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Uttarakhand Gorkhas seek State Gorkha Kalyan Board and OBC status for Chettris and Bahuns

12:30 PM
DEHRADUN: Gorkhas who constitute about 12% of the population in Uttarakhand have demanded the formation of State Gorkha Kalyan Board and implementation of a high court order according OBC status to Chettris and Bahun castes among the Gorkhas living in the state.
 Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha (GSS) with Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat
 Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha (GSS) with Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat - pic via GSS website
Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat who felicitated Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha (GSS) for rendering humanitarian services at earthquake-hit Nepal on Saturday agreed to set up a state Gorkha Kalyan Board soon.

Speaking on the occasion, Lt Col BS Chettri, president GSS, said, "In Uttarakhand, Gorkhas constitute approximately 12% of the population and yet do not find any mention in Wikipedia or websites that list the communities which form the state. This year, across the country, we are celebrating 200 years of Gorkha presence in India and it is high time that they are given their due and acknowledged."

Incidentally, while the Centre had listed Gorkhas as OBCs, Chettris and Bahuns were not listed. Earlier this year, Uttarakhand high court had directed that the two castes be included in the OBC list.

Besides, the GSS wanted the establishment of a Zonal Recruitment Office (ZRO) in Dehradun. The ZRO is responsible for recruitment of personnel into the Army from Uttarakhand but at present it is located in Lucknow.

The members also demanded that some chowks and parks be named after Gorkha martyrs and freedom-fighters, which the CM consented to.

Besides these demands, the GSS members were aggrieved over the recent state order directing that migrants from Bangladesh and Gorkhas be barred from being given gas connections, ration cards, voter IDs and land registrations in Pithoragarh district. After the CM was apprised of this, directions were given to revoke the order.

"GSS had sent 11 truckloads of relief material to Nepal and it included food packets, tents, blankets, medicines among other items and members had undertaken arduous journey to Nepal to deliver the material. It was a great moment for the entire community to be felicitated by the chief minister. We are glad that some of our demands also have been heard," said Prabha Shah, media incharge,GSS.

Incidentally, Dehradun houses a one of its kind memorial in the world — "The Kalinga war memorial" — which the victorious British army had set up in honour of the Gorkhas for their bravery at the Battle of Nalapani marking it perhaps the first such memorial constructed by the victor for the vanquished.

Source TOI

Amar Bahadur Gurung unsung hero of Indian Football

6:27 PM
Amar Bahadur Gurung was born at Dehradun UK to Mr. and Mrs. Attar Singh Gurung in 18 April 1942 in Dehradun, Amar Bahadur studied at the Gorkha Military School. He joined the 4/8 Gorkha Rifles in 1960 and quit Army service in 1967 to play for Mafatlal (Mumbai).
Amar Bahadur Gurung 1967
Amar Bahadur Gurung 1967
He scored against Japan in the crucial match of the 1970 Bangkok Asian Games. India won 1-0 to secure the bronze medal in football. " He received an excellent cross from Manjeet Singh from the right flank to score the winning goal." He holds the distinction of being the only player from Dehradun to be awarded Maharashtra's highest sporting honour, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Award, in 1973.He was a regular member of the Indian football team in the mid-60s and early 70.
1966, 69 he was the part of Gorkha Brigade Champions ( Durand Cup. )
1968 Teheran Asia Cup Qualifiers:
1969 ,1970 and 1970 Merdeka Cup:
1970 Bankok Asian Game ( Bronze Medal )
1971 Singapore Pesta Sukan Cup.

The controversy

"My best goal is the one that I scored against Japan in the crucial match of the 1970 Bangkok Asian Games. India won 1-0 to secure the bronze medal in football."

Recalling this glorious moment for Indian football, Amar Bahadur adds, "I received an excellent cross from Manjeet Singh from the right flank to score the winning goal."

Amar Bahadur Gurung
Amar Bahadur Gurung today.
However the goal has left some bitter memories for Amar Bahadur because he was not given the credit for it as reports in Indian newspapers flashed the name of Manjeet Singh as the scorer. Even today, the record books mention the name of Manjeet Singh. So Amar Bahadur remains an unsung hero in India despite his historic performance in Bangkok. Incidentally, this was the goal that gave India its last football medal in an international competition.

Another Gorkha  legend of the game Shyam Thapa says, "I was also a member of the Bangkok Asian Games football squad. Amar Bahadur scored the winning goal and it is sad that Manjeet is given credit for the goal."

Gurung was a regular member of the Indian football team in the mid-60s and early 70s.
He was captain of the Maharashtra team in 1970, '72 and '74. He said good-bye to the game in 1984.

With inputs from and Amar Bahadur Gurung FB page

Blast at firing range in Gorkha Rifles Headquarters in Dehradun

2:07 PM
Dehradun, May 30 : Three jawans were injured in a blast at the firing range at the Gorkha Rifles headquarters in Dehradun on Saturday.
Blast at Gorkha Rifles Headquarters' firing range in Dehradun
Blast at Gorkha Rifles Headquarters' firing range in
Dehradun - Representational Image
The condition of one of the jawans is said to be critical. All the injured have been admitted to the Military Hospital here.

According to reports, the blast took place when a jawan got down from a truck to pick up a suspicious object lying on the ground. It is still not clear as to what actually caused the blast.
The bomb disposal squad is trying to find out about the nature of the explosive.

Four persons including the jawans and the driver of the truck were on board the vehicle when the explosion took place, a source at the SSP office here said adding details are awaited and all senior officials have rushed to the spot.

The jawans are said to have been on their way to the market to buy vegetables when the explosion took place, the source said.

Though the cause of the explosion is being investigated, it is believed that it took place by accident.
Garhi Cantonment where the explosion took place is a high security area with the official residence of the Chief Minister and Raj Bhawan located there.

Source: Various online sources

BGP Uttarakhand Dehradun seminar on "Indo-Nepal FriendshipTreaty 1950"

12:29 PM
Dehradun : BGP (Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh) Uttarakhand Dehradun organized a seminar on "Indo-Nepal Friendship Treaty 1950". The event was held in the Gorkhali Sudar Sabha hall. BGP president of Uttarakhand, Lt Col (retd) Dewan Singh Kdka, said the main purpose of the seminar was to discuss  the "1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship" in details and also to discuss on the untouched aspects of the of the Indo-Nepal treaty of 1950.He said it is important for the Indian Gorkha community.
BGP Uttarakhand Dehradun seminar on "Indo-Nepal FriendshipTreaty 1950"
BGP Uttarakhand Dehradun seminar on "Indo-Nepal FriendshipTreaty 1950"
DDUDF chief and vice-chancellor of Indira Gandhi Open University Prof. Mahendra P. Lama was the chief guest of the seminar. Indian Gorkha Lt Gen Ram Singh Pradhan and Sakti Gurung were also present in the seminar.

Famous Anglo-Gorkha War (1814-1816) anniversary sees grand celebrations

9:04 PM
Sunday saw Gorkha families from far and near gather at Balbhadra Kalinga War Memorial and Nalapani Fort to pay tributes to their gallant heroes who laid down their lives to defend their territory 200 years ago.

The only structure in the world to be built by victors to honour the courage of their foes, the war memorial is unique in nature.

In October 1814, 3,500 soldiers under the command of major general Robert Rolle Gillespie of the British army's Third Infantry Division were assigned to annexe the erstwhile Kalinga Fort, now known as Nalapani Fort.

However, the fort was courageously defended by Balbhadra Singh Thapa and his 600 men, even under heavy artillery firing. Reportedly, the soldiers' families including women and children took turns in the fight to keep the invaders out. Till their last breath, the Gorkha families kept their attackers at bay for six weeks, despite running out of food and water supplies to sustain themselves.
One of the Commanders of the Gorkha troops during the Wars
One of the Commanders of the Gorkha troops during the Wars
After a prolonged battle, the British army managed to break through the Gorkha ranks and in celebration, razed the fort to dust.

But on hindsight, impressed by the courage of the valiant Gorkhas, the British built a memorial on the banks of Rispana river to immortalize the valour of their foes.

Two centuries later, more than 2,000 people came together at the same spot on southern fringes of the state capital for the bicentennial anniversary of the famous Anglo-Gorkha War (1814-1816). The assembled crowd included personnel from Gorkha regiments across the Army, along with their families. The hill state is known to have the third largest Gorkha population in the country, after Sikkim and Darjeeling.

The 40th Gorkhali Mela being held near Kalinga Fort was part of the celebrations organized by Balbahdra Khalang Vikas Samiti.

"We come here every year to pay homage to Balbhadra and pray at the Chandrani Mandir. But this year, the bicentennial makes it special," said Lt Col (retd) CB Thapa.

Doiwala MLA Heera Singh Bisht, state forest minister Dinesh Agarwal, MP Manorama Sharma and Sarika Pradha, women president of Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha, were among the guests of honour at the event.

Source: timesofindia

Gorkhas in Uttarakhand demand recognition as a tribal group

9:20 PM
DEHRADUN: The over 12 lakh Gorkhas in Uttarakhand demand recognition as a tribal group. The demand grew even more strident after Gorkhas in West Bengal and Sikkim were reportedly to be granted tribal status.
All India Gorkha Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association (AIGEWA)
All India Gorkha Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association (AIGEWA)
There are at least 15 groups of Gorkhas -- Bhujel, Gurung, Mangar, Newar, Jogi, Khas, Rai, Sunuwar, Thami and Yakhna, among them - that at present are not considered tribal groups. Groups like Bhutia and Letcha have been already been granted tribal status. Tamang and Limboo communities were recognised as tribals in 2003.

President of the All India Gorkha Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association (AIGEWA), West Bengal region, SP Pradhan, said tribal status would make for easier access to higher education and jobs for young people from the community.

In Assam, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Punjab, Sikkim, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram, Gorkhas are listed as an Other Backward Caste (OBC) group.

Given that retirement from the army happens at an early age of 35, Gorkha ex-servicemen should be offered re-employment opportunities too, members at the AIGEWA meeting said. They have also sought that the budget allocated by the Centre for Gorkhas, which is a mere Rs 8 lakh per annum, should be increased.

Source: timesofindia

6th battalion of 11th Gorkha Rifles celebrate golden jubilee in Khasa

10:22 AM
The golden jubilee celebrations of the 6th battalion of the 11th Gorkha Rifles culminated with a special ‘sainik sammelan’ at the Khasa Cantonment here on Sunday.
6th battalion of 11th Gorkha Rifles celebrate golden jubilee in Khasa
Gorkha Rifles 
The battalion was founded on October 1, 1963 at Clement Town in Dehradun.

During 50 years of its glorious service to the nation, be it war or peace, the battalion always rose to the occasion. Besides it has also excelled in various fields such as sports and brought laurels of the battalion.

The occasion was graced by retired and serving officers, junior commissioned officers and other ranks of the battalion. A number of families of serving jawans and retired personnel came from Nepal to attend the golden jubilee celebrations.

The battalion remembered the valour of their comrades who laid down their lives in the line of duty. On the occasion, ‘veer naris’ were also felicitated.

The highlight of the celebrations was a yak dance by a troupe of the Sikkim government and a ‘kukree’ dance by soldiers of the battalion. A pipe band and a brass band also enthralled the guests.

A special day cover and a postage stamp of the battalion were released by Lt Gen Rakesh Sharma, Adjutant General and Colonel of 11 Gorkha Rifles, on the occasion.

Source: HT

6 Gorkhali Nurses Commissioned as Lieutenant in the Indian Army

1:13 PM
It is not just the man who have made our Gorkha community proud, our women are equally capable.
6 Gorkhali Nurses Commissioned as Lieutenant in the Indian Army
6 Gorkhali Nurses Commissioned as Lieutenant i
n the Indian Army
Making the community proud, there are 6 Gorkhali nurses amongst the 20 nurses inducted into the Indian Army as Commissioned Officers, after completing their course from School of Nursing, Command Hospital (Western Command), Chandigarh.

Amongst the six, Dehradun's Lt Monika Karki was awarded the rolling trophy for best all-round cadet

Darjeeling's Lt Sheela Mukhia got the rolling trophy for the Best Bed Side Nurse.

The other four Gorkhali Lieutenant's are:

Lt. Migma Sherpa and Lt. Prerna Aley from Darjeeling 
Lt. Indra Rai from Kalimpong and 
Lt. Sudipa Gurung from Mangpoo

"The DC team congratulates the six Gorkhali commissioned officers and applauds their success. Our women are no less than our men and these six newly Commissioned Officers have made Darjeeling, Dehradoon and the entire Gorkhali community proud." Writes  Darjeeling Chronicle

Source:  Darjeeling Chronicle

GJM met Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha in Dehradun

5:33 PM
Bimal Gurung Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) chief  met with the members of the Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha in Dehradun. This is the oldest non political Gorkha Social Organization in Dehradun which was started on 17th April 1938.The Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha has over twenty five thousand members spread out in forty shakhas (branches). 

Bimal Gurung Addressing the members of the Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha in Dehradun
GJM chief Bimal Gurung Addressing the members of the
Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha in Dehradun

In his speech, Bimal Gurung, stressed on the safeguard and protection of our Gorkha Culture and Tradition. The Government of India must ensure the safety and security of the Gorkhas living across India and a separate state for the Gorkhas would only fulfil the aspirations of the Gorkhas living in India.

The GJM has demanded Scheduled Tribe (ST) status for 10 Gorkha communities, namely Rai, Yakkha, Gurung, Bhujel, Newar, Jogi, Sunwar Mukhia, Mangar, Khas and Thami which will benefit these Gorkha communities throughout the country.
The issue of Domicile Certificate for the Gorkhas living in Uttarkhand will also be taken up by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha with the Government of India and the Government of Uttarkhand.

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