but we were worried how they would perform.

That is when I got to see the hidden-Extroverts in all of our Gorkhali students, both Male and Female…
The game was a tough match-up from the word go, and that is what released the inner beast in all of us – shouts of “tyeslai landaunu naa dey”…. “khuttama de.. tyesko khutta ma dey”… started to be heard all through the match…

As the referee blew the half time whistle our guys had already scored 2 goals, each goal followed by loud cheers and screams of all our guys and girls following the game. There was a definite sense of enthusiasm and camaraderie amongst the students present to cheer OUR team… it was also a good opportunity for a new student like me to interact with everyone present.
The game started again, the Santhali students played their hearts out, but our players were better, more confident and also with all the cheer-up coming from the audience they were also more determined and buoyed.

At one point the Santhai team got a penalty… all of us became tensed, but we need not have worried, Hamro Keeper was really Chumbak Jasto... as the young goal keeper saved the penalty, it brought everyone to their feet... cheering... shouting... yelling...

When the referee blew the final whistle the Gorkha boys had won handsomely at 4 : 0…. I really felt proud at the moment when cries of JAI GORKHA… JAI GORKHA… began to reverberate in and around the ground.

Everyone is aware of the love for football we all share, what makes it more special, is the unity desplayed by our folks this far away from home.

It clearly depicts the unity and bonding that we all have, no matter where we are. The bonhomie is a blissful and blessed sight and we hope that the brotherhood like this spreads throughout Gorkhas in India.

Congratulations to the team... and Three Cheers for the Gorkhas of Viswa Bharati University!!
Hip Hip.... Hurrah!!

Source : TheDC

Amar Bahadur Gurung unsung hero of Indian Football

6:27 PM
Amar Bahadur Gurung was born at Dehradun UK to Mr. and Mrs. Attar Singh Gurung in 18 April 1942 in Dehradun, Amar Bahadur studied at the Gorkha Military School. He joined the 4/8 Gorkha Rifles in 1960 and quit Army service in 1967 to play for Mafatlal (Mumbai).
Amar Bahadur Gurung 1967
Amar Bahadur Gurung 1967
He scored against Japan in the crucial match of the 1970 Bangkok Asian Games. India won 1-0 to secure the bronze medal in football. " He received an excellent cross from Manjeet Singh from the right flank to score the winning goal." He holds the distinction of being the only player from Dehradun to be awarded Maharashtra's highest sporting honour, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Award, in 1973.He was a regular member of the Indian football team in the mid-60s and early 70.
1966, 69 he was the part of Gorkha Brigade Champions ( Durand Cup. )
1968 Teheran Asia Cup Qualifiers:
1969 ,1970 and 1970 Merdeka Cup:
1970 Bankok Asian Game ( Bronze Medal )
1971 Singapore Pesta Sukan Cup.

The controversy

"My best goal is the one that I scored against Japan in the crucial match of the 1970 Bangkok Asian Games. India won 1-0 to secure the bronze medal in football."

Recalling this glorious moment for Indian football, Amar Bahadur adds, "I received an excellent cross from Manjeet Singh from the right flank to score the winning goal."

Amar Bahadur Gurung
Amar Bahadur Gurung today.
However the goal has left some bitter memories for Amar Bahadur because he was not given the credit for it as reports in Indian newspapers flashed the name of Manjeet Singh as the scorer. Even today, the record books mention the name of Manjeet Singh. So Amar Bahadur remains an unsung hero in India despite his historic performance in Bangkok. Incidentally, this was the goal that gave India its last football medal in an international competition.

Another Gorkha  legend of the game Shyam Thapa says, "I was also a member of the Bangkok Asian Games football squad. Amar Bahadur scored the winning goal and it is sad that Manjeet is given credit for the goal."

Gurung was a regular member of the Indian football team in the mid-60s and early 70s.
He was captain of the Maharashtra team in 1970, '72 and '74. He said good-bye to the game in 1984.

With inputs from and Amar Bahadur Gurung FB page

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