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Darjeeling : Life sentence for raping 15-year-old step-granddaughter

9:01 AM
Mohan Thapa (50), a resident of Ropeway in Singamari of repeatedly raping his 15-year-old step-granddaughter from September 2010 till May 2011. The court sentenced Thapa to life imprisonment and fined him Rs 50,000 and his failure to pay the amount will lead to an additional two-year jail term.

Life sentence for raping 15-year-old step-granddaughter
Life sentence for raping 15-year-old step-granddaughter
 Thapa was found guilty of repeatedly raping his step-granddaughter for nine months. The victim used to reside with her grandparents while her parents used to live separately. Thapa used to sexually assault the victim when his wife was away from home.

The victim was a student of class VII in one of the local schools. Noticing changes in her physical appearance, her teacher began questioning her and that was when she revealed the heinous crime being committed on her.

The victim was then taken for a medical examination and was confirmed to be pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl in June 2011 and the infant is presently under the care of missionaries. The victim now lives outside Darjeeling and is studying in a missionary school. The court has directed the fine of Rs 50,000, if realised, be paid to the victim. -Echo

Minor girl molested, attempt to rape by RAF jawan in Darjeeling - HRPA report

9:09 PM
HRPA Reports 28 September 2013 Darjeeling: Today was a very sad day for all of us, an incident of molestation and attempt to rape was reported to us. The incident was reported at Ghoom Jorebunglow Police station and it involved a minor girl who is barely sixteen years old and a resident of Barbatty and a student of class eleven. She is also a patient of a Heart disease and her left hand is immovable and she is also an orphan who is been taken care by her Bara(Uncle).

The incident took place at Upper Barbatty Forest Village at around 10:30 am and the accused is a constable with RAF, which has been deployed due to recent unrest in the Hills. The accused is a resident of Barrackpore, Kolkatta and his name is Arun Parmanik(age 28) id (1028) who is posted at Ghoom Bhanjayang checkpost. A formal complaint and a FIR has been lodged with the police at Ghoom sadar thana. According to the victim she had reached school at around 9:00 am in the morning and reaching school she found out that it was closed, so she headed back to home and reached the said check post also known as Ratoo Goodam where the accused is posted. 
RAF molested a minor girl in Darjeeling - Victim girl in Hospital
RAF molested a minor girl in Darjeeling - Victim girl in Hospital
The accused had crossed her at Deurali and he had called her on which the victim tried to run, the accused started following her and had started asking her name and address,he was telling her not to be afraid as he was his friend. During this the accused and the victim reached the forest area which she has to cross to reach her home, and then the accused finding this a suitable area asked the victim to shake hands in a gesture to show that he was harmless, if only the little kid knew his intentions, as soon as she held her hand out to shake hands she was pulled closed and the accused tried to do the shameful.

The girl was terrified and started screaming for help and ran towards her home and fortunately her aunt and her cousin brother who were heading towards town intercepted her. Her brother asked her what had happened and why she was screaming? after hearing what she had to say he ran after the accused. When her brother caught up with the accused he showed his ID and tried to intimidate him but he being brave and having a presence of mind snatched the id and phoned the police.
Darjeeling shut down after a girl was molested by RAF jawan
Darjeeling shut down after a girl was molested by RAF jawan

The police has taken the accused in custody and we at HRPA spoke to Mrs. Sarita Pariyar(C.I) and Mr.Tapan Pal(S.I) and have emphasized that they see justice is served. However due to this incident, Darjeeling was transformed into a war zone the students called for a bandh and had gherroed Darjeeling Sadar thana and the police resorted to latti charge and there was some firing of tear gas. The protesters pelted stones and bricks at the police and no incident of casualties has been reported so far. 

Source - HRPA

Kalimpong : 16-year-old boy arrested for sexually assaulting 13-year-old girl.

8:42 AM
Kalimpong police has arrested a 16-year-old boy from Sangsey area on charges of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

According to the complaint filed by the girl’s family, she had left home on 18 September saying that she would be visiting her friend’s house nearby but did not return even the next day.

Finally, when the family started calling her friends they eventually came to know she had been staying with a teenage boy for the duration she had been

missing. Police sources said that the boy during the absence of his parents, indulged in a physical relationship with the minor girl. Later, a complaint was filed against the boy by the girl’s parents and accordingly he was arrested by the Kalimpong Police.

The boy himself being a minor will be sent to the Darjeeling Juvenile Court tomorrow. He has been charged under Section 376 and 4 of Protection of Children from Sexual Assault Act. 


Sreesanth confession under duress - IPL spot-fixing scandal

8:46 PM
Banned fast bowler S. Sreesanth claimed innocence in a letter to the BCCI’s disciplinary Committee and said his confession to Police in the spot-fixing saga was under duress.

Sreesanth confession under duress - IPL spot-fixing scandal

“Under the threat of arrest of my close relatives a statement was forcibly taken in the manner directed by the police,” said Sreesanth, who was banned for life after being found guilty of spot-fixing in the IPL in an internal inquiry conducted by the Board’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit chief Ravi Sawani.

“There is no confusion recorded by me willingly to the police. The police have mentally and physically harassed me and obtained signed statements. The conclusion arrived at by the Commissioner of Enquiry that I have committed offences... is based on conjectures, guesses, inferences, and inadmissible police reports” Sreesanth said in the letter which was submitted to the Disciplinary Committee just before the hearing.

“The police have not intercepted any conversation between me and others in support of the wild and fantastic charges levelled against me which has put me into injustice and prejudice as I had no opportunity to refute them,” said the 30-year-old pacer.

Sreesanth said it is too “distressing” for him because there is no concrete evidence against him.

“As regards seeking, accepting, offering or agreeing to accept any bribe there is no trace of evidence pointing out to any such incident at all,” the Kerela pacer said.

“As regards the charges I respectfully beg to submit that all of them as has been conceded in the report itself are based on media reports and not any concrete and reliable evidence”, he said.

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Delhi gang rape convicts may face the death penalty

10:26 AM
The four men found guilty of the barbaric gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old physiotherapy intern on a moving bus in Delhi last year will now be sentenced. They could face the death penalty. 

"They should be hanged, they showed no remorse, that will be justice for her and for everyone in this country" said the girl's mother, as she left for the trial court in south Delhi which will hear arguments on the sentencing of her daughter's killers. (Delhi gang-rape: hope the punishment is exemplary, says braveheart's mother) 

Their punishment will be announced today or tomorrow, after the arguments are over.

All four men - fruit seller Pawan Gupta, bus cleaner Akshay Kumar Singh, gym instructor Vinay Sharma and Mukesh Singh, an unemployed man - were found guilty of 13 offences which included gang rape, unnatural sex and destruction of evidence. (Delhi gang-rape verdict: 4 convicted for rape & murder in case that shook India)

"They committed the murder of the helpless victim," said the judge in a 237-page order that dwelled at length on the sheer depravity of the crime which had shaken India to the core. 
(Delhi gang-rape: They committed the murder of a helpless victim, says judge)

"The manner in which (iron) rods were used and the injury on the body of victims rules out the possibility that the accused brought these rods only to overpower the girl," the judge said, "the act of inserting the rod and pulling out her internal organ after the gang-rape cannot be seen as only to facilitate the was an intentional act to kill her."

These four men were in a gang of six who were arrested for brutally gang-raping the young woman on December 16 and assaulting her male friend. 

The alleged 'gang-leader' Ram Singh was found hanging in his prison cell in March. The sixth and youngest convict was 17 at the time of the assault and was sentenced last month to three years in a reform centre, the maximum punishment for a juvenile found guilty of rape and murder.

The girl died 13 days after the brutal assault, after which she and her friend had been thrown off the bus, battered and bleeding. 

"We hope the sentencing will be a historic decision and will put fear in the minds of those intending to commit such a crime," her mother said after the court's order yesterday. The parents were present at the Saket court for the verdict, not far from the men who were held guilty of killing their daughter.

"If they are not sentenced to death then it's a matter of shame for the entire country," her husband said.

Asaram Bapu's Video clip with a girl - Rajasthan police

9:33 AM
Jodhpur: In what will bring more trouble for Asaram Bapu, the Rajasthan police have accessed a video clip from the caretaker of the spiritual guru, Shiva’s mobile featuring the controversial godman with a girl, reports said on Friday. 

Mobile clip shows Asaram Bapu with a girl
Asaram Bapu
Earlier, it was reported that Shiva possessed CDs featuring the controversial preacher with his female followers in his dhyan ki kutiya (meditation hut). 

According to reports in Hindi newspapers, Asaram used to make the CDs of him with his female devotees in the hut in order to blackmail them. 

Meanwhile, Additional Advocate General (AAG) Anand Purohit yesterday said that the sexual assault case involving allegations against Asaram was fit for trial in a fast-track court. 

Talking to reporters, Purohit said the prosecution may also consider making one of Asaram's associates, Shiva or Shilpi, a government witness. 

While Shiva, an aide of Asaram's, is in police custody, Shilpi, the warden at the Chhindwara Gurukul where the girl was a student, is still absconding. Jodhpur police said they have established a strong link in connection with the case between and Shiva and Shilpi. 

"Shilpi is a vital link in the investigation... Shiva was the mediator between Shilpi and Asaram," DCP Ajay Pal Lamba told reporters here. 

"It is Shilpi who planned to send the girl to Asaram by convincing her that she was under the spell of evil spirits and only Bapu could save her," the DCP added. 

"Shilpi was in regular touch with the parents of the girl in order to convince them about taking their daughter to either the ashram at Jodhpur or in Ahmedabad," he said. 

There were dozens of calls exchanged between Shilpi, Shiva and the girl's parents from August 13 to 15, the day when the 16-yr-old-girl was allegedly sexually assaulted at Manai ashram by the accused. 

Asaram Bapu, who was arrested for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, is currently lodged in Jodhpur Central Jail after a court on Monday sent him to 14-day judicial custody. 

The minor has alleged that the sexual assault took place August 15 at Asaram's ashram outside Jodhpur city and the complaint was filed by her August 20. The godman has denied the charge. Police, however, claimed they had a water-tight case against him. 

Source : zeenews

Police issued notice to Asaram Bapu in sexual assault case

11:37 AM
Jodhpur Police have issued a notice to self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, asking him to appear for interrogation within four days in connection with the sexual assault case registered against him.

Police issued  notice to Asaram Bapu in sexual assault case

Asaram, currently in Indore, was booked for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at his Jodhpur ashram on Independence Day.

Ahmedabad police said the Jodhpur police had come to serve the Asaram summons at his Ahmedabad ashram.

Meanwhile, Asaram continues to deny the allegations. On Sunday, the 72-year-old claimed that he was innocent and regarded the minor as his "daughter".
"I feel very sad when this girl is termed as a rape victim. She is like my daughter, grand-daughter or niece. She is not a victim... far from that. The rape victim is the one who is violated but this girl is pure in my view," Asaram said during a discourse at his ashram located on Khandwa Road.

Asaram alleged that Hindu saints are purposefully being maligned as part of a larger conspiracy. "Baseless allegations are leveled against me because I preach Indian culture during my discourses. In last four-and-a-half years, I was accused of practicing black magic and tantrik practices but none of them stood legal scrutiny," he said.

"Allegations are leveled against me, especially in the months of July and August, because this is the period when monsoon frogs come out in open." Asked if he would file a petition seeking anticipatory bail in the case, he said no. Asaram evaded a query on whether he would produce himself before the police team investigating the case.

Asaram said he would hold discourses across the country for jail inmates who are innocent and, if needed, he would help them get legal aid.

When it was pointed out that he had compared himself with Lord Ram, Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak, Asaram said he had merely spoken about their life events. "People spread this misinformation against me."

Mumbai gang rape - accused had raped four ragpicker at the same spot

11:23 AM
Mumbai photojournalist gang rape: Mohammed Qasim Hafiz Sheikh alias Qasim Bangali, the accused arrested in the infamous Mumbai gang rape case, has told investigators that his gang had similarly raped four ragpicker women at the same spot, where the heinous crime was committed against the photojournalist.

Mumbai gang rape - accused had raped four ragpicker at the same spot

"Bangali told us they had raped four ragpickers at the same spot where the 22-year-old was gang raped", a Mumbai Police crime branch officer said. 

None of the earlier four gangrapes were reported, which reportedly encouraged these rapists to commit more such crimes. 

The gang used to target ragpickers as garbage used to be dumped at the deserted mill compound, and ragpickers used to visit the spot to segregate  the garbage. 

Mumbai police is yet to decide about registering fresh FIRs based on the admission of Qasim Bangali. 

21-year-old Qasim Bangali was picked up on Sunday morning from near Nair Hospital, where relatives of patients informed police after recognising his face from the sketches circulated. 

Eight hours later, his associate and ringleader Salim Ansari, 27, was picked up from near a slum in Delhi. 

Ansari had fled Mumbai and had gone to Delhi to hide in a relative's slum dwelling. He was walking calmly towards his relative's home when Mumbai police inspector Gulabrao Gore and Delhi police inspector Dinesh Kumar swooped on him. 

As details emerge from interrogation, Crime Branch officers were horrified to learn that the rapists after committing the heinous act forced the photojournalist to clean up the place.  They threatened to attack her with broken beer bottles.

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