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Darjeeling Everest girls back, Receive grand welcome

Writes: Prashant Acharya

Siliguri Darjeeling 15 Jun 2016 "The inspiration from the people of Darjeeling and the entire nation motivated us to conquer the world's highest peak," said Sulakchana Tamang and Trishala Gurung, the two college-going girls from Darjeeling, as they disembarked at Bagdogra airport this afternoon from Delhi. Tamang and Gurung were part of a 11-member NCC all-girls team who successfully scaled Everest last month.

At Bagdogra airport, they walked into a grand reception from well-wishers, family and the media, and the welcoming continued all the way up to Darjeeling where social organisations, educational institutions and enthusiasts had gathered in several places.
Darjeeling Everest girls Suloxchana Tamang and Trishala Gurung back, Receive grand welcome
Darjeeling Everest girls Suloxchana Tamang and Trishala Gurung back, Receive grand welcome
Speaking to this correspondent, Trishala, a student of Southfield College, said she nearly gave up hope when the summit was barely 10 minutes ahead. But thoughts of her family and well-wishers back home prodded her forward despite severe pain in the legs, hunger and drowsiness. She said, "We were walking 7-10 hours each day without proper sleep and food and in very low oxygen supply.

I cried in pain, but our Sherpa guides encouraged us. A minute's walk seemed like an hour's journey for me. But I did not give up and succeeded in reaching the summit."

Her advice to the youths, especially girls, is to always think positive and never give up one's dreams. "Women should never underestimate themselves and never fear of dreaming positive in life."

Trishala started from base camp on May 19 and summitted Everest on the morning of May 22, while Sulakchana started a day earlier and scaled the peak on May 21.

Sulakchana, a student of Ghoom Degree College, was excited when she arrived at Bagdogra airport. "I am proud to be a daughter of Darjeeling and India," she said.

Suvedar Major Birender Yadav of 1st Bengal NCC, Siliguri said the two were among 11 girls to be selected from across the country to scale Everest. Initially, 100 girls were selected and 40 were shortlisted after training at the HMI, Darjeeling. Finally, 10 girls were selected to undergo training at the Siachen Army Base Camp, he said.

Bimal Gurung Officials wrote the following .

हिमबाघ तेञ्जिङ शेर्पाले सुनौलो अक्षरले कोरिराखेको सगरमाथा आरोहणको गौरवमय इतिहासलाई कायम राख्दै सगरमाथा आरोहण गर्ने दार्जीलिङ पहाड़का दुईजना चेलीहरू क्रमैले सुश्री त्रिशला गुरूङ अनि सुश्री सुलक्षणा तामाङलाई समग्र पहाड़वासीको पक्षबाट जीटीएले आज गोरखा रङ्गमञ्च भवनमा भव्य स्वागत जनायो। सगरमाथा आरोहण गरेर आजमात्र आफ्नो थलो दार्जीलिङ आइपुगेका यी दुई चेलीलाई स्वागत गर्न म स्वयँ पनि गोरखा रङ्गमञ्च भवनमा उपस्थित रहेको थिए।

पहाड़को भीर-पहराहरूमा फुल्ने गोरखे जाति कहिल्यै पनि हार मान्न नजाने वीर अनि साहसी जाति हो। कलिलो उमेरमै सगरमाथा आरोहण गरेर यसको ज्वलन्त उदाहरण प्रस्तुत गर्ने यी दुई गोरखे गौरवहरूलाई गोरखाल्याण्ड क्षेत्रीय प्रशासनले आगामी स्वतन्त्र दिवस समारोहको अवसरमा भव्य नागरिक सम्मान पनि प्रदान गर्नेछन्। यी दुवै चेलीहरूको उपलब्धिले पहाड़लाई गौरवान्वित तुल्याएको छ। उनीहरूको उक्त महत उपलब्धिदेखि म अति खुशी छु। दुवै गोरखे चेलीलाई बधाई-शुभकामनासहित उज्वल भविष्यको कामना पनि गर्दछु।

[Via: ECOI]

HMI Darjeeling not to shift Tenzing Norgay Sherpa's statue

11:37 AM
The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) in Darjeeling has decided against shifting the statue of mountaineering legend Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from its existing location after a prolonged discussion with members of the Sherpa community on Sunday.
HMI Darjeeling not to shift Tenzing Norgay Sherpa's statue
HMI Darjeeling not to shift Tenzing Norgay Sherpa's statue
To commemorate the achievement of being the first to summit Mount Everest on May 29, 1953, the HMI had installed the statue.  Tenzing Norgay’s friend and partner Sir Edmund Hillary had flown in from New Zealand and unveiled the statue on March 25, 1997 amidst much fanfare. In fact, after summiting Everest in 1953, the HMI was established and Tenzing Norgay was made the field director of training and also remained advisor to the institute till his death on May 9, 1986 in Darjeeling.

The statue is presently installed facing his “Samadhi” which is located in the upper section of the institute that also houses the museum containing mountaineering artifacts including pictures of
different Everesters and gears used to climb peaks.

After the meeting on Sunday, the institute’s principal Gulshan Chadha said, “It has been decided that we will not shift Tenzing Norgay’s statue from its existing location as wished by the Sherpa community. We must respect the sentiments attached with the legendary mountaineer”. He however asserted that as planned earlier a new three dimensional statue which would be installed soon. “We want a 3D typeof statue of the legend and we will install one for the benefit of the tourist visiting out institute. But, this will take some time now,” added Chadha.

The Sherpa community under the banner of Sherpa Buddhist Association (SBA) had vehemently protested against the institute’s move to shift Tenzing Norgay’s statue from its present location. They had held a demonstration in front of the institute and even threatened to close HMI.

Following the demonstration on February 16, the institute’s principal who then was out of station in a telephonic communication had called a meeting today to diffuse the situation.

Jamling Norgay Sherpa, the legendary mountaineer’s son, during the day expressed happiness with the institute’s decision. “There is lot of sentiments attached with my father’s statue. We had performed the bhoomi puja with 108 monks over three days and my father’s friend Hillary had
unveiled the statue. We are happy that the decision to shift the statue has been taken back and we thank the institute’s principal,” he said.

According to HMI officials the statue was being shifted because of an underground water reservoir below the statue. The reservoir is not in use but it had cracks had developed which was spreading to other places, increasing the risk factor to the institute.


HMI decision to shift the statue of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa hurt the Sherpas

10:55 AM
Vivek Chhetri

Darjeeling, Feb. 13: The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute's (HMI) decision to shift the statue of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from the current location on the campus mainly because cracks have developed in the surrounding areas has "sentiments" who said they were not informed about the move.
statue of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa
Statue of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa
The HMI is shifting the statue from the present location to a site about 20 feet away.

P.T. Shepra, vice-president of United Sherpa Association and also the general secretary of Sherpa Buddhist Association, said: "Tenzing Norgay Sherpa is our community's greatest hero. The sentiments of the entire community are attached to Tenzing Norgay and the HMI's decision to shift the statue without informing the community has hurt our sentiments."

Sherpa added that the HMI should have informed the community about the plan to relocate the statue.

Col. Gulshan Chadha, principal of the HMI, speaking over the phone from Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh, said he would invite the members of the community for a meeting on February 22 to address their grievances. He said the announcement to renovate the area was made during the 100th birth anniversary of Tenzing Norgay in Darjeeling last year.

The HMI principal said the statue was being shifted for a number of reasons. "Near the place where the statue presently stands lies an underground water reservoir. Even though it is not in use, we have found that cracks have developed in the surrounding areas. The HMI museum which was built at a cost of Rs 5 crore and has artefacts worth more than Rs 5,000 crore has tilted 12 degrees to the left. If we do not do anything, the entire HMI premises' safety will be at stake," said Chadha.

"Moreover, we are shifting the statue to such a place that a visitor can see the cemetery, statue and museum at one glance. At the present location of the statue, a person paying obeisance to Tenzing's cemetery will have his rear turned to the statue. According to the present plan, a person paying obeisance to the cemetery will also be facing the statue and the museum," said Chadha.


Tenzing Norgay remembered on100th Birthday and anniversary of Everest conquest

7:58 PM
HMI- Darjeeling - Tenzing Norgay, who redefined adventure in the Himalayas, was today fondly remembered on his 100th birth anniversary as well as his epoch making climb on the Mount Everest exactly on this day 61 years ago.

Tenzing Norgay remembered on100th Birth day and anniversary of Everest conquest - HMI Darjeeling
Tenzing Norgay remembered on100th Birth day and anniversary of Everest conquest - HMI Darjeeling
Very few people were as lucky as Sherpa Tenzing who celebrated his 39th birthday on a place where no man had stepped before him--the 8848 mt high Mt Everest--along with New Zealand's Sir Edmund Hillary, on this day (29th May) in 1953.

Exactly 61 years ago on this day Tenzing and Hillary made first successful ascent on Mt Everest at 11:30 AM.

Tenzing Norgay, previously known Namgyal Wangdi, was believed to be born on May 29, 2014.

Many admirers and adventure loving people even pitched for honouring Tenzing with Bharat Ratna posthumously for his trailblazing climb atop the world's roof.

The celebration, however, was a low key affair this time in the backdrop of fatal accident on Everest where sixteen Sherpa guides were killed and recent disappearance of Everester Chhanda Gayen and Dawa Wangchuk Sherpa on Mt. Kanchenjunga.

The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) here where Tenzing spent his remaining working days for promoting adventure among the youth, celebrated the day.

The East Zone Committee of Indian Mountaineering Federation (IMF) along with Press Club Kolkata decided to celebrate Tenzing's 100th birth anniversary at the premises of Press Club in the evening.

HMI's former deputy director Nima Tashi and ex medical officer of the same institute Bimal Ghosal, the two who had long association with Tenzing in HMI until his death, will grace the occasion.

Tenzing died in Darjeeling on May 9 in 1986.

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