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TMC's ‘show of strength’ in Mirik before Assembly election

11:24 AM

Darjeeling, 19 Jan 2016: Having managed to create a foothold in the hills, the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) now wants to test the waters ahead of the Assembly election and will be holding its first political seminar on Wednesday in Mirik.

To ensure an overwhelming turnout on the day, party heavyweights such as Diamond Harbour MP Abhishek Banerjee, chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s nephew, Arup Biswas, the minister in-charge of youth services and housing, and former India team football captain Bhaichung Bhutia, will be some of the prominent figures. The TMC has been politically active in the hills, but Wednesday’s programme has been organised strategically since the chief minister will be arriving for a three-day tour on Thursday. The seminar, set to be held atAaley ground, is also likely to pave the way for the TMC’s forthcoming activities in the hills.

TMC's first political seminar on Wednesday in Mirik
TMC (Hills) spokesperson Binny Sharma said: “This is the first time that the party is organising such a political seminar in the hills. It will be a big boost for our hill based leaders and activists. We have mobilised supporters from all the three sub-divisions of the hills. We expect the attendance to be anywhere between 9,000 and 10,000 people.” The Trinamool-led state government, and in particular, the chief minister with her development dollies and boards, has managed to ensnare sections of the hill population. This is in spite of the fact that the TMC is against the statehood demand and politics in the hills revolve around this deeply embedded sentiment. “During the seminar, we expect party leaders from Kolkata to lay out roadmaps and strategies for future activities in the hills,” said Sharma.

“And most importantly, the Assembly election is just around the corner and we want to ensure our party does well in the region.” As a strategic ploy, the Trinamool had fielded Bhutia from Darjeeling constituency in the last Lok Sabha election. But the ace footballer lost to BJP candidate S.S. Ahluwalia, who was supported by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha. But the equations are changing now with the GJM caught blinking when the state cabinet approved the formation of Kalimpong district and Mirik sub-division. In all likelihood, the TMC will capitalise on this development; hence the decision to hold the political seminar in Mirik.

Sharma said: “Besides political activities, we will also deliberate on the state government’s role in developing the hills. Kalimpong will be a district soon and Mirik a sub-division. We will have to focus on the development of Mirik to bring it in the
mainstream because the area has long remained neglected.” Discussions will also be held on the role and work taken up by the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration in developing the hills since its inception in August 2012. “The GTA was formed to develop the hills. The people should be made aware of what exactly it has done in the past three years,” said Sharma. The GJM has been accusing the state government of interference in the independent functioning of the GTA and its reluctance in transferring the departments to the hill body as noted in the GTA Memorandum of Agreement and Act.

Senior GJM leaders were not available for comment, but Arun Sigchi, the Sabhasad from Mirik-Soureni constituency, said, “The TMC, or for that matter, any party, can hold political programmes wherever they want in a democracy. However, the Trinamool’s claim of having established a solid base in the hills will have to be proved when they hold their seminar on Wednesday. We would like to see their supporters from the hills and not the plains.”

Source : EOIC

Darjeeling Trinamul district conference in Mirik

9:10 AM
Siliguri, Jan. 13: Darjeeling Trinamul leaders today said the party's district conference would be held at Mirik on January 20.

This would be the first time that the party would hold its district conference in the hills.

"It has been decided that our Darjeeling district conference will be held at Mirik on January 20. Senior state leaders and ministers would be present at the event, along with district and local leaders and workers," Nantu Paul, a vice-president of Darjeeling district Trinamul, said.

Ministers Gautam Deb and Arup Biswas and MP Abhishek Banerjee would attend the conference.

Last week, state education minister and Trinamul's secretary general Partha Chatterjee had hinted that the party was planning to organise a programme in the district.

A senior party leader in Siliguri said the state leadership was focusing on Mirik as it forms a considerable part of the Kurseong Assembly seat.

"The state had said that Mirik will be a subdivision in Darjeeling district, the same day the announcement of forming Kalimpong district was made. We would focus on garnering support while highlighting the upgrade of both Mirik and Kalimpong," he said.
Darjeeling Trinamul district conference in Mirik

A Trinamul district leader said: "Mirik block is politically significant. First, Panighata, the tea estate, was the first place for the party to step into the region in 2012. Second, during the Left rule, when the GNLF had a hold in the hills, Mirik, which was under Siliguri Assembly segment then, always voted for the Left and not for GNLF."

According to political observers, Trinamul has taken a "good strategy". "In Kalimpong, Trinamul is surely to ally with Harka Bahadur Chhetri. Also, the announcement of several development boards by the party has created some base for it in Kalimpong, not to mention the announcement of a separate district. The leaders seem to have sensed a favourable situation in Kalimpong," said an observer.

Source Telegraph

Locals initiative to clean Polluted and toxic Mirik Lake

9:28 AM

TIRED OF WAITING MIRIK RESIDENT START CLEANING THE LAKE - GTA Fisheries Dept, GTA Tourism Dept, Mirik Municipality, Mirik Block Development Office Turn Blind Eye

On 18th Dec 2012, Bimal Gurung had invited all the social leaders from Mirik to Lal Kothi in the presence of then GTA Tourism Secretary, Mr. Sonam Bhutia, to discuss the issue of cleaning up the Lake. Bimal Gurung had invited people to inform that the lake water has become toxic, so we have to empty the lake, clean it up, and properly sanitize the lake.

However, nothing happened.

Later a boat (rumoured to have cost 9 crores) was bought, and it was expected to clean up the lake. However, the boat is useless and hasn’t really cleaned the lake, even Bimal Gurung had then (in 2012) agreed that it wasn’t helping the lake.

Since 2012, December the lake has continued to become more and more polluted and  toxic. In fact, back in 2012 itself, after the boat wormers started to get sick a test was done and it was found that the lake had become 75% toxic. Imagine the toxicity level after 3 years.

Well if you are in Mirik, you won't have to imagine, juat walk upto the lake and you will see hundreds of dead fishes floating, and the entire lake region stinks. Now the fishes have started to turn up dead in large numbers. All the big fishes are dying. There is one particular point, near the bazaar – Home Dara, where most number of fishes have died.

Thana Line resident Mr, Suresh Rai was the 1st one to notice large number of fishes turning up dead, he was horrified and worried, so he wanted to clean up the lake region. He then went and talked to his friend Phupu Tshering Bhutia from Nigalay and within hours a few other youths Mr. Shankar Pradhan from Nigalay and Arbin Subba, Krishannagar had joined in and agreed to help clean the lake.

Yesterday the volunteers toiled for over 5 hours and took out a large number of dead fishes from the lake, the water is so toxic, that the portion of body of the volunteers dipped in water while cleaning up, have changed colours. They have become darker and brownish in colour,

Speaking to TheDC, one of the volunteers Mr. Phoobtshering Bhutia said, "Tired of waiting for the authorities to do something, we took the initiative today and took out the fishes. But what we took out is only 10% of the number of fishes that are lying dead... there are lots of dead fishes and we fear more may die... the concerned departments need to wake up and deal with this situation at the earliest, otherwise not just the lake will die, but it will cause diseases here and people may start dying."

Another volunteer Mr. Arbin Subba said, “how can anyone see all of this happening and remain oblivious to these issues? Last time the locals got together and build the garden, it got politicized and the locals had to stop. Now this we waited for over 3 years, and no one did anything. We are ready and willing to clean the lake ourselves, we have the capacity and capability to change our own place, if we can help people in Nepal after the earthquake, if we can help people after the landslides, then we can definitely clean up our own lake.”

Following our reporting in 2014-15 GTA has sanctioned a project of Rs 37 crores, meant for renovating the lake region entirely. However, there is no visible sign of change. Locals informed us that the contractor has employed only around 35 labourers to undertake the renovations. Which roughly translates to each labourer having to do over 1 crores worth of work.

This is not just impractical, but also insane.

Let us assume 37 workers have been employed, so each worker is expected to complete Rs 1 crores worth of work. Even if the material cost + transportation + engineering + contractual profit stands at is at 90% (accounting for 90 lakhs out of 1 crore), given the wages paid to the labourers @ Rs 200 per day and assuming that the labourers work every day (365 days a year), it will require each labourer to work everyday for 13 and a half years to finish the rest 10% (10 lakhs).

So despite the funds allocation, we are not sure why the contractor or GTA have not begun the work in all seriousness? Who is profiting from dirty, dab, and toxic Mirik lake region?

After the clean up, as the volunteers brough the dead fishes onshore, local Municipality Councillor – Bikram Golay from Kauley had come and proposed that they will bury the fishes, however, after we went to have our launch and come back on our way to Dsrjeeling, nothing had been done.

Such is the apathy and indifference of our politicians and administrators.

We however, deeply THANK ALL THE VOLUNTEERS... Who despite such a severe cold day drove in to clean our our beloved lake... we hope that GTA and local Municipal Authorities will kindly continue the giid work these volunteers have started and clean up the lake entirely.

Via TheDC

23 Years and counting , Drinking Water Project in ‎Mirik‬ Still Incomplete

12:48 PM
23 Years - 7 Months and 26 Days Later Drinking Water Project for ‪Mirik‬ Still Incomplete

It has been 23 years since the then Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council started to develop the erstwhile Rai Dhap as the drinking water source for Mirik. The DGHC does not exist any more, it has been 4 years since the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) took over the administration in our hills. BUT people in Mirik are still devoid of clean and safe drinking water.

The project was taken up by Manjushree Company and construction started from the beginning of May, 1992 but the work got stopped, without completion.

In 2010 the work was restarted by Surya India Pvt Ltd but and the work was supposed to be completed by 2012, but its past half-way into 2014 and the project is no where near completion.
In the past one year we have highlighted around 10 infrastructural deficiencies that is plaguing Mirik, but there has not even been a word of response from either Bimal Gurung, Mamata Banerjee SS Ahluwalia, representatives from Mirik Municipality or any other politician.
Incomplete Drinking Water Project in ‎Mirik
Incomplete Drinking Water Project in ‎Mirik
It is a shame that the politicians who are supposed to take care of our place and thump their chest citing our place, have not even bothered to come and check out the situation for themselves or at get their minions to inquire and get the work done.

Pic and report: TheDC team

Mirik Celebrates Sub-Division Announcement

12:58 PM
GJM cadres in Mirik celebrated the announcement of Mirik as a separate sub-division.
A statement released by Mirik GJM, reads, "Gorkha Janamukti Morchko long standing demand of creation of Mirik Sub-division and Kalimpong District have been declared by Govt. of West Bengal and the Gorkha Janamukti Morch supporters are celebrating in Mirik with Firecrackers."

They thanked all the the public who have supported the Demand, as in the case of Mirik Gorkha Janamukti Morcha have supported Mirik as a Sub-Division since the year 2008 .
GJM cadres in Mirik celebrated the announcement of Mirik as a separate sub-division.
GJM cadres in Mirik celebrated the announcement of Mirik as a separate sub-division.
The supporters of Gorkha Janamukti Morcha have thanked Shri Bimal Gurung, on his success of creating the same.

Via TheDC

Friends and Family Pay Their Last Respect to ASI Amod Gurung in ‪Mirik

5:30 AM

‬Friends and family from across Mirik region and Darjeeling assembled to pay their last respects to Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police Late. Amod Gurung.

The 40-year-old assistant sub-inspector of police in Darjeeling's Mirik who was assaulted on Ashtami evening by a group of drunken youths over a road rule violation died today.

ASI Amod Gurung and other on-duty policemen had stopped two motorbike-borne youths at Mirik Bazaar, 50km from Siliguri town, for speeding.

"Gurung spotted a two-wheeler moving at high speed and stopped it. There were two youths on the motorcycle. They were warned against rash driving and told to furnish the two-wheeler's documents," said Darjeeling police chief Amit P. Javalgi.

According to Javalgi, an SUV carrying seven other youths pulled over next to the motorcycle."They were all part of the same group. As the policemen asked for the papers of the two-wheeler again, the youths hurled bricks and stones at the assistant sub-inspector," he said.

As other policemen rushed to Gurung's rescue, the nine youths ran away, leaving the vehicles behind.

Gurung was taken to the block health centre in Mirik and later that night, shifted to a nursing home in Siliguri.

Javalgi said a case had been registered at Mirik police station and all seven youths who were in the SUV arrested. ‪Police‬ sources said they were yet to ascertain whether the accused youths had any political links.

The police across the state have come under attack several times in the past two years. On most occasions, they have been targeted allegedly by Trinamul members or by groups instigated by ruling party leaders.

At least two policemen have died at the hands of Trinamul activists and supporters since 2013. Calcutta police officer Tapas Chowdhury was shot dead during a clash in front of a Garden Reach college over student union elections in 2013.

Amit Chakrabarty, an officer posted in Birbhum's Dubrajpur, died last year after a bomb was hurled at policemen during a Trinamul faction clash.

Last year, the then officer in charge of Parui police station in Birbhum, Prosenjit Dutta, was seriously injured after bombs were hurled at his vehicle at Chowmandalpur village by suspected BJP activists. Earlier this year, a Trinamul leader in the same district was accused of slapping a sub-inspector when the officer objected to his misbehaviour inside a police station in Bolpur.

In April this year, alleged Trinamul-backed goons shot at a sub-inspector attached to Girish Park police station during the elections to the Calcutta Municipal Corporation.

[With inputs from: Telegraph, Pics: Madan Bal Tamang for TheDC]

Via TheDC

‎Mirik‬ ASI Amod Gurung Killed Following an Altercation

4:48 PM

Assistant Sub-Inspector of police Amod Gurung died, after battling for his life at a private hospital in Siliguri. He was beaten up by a group of hooligans at Mirik on Wednesday (Oct 21) night.

Officers at Mirik police station said that assistant sub-inspector Amod Gurung was on duty when he was attacked by a group of youths at Picture Hall area in Mirik around 8 pm Wednesday.

Police are yet to ascertain the exact reason behind the attack but initial reports say that Gurung, who was patrolling to ensure law and order during the festivities, had confronted the youths who were drinking openly and had parked their vehicles by blocking the road.

Peeved at this, the 8-10 youths beat up the policemen badly with belts, stones and lathis and then left him bleeding on the road. He was rescued by other policemen after local residents called up the Mirik police station. He was rushed to the private hospital in Siliguri on Wednesday night itself.

The injured policeman had been put on ventilator, he succumbed to his injuries yesterday.

Mirik residents have condemned the attack and have called for immediate arrest of the accused, they are also holding a candle light vigil tonight.

Via TheDC

Sairaj Khati Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa gets a Warm Welcome in Mirik

9:30 AM
Mirik lad Sairaj Khati on his two day visit to native place witnessed mammoth gathering Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa top 10 contestant,Sairaj khati has been on his two days visit to home Manju,Dara Gaon since yesterday. Sairaj's irresistible voice and amazing performance made him grab limelight among fan followers.

On his first day of the visit,Sairaj Bhai was invited and welcomed at Phuguri High School where he studied before leaving for Zee Bangla singing competition.All the teaching staffs,students and his well wishers were present there to honour him with khadas and warm hugs with zeal and enthusiasm.

Sairaj Khati Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa  gets a Warm Welcome in Mirik
Mirik Lad Sairaj Khati Gets a Warm Welcome in Town
Mirik Lad Sairaj Khati Gets a Warm Welcome in Town

Sairaj Khati Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
Sairaj Khati Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Meanwhile Soureni constituency GTA Sabhasad Arun Sigchi and the Various Artists Association of Mirik were also present to give him a bid welcome.

Photo - Yowan Gurung
Via - Voice of Mirik - VoM 
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