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Gorkha found murdered at Karong,Senapati Manipur

9:39 AM
Senapati Manipur, 11 Aug: In what could be termed as heinous crime, a Gorkha tenant from Kanglatongbi Mandir was found murdered this morning at a place near 3 Karong Villages Water Reservoirs, above Mao Karong, Senapati District Manipur.

The victim was identified as one Kumar Pokhrel, 35 years of age, s/o (L) Ram Chandra of Kanglatongbi Mandir and presently residing at Mao Karong for nearly two months. He was survived by his wife and one daughter.

The accused was identified as one K. Adahrii, aged about 49 years, s/o (L) Krehrii of Mao Karong Village. He is the present Chairman of Mao Karong village.

According to some villagers, the dead body was found only after the accused, who fled from the village after the incident, informed one of the villagers that he has committed the crime last night on suspicion of theft who has stolen a sum of Rs.79,000 from his house.
Gorkha found murdered at Karong,Senapati Manipur
Gorkha found murdered at Karong, Senapati Manipur
On hearing the news, Mao Karong villagers along with some Gorkha residents at Karong went out in search of the dead body and later found at the spot with some bruises on his legs. Villagers said that the victim must have succumbed to some internal injuries as no serious injury was found on his body except a small bruise on the left side of his forehead.

In this connection, elders and leaders of Mao Karong and Kanglatongbi Mandir including Senapati Gorkha Samaj brought about an amicable solution to the problem so as avoid unwanted consequences in future and decided not register the case at Police station, but settled the case according to customary law.

According to the case settlement, the accused has been fined a sum of Rs.4 lakhs as penalty for committing the crime and ex-communicated from the village.

The dead body was later taken to his native village for cremation this afternoon.

Via Herald Today

Meriya Subba from Sikkim wins Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2016

9:02 AM
Guwahati 19th June 2016 Gorkhas daughter Meriya Subba from Sikkim wins the 14th Edition of Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2016 powered by Mega Entertainment. Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2016 which was started on 20th May in Itanagar was concluded with Grand Finale on 19th June 2016 at ITA Cultural Complex, Machkowa, Guwahati withn the crowning of Meriya Priya Darshani Subba who was also the 2nd Runners-up in the Miss Sikkim Diva 2015. Miss Licha Thosum from Arunachal Pradesh was crowned the 1st Runners Up and Miss Soibam Kanchan from Manipur was crowned the 2nd Runners up.

18-year-old Meriya Subba was crowned by Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2015 Jessica Marbaniang in front of a packed audience. She is the second young woman from Sikkim to take home the Sunsilk Mega Miss North East crown. Meriya, whose parents are school teachers, said that she must thank the people of Northeast for the support and specially her family members who supported her throughout her life. "I owe my success to my parents and mentors. Special thanks to the panel of judges and Mega Entertainment, and especially Abhijit Singha, for crowning me Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2016. I am overwhelmed and can't express my happiness... this is a dream coming true for me," said Meriya after winning the title.
Meriya Subba was crowned by Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2015 Jessica Marbaniang
Meriya Subba was crowned by Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2015 Jessica Marbaniang 

14th Sunsilk Mega Miss North East was organized by Mega Entertainment, a fashion and pageant event organizer in the North East. Sunsilk Mega Miss North East is inspired by Designer/ Fashion Choreographer the powerhouse of fashion & pageant industry Abhijit Singha who is the founder proprietor of Mega Entertainment.
Gorkhas daughter Meriya Subba from Sikkim wins the 14th Edition of Sunsilk Mega Miss Northeast 2016 powered by Mega Entertainment.
Gorkhas daughter Meriya Subba from Sikkim wins the 14th Edition of Sunsilk
Mega Miss Northeast 2016 powered by Mega Entertainment.
Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2016 Prize Package Includes:

  • An opportunity to get featured in print & outdoor advertisement campaign of Sunsilk
  • To walk the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai for Reliance Trends
  • Shows with ICSI in South East Asian Countries
  • A Portfolio with leading fashion photographer Rahul Biswas
  • Public Relation & Reputation Consultancy for a year by Life’s Purple
  • Professional representation & travel opportunity for a year by Mega Entertainment
  • Cash prize Rs50,000/- will be given / claim the winning prize only after successfully completion of the reigning period as the Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2016 on the fulfillment of all the terms and conditions set by Mega Entertainment and till the time she crowns her successor at the conclusion of the pageant next year.
The organizers of the event, Mega Entertainment, had shortlisted 49 women, who vied for the coveted title of Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2016. The pageant is inspired by Designer/ Fashion Choreographer and the powerhouse of fashion & pageant industry Abhijit Singha.

Abhijit Singha, Founder of Mega Entertainment and Managing Director of Sunsilk Mega Miss North East, spoke during the crowning ceremony, "Through Sunsilk Mega Miss North East we look for a young and aspiring talent that is fit, intelligent and driven to be a role model - using her attributes to make a difference in the society. The pageant will not culminate with mere crowning of the winners. We also make it a mission to give them an international platform from where their dreams can take flight. Today's winner Meriya will walk for Reliance Trends at the Lakmé Fashion Week, which in itself is a dream-come-true for various well established models too. She will also get an opportunity to travel in the eight south Asian countries with ICSI and be a part of international shows."

The judges who sealed the fate of this year's winner included: Runner Up-Mega Mister North East 2009 and leading fashion designer from Shillong Arif Mukhim; Activation Manager for Hindustan Unilever brands Divya Ramakrishnan; Runner Up- Mega Miss North East 2013 and author of ‘Dear Bohemian Man' Subi Taba; marketing consultant and Brand Head at Kingfisher Naved Qureshi; and Entrepreneur and Hotelier Bobby Singh.

Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh statement on meeting with Dr Jitendra Singh

5:35 PM

With reference to the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh’s meeting with Dr Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for Development of Northeast Region (DONER), and the reports on the meeting as carried by various national newspapers, including The Hindustan Times of News Delhi, The Hindu of Chennai and The Tribune of Chandigarh, certain erroneous and mischievous views are being circulated regarding the objectives of the Parisangh’s meeting. We are clarifying some points here.

1. The granting of Schedule Tribe status is state-specific. (According to the Union Tribal Ministry website: “The list of Scheduled Tribes is State/UT specific and a community declared as a Scheduled Tribe in a State need not be so in another State/UT.” )

Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh logo
Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh logo
This clearly means that the demand for ST status in by the Sikkim Chief Minister and by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha will pertain only to Gorkhas in Sikkim and West Bengal, and will not automatically extend to Gorkhas living in other states of India. Therefore, to infer that Parisangh’s meeting with Dr Jitendra Singh jeopardizes the move to have ST status for Gorkhas across India ignores these constitutional provisions and is based on ill understanding of such provisions. Any suggestion that Parisangh is being used to throw a spanner in the demands arising out of Sikkim and Darjeeling is erroneous, malicious and ill-conceived.

2. The demand for OBC status for Gorkhas in the Northeast is entirely in the context of the Parisangh’s meeting with the DONER minister and not any other Union ministry. When ST status for Gorkhas in Northeast states was broached to the minister, Dr Jitendra Singh said there were pending issues about OBC status for Gorkhas in these states. The Parisangh said that the demand for OBC was an old one, and it wanted ST status for Gorkhas there. However, since the issues discussed pertained only to Gorkhas in the Northeast and not to Gorkhas in general across India, the Parisangh told the minister that it knew that because the entire Northeast region was a complex interplay of tribal affiliations, various state governments and the policymakers of the Northeast were reluctant to accord TRIBAL STATUS to Gorkhas. An example is Mizoram, where the Home Department has suggest OBC status for the Gorkhas, but the state cabinet has been reluctant to accord even OBC status, deciding instead to hold a new census of Gorkhas in the state. Since ST status may not be forthcoming for some time, the best alternative for Gorkhas to derive policy benefits in the region is through recognition as OBC.

3. Even OBC status is state-specific. Gorkhas, for instance, are OBCs in Uttarakhand but their OBC status does not confer similar status to Gorkhas in other Indian States nor to all Gorkhas at the Central level. The Parisangh, in its meeting with Dr Jitendra Singh, requested that he use his influence to have the Central Government extend the OBC status, in addition to ST/SC, given to Gorkhas in certain Northeast and other Indian states to the Central level, so that Gorkhas can still derive economic and development benefits of the Central Government.

4. The letter of the Parisangh, attached with this statement, to Union Tribal Welfare Minister Jual Oram clearly proves that the only pan-India social organization of the Gorkhas wants Scheduled Tribe status for all categories of Gorkhas across India. In fact, a resolution passed in the 3rd Mahaadhiveshan of the Parisangh in 2012 called for the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh to contact the authorities to confer special category statuses, including Schedule Tribes, Schedule Caste and OBC, wherever best applicable so that the Gorkhas are not left out of the development processes of the various states in which they are resident. The Parisangh is committed to ensuring that Gorkhas across India has access to whatever benefits the Constitution can accord under various provisions, whether they by ST, SC, OBC or other social categorizations.

5. It is a journalistic practice to contact the person/persons/organization about whom the journalist is writing something. When office bearers are unavailable to clarify points that may seem inadequate, the article normally mentions the fact that no one answered the journalist’s queries. It is, therefore, against journalistic practices to assume and infer malicious motives without having tried to ascertain the facts from the organization named. No one bothered to contact the Parisangh office bearers to seek their clarification, so the Parisangh rejects such articles as individual fantasies and biased opinions.

Sukhman Moktan
President, Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh.

Gorkha community has served the nation in difficult times: Dr Jitendra Singh

12:05 PM
Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Youth Affairs and Sports, MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances, Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh has said that the Gorkha community has served the nation in most difficult times, through thick and thin, and the stories of their bravery, valour and patriotism are an example for others.

Dr Jitendra Singh was speaking to a delegation of “Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangha”, a national organization of Gorkhas in India, who called on him here yesterday for redressal of their long pending issues and sought his intervention, particularly considering the fact that out of over one crore Gorkha population in whole of India today, the major portion of over 35 lakh lives in the North-Eastern region of the country.
Gorkha community has served the nation in difficult times: Dr Jitendra Singh
Dr Jitendra Singh Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region 
The delegation, led by its National President Shri S.M. Moktan, held a detailed meeting with Dr Jitendra Singh, wherein they brought up the issue of proper documents being provided to the members of the community to certify that they are permanent residents of the region. In the absence of such documents, they complained, they are sometimes seen as foreigners or illegal settlers or non-locals. In many States, they complained, that lack of such documentation has also deprived them from being enlisted in voters list.

Demanding OBC (Other Backward Class) status for Gorkha community, the members of the delegation requested for fair share in various incentives and avenues. They also urged that the Gorkhas living in the Northeast States may be involved in the development and economic activity in the region. The other demands put forward by the delegation included the request to include Gorkha language in the Eighth Schedule of Constitution and introduce Nepali language as a vernacular subject in schools and colleges.

Dr Jitendra Singh gave a patient hearing to the delegation. He said, the Ministry of DoNER recognizes their sensitivities and added that many of the demands put forward by them do not strictly pertain to his Ministry and therefore he will forward them to the concerned Departments and Ministries.

Prominent among the delegation members included Shri V.B. Thupu from Uttar Pradesh, Shri D.C. Poudiyal and Shri P.P. Pradhan from West Bengal, Shri Guman Bhoj Limbo from New Delhi, Shri Jagannath Koirala from Meghalaya and Shri Bhupendra Adhikari from Uttarakhand.

Press Information Bureau Government of India Ministry for Development of North-East Region

Gorkhas Daughter wins Gold and Bronze in International Taekwondo Championship

11:07 AM
Gorkhas Daughter Sushila Sonar from Northeast India Arunachal Pradesh, who is a 4th Dan Black Belt, represented India in the above 76 kg category and has won Gold and Bronze medal in  2nd International Taekwondo championship 2016 which was held in Bhutan. Sushila Sonar won one gold and one bronze medal in Kyorugi in senior girls above 76 kg category and in Poomsae in U-39 year category.

In the event, Indian contingent comprised of 23 members. The International event was organized by Bhutan Taekwondo Federation and was sanctioned by World Taekwondo Federation.

You make our Indian Gorkha community, Northeast and country as a whole very proud!!!

Avinash Chettri - first cadet from the North East to win President’s Gold Medal

8:18 PM
Proud moment for us, the Indian Gorkha Community,  for the first time in the history of National Defence Academy (NDA), a Gorkha cadet from the North East has won the President’s Gold Medal for standing first in the overall order of merit and commanded the passing out parade (POP).

It was a proud occasion for Academy Cadet Captain Avinash Chhetry who is from Tezpur, Assam where he has witnessed the Army’s presence and their actions right from his childhood. The son of a paramilitary officer, he dreamt of joining the Indian Army since he was a child. He completed his schooling from the prestigious Rashtriya Indian Military School (RIMC), Dehradun before getting into NDA.

 Avinash Chettri - first cadet from the North East to win President’s Gold Medal
 Avinash Chettri - first cadet from the North East to win President’s Gold Medal
Speaking to Sakal Times, an elated Chhetry, said, “It is a proud moment for me and my parents as I have become the first cadet who has commanded the POP and won the gold medal. Since I have completed my studies in a military school, it was not that difficult for me to adjust to life at the academy.” Chhetry said that he would like to join either the Gorkha Rifles or Special Forces of the Indian Army as he wants to engage himself into combat roles in the future. According to Chhetry, the situation in the North East region has now much improved than it was in the past. Upon being asked whether he would like to lead an Army unit in his home state Assam, Chhetry quipped, “Why not?”


Uttarakhand Gorkhas have a choice BY Brig C S Thapa (Veteran)

5:07 PM
16 April 2016 The recent political turmoil in the state of Uttarakhand is unfortunate but opens a whole lot of opportunities.   A section of Gorkhas declaring support to the Congress may be a little premature. A couple of things have happened and the Gorkha community needs to wait and watch before deciding on what to do. The situation is very fluid and everything depends upon the judiciary and the decision to be given by the esteemed courts. Some things that are imminent, that President Rule will stay and the political class will have to come back to the kingmaker of the day, the people, that means the state will only get stable after elections. With elections due next year, the judicial judgment awaited, it becomes difficult to state any thing for sure. A few trends.

The people of the state have seen the video and seeing believes which clearly shows how deep the political rot is and linked all the way up. They see both the national parties deeply corrupt and have lost faith in a lot of leaders, how will the people deal with these leaders once they come back to the masses is yet to play out.
 Uttarakhand Gorkhas
 Uttarakhand Gorkhas
The rebels cannot or may not be accommodated in other parties. There are many waiting aspirants for a ticket who have toiled hard for the party, thus the rebels will have to chart their own destinies, by accommodating them more rebels will be created, or they the rebels if they stay with one of the two parties have to cool their heels.

If the President Rule delivers more than any government than a lot of politicians will be discredited. Currently all payments have been cleared, a new liquor policy may emerge, and a lot of revenue has been collected from mining. People are asking why did this not happen for the last sixteen years?  A longer full six months President rule with good results is an indicator for a viable third front.

A very vibrant space has been created for the third front and Gorkhas need to see this option also. The two major national parties currently in power where not very active during the struggle for the state and watched the proceeding from a distance, one of them created the state when it suited them.   It was the Uttarakahnd Kranti Dal (UKD), which was the mainstay for the struggle regarding creation of the state. There was another very active section and that was the ladies who contributed mainly to the struggle for the creation of the state.  Thus today the two main stays for the creation of the state have been sidelined and possibly the people are now paying the price. The human developments indices are very poor in the state.  Gorkhas can form the much needed cutting edge of the third front if such an option emerges.  Gorkhas also have good bargaining chips with the main line political parties. The community needs to stand united.

Political analyst the world over will agree that the ideal combination for any mature democracy is having two parties. In the state currently there are two main national parties and only seventy elected MLA. Yet in sixteen years the state has seen eight CM and the nineth CM waiting in the wings, where is development?  Two parties with a small legislature is an ideal situation for good governance yet the state has seen the worst governance and is in the news for all the wrong reasons on account of the lust for power of its political class.

The people of the state voted for a political party and gave it majority. President rule implies breakdown of democracy and work to be done by bureaucracy.  Democracy does not function through bureaucracy or political games it works with rules of the same, and let there be a floor test. There is another school that believes that Presidents rule will allow better work to progress, as now the bureaucracy will not have to answer to any one and function smoothly. Well good luck to all, it implies that we vote politicians to create hurdles?

A question needs to be asked who has benefitted the most since the creation of the state. It is the political class, followed by the mafia, than the contractors and lastly the corrupt officials.  The people of the state are paid lip service, and have not benefitted at all.

Human memory is short and we Indians are very forgiving people. Within a few days it will be back to business.  It’s time we thought about the legacy we our generation is going to hand over to the next generation. Are we going to hand over a nation where might and money power is right, the choice is ours?  As far as the Gorkha community is concerned we need to stand united, the solution will emerge thereafter only.

Brig C S Thapa writes for various newspapers and magazines and can be reached at

Via The Gorkhas

Sikkim Woman Raped in‪ Delhi-based NGO‬, 2 Arrested

9:22 AM
A 21-year-old woman from Sikkim has alleged that she was raped and assaulted by her former employer and a colleague in a south Delhi-based NGO, following which the two accused have been arrested, police said on Monday.

In her complaint, the woman told the police that she used to raise funds for the NGO and her job required travelling to Chandigarh, Shimla, Dehradun, and other places, and it was during one of those trips that one of the accused allegedly physically assaulted her.

The woman further alleged that she was raped by one of the accused while the other person filmed the act. The woman also alleged that the founder "headed NGOs by different names" and would bring girls from north-east on the pretext of providing them jobs and in turn "sexually abused" them, a senior Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) official said.
Sikkim Woman Raped in‪ Delhi-based NGO

"The Commission taking a strong cognisance of the complaint immediately took up the case with the police officials and an FIR was registered at the Hauz Khas Police Station," the official said.

Police said that the woman had come to Delhi around a year ago. She said that she was brought here by the NGO and she quit her job in December after the alleged sexual assault. She approached DCW around a week ago, following which they approached the police.

Source: PTI

Bloodshed attack on ITFT Sikkim students at Chandigarh

8:57 AM

16 Dec, Gangtok  : A fresh report of brutal bloodshed attack on several Sikkim students studying in ITFT College at  Chandigarh is reported. According to the Sikkim student’s representative from Chandigarh (Sikkim Student’s Welfare Association of Chandigarh) told that while more then 30-40 Sikkim students were returning back to room from college around 5:10 – 5:20 PM in evening of 15 Dec massive numbers of miscreants stopped bus at Khuda Ali Sher Bus Stand and started throwing stones, bricks on Sikkim students. The miscreants even used sharp weapon and rods to causing deep injuries to several students in the bus. More than 30 students got severely injured who are being taken to hospital and other students who flee are yet to be traced, as they also faced severe attacks. We are trying to communicate those missing students also said Sikkim student’s representative.

Intervening night Sikkim Student’s Welfare Association of Chandigarh has lodged FIR against the culprits at Sector 11 Police Station.

Following the matter, media associate Veergorkha of Himachal when contacted SHO Sector 11 Narendra Singh, SHO told media associate “There is nothing to panic or get frightened, , we are here. The brawl of today is connected to an unresolved dispute that arose some day back in ITFT college. Since incident has taken place within the purview of Punjab inside their border, it do not fall under our jurisdiction ; however, we have registered FIR against the culprits and we shall arrest them. Few students have suffered injuries after medical examination and treatment have sent them to their dwelling. We have taken up this matter very seriously.

The cause of the incident as narrated by Sikkim Student’s Welfare Association General Secretary Sujendra Rai, told that few days back the some group purportedly circulated a video containing beating Sikkim students mercilessly, the video was created to spark agitation once again by those group of Himachal students. We even wrote complaint letter naming some students associated with circulating of video to the Principal in that regard unfortunately he also took no interest for our safety or serious note of the matter. Principal directed us to fight outside college gate not within campus area. That which has now made every Sikkim students unsafe here, we immediately need Sikkim Government to take up this matter for safety of our students studying in Chandigarh.

Source: voiceofsikkim

Media In-Charge of ‪Northeast‬ Support Center Brutally Beaten Up in‪ Gurgaon

9:03 AM

The Media In-charge of Northeast Support Centre & Helpline Mr. Bruce Thangkhal was brutally beaten up by drunk local goons in Gurgaon last night.

Mr. Dilip Kumar, a Gorkha Youth and Students' Association volunteer based in Gurgaon, originally from Manipur, who had rushed to help Mr. Thangkhal, stated, "He was attacked by three goons at Chakkapur, they were with laathis at hand. They were drunk and were hurling abusive words. A girl saw the incident and when she came to his rescue, she was pushed back and was not allowed to reach to the victim... by then crowd had gathered, but nobody came forward to help."

Thankfully for Mr. Thangkhal, a few more northeast girl came forward to help the victim, however adds Dilip, "The shopkeepers were just mere spectator and did not help identify the miscreants".

Mr. Thangkhal was rushed to Uma Sanjeevni Hospital in Gurgaon where doctor administered first aid. He was then sent to Modern Diagnostic and Research Centre in Gurgaon for CT scan. His condition will be closely monitored for next 24 Hrs

All sections of Northeast community have condemned this attack and the Delhi Police for Northeast Folks Chief Mr. Robin Hibu has called for strict and immediate actions against the culprits. However, till the writing of this report, no one had been arrested.

Mr. Thangkhal has actively helped and supported all the people of Northeast irrespective of their state of origin, and has selflessly worked towards strengthening the communal bond between the people of Northeast and Delhi.

We strongly condemn this heinous crime and pray for early recovery of Mr. Thangkhal.

Via TheDC

Mary Kom alleged Regional Bias Against Her

1:06 AM
"Sometimes I feel very upset. Some of the referees and judges do not favour me but I don’t mind. Okay I am from north-east, no problem, but I am still an Indian" - Mary Kom

Boxing star,  Olympic bronze medallist MC Mary Kom gets emotional during a fund-raising event in Mumbai on Wednesday night and accused the Indian selectors of regional bias during boxing selection and trails.

Mary Kom alleged that Haryana's Pinky Jangra is being repeatedly favoured by the selectors.

"There are so many controversies. Pinky Jangra, I always defeat her and prove it to get a gold medal in every competition but they (boxing selectors) continue to support her," she said.

"I will show who I am in the ring, that's all. I don't want to fight outside the ring actually. Whether this is fair or not fair.... well sometimes I feel very upset whether some of the referees/judges are not favour to me... But I doesn't mind (sic)," she said. "Okay, I am from northeast, no problem. But I'm Indian, I'm doing well in the ring."
 Mary Kom alleged Regional Bias Against Her
Boxing star Mary Kom gets emotional as badminton player PV Sindhu tries to cheer her up (Photo: PTI)
Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Sarbananda Sonowal said on Thursday that there was no question of anybody discriminating against Manipur-based champion boxer Mary Kom or any other player taking part in the forthcoming Olympics in Rio, Brazil, and added that all players will get full financial or any other support they require to perform to the best of their ability ahead of the 2016 Games.

“From our ministry side, whatever support the players are asking by submitting their proposal and also the federation we are fully supporting them. That’s why we are giving the adequate budget to all the federation. So, in the near future they ask anything more we are ready to support so this is the objective we have already set and this is the target we have set for the Rio Olympics,” Sonowal told media.

This is not the first time Mary Kom has spoken out against boxing’s biased selection process. The bronze medalist from the London Olympics in 2012 was dropped from the contingent that represented India at the Commonwealth Games in 2014.
Pinky Jangra was given her spot after she beat Mary in a bout she claimed was poorly scored.

Existence threat for Manipuri Gorkhas

3:39 PM
Community leaders seek help from Gorkha leaders across India

The existence of Gorkha community settled in Manipur for generations is at stake following the passage of three controversial bills on Monday by the State Assembly and the ensuing violence. The situation remains grim in Gorkha inhabited areas of the Northeastern State, it is informed.
Existence threat for Manipuri Gorkhas
Existence threat for Manipuri Gorkhas
Community leaders in Manipur have appealed for support from Gorkha leaders from across India after the passage of the bills seeking to restrict entry of non-locals and bar non-Manipuris from buying land and settling in the State. The Gorkhas who have a scattered population of over 50,000 in the hill districts informed protests over the bills by other community organizations has endangered the security and the very existence of Gorkhas in the Northeastern State.

Shiva Kumar Basnet, the panchayat president of Gorkha stronghold Kanglatongbi village  under Imphal west district told SIKKIM EXPRESS that Gorkhas are living under constant fear and threat of being marginalized as outsiders in Manipur.

“Circumstances have become dead set against Gorkhas. As minorities, we are living under constant fear and threat to life and property. It is high time that we raise voice against ongoing atrocities,” said Basnet. He termed the ongoing tension as a fallout of the inner line permit agitation spearheaded by the Joint Committee on the Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS).

The said bills were passed as per the agreement between the Manipur government and JCILPS. The bills are yet to get the Governor’s assent, informed Basnet. He is one among the few elected Gorkha public representatives in Manipur.

The contention is that the Protection of Manipur People’s Bill, 2015 will restrict the Gorkha minority in the State as outsiders and thus sideline them. The law has also laid 1951 as the cut- off year to determine indigenous and non- indigenous Manipuris.

Gorkhas claim they had settled in the State as early as 1819, while it was an independent kingdom. The erstwhile Manipur Darbar had recognized Gorkhas in the State’s demography and Irang district was identified as Gorkha majority area, he said.

“We have been living in this State since two centuries,” said Basnet. He also rubbished claims that the Gorkha population registered a steep rise in the past decades. “There are hardly around 50,000 to 60,000 Gorkhas in Manipur. We are also trying to ascertain the exact population by conducting a census,” he said referring to claims that influx of Nepali speaking people was rampant in Manipur.

Dinesh Sharma, a Gorkha social activist from Manipur, in his blog maintained that Gorkha community has settled in the State for nearly two centuries and have lived in an area of 140 sq. miles till 1915.

“Today, after almost two centuries, our population is not even 1 lakh. How could we possibly disturb the social fabric of the Manipuri society or even snatch away opportunities from the locals? Today, we are as much a victim of historical circumstances, miscalculation and manipulation as all of you.

Sadly, despite being a part of the greater Manipuri society for nearly 200 years, we have been pre-leveled as outsiders,” wrote Sharma in his post.

Considering the bill as a contentious issue for the very existence of Gorkhas in Manipur, a delegation also called on Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh pleading protection of the Constitutional rights of Gorkha minority. ‘Since the bill is yet to receive the Governor’s assent, we have also requested him to look into our grievances,” informed Basnet saying that Gorkhas should be given a status of permanent local Manipuri Gorkhas. Their memorandum also clarified that the allegations leveled by different groups regarding the exaggeration and projection of extremely high population of Gorkhas and its impacts are baseless and unfounded.

Basnet was in Guwahati today to attend a Gorkha Mahabhela organized by All Asom Gorkha Students Union at Digboi near Dibrugarh in Assam. He said the delegation from Manipur will meet Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) chief Bimal Gurung tomorrow at Digboi and apprise him on the plight of Gorkhas in Manipur.

Earlier, they had also called on MoS Home Kiren Rijiju seeking his intervention to ensure safety and security of Manipuri Gorkhas.

Gorkha community members are also organizing a dharna at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi from September 7, it is informed. Various units of Gorkha students unions and Gorkha organizations are expected to take part in the protest in the national capital.

Meanwhile, another delegation of Manipuri Gorkhas has left for Delhi to press their issues with Central leaders.

Basnet also sought the support from all Gorkha community leaders and public representatives including Sikkim to extend solidarity to the cause Manipuri Gorkhas.


3 Dead as ILP Protesters Set Minister's House on Fire, Curfew in Manipur Town

1:18 PM
Two people died in police firing, one was burnt to death in the protest of the three bills passed in the state assembly in Manipur. Curfew (section 144 ,Unlawful Assembly) has been reportedly imposed in the area.
Curfew in Manipur Town After 3 Dead in Violence
Curfew in Manipur Town After 3 Dead in Violence
The houses of state Health Minister Phungzathang Tonsing and five other lawmakers were set on fire in Manipur's Churachandpur district to protest the bill passed on Monday to bring in the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system. Reportedly, the vehicle of Churachandpur Deputy Commissioner and his escort have also been torched.
ILP Protesters Set Minister's House on Fire
ILP Protesters Set Minister's House on Fire
Groups opposed to the passing of the following three bills in the assembly -

The state government had passed three bills--
The Protection of Manipur People Bill, 2015;
The Manipur Shops and Establishments (Second Amendment) Bill, 2015; and
The Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms (Seventh Amendment) Bill, 2015--to introduce ILP system in a special session of Manipur Assembly.

The agitation is based on a belief that an influx of outsiders into the state has taken away jobs, and land from the indigenous people, unlike in states like neighboring Nagaland, where the entry of outsiders is strictly regulated.

How a 4th generation Gorkha in Manipur feels

10:03 AM

Dinesh Sharma

Before you even start reading the article, let me be clear that I am a 4th generation Gorkha settled in Manipur. And I will accept criticism if you at any point feel that the article is a little biased. I am a confused person right now. Suddenly, after having lived for 31 good years of my life, my belongingness and loyalty towards my motherland is being questioned.
 Manipuris protesting against racism in Delhi Via ePao
 Manipuris protesting against racism in Delhi Via: ePao
I do not write this article with pride. Infact, it is shameful that despite having been born and brought up as a Manipuri Gorkha, today I am having to publish an appeal to clarify that I too belong to Manipur. From time immemorial, it is always the majority who create history. We have never read or heard about the story of the minority. Today, I will narrate the story of the minority, the voiceless and the helpless.

Recently, there was a video circulating on social media it showed a lady who was being delivered a mob justice. She was being slapped, hit by a shaft, and ever had her hair chopped in public. Whatever be the reason, that was not the right way to vent dissatisfaction in the wake of such political crisis. Tomorrow, some other crowd might just want to do the same thing on another individual. Who is going to take the blame then? As a civilized society with such rich history and culture, a more matured approach would have given a dignity to the agitation.

Watch the video - Helpless Non Manipuri woman beaten mercilessly

We are accused of encroaching the land. We are accused of being a threat to the social fabric of the state. We are asked to pack up and leave the state. How is it even possible? We are not here staying in a rent house that we pack our belongings and move to another house. My family has not grabbed any land or encroached upon anyone else’s territory. We have papers for our land as per the law of the land. We also grew up listening to our grandmother narrating us stories of the Japanese drones flying above the roof. We have heard stories of our grandfathers fighting to protect the land alongside the British and the maharaja’s army. Are our stories any different from the stories of a Meitei, Naga, or a Kuki kid?

They say that our contribution to the land is zero. Turn any pages of history of this land and you will find a Gorkha, Major Subedar Niranjan Singh Chhetry amongst the earliest martyrs of the land. He was hanged to death alongside Bir Tikendrajit and General Gambhir Singh by the British on 13th of August 1847.

They must have also conveniently forgotten that we are the most peaceful community in the state. We live happily with all other communities, be it the Meiteis, Nagas or the Kukis. I have studied Meiteilon throughout my childhood, I can speak a bit of Kuki, and I have lived with a Naga friend for about 7 years of my life.

Like you all, we have recited Ougri Sheirent, listened to Khamba-thoibi with awe, enjoyed the colours of Yaoshang, celebrated Lai Haraiba with equal enthusiasm, and cannot live without Ironba, Nga-Thongba and Ooti as our daily staple. What makes me less Manipuri than anybody else from my state? Perhaps we are the only community in Manipur which never had any law and order problem with the state. We don’t have any armed struggle or resistance to any government policies. We have been one of the most hospitable community both to the armed forces and the rebels. Yes, in the interiors we have stories of people who wake up in the middle of the night to cook and feed rebels who are passing by the village. The same villagers also prepare team when government forces pass by.

Despite all this, we are time and again asked to cite history of our existence in the state. Below are some historical records of the settlement of Gorkhas in Manipur to put across the point that we are not just land grabbers and that we have taken equal part in the nation building process in Manipur:

1. On recorded history, the first batch of Gorkhas came to Manipur during the time of Raja Gambhir Singh. In 1824, the Gorkhas of the 16th Sylhet Local Battalion, later to become the 8th Gorkha Rifles, were included in the Police Levy of Gambhir Singh. During the first quarter of the 19th Century, Manipur was much troubled by Burmese intruders and troops. To secure Manipur, Gambhir Singh raised an army in 1825 and recruited Gorkhas from Sylhet for it. The militia was named the ‘Victoria Paltan’. (Source: The Role of Gorkhas in Making of Modern India)

2. Before the beginning of the 20th century, the Gorkha/Nepali Gwalla (cowherd community) was confined in the Manipur valley. And since the Meitei community were not a great consumer of milk and ghee and land was becoming scarce in the valley, the Govt of Manipur decided to shift the Gorkhali/Nepali Gwalla to the northern part of the Manipur Valley creating a Gorkha/Nepali reserve (18 miles long) in between Sekmai and Kangpokpi in 1915 and later on partially extended up to Maram, Siddim Pukhri and lrang Part-I & II (Source: Manipur State Administrative Report 1915-16 Chapter – V, No. 2 Para V. Durbar Resolution 1 dated 17th February 1915).

3. That, the creation of the Sekmai Kangpokpi Gorkha Grazing Reserve the Nepali graziers began to settle within the reserve areas of Kurapokpi, Sapermeina, Shriwani, Keithelmanbi, Paspati, Kalapahar, Santolabari, Chandraman, Kangpokpi, Irang, Maram Siddim Pukhri. In 1918, a survey of the Gorkha/Nepali Reserve area was done wef. 19th June 1918 to 7th January 1920 and Patta was issued for the Gorkha/Nepali graziers who applied for agricultural land.

4. The 1st Assam Rifles was raised in Manipur in 1915, and had over 80% Gorkha personnel.

5. First Manipur Rifles, raised in 1946 also inducted huge number of Gorkhas. Still today, the family quarters of the battalion has several Gorkha families living there.

6. Even eminent scholars like MK Binodini, the royal family of Manipur confirms that the Gorkhalis have long been a part of Manipurs cultural milieu. She says “…in fact I do not know at what time so called Nepali community actually came to Manipur. Since my childhood beginning from Mantripukhri to Kangpokpi, I have seen their settlement to be in existence long before many years. At the time of my father Maharaja Churachand, when he was in drive on the Dimapur road, I still remember the joyous welcome and applause accorded by the Nepalese children near by the road and I saw many Nepali personnel in the post of high rank and files of the Manipur State Police” (Source: ‘A Yaipha Paojel’ in a journal called ‘Netee’; published by Manipur Nepali Sahitya Parishad in 2006)

7. When the World War II reached till Kanglatongbi-Kangpokpi, the Gorkha community was evicted by the Govt. Many of them left their land temporarily and got back when the war was over. However, the government had by then ceased the Nepali grazing reserve (26th August 1946), giving effect from 1st December 1946. Many who failed to comply with the government order or returned late to their land lost their land and had to seek shelter with their neighbouring tribal brothers for their livelihood.

The Gorkha community is settled for nearly 2 centuries and have lived in an area of 140 sq. miles till 1915. Besides the army settlers, we could rear more than 10,000 cattle and buffaloes. An entire stretch of road named in Jiribam was named as Man Bahadur Limbu’s Road. Today, after almost 2 centuries, our population is not even 1 lakh. How could we possibly disturb the social fabric of the Manipuri society or even snatch away opportunities from the locals?

Today, we are as much a victim of historical circumstances, miscalculation and manipulation as all of you. We too would want to be part of the decision making process which will segregate the outsiders from the insiders. Sadly, despite being a part of the greater Manipuri society for nearly 200 years, we have been pre-leveled as “outsiders”. Look into your hearts and think for once, how would you react, if you and your community were labeled as such?

Most of the Gorkha youths from Manipur today are working in the defence or in the metro cities. This also brings in revenue to the state. How can we possibly exploiting the wealth of Manipur? I would love to know if you have seen anything unjust being committed by any Gorkha in Manipur.

Today, we live outside the state in metro cities. Ask one of your own ‘inside Manipuris’ about how does it feel to be humiliated. If you have no idea of how humiliated your brothers and sisters feel when faced with racism outside the home state, maybe you should go and speak to them. While we outrage over “racism “against our Manipuri people in Delhi and other cities, we have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to numerous instances of racism here in Manipur itself, isn’t that hypocritical?

In this city, we only have people; there is no Meitei, Naga, Kuki, Gorkha, Bengali, Bihari or Marwari. If someone asks me, I proudly call myself Manipuri Gorkha. Here no one accuses anyone of stealing opportunities or ancestral land. No Bihari cries of innocent people being killed, no Meitei accuses a Bihari of depleting his economy. We share rooms to save money, lend and borrow money when we are broke, we share pizzas and drinks together, we contribute for the electricity bills, we wait for each other to walk back home after office, We cook together, we laugh at each other’s jokes, we fall in love, we get married. We live happily here, but we never talk of our problems back home. Why?? Because it divides us.

We are happy out here, but why this indifference back in our own homeland?? I leave this for you to ponder upon.

[Dinesh is a senior member of Gorkha Youth and Students' Association of India - GYASA

In Manipur, currently non-Manipuri's are being persecuted against, and the community which is facing the most vlatant form of Racism are the Gorkhalis... please speak out against this RACISM against our community in Manipur..

Via- TheDC

Gorkha Rifles - ZUF engage in gun fight in Manipur

10:54 AM
IMPHAL, Aug 6: A fierce gun fight reportedly broke out between 2/5 Gorkha Rifles and underground cadres at Phourungba Hill near Luwanglon Khunou under Khoupum Police Station in Tamenglong district yesterday morning around 6.
Gorkha Rifles - ZUF engage in gun fight in Manipur
Cadres of a UG group -File photo
The site where the firing took place lies around 8 km east of Khoupum Police Station.

It is said that the underground cadres engaged in the gun fight with 2/5 GR belong to Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF). There is no official report of casualty on both sides in the firing.

Source - kanglaonline

Robin Hibu Points Out Lack of Gorkha Unity and How it Can Be Rectified

9:25 AM
Jt. Commissioner ROBIN HIBU – Guardian Angel for NE People in Delhi – Points to Lack of Gorkhali Unity and How it Can Be Rectified.

Writes: Upendra for The DC

When the Gurgaon incident happened, initially other than those Gorkhalis who were assisting the three victims – Ashish, Sagar and Dev Kumar, there was only one person of note who stood by us. Jt. Commissioner Robin Hibu IPS, In-Charge of the Delhi Police for North East Folks.

Jt. Commissioner Robin Hibu IPS, In-Charge of the Delhi Police for North East Folks.
Jt. Commissioner Robin Hibu IPS, In-Charge of the
 Delhi Police for North East Folks.
This was not the 1st Darjeeling related issue he was dealing with.

In fact, Com. Hibu was instrumental in getting the Darjeeling people and the Gorkhalis of India included to be protected under the DPNEF initiative. When the DPNEF was started it was meant for the 8 NE states – Arunachal, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, and Sikkim. Darjeeling and its people by the virtue of being a part of West Bengal were left out.

Other than in Sikkim and Mizoram, the Gorkhalis from rest of the states are treated like 2nd class citizens and because of which our inclusion to be protected under this initiative was not considered.

However, after repeated request from Darjeeling people, and the Gorkhalis from others parts of India, Mr. Hibu lobbied very hard with the powers that be to make us included in the DPNEF initiative. He got four officers from Darjeeling police transferred to Delhi so that our issues would be dealt with sensitively and on time, and inducted Mr. Lobsang Tamang as the community representative for the Gorkhas, who has since day one of his inclusion worked very hard to provide the necessary support to our people.

Providing police protection is however just the beginning of providing a secure environment for the people of NE. Other issues need to be looked into, and this requires support from the state governments. Sadly for Darjeeling and Gorkhalis, we don’t have a state of our own. Hence the responsibility of providing back up support rested with the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration.

May be it is their incompetence, or their complete lack of concern, GTA failed to take any action on developing the back-channel measures suggested by Jt. Commissioner Hibu. But blame doesn’t lie on GTA alone, our people – and our lack of unity - are to be equally blamed.

After the recent Gurgaon incident, Commissioner Hibu lamented to me, “Other than Lobsang Tamang, hardly you see Gorkhas in any platform… Though they are not amidst the 8 NE states, but I virtually begged and lobbied for their inclusion in DPNE initiative… Many Gorkha organizations came to meet me, I constantly reminded them to have some Gorkha Umbrella Organization, so that they can be with us in our struggle for justice.”

Sadly that was not to be, he added, “But I am sorry to disclose that most of them [Gorkhas] who come to meet me are complaining against each other… and they seem to be hopelessly divided on many fronts.”

Commenting on the utter lack of response from GTA he said, “I even wrote to the In-Charge of Gorkha Bhavan in Delhi, requesting them to appoint a Nodal Officer and Gorkha Community Representatives…. But I am yet to hear from them.”

That is how we have let ourselves down, time and again. We fight, bicker, complain, crib, pull each others legs – but we refuse to become united.

10 days ago, on May 17th, 2015 almost a week before the Gurgaon incident we had requested Gorkhas from Darjeeling and Sikkim to volunteer to become community representatives for the Gorkhas in Delhi, as no one had turned up to volunteer but despite that appeal no one stepped up to volunteer.

But when the Gurgaon incident happened, many of our people questioned - Where are the police? Where is the support for Gorkhas? Why is no one speaking?

As bitter as the truth may be, the answer is simple: Because We- the Gorkhas have been abysmally nonchalant, relaxed and uninvolved ourselves… why should anyone bother to show support for us?

Pointing faults is easy, especially in Darjeeling, everyone and their grandmother is an expert in doing so. Both our public and politicians are busy to point out “Yo garena - Yo vayena – Yo pugena”… but very few who have highlighted - what can be done, how it can be done, and when it needs to be done.


So, I asked Mr. Hibu, some pointers on how things can be changed…. He was kind enough to make a complete LIST, which I am sharing below. Please read it, reflect on it, and if you agree please force our politicians, society elders, wanna’b leaders and social activists to kindly act on the following suggestions.

Mr. Hibu writes, “Many Gorkhas Students, NGOs, Activists, Employees came and met me for different reasons, but everybody was seeking my advice for viable ACTION PLAN FOR GORKHAS AT DELHI & NCR.

After the unfortunate brutal attacks on 3 Gorkhas youth at Gurgaon, I am deeply concerned about the lack of proper forum, organisation, initiatives by Gorkhas. Though no doubt they are trying in their own ways, unaware of what fellows Gorkhas are doing for the welfare and betterment of their own people in cities like Delhi, where Lakhs of them are either doing jobs, studies, visiting or about migrate to other countries for better living etc...

During the course of my serving at Delhi as SHO, ACP, DCP and now Joint CP as Nodal Officer for 8 North East states... I came across thousand of Gorkhas having all kind of problems. Be it crimes, exploitation, cheating, harassment, eve teasing, lack of awareness, with now where to go during such crisis they came to us.

That’s the reason why I lobbied, requested, and took up the case very strongly for the inclusion of Gorkhas in the Delhi Police for North East representatives initiative… who will act as special police officers and as ambassadors for their community... Saldy, even then I found that it is very difficult to get young, social service oriented Gorkhas as Gorkhas representatives.

Therefore, allow me to suggest following points/strategy for Gorkhas at cities, these are my personal ideas:

1. Activate and galvanise Gorkhas Bhavan as referral centre of crisis.

2. Appointment of Nodal Officer to liaise with police related problems.

3. Nominations of genuine youth as Delhi police representatives.

4. Monthly meeting by Gorkhas Bhavan with Gorkhas NGOs, Students leaders, Activists, Employees Unions irrespective of political parties. Minute should be drawn and comply with immediately.

5. Forming of some apex Gorkhas body by representatives of various existing Gorkhas Unions of Delhi and NCR.

6. Form WhatsApp group of Gorkha think-tanks for sharing ideas.

7. Close liaison with NGOs, Nodal Officers for NE states, anti-trafficking unit of Delhi, NCR etc for immediate response.

8. Start “Intellectuals” group like advocates, officers and top business men for support and idea.

9. Have annual Gorkhas meet or festival where all Gorkhas should participate and honour genuine people or NGOs doing good works for Gorkhas.

10. To have an awareness campaign with NGOs on education, competitive examinations, human trafficking, legal awareness etc.

11. Have emergency 24×7 helpline at Gorkha Bhavan, existing reception office landline can be turned into helpline.

I volunteer to give training to staff of Gorkha Bhavan on how to manage emergency helpline to help any Gorkhas in trouble at Delhi and NCR.

12. Identified bright Gorkha students and give them scholarship from different fund available either with govt/leaders, philanthropists – to prepare Gorkhas for IAS, IPS, IIT, Medicals Entrance Examinations etc.

13. Eastablish “Emergency Contingency Fund” to help the helpless crime victims, or destitute Gorkhas, road accidents victims, addicts of drugs and alcohol.

14. Directory of Gorkhas for Delhi & NCR with detailed name, ranks, occupation, email, organisations, area of experts like lawyers, doctors, journalists, etc.

15. Divide whole Delhi & NCR into zones, thereby making In-Charge of Gorkhas, who will promptly respond immediately.

16. Identify Gorkhas at different courts, hospitals, police department both at Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and seek their help in the hour of crisis.

17. Gorkhas students help desks and social media during admissions time at Delhi university, JNU, JAMIA etc.

18. Gorkhas Cultural Centre at Delhi, where govt or any organisations can requisite Gorkhas songs & dances for performing at prestigious cultural events, so that whole India know about the rich cultural heritages of brave and loyal Gorkhas.

19. Regular meeting between intellectuals and educated Gorkhas and leaders at both Darjeeling and at parliament for churning out best ideas for better future of Grokhas.

20. Hostels for Gorkhas students especially for girls at Delhi and NCR.

21. Explore for the Construction of Gorkhas working hostels on the pattern of YMCA or North East working hostels.

22. Exploration for special recruitment encouragement for Gorkhas youth for Armed Forces and Central Police Organisations as they are most loved and preferred candidates for uniforms services.

These are my some of personal ideas for better Gorkhas of tomorrow.

Robin Hibu IPS
Nodal Officer for North East People

We are lucky and blessed to have someone so caring, batting for us in Delhi. Personally, I am most THANKFUL to Robin Hibu sir, who has gone out of his way to accommodate us, and made us feel that we are the part of the greater NE Community. Sir, we the Gorkhas never forget our friends, especially those who have stood by us when we needed it the most. You are our guardian angel... and we thank you for all your efforts, not only for Gorkhas, but the entire NE people.

Following the suggestions, currently efforts are on, under the initiative of All Manipur Gorkha Students' Union, NCR Unit (AMGSU-NCR) region to unite All Indian Gorkha youths under one apex body – the Gorkha Youth and Students’ Association of India [GYSA].

We request all the Gorkhalis living in Delhi, NCR and Haryana to join this unit, and help to make it a strong, purely non-Political Association which will represent all the Gorkhalis across India.

Please remember, we are as strong as our weakest link… and to strengthen our weakness should be our main goal. Let us all remove our greatest weakness – i.e. LACK OF UNITY… forever…

Let us become one solid unity, which will always remain united irrespective of our personal issues and causes.

In the success of GYSA could lie the success of our community… if we can unite for this good cause… we can unite for every other cause, including Gorkhaland… and if we fail to unite for this cause… you will have your answer to “why Gorkhaland will never be formed.”

So let’s join hands, and UNITE…

Billy Nye recently said, “You all can do this, you call can be the NEXT GREAT GENERATION… You can, dare I say it, Change the World.”

Time has come for us to become the part of “Next Great Generation”, which will change the fate of our community and our nation for the better, forever.

‪#‎Gorkhalism‬ - United we are invincible.

Source: The DC

SHAME: Indian sensors nonfunctional during 7.9 magnitude earthquake

1:47 PM
Indian 293 ground motion sensors was not functioning throughout the recent 7.9 magnitude earthquake that shook Nepal and North and North-East India.

A network of 293 ground motion sensors located across northern, eastern and northeastern India lay crippled during Nepal's 7.9 magnitude earthquake and its aftershocks, handicapping researchers trying to assess how the quakes affected cities and towns in these regions.
Building collapsed in Nepal during 7.9 m earthquake
Building collapsed in Nepal during 7.9 m earthquake
No one knows how many of the 293 sensors designed to measure ground acceleration during earthquakes were actually recording data during the weekend earthquakes because funding for maintenance of the instruments was stopped in September 2014.

The Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, had established the network between 2005 and 2008, installing the sensors in district headquarters across northern and eastern states, including Bengal and Bihar, under a project funded by the Union science and technology ministry.

But the earth sciences ministry stopped funding the project in September last year, and informed IIT Roorkee in February this year to prepare to hand over the sensors to the National Centre for Seismology (NCS), an institution under the ministry.

"During this government takeover, someone perhaps forgot that the sensors need maintenance," said Ram Iyengar, an earthquake engineering specialist formerly with the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, who has earlier used similar ground motion data to prepare earthquake hazard maps.

"Academic users have been waiting to receive ground motion data during a big quake," Iyengar told The Telegraph .

The ground motion readings are critical to understanding how an earthquake might affect buildings and other structures in distant cities, whether Calcutta, Delhi or Patna. Such studies are important in planning engineering strategies to reduce the risk of damage from the ground motion.

While the NCS was supposed to take over control and maintenance of the sensors, email exchanges between researchers shared with this newspaper suggest that the NCS did not actually seek access to any of the instruments - whose batteries need to be periodically replaced - until Saturday's earthquakes in Nepal.

In March this year, a faculty member at IIT Roorkee, who was the principal investigator in charge of the ground motion network, wrote to the ministry, cautioning that the network has not been maintained for the past six months and several instruments may not be operational.

"Our country will cut a very sorry face if a big earthquake event occurs as in the present stage of the instrumentation, we may not get any strong motion record(s)," Ashok Kumar, professor of earthquake engineering at IIT Roorkee, had written in the email to the ministry on March 26 this year - a month before the weekend earthquakes.

Researchers in academic institutions across India who have been using the network from 2008 until 2014 have flooded IIT Roorkee with requests for data from the instruments since the Saturday earthquake and its aftershocks.

But IIT Roorkee itself has no access to data because when funds dried up, BSNL snapped lines supporting links to the sensors, managers of the network at IIT Roorkee wrote in an email sent on Monday evening to dozens of the network's users in academic institutions.

"It is a tragedy that earthquake engineers and seismologists of our country have been deprived of a golden opportunity of getting a vast set of strong ground motion data," the email said. IIT Roorkee will send a team to the sites of the instruments in Bengal, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh to retrieve whatever data they can.

Senior officials of the earth sciences ministry told this newspaper that it had stopped funding IIT Roorkee's activities on the network because the network had been established as a time-bound research project whose term-of-funding would end in December 2014.

"The NCS is fully equipped to handle the instrumentation... the process of transferring the network starting in February 2015 is yet to be completed," Brijesh Bansal, a senior scientist at the ministry said. "The MOES (the ministry) is sending its team to find out the status... and take charge of the instruments," he said in an email.

The ground acceleration at any site depends not just on the magnitude of an earthquake but also on the intervening rock and the soil conditions at the site. "These measurements are crucial to understanding how the ground will behave in a specific town or a city," Iyengar said.

Structural engineers are expected to use such ground behaviour studies to determine how best to protect buildings, whether through retrofitting existing civil structures or incorporating special earthquake resistant features in new buildings or structures.

Via Telegraph

Gorkha Chamber of Commerce calls for Including Darjeeling-Terai-Dooars into North East Council

10:41 AM
Gorkha Chamber of Commerce Urges All Political Parties to Strive for Including Darjeeling-Terai-Dooars into North East Council
Gorkha Chamber of Commerce calls for Including Darjeeling-Terai-Dooars into North East Council
India - North East States
The Gorkha Chamber of Commerce has urged all the political parties in the region to work together to include the Darjeeling, Terai and Dooars region into the North-East council.

Speaking to the press GCC President Mr. Andrew Gurung said, "the inclusion into NE Council will allow numerous benefits to trickle down to the common people in our region... there are special schemes, scholarships, reservations for students... numerous Central government sponsored programs and schemes for the infrastructural and socio-economic development which can be tapped into, direct transfer of funds to the region from the Center... and so many other facilities that can help to change and uplift this entire region."

He further said that, there is immense agro-business, horticulture and dairy potential in our region, but due to the lack of proper initiatives we are severely lacking behind. Inclusion of our region into NE Council will help us change all of that and promote Darjeeling region as one of the leading agro-business regions in India.

TheDC team fully supports and endorses this demand, and we urge our politicians and social orgainzations to work towards the inclusion of Darjeeling, Terai and Dooars into NE Council, as that will mean that we will be freed of Calcutta-centric development initiatives, and will be able to focus more on what is relevant to us, our land and our people.

Inclusion of Darjeeling and Dooars completes the North-East Map... let us all strive towards this goal.

Source: The Darjeeling Chronicle's

Gorkha Territorial FC Darjeeling enter the semi-finals in all-India football tournament

10:16 AM
Gorkha Territorial FC, Darjeeling today tamed North East Sports Foundation, Tezpur 9-0 to enter the semi-finals of Bishnu Jyoti all-India invitation football tournament at Samdhara Senior Madrassa ground in Napam here.
Gorkha Territorial FC Darjeeling enter the semi-finals in all-India
Bishnu Jyoti all-India invitation football tournament.
Karna Limbu did the star turn for the Darjeeling side netting five goals, which came in the 31st, 34th, 45th, 46th and 57th minutes.

Royal Club, Odisha will meet Bokakhat FC in the last quarter-final tomorrow.

Source: Telegraph

Manipuri man thrashed to death - govt fails to stop hate crimes

11:44 AM
"Once again a 30 years old  man from North East India , Manipuri , is beaten to death in Delhi, because govt fails to beat hate crimes. Fresh fears for Capital's Northeasteners"

A 30-year-old man from Manipur was allegedly thrashed to death during a brawl with a group of locals in Kotla area of south Delhi on early Monday. According to latest report, two persons have been arrested in connection with the crime.
Manipuri man beaten to death: Fresh fears for Capital's Northeasteners
Manipuri man beaten to death: Fresh fears for Capital's Northeasteners

As per initial information, the deceased, Shaloni, worked in a BPO and was returning home from work when he had a fight with four-five car-borne men around 2.30am over some issue.

Police have learnt that the men had come to the Big Apple shop on Gurudwara road in the area in a white colour car. Shaloni was assaulted by them following the argument.

Police rushed to the spot after receiving call from a passerby and took Shaloni to AIIMS Trauma center in a PCR van. He was declared dead on arrival.

The cops have preserved Shaloni's body for postmortem which will be conducted later in the day after his family members arrive. A medical board is likely to be constituted for the autopsy.

Police is probing all angles in the case as there seems no sudden provocation in the assault. Call details are being analyzed. A case of murder under section 302 of IPC has been registered and the cops have formed a special team comprising additional DCP (south) P S Kushwah, STF chief Rajender Singh, the special staff in-charge Akhilesh Yadav led by DCP south to crack the case.

Source: TOI

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