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GTA up against Scrub Typhus, holds awareness programme in kurseong

10:28 AM
It may have taken some time, but the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) now seems to be taking an initiative on the fatal ailment called ‘Scrub Typhus’.

GTA Sabha member Yogendra Rai from Kurseong on Sunday held a press conference at the multipurpose hall of the Kurseong SD hospital to raise general awareness on the issue with help from experts in the field. Dr. AK Barui, an expert on Scrub Typhus, described various aspects of the sickness and said it is very easy to treat an infected person if ST is detected at an early stage. If a person complains of fever along with severe headache, he can be suspected of being infected. As per Barui, ST has not been diagnosed by blood tests, hence its treatment is done by taking note of the above symptoms including a black mark on the suspect’s skin called ‘eschar’ that is caused by the bite of the mite.

He added fever and headache are also associated with other illnesses such as typhoid and sometimes it becomes very difficult to find out whether a suspect is really suffering from Scrub Typhus. In such cases, treatment of the typhoid along with scrub typhus medication is subscribed simultaneously so that both get treated. Barui said ST in its early stage can be cured by Azithromycin, a medicine that costs only a few rupees. Instead of panicking, one must rather remain aware and in case of fever along with headache, the nearest health centres and medical officers should be contacted.

Meanwhile, the GTA sabhasad said once the pujas end, awareness programmes in rural and urban areas will be held with the support of NGOs and panchayat and municipal bodies. The Scrub Typhus disease is easily treatable, but lack of awareness among the people is the root of the problem, noted Rai. He added the advice given by doctors should be adhered to and hygiene maintained at home.

Scrub Typhus was first discovered in some areas of the hills a decade ago, but perhaps lack of proper awareness is still taking its toll on human life from time to time.

Source: EOI

Bishal Khambu Rai died due to 'Scrub Typhus.'

10:20 AM
Kurseong: Bishal Khambu Rai,General Secretary of KKRSS Central Committee and one of the eminent Khambu Rights Movement youth leader,a social worker and a teacher, died On 25th September evening at around 5:30 due to Scrub Typhus. It was learnt that four days ago he had been admitted at a nursing home in Siliguri due to severe headache and sickness. Only yesterday he was shifted to another nursing home in the ICU unit.
Bishal Khambu Rai died due to 'Scrub Typhus.'
Bishal Khambu Rai died due to 'Scrub Typhus.'
The cause of the death of 36 years old youth leader has been said to be a bite by a microscopic insect which is also called Scrub Typhus. The insect is said to be found among mice.

Rickettsia tsutsugamushi, a tiny parasite
Rickettsia tsutsugamushi, a tiny parasite
What Is Scrub Typhus?Scrub typhus is an infectious disease that is transmitted to humans from field mice and rats through the bite of mites that live on the animals. The main symptoms of the disease are fever, a wound at the site of the bite, a spotted rash on the trunk, and swelling of the lymph glands.

Scrub typhus is caused by Rickettsia tsutsugamushi, a tiny parasite about the size of bacteria that belongs to the family Rickettsiaceae. Under the microscope, rickettsiae are either rod-like (bacilli) or spherical (cocci) in shape. Because they are intracellular parasites, they can live only within the cells of other animals.

Scrub Typhus in the hills
So far this year alone, 16 cases of "Scrub Typhus" have been reported from Mirik Hospital. Other such cases have been reported from various hospitals and clinics all over Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong.

If this disease is ignored for long, then it can cause death.

Hill organizations and individuals including the GJMM and the GTA chief, Bimal Gurung has also paid condolence and expressed grief following the sudden demise youth leader Bishal Rai.

Darjeeling district hospital set up a committee for maternity death issue

10:42 AM
Authorities at the Darjeeling district hospital have decided to set up a committee to inquire into the death of a woman following the birth of her child after her family members lodged a complaint with the chief medical officer of health against a doctor and the nurses on duty.
Darjeeling district hospital set up a committee for maternity death issue
The Darjeeling district hospital.

Peshok tea estate resident Sumita Rai (29) was admitted at the district hospital on August 30 with labour pain. On the night of September 1, she complained of extreme pain and went into labour. Her family members alleged the nurses on duty refused to attend to her saying the pain was normal in such circumstances.

According to Sumita’s sister-in-law Sangita Tamang, who was attending on her since admission, it took a call from the doctor for the nurses to get into action. Around 7:25am on September 2, Sumita gave birth to a girl child, but half an hour later the mother was declared as dead by the nurses. The newborn though, is in good health and is in the care of her father and relatives.

Sangita alleged it was the callousness of the nurses on duty and negligence of the doctor that caused Sumita’s demise. “Sumita complained of extreme labour pain on the evening of September 1. I rushed to the nurses’ cabin, but I was told the time for delivery had not approached yet. However, unable to bear my sister-in-law’s condition, I went to the nurses’ room again, but found the door bolted from inside,” alleged Sangita.

This prompted Sangita to summon her relatives and ask them to contact the doctor who was treating the patient. “It was around one o’clock in the morning when the nurses attended on my sister-in-law after a relative of ours called the doctor. By then I had already taken my sister-in-law to the labour room,” said Sangita. She added, “I was reprimanded by the nurses every time I requested them to check my sister-in-law’s condition. Around 7:00 in the morning, Sumita was taken inside the labour room where she delivered the child. But half an hour later, the nurses said my sister-in-law was no more.”

CMOH Asit Kumar Biswas today confirmed of receiving a complaint against the concerned doctor and nurses and promised to set up an inquiry committee to investigate the incident. “The husband of the deceased has filed a complaint alleging negligence in treatment and misconduct by the nurses on duty. I have asked the hospital superintendent to submit a report by Friday morning following which we will form a three-member committee to inquire into the allegation,” said Biswas.

According to the CMOH, the District Maternity Child Health Officer (DMCHO) will head the inquiry committee that will focus on three aspects: what transpired exactly; whether there was any negligence and who was responsible for it; and how best to avert such incidents in future.

“It is important to know the facts after taking into account the versions of all parties involved. In any case, we will take strict action on the guilty based on the findings of the inquiry committee,” assured Biswas.

The CMOH said remedial measures could include a show-cause notice to the doctor and the nurses and even transfers.

Meanwhile, Samir Sharma, the doctor who was treating Sumita, refused to comment on the allegations against him when contacted. The nurses who were on duty that day could not be contacted either.

Source: EOI

Super-specialty hospital in Kurseong worth Rs80 crore, construction to begin soon

11:58 AM
Kurseong: The construction work for a super-specialty hospital is likely to soon start at the premises of the SB Dey TB Sanatorium in Kurseong at an estimated cost of Rs80 crore.

Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) executive member Anit Thapa said the building work could begin within a day or two. GTA chief Bimal Gurung and government officials including a team of architects visited the SB Dey TB Sanatorium on Tuesday where the super-specialty healthcare facility is to come up. Discussions were also held for starting several development projects in the Kurseong sub-division, informed Thapa.

He said the super-specialty hospital had been originally planned at the INS Bus Terminus area and the foundation stone had also been laid on February 20. However, due to various reasons, the site had to be relocated to the SB Dey TB Sanatorium.

The sanatorium area has already been earmarked for the establishment of a medical college when the GTA agreement was signed in 2011. As plenty of vacant land still remains there, the super-specialty hospital will come up along with the medical college.

The SB Dey Sanatorium is spread across 33 acres and has 301 beds, but only a handful of patients come seeking treatment from tuberculosis. It was built in 1936 by SB Dey, a noted social worker, in his personal property. The sanatorium was handed over to the state government in 1975. Previously, the sanatorium also used to house a 50-bed hospital for railway employees.

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Free eye check-up camp in Kalimpong

10:45 AM
Mangal Dham Yuva Sung and Lions Club Eye Hospital, SIliguri jointly organised a free eye check-up camp today at Mangal Dham in Kalimpong. Around 180 people hailing from various areas of the town showed up for free eye check-up. 

Free eye check-up camp in Kalimpong
Free eye check-up camp in Kalimpong
Dr Kritika Munda, the eye-specialist from Lions Club Eye Hospital, conducted the camp and detected six people with immediate need of eye-operation, which shall be done for free by the hospital in Siliguri. Saroj Chettri, the representative of Yuva Sung while giving information on today’s free eye check-up camp also expressed the organisation’s desire to bring about a better medical facility for the underprivileged people of Kalimpong in the near future. 

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Encephalitis awareness programme in Kalimpong

9:20 PM
Kalimpong: Amidst Encephalitis deaths Kalimpong have come up with an awareness programme on Encephalitis from 7th to14th August in Town Office of Jan Sarokar n KTV Dambar Chowk Kalimpong at  at 2pm.

 "ENCEPHALITIS" is one of the most dreadful disease taking several life today. So to discuss about the disease in detail, the joint venture of HIMALAYA DARPAN Kalimpong, KTV, JANSAROKAR and NEOTIA HEALTH CARE CENTRE is organizing a conversation with DR.PRINCE PAREKH (Child critical Care Specialist), DR.JAYDEEP DEY (Neurologist) of Neotia n other Doctors of Kalimpong. Every interested individual who are eager to know the details are heartily welcome. The programme will also be live telecast through KALIMPONG TELEVISION NETWORK for the benefit of the people.

Drishti Episode
Encephalitis awareness programme in Kalimpong
Event Details:
Date : 7th Aug 14
Venue:Town Office of Jan Sarokar n KTV Dambar Chowk Kalimpong
TIME : Sharp at 2pm..
Ajay Agarwal,
Ph no-9832094610

Source Drishti Episode Facebook

New disease named Scrub Typhus in Mirik

10:27 AM
Amidst rising scare of encephalitis across North Bengal, a new type of disease named Scrub Typhus has gripped Mirik following a reported infection on an adult man. The disease can even kill if not cured on time. CB Rai (49) from Malikthung Chota Kothi was admitted to Mirik hospital today with the disease.
A Scrub Tifus patient at Mirik Hospital.
A Scrub Typhus patient at Mirik Hospital.

Scrub Typhus initially starts with severe itching and then develops into a wound in the second phase, causing immense pain and fever. The disease, if not taken care on time with proper medical intervention, can kill a person. It is spread by touching or coming in contact with dead and rotten wooden planks near a person’s house or in forest, while it also has the tendency to spread through cats and mouse.


106 Japanese Encephalitis (JE) deaths in North Bengal Siliguri

10:49 AM
July 22: One patient who had tested positive for Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and three with symptoms of the disease died in the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital in Siliguri in the past 24 hours, taking the death toll across the region to 106 since January.
106 Japanese Encephalitis (JE) deaths in North Bengal Siliguri
The leader of the Opposition, Surjya Kanta Mishra,
 at NBMCH in Siliguri on Tuesday. Picture by Kundan Yolmo

Since July 6, over 50 people have died in north Bengal’s biggest government hospital, of which 22 were confirmed patients of Japanese Encephalitis.

According to hospital sources, most of the patients were from Jalpaiguri district, but some had also come from treatment from the Darjeeling hills as well as neighbouring Bihar. The hospital was unable to give a precise break-up on where patients had come from.

“One person who had tested positive for Japanese Encephalitis and three others suspected to be suffering from the disease died at NBMCH in the past 24 hours,” said hospital superintendent Amarendranath Sarkar.

At present, 40 patients, among them seven children, are under treatment at the medical college with symptoms of the disease. “At least seven of them are in critical condition and three are on life support,” Sarkar said.

Two of the patients who died today were 57 years old and the two others were in their forties.

Manish Kakkar, a microbiologist and faculty member at the Public Health Foundation of India, said: “In northeastern India, a large proportion of JE patients are adults. This has been observed in the last few years.”

While Bengal is among states where the disease has been circulating over the past several years, public health experts are concerned about the emergence of a strain of the virus called genotype-1 in Bengal and other states.

The earlier strain of the virus circulating in JE-affected districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal was genotype-3. But the genotype-1 strain appears to have emerged the dominant strain.

“The emergence of this new strain raises issues of whether the currently-used JE vaccine is effective against genotype-1,” said Kakkar. All current vaccines against JE are based on genotype-3 strains.

JE outbreaks have claimed thousands of lives across India’s eastern states over the past decade. In 2006, the Union health ministry introduced a Chinese-made vaccine against JE, but encephalitis cases have continued, virtually unabated.

While JE is caused by a virus spread through mosquito bites, scientists with the National Institute of Virology, Pune, have in recent years also detected evidence of water-borne enteroviruses that can also cause encephalitis.

Public health specialists have in the past expressed concern that India’s poor health surveillance network and its inability to detect early warning signs of impending outbreaks are allowing infections to flare into outbreaks.

Yesterday, Biswaranjan Satpathy, the state director of health services, had said 102 people with Japanese Encephalitis symptoms had died in north Bengal since January. Of them, 21 were diagnosed with Japanese Encephalitis. With the deaths today, the overall toll climbed to 106, and the number of confirmed Japanese Encephalitis deaths to 22.

Today, an expert from the Pune-based National Institute of Virology arrived in Siliguri to take test samples from patients suspected to be suffering from JE.

“We will collect samples, visit some of the affected areas and talk to officials and doctors on the encephalitis outbreak. Various tests will be conducted on the samples and then. We will submit our report,” said B.V. Tandale, a scientist from the epidemiology department of the NIV.

He was accompanied by Rahul Jagtap, a technician at the Pune institute.

Hospital superintendent Sarkar said health authorities in all seven districts of north Bengal have been instructed to start awareness drives on preventive measures, particularly in rural and remote areas. “In most of the cases, patients have been late in starting medication, which is one of the reasons for the deaths,” he said.

Source: Telegraph

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