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SHAME: Indian sensors nonfunctional during 7.9 magnitude earthquake

1:47 PM
Indian 293 ground motion sensors was not functioning throughout the recent 7.9 magnitude earthquake that shook Nepal and North and North-East India.

A network of 293 ground motion sensors located across northern, eastern and northeastern India lay crippled during Nepal's 7.9 magnitude earthquake and its aftershocks, handicapping researchers trying to assess how the quakes affected cities and towns in these regions.
Building collapsed in Nepal during 7.9 m earthquake
Building collapsed in Nepal during 7.9 m earthquake
No one knows how many of the 293 sensors designed to measure ground acceleration during earthquakes were actually recording data during the weekend earthquakes because funding for maintenance of the instruments was stopped in September 2014.

The Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, had established the network between 2005 and 2008, installing the sensors in district headquarters across northern and eastern states, including Bengal and Bihar, under a project funded by the Union science and technology ministry.

But the earth sciences ministry stopped funding the project in September last year, and informed IIT Roorkee in February this year to prepare to hand over the sensors to the National Centre for Seismology (NCS), an institution under the ministry.

"During this government takeover, someone perhaps forgot that the sensors need maintenance," said Ram Iyengar, an earthquake engineering specialist formerly with the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, who has earlier used similar ground motion data to prepare earthquake hazard maps.

"Academic users have been waiting to receive ground motion data during a big quake," Iyengar told The Telegraph .

The ground motion readings are critical to understanding how an earthquake might affect buildings and other structures in distant cities, whether Calcutta, Delhi or Patna. Such studies are important in planning engineering strategies to reduce the risk of damage from the ground motion.

While the NCS was supposed to take over control and maintenance of the sensors, email exchanges between researchers shared with this newspaper suggest that the NCS did not actually seek access to any of the instruments - whose batteries need to be periodically replaced - until Saturday's earthquakes in Nepal.

In March this year, a faculty member at IIT Roorkee, who was the principal investigator in charge of the ground motion network, wrote to the ministry, cautioning that the network has not been maintained for the past six months and several instruments may not be operational.

"Our country will cut a very sorry face if a big earthquake event occurs as in the present stage of the instrumentation, we may not get any strong motion record(s)," Ashok Kumar, professor of earthquake engineering at IIT Roorkee, had written in the email to the ministry on March 26 this year - a month before the weekend earthquakes.

Researchers in academic institutions across India who have been using the network from 2008 until 2014 have flooded IIT Roorkee with requests for data from the instruments since the Saturday earthquake and its aftershocks.

But IIT Roorkee itself has no access to data because when funds dried up, BSNL snapped lines supporting links to the sensors, managers of the network at IIT Roorkee wrote in an email sent on Monday evening to dozens of the network's users in academic institutions.

"It is a tragedy that earthquake engineers and seismologists of our country have been deprived of a golden opportunity of getting a vast set of strong ground motion data," the email said. IIT Roorkee will send a team to the sites of the instruments in Bengal, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh to retrieve whatever data they can.

Senior officials of the earth sciences ministry told this newspaper that it had stopped funding IIT Roorkee's activities on the network because the network had been established as a time-bound research project whose term-of-funding would end in December 2014.

"The NCS is fully equipped to handle the instrumentation... the process of transferring the network starting in February 2015 is yet to be completed," Brijesh Bansal, a senior scientist at the ministry said. "The MOES (the ministry) is sending its team to find out the status... and take charge of the instruments," he said in an email.

The ground acceleration at any site depends not just on the magnitude of an earthquake but also on the intervening rock and the soil conditions at the site. "These measurements are crucial to understanding how the ground will behave in a specific town or a city," Iyengar said.

Structural engineers are expected to use such ground behaviour studies to determine how best to protect buildings, whether through retrofitting existing civil structures or incorporating special earthquake resistant features in new buildings or structures.

Via Telegraph

Gorkha Chamber of Commerce calls for Including Darjeeling-Terai-Dooars into North East Council

10:41 AM
Gorkha Chamber of Commerce Urges All Political Parties to Strive for Including Darjeeling-Terai-Dooars into North East Council
Gorkha Chamber of Commerce calls for Including Darjeeling-Terai-Dooars into North East Council
India - North East States
The Gorkha Chamber of Commerce has urged all the political parties in the region to work together to include the Darjeeling, Terai and Dooars region into the North-East council.

Speaking to the press GCC President Mr. Andrew Gurung said, "the inclusion into NE Council will allow numerous benefits to trickle down to the common people in our region... there are special schemes, scholarships, reservations for students... numerous Central government sponsored programs and schemes for the infrastructural and socio-economic development which can be tapped into, direct transfer of funds to the region from the Center... and so many other facilities that can help to change and uplift this entire region."

He further said that, there is immense agro-business, horticulture and dairy potential in our region, but due to the lack of proper initiatives we are severely lacking behind. Inclusion of our region into NE Council will help us change all of that and promote Darjeeling region as one of the leading agro-business regions in India.

TheDC team fully supports and endorses this demand, and we urge our politicians and social orgainzations to work towards the inclusion of Darjeeling, Terai and Dooars into NE Council, as that will mean that we will be freed of Calcutta-centric development initiatives, and will be able to focus more on what is relevant to us, our land and our people.

Inclusion of Darjeeling and Dooars completes the North-East Map... let us all strive towards this goal.

Source: The Darjeeling Chronicle's

Gorkha Territorial FC Darjeeling enter the semi-finals in all-India football tournament

10:16 AM
Gorkha Territorial FC, Darjeeling today tamed North East Sports Foundation, Tezpur 9-0 to enter the semi-finals of Bishnu Jyoti all-India invitation football tournament at Samdhara Senior Madrassa ground in Napam here.
Gorkha Territorial FC Darjeeling enter the semi-finals in all-India
Bishnu Jyoti all-India invitation football tournament.
Karna Limbu did the star turn for the Darjeeling side netting five goals, which came in the 31st, 34th, 45th, 46th and 57th minutes.

Royal Club, Odisha will meet Bokakhat FC in the last quarter-final tomorrow.

Source: Telegraph

Manipuri man thrashed to death - govt fails to stop hate crimes

11:44 AM
"Once again a 30 years old  man from North East India , Manipuri , is beaten to death in Delhi, because govt fails to beat hate crimes. Fresh fears for Capital's Northeasteners"

A 30-year-old man from Manipur was allegedly thrashed to death during a brawl with a group of locals in Kotla area of south Delhi on early Monday. According to latest report, two persons have been arrested in connection with the crime.
Manipuri man beaten to death: Fresh fears for Capital's Northeasteners
Manipuri man beaten to death: Fresh fears for Capital's Northeasteners

As per initial information, the deceased, Shaloni, worked in a BPO and was returning home from work when he had a fight with four-five car-borne men around 2.30am over some issue.

Police have learnt that the men had come to the Big Apple shop on Gurudwara road in the area in a white colour car. Shaloni was assaulted by them following the argument.

Police rushed to the spot after receiving call from a passerby and took Shaloni to AIIMS Trauma center in a PCR van. He was declared dead on arrival.

The cops have preserved Shaloni's body for postmortem which will be conducted later in the day after his family members arrive. A medical board is likely to be constituted for the autopsy.

Police is probing all angles in the case as there seems no sudden provocation in the assault. Call details are being analyzed. A case of murder under section 302 of IPC has been registered and the cops have formed a special team comprising additional DCP (south) P S Kushwah, STF chief Rajender Singh, the special staff in-charge Akhilesh Yadav led by DCP south to crack the case.

Source: TOI

Man claiming to be from Darjeeling arrested with Explosives in Guwahati

12:24 PM
Government Railway Police in Guwahati stopped a Mr. Raidar Bhutia, who claimed to be from from Darjeeling, West Bengal and was found to be carrying 204 sticks of explosives and a further 204 detonators.

Man claiming to be from Darjeeling arrested with Explosives in Guwahati
Man claiming to be from Darjeeling arrested
with Explosives in Guwahati
After officials earlier seized the lethal devices found on Bhutia, and later weighed them, it was discovered they measured a staggering 26kg.

Bhutia was apparently waiting to board the Kanchenjunga Express on Sunday when he was approached by police. Despite telling them he was an army official, they questioned his identity and escorted him off the platform. They then searched his belongings and uncovered the cache of weapons, including the gelatin sticks and detonators.

'He came to the station to board the Kanchanjungha Express. He said that he was an army man but we are doubtful about his identity,' a GRP official told the Times of India.

'He must have been taking these explosives for some subversive activities. We suspect he has links with Maoist rebels.'

Although the charges against Bhutia remain unclear, he has denied allegations that he was carrying the weapons for 'subversive activities'.

Instead, he claims he was planning to use the explosives on a fishing trip, saying: 'We blast them in rivers to catch fish.'

HNLC asked all Nepali foreigners to 'quit' Meghalaya

1:00 PM
Meghalaya : The (HNLC) proscribed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council today asked all Nepali foreigners from Langpih and the entire Khasi and Jaintia Hills region of Meghalaya to “quit” after taking strong exception to “atrocities” faced by the people in the inter-state border areas.
HNLC asked all Nepali foreigners to 'quit' Meghalaya
Meghalaya Map
“The illegal Nepali foreign settlers in Langpih have time and again caused huge damages to our people in Langpih. They are snatching away the livelihood and land of our people. They also enjoy the support of the Assam government, as they comprise a substantial vote bank,” HNLC publicity secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw said.

Condemning the atrocities meted out to residents at Langpih, along the West Khasi Hills-Kamrup (rural) border, and those in Block I and Block II, the HNLC said many incidents had been witnessed in the past where these “foreigners had assaulted our people”.

Nongtraw said the HNLC had received complaints that “our people were threatened with dire consequences by Karbi militants and Karbi people residing in those areas” during elections and in the past.

He said the HNLC would “not tolerate any interference of outside groups in its territory and the Karbi militant groups should harass the government of Assam instead of harassing the villagers.”

Source: Telegraph

Northeast statehood movements brewing before Lok Sabha election 2014

7:27 PM
The northeast has had several statehood movements Gorkhaland, Bodoland and Kamtapur   brewing, the longest and most violent being that of Bodoland. As expected, Telangana has impacted them, and the issue is likely to dog at least eight of the region’s 25 Lok Sabha seats across eight states.
Sensing trouble, the Centre has set up an expert committee to examine the demand for the state of Bodoland, now a tribal council straddling four districts of north-central and western Assam. The Bodoland People’s Front (BPF), a ruling ally of the Congress in Assam, welcomed the move but others see it as a ploy to buy time.

The All Bodo Students’ Union (Absu), spearheading the demand for statehood for 40 years, has announced a series of blockades from 100 to 1,000 hours starting in a few days. Blockades in Bodoland practically cut off the rest of the northeast from mainland India.

“This (forming a panel) is nothing but another form of discrimination, as Bodoland was ignored while several states were created in the past four decades,” Absu president Pramod Boro said. He added that his organisation would be making statehood an issue for the polls. 

The map of Bodoland covers Kokrajhar and large swathes of Barpeta and Mangaldoi assembly constituencies. The BPF, Congress and BJP represent these seats, respectively.

Both the Congress and the BJP have been non-committal on statehood. Their dilemma is understandable. Opposing Bodoland could be counter-productive while supporting it could mean angering other ethnic groups, particularly the sizeable Koch-Rajbongshis, who are demanding a Kamtapur state. The map of Kamtapur covers much of Bodoland and the northern half of West Bengal, including a part of the area under the Gorkhaland council.
Northeast statehood movements
Northeast statehood movements
“No community deserves a state more than we do,” Biswajit Roy, leader of the All Koch-Rajbongshi Students’ Union, said.

Statehood is similarly playing out in the Autonomous District seat straddling Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao districts of Assam. The Congress controls the tribal councils in both the districts, but Left-backed regional entities hope to cash in on Telangana-induced sentiments to regain lost ground.

Meghalaya too is feeling the statehood heat following the Telengana development. The movement for the separate Garoland state was spearheaded by students’ bodies before rebel outfits hijacked it. Now, with the general elections round the bend, the movement is taking on political colours.

The concept of Garoland, catering to Garo tribal people, covers five districts and 24 of Meghalaya’s 60 assembly constituencies. It is almost equal to the area under Tura parliamentary constituency, once the domain of former Lok Sabha Speaker Purno Agitok Sangma, now the chief of a regional entity – the National People’s Party.

Purno Sangma’s challenger for the control of Garo Hills turf is Meghalaya chief minister Mukul M Sangma, who NGOs allege is soft towards rebel groups violently pursuing the Garoland idea. The chief minister did not respond to a query on the relevance of statehood as a poll issue but Congress leaders said the prospect of Garoland has brightened after Telangana.

The tremor is also being felt elsewhere in the northeast, which was a composite province during the British Raj.

Source: hindustantimes

Apology Letter to a North Easterners By Garima Sachdeva

12:30 AM
From Hindu College, New Delhi.
Apology Letter to a North Easterners By Garima Sachdeva

> A 19 year old boy, Nido Tania, from Arunachal Pradesh was beaten to death by shopkeepers at a South Delhi market. He was earlier subjected to mockery over his hair colour, his clothing and his appearance. We all posted Facebook statuses, Twitter comments, Instagram pictures, as a protest against the society that brought about his death. Our anger was evident. What we conveniently forgot is that it is we who made this society, it is we who give some citizens of our country grief, it is we who should change, and the society will follow. Here is what we should accept, realize and change. Here is an apology to my friend from the North East.

"It is not a 'thought of the day'. It is a realization of a lifetime.

It is not just a onetime thing. It is a process of transformation.

It is not just an apology letter. It is a true feeling, bludgeoning the insides of our hearts.

I have been a bad person. I was brought up in a society where it was 'ok' to make fun of people. Some of my fun was subtle, some not so much. As I grew up amidst the same society, I made the line of subtlety hazy. My jokes no longer knew boundaries. To make matters worse, they were now armed and ready with stereotypical assumptions, preconceived notions and selfish trysts with my own petty laughter. Many of these were aimed at you, my north eastern friends. For all the selfishness, I apologize.

If I saw you on the street, I would shout out appalling words to you. Words which should have been corrected by my parents, by my friends, by my peers and by the society. Words which ruined generations, and if remained unchecked, can ruin a few more. Words which were not only offensive, but wretchedly hurtful. Words like 'chinki', 'chinese', 'chowmein', 'chilly chicken' and what not, I feel disgusted by myself just by writing them all out; wondering how you took all these in sickens me to the very core. How could I be so odious, how could I be so spiteful, how could I be so insensitive? Now I am bringing about a change in myself. For all the mortification, I apologize.

I have made incredulous remarks on your origin. I have said unkind things about your features. I am ashamed. I shoot daggers at anyone who dares to call me fat or thin or unattractive or lanky and here I am calling you something so offensive, so easily. You belong to our nation, India, and I call you names that send you across the border to China. What kind of an Indian am I? The worst kind, I suppose. Such a disgrace I am. For all the humiliation, I apologize.

I hear the leaders talk about the 'youth factor' in the 2014 elections. Narendra Modi says we can make or break this nation. Rahul Gandhi says we can take this nation forward on our shoulders. They all have expectations from us. Our minds are indeed sharp but our hearts are contaminated. The youth might be more informed and open about economics, management and politics, the youth might understand the nation in a better and healthier way, but compassion has become an alien word to the youth. We might be on the driver's seat when we see ourselves excelling as educated individuals but we have definitely hit the rock bottom when it comes to being thoughtful individuals. We call the westerners racist. They call us black. They call us browns. They look down upon us and consider us inferior to them. We sigh, we cuss and we retaliate. We call them inconsiderate for this thinking of theirs. We hold debates and criticize them. That's how we get to sleep at night. We quite easily forget that we too are indulging in the very same acts of racism back home, in our own country, to our own people. We are hypocritical racists towards certain sections of the nation. For the callous acts, I apologize.

I am not doing this because my guilt has reached its saturation point. I am not doing this to land myself in heaven once I die. I am not doing this out of a sudden epiphany. I doing this because it is the right thing to do, it is about time I do this. It should have been done ages ago. I am not blaming anyone, but myself. I am committed to change myself and all the people I meet on my way, in my journey called life. I am optimistic that there are many who want to adopt this change, many who WILL adopt this change. Together we can make this a better world where a joke does not cross any limit and the fun remains well within boundaries. You will find me by your side when you protest at Jantar Mantar, you will see me arguing with a friend who tries to call you names, you will always have me on your side, in your battle for your rights. To you my north eastern friends, I apologize for everything, from the very bottom of my heart." 

Source - FB Nagas Page

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