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Gorkha Students, JNU condemn racist assaults on Students from Sikkim in ITFT Chandigarh

5:29 PM
Condemn Brutal Racist assaults on Students from Sikkim for protesting against racist slurs

The students from Sikkim were brutally beaten with rods, bricks and hockey sticks by some students and hooligans from Himachal Pradesh in full public view. This is the second time that students from Sikkim studying at Institute of Technology and Future Trends (ITFT) had to face such brutal assaults. When students from Sikkim resisted continuous racial slurs passed against them, they were assaulted by students of Himachal Pradesh.

According to the representative of Sikkim Student’s Welfare Association of Chandigarh (SSWAC), when 30-40 Sikkimese students were returning back after college at around 5:10pm-5:20pm on 15th December, a huge number of miscreants stopped their bus at Khuda Ali Sher Bus stand and started pelting stones, bricks without any consideration for human lives.  The miscreants then used rods and sharp weapons to lash out on the students inflicting deep injuries. Almost all the students were severely injured and were later taken to hospital. Fearing for their lives several students were forced to flee the scene and are yet to be traced. The violent attack on Wednesday directed towards the students of Sikkim by students belonging to Himachal Pradesh (HP) could have been averted, provided the college authorities and the police could have taken prompt actions and dealt with the matter seriously during the first incident. It was confirmed by the police that racial remarks passed by the students from HP were the prime cause that led to the first clash on December 8 2015, a precursor to the current incident. The police have nabbed 10 students — Ajay Kumar, Sunny Thakur, Manu Thakur, Vishal, Anil, Rohit, Pardeep, Vijay, Sandeep and Gurjant — for rioting and wrongful restraint, and sent them to judicial custody. But more are yet to be arrested and are still at large.
 Gorkha Students, JNU condemn racist assaults on Students from Sikkim in ITFT
Some  Pics from the incident
This is not a new event that has taken place against students from the Northeast. The students of Sikkim have been harassed in all possible ways and local thugs have made it a point to fuel the fire even more. Only a few days back a video came to lime light, circulated via social media which portrayed merciless beating of students of Sikkim at the hands of some students from HP with the help of local goons. Following the first incident the SSWAC representative had even made an appeal in written naming some of the perpetrator to the head of the ITFT institute. However the head who has to look after the well being of all students irrespective of any social denominations scornfully directed the complainant to take the fight outside the premise of the institute. No prompt actions were taken against the students as such which emboldened them to stage the recent attack. The security and safety of Sikkim students studying at such prestigious institute as ITFT is once again compromised and open for the taking.

We condemn this continues harassment and dehumanisation on basis of race in strongest possible words and appeal to all progressive democratic forces to raise their voice against such incidents. We extend our solidarity with students of Sikkim. We demand that government should immediately come out of denial mode and enact anti-racial law to punish the perpetrators of such hate crime without any delay. We believe only the unity among the all oppressed and uncompromising fight can eradicate this social affliction.

Gorkha Students, JNU

Bloodshed attack on ITFT Sikkim students at Chandigarh

8:57 AM

16 Dec, Gangtok  : A fresh report of brutal bloodshed attack on several Sikkim students studying in ITFT College at  Chandigarh is reported. According to the Sikkim student’s representative from Chandigarh (Sikkim Student’s Welfare Association of Chandigarh) told that while more then 30-40 Sikkim students were returning back to room from college around 5:10 – 5:20 PM in evening of 15 Dec massive numbers of miscreants stopped bus at Khuda Ali Sher Bus Stand and started throwing stones, bricks on Sikkim students. The miscreants even used sharp weapon and rods to causing deep injuries to several students in the bus. More than 30 students got severely injured who are being taken to hospital and other students who flee are yet to be traced, as they also faced severe attacks. We are trying to communicate those missing students also said Sikkim student’s representative.

Intervening night Sikkim Student’s Welfare Association of Chandigarh has lodged FIR against the culprits at Sector 11 Police Station.

Following the matter, media associate Veergorkha of Himachal when contacted SHO Sector 11 Narendra Singh, SHO told media associate “There is nothing to panic or get frightened, , we are here. The brawl of today is connected to an unresolved dispute that arose some day back in ITFT college. Since incident has taken place within the purview of Punjab inside their border, it do not fall under our jurisdiction ; however, we have registered FIR against the culprits and we shall arrest them. Few students have suffered injuries after medical examination and treatment have sent them to their dwelling. We have taken up this matter very seriously.

The cause of the incident as narrated by Sikkim Student’s Welfare Association General Secretary Sujendra Rai, told that few days back the some group purportedly circulated a video containing beating Sikkim students mercilessly, the video was created to spark agitation once again by those group of Himachal students. We even wrote complaint letter naming some students associated with circulating of video to the Principal in that regard unfortunately he also took no interest for our safety or serious note of the matter. Principal directed us to fight outside college gate not within campus area. That which has now made every Sikkim students unsafe here, we immediately need Sikkim Government to take up this matter for safety of our students studying in Chandigarh.

Source: voiceofsikkim

Media In-Charge of ‪Northeast‬ Support Center Brutally Beaten Up in‪ Gurgaon

9:03 AM

The Media In-charge of Northeast Support Centre & Helpline Mr. Bruce Thangkhal was brutally beaten up by drunk local goons in Gurgaon last night.

Mr. Dilip Kumar, a Gorkha Youth and Students' Association volunteer based in Gurgaon, originally from Manipur, who had rushed to help Mr. Thangkhal, stated, "He was attacked by three goons at Chakkapur, they were with laathis at hand. They were drunk and were hurling abusive words. A girl saw the incident and when she came to his rescue, she was pushed back and was not allowed to reach to the victim... by then crowd had gathered, but nobody came forward to help."

Thankfully for Mr. Thangkhal, a few more northeast girl came forward to help the victim, however adds Dilip, "The shopkeepers were just mere spectator and did not help identify the miscreants".

Mr. Thangkhal was rushed to Uma Sanjeevni Hospital in Gurgaon where doctor administered first aid. He was then sent to Modern Diagnostic and Research Centre in Gurgaon for CT scan. His condition will be closely monitored for next 24 Hrs

All sections of Northeast community have condemned this attack and the Delhi Police for Northeast Folks Chief Mr. Robin Hibu has called for strict and immediate actions against the culprits. However, till the writing of this report, no one had been arrested.

Mr. Thangkhal has actively helped and supported all the people of Northeast irrespective of their state of origin, and has selflessly worked towards strengthening the communal bond between the people of Northeast and Delhi.

We strongly condemn this heinous crime and pray for early recovery of Mr. Thangkhal.

Via TheDC

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