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KKRSS met tribal minister Jual Oram at Delhi

10:22 AM
Kirati Khambu Rai Sanskritik Sansthan Delhi NCR unit lead by the newly elected convener of Delhi NCR unit Sachin Bantawa Rai met the Tribal minister Jual Oram today in his office. The team, who were there thanked the tribal minister for helping the Khambu community along with the 10 other communities of  Darjeeling in their demand for the tribal status. KKRSS Delhi NCR Unit was formed on 8th June 2015 in the meeting attended by Central Committee General Secretary Binita Khambu Rai, Central Committee members Prof Jog Chamling Rai and Shankamani Rai in Hauz Khas New Delhi.
KKRSS met tribal minister Jual Oram at Delhi
KKRSS met tribal minister Jual Oram at Delhi
Bantawa said they had a positive talk with the tribal minister. He also stated as per the discussion on 8th June with General secretary Binita Khambu Rai , the main reason behind the formation of KKRSS DELHI NCR unit was to make the demand for schedule tribe status stronger . There are many Khambus in Delhi and North India and we can bring them together to spread awareness about our culture, rituals and languages.

The other main reason behind the formation of KKRSS Delhi unit is Delhi being the heart and soul of India many Khambu students go to Delhi for further studies, many youths decide to try their luck with employment in Delhi. When they come for the first time they face many difficulties hence this KKRSS Delhi NCR unit will be helping any people from our community coming in from Darjeeling, Sikkim or any part of India. Also many people come in for their treatment in Delhi and at such point our unit will be helping them in every possible way .This unit is not just for the Khambus but for any community coming from the hills and who require help.
By Prashant Acharya

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Assam Gorkhas demand ST status and autonomous council to DoNER

9:11 AM
Gorkhas living in the Assam  have demanded Scheduled Tribe (ST) status for the community and creation of an autonomous council, comprising Gorkha-inhabited areas.
Gorkhas demand ST status and  autonomous council to DoNER
Gorkhas demand ST status and  autonomous council to DoNER 

The demands were placed before Union minister for development of north eastern region (DoNER) Jitendra Singh here on Tuesday when a delegation of 'Asom Gorkha Sammelan' called on him to submit some of the long-pending grievances of the community.

The minister gave a patient hearing to the delegation and said he would personally follow up the issues falling within the purview of his ministry and in case of other issues, he will take up with the departments and ministries concerned. Singh said the Gorkha community has served the nation through thick and thin and their sacrifices are an example for others to follow.

In recent times, the recruitment of Gorkha youth in the country's defence forces has declined.

They demanded that the Gorkha community certificate issued by the 'Asom Gorkha Sammelan' be honoured for the purpose of employment or recruitment in defence forces.

The other demands included setting up of a Gorkha cultural and simplification of the process for inclusion of members of the community in the NRC. pti

The Gorkhas' demands for ST status and an autonomous council were placed before DoNER minister Jitendra Singh on Tuesday.

Tribal status for remaining Gorkha community cannot be attained – Narbahadur Bhandari

10:32 PM
Gangtok: Other than Tamang and Limbu, remaining Gorkha community cannot be included in the list of Tribal Status as they are not within the criterion set by the Central Government, affirmed former Chief Minister of Sikkim Narbahadur Bhandari in Gangtok.
Narbahadur Bhandari
Narbahadur Bhandari 
Bhandari stated on the context of efforts that are being made to enlist in Tribal Status for remaining Gorkha communities by GTA chief Bimal Gurung and current chief minister of Sikkim Pawan Chamling. Bhandari also ridiculed the ‘Barman Commission’, formed by govt. of Sikkim, which had recommended Tribal Status for Bahun, Chettri, Newar, Khambu Rai, Dewan, Thami, Sunuwar, Gurung, Mangar and Bhujel of Gorkha community, thereby, Sikkim as Tribal State. He also reminded the recent report of RGI (Office of Registrar General of India), which categorically denies that these communities are not within the Central govt. norms set for Tribal status.

Tribal Status for all Gorkhas in India - Gurung to Meet Chamling

4:08 PM
The Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) chief Bimal Gurung has said that he will meet Sikkim CM Pawan Kumar Chamling to request a unified front to demand the recognition of all the Gorkhalis across India as Schedule Tribe communities.
Bimal Gurung and Pawan Chamling on oath taking ceremony of Shri Narendra Modi.
Bimal Gurung and Pawan Chamling on oath taking ceremony of Shri Narendra Modi.
Speaking to the press Mr Gurung said, "Our aim is not just to gain ST status for Gorkhalis of Darjeeling and Sikkim, but also of Gorkhalis living across India - be they from Dehradun or Assam, from Manipur or Mizoram... all the Gorkhalis across India should be recognized as scheduled tribes and we will work towards this goal.."

Highlighting the need for a unified approach to achieve this goal, Mr. Gurung said, "All of us are talking about the same issue, so instead of demanding this separately from Darjeeling, Sikkim or Assam... we can all collaborate and present a unified front... which we are sure will help in making our voices louder and force the Central government to accede to our demand."

When asked who would initiate such a move, he said, "Even though I am a syanu manchey, I will initiate this quest for unity... and for this, I will go to meet Sikkim CM Dr. Pawan Kumar Chamling and talk to him regarding how to move this issue forward in a united way.... this is something all of us have to demand in unison and unless we do that, our goal won't be realized."

He further said, "we are hopeful that not just Gorkhalis from Darjeeling and Sikkim, but Gorkhalis from all over India will join hands to raise this demand... only then our demand will be fulfilled."

Source: DC

Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh to support GNLF for 6th Schedule

9:39 AM
Kalimpong, February 3: Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP)Promises Support to GNLF if They Pursue 6th Schedule Status for Darjeeling Hills
Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh to support GNLF for 6th Schedule
R. Moktan
In a bizarre twist of political turn, the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh Official which projects itself as this body with pan-India presence has assured the Gorkha National Liberation Front under Mohan Ghising of porviding “documentary support” if the GNLF decides to pursue 6th Schedule status for the Darjeeling region.

Speaking at a press conference BGP Nation Spokesperson credited Late. Subash Ghising as being the person who was responsible for demanding ‘Gorkhaland’ statehood for the Indian Gorkhas, and thus proposed to provide documentary support to GNLF if they pursued the 6th Schedule status.

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First statue of Yalambar of Kirati community unveiled in Mirik

10:25 PM
The first statue of Yalambar of Kirati community was unveiled on Sunday at Mirik on the occasion of Sakela. The massive  statue was laid by the Kirat Khambu Rai Sanskritik Sansthan of Mirik Unit at the Mirik Lake Kirateshwar temple complex. With the demand of Tribal status for the Kirati community the organization is highlighting their primitive culture and tradition. Today a large rally was organized at Mirik, where Kiratis showcased their traditional culture wearing own outfits, traditional instruments and much more.
First statue of Yalambar of Kirati community laid down in Mirik
First statue of Yalambar of Kirati community laid down in Mirik
Students and other members of the community took part in the rally holding placards demanding tribal status for the socio-economic development of the community.The community members also celebrated their traditional ‘Udhauli’ festival where thousands of Kiratis from Darjeeling hills, Terai, Dooars and Sikkim participated in the cultural programme.

GJM compromised the statehood demand for tribal status - CPRM

10:52 AM
The Communist Party of Revolutionary Marixist (CPRM) on Sunday accused the GJM of compromising with the statehood demand for the sake of obtaining tribal status for the people of the hills of Darjeeling.
GJM compromised the statehood demand for tribal status - CPRM
Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxist today called for a pan-India movement
to achieve a separate Gorkhaland state- file photo

The aspiration for a separate state, which was the ultimate demand of the Hills people, should not be compromised by greed for temporary settlements, party leaders said.

Addressing supporters on the ocassion to mark the 19th year of the formation of the party, CPRM president R.B.Rai said: “Presently, there are talks of granting tribal status to some communities of the Hills by the central government. However, it must be remembered that tribal status and a separate state are two distinct demands. There cannot be any compromise or bargain between the two”.

The CPRM’s assertion comes at a time when the ruling Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) is lobbying hard with the Centre to confer tribal status to 10 Hills communities. The GJM leadership a few days ago had even claimed that Union tribal affairs minister Jual Oram had assured its party delegation in Delhi that the Delhi would grant ST status to the ten communities, soon.

The CPRM president however viewed the GJM demand as betraying the greater cause of a separate Gorkha state and that achieving tribal status was something that related to the socio-economical uplift of the Hills communities. “As far as the ST issue is concerned, it is more in line of getting economical support through reservations. But, achieving a separate state means safeguarding our political identity because it will be for the entire Gorkha community of the country,” asserted Rai.

CPRM was formed in December 1996, after breaking away from the CPIM party because of ideological and has gone on to become the second largest Hills party. However, of late the party is seeing a downslide with the GJM coming into prominence.

This the CPRM leader admitted with a pinch of salt. “Over the years, our party has had to face adversaries in the form of the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) earlier and now the GJM, both of whom have betrayed the Gorkhaland cause. However, what gives us strength and a boost is to know that we are the lone party to stand by our demand, despite the ups and down,” Rai said.

The CPRM president pointing the misrule of the governments in the state and Centre linked it to the hegemonic rule of the present dispensation in the Hills and asked supporters not to lose courage. “The BJP replaced the Congress but there is no ‘Achcha Din’ yet. In Bengal, too, the TMC is covered in corruption and atrocities. The GJM it seems has been affected, however, our party will continue to give strength to the voice of the people,” Rai said.

Asking supporters to brace for a long struggle to achieve the statehood demand, the CPRM president said future political programs would be chalked in the coming days which would include making people aware of the party’s activities.


Indian Gorkhas for ST status in Delhi

10:47 AM
Darjeeling, 19 December: The chief of the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha (GJMM) Bimal Gurung and Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia met Union minister for tribal affairs Jual Oram at the Shastri Bhawan in New Delhi today. The communities got together under the banner of the Bharatiya Gorkha Janajati Sangharsha Mahasangh and was led by its central committee members Kanchan Gurung,  RB Raya,  SP Pradhan,  Amar Dewan,  BB Mangar,  Ratan Khawas, Deepak Mukhia and MS Rai, the GJMM
Indian Gorkhas for ST status in Delhi
10 Gorkha Communities representatives led by BImal Gurung, Shri S.S Ahluwalia and Shri Binoy Tamang met Shri. Jual Oram, Hon'ble Union Minister For Tribal Affairs at Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi
Mr Gurung, who is also the chief of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) reiterated the demand to immediately include 11 communities from Darjeeling and the Doaars regions in the Scheduled Tribe list. The 11 communities include Bhujel, Gurung, Mangar, Newar, Jogi, Khas, Rai, Sunwar, Thami, Yakhha (Dewan) and Dhimal.

Mr Gurung, along with Mr Ahluwalia and GJMM leader Binoy Tamang also placed a special demand of the Dhimal community for ST status.

According to GJMM leaders, Mr Oram assured the delegation that the demand would be “granted soon.” He also told the delegation that his Ministry has already started “processing” the matter and that a report will be submitted to the Home Ministry and the Cabinet.

Source: Statesman

Sakela Udhwali celebrated in Assam with festive fervour

6:21 PM
Margheritha, Tinsukia 15th Dec 2015: Sakela Udhawli the harvest festival of Khambus was celebrated at Pawai Bongoan, Ketetong near Margheritha in Tinsukia Assam organised by Kirat Rai Mahasabha, Assam supported by Gorkha civil society organisations of the region. The daylong festival began with offering prayers to ancestors and deity followed by Silli group dances. Khambu youths performed rituals in presence of Mangpa and offered prayers to Paruhaang and Sumnima for well being of the society.
Sakela Udhwali celebrated in Assam
Sakela Udhwali celebrated in Assam

Several thousand Khambus being nature worshippers assembled to celebrate the he Sakela which is celebration is a prayer to Mother Nature for healthy crops and protection from natural calamities. Therefore, the festival is also known as "Bhumi Puja". Sakela Udhauli is celebrated in the monrth of Novermber and December suitably after a full moon day which is harvest season, as a part giving thanks to nature for providing them a good harvest.
Khambu Rai cultural attire
 Khambu Rai cultural attire
The open session of the daylong celebration was presided by Siddhiman Thulung while Deo Kumar Rai addressed the Khambus as Key Note Speaker where he spoke at length about Kirat Khambu Rai culture and traditions. Abhijeet Khambu Rai elected General Secretary of Kirat Rai Mahasabha, Assam (KRM,A) informed the gathering about the mission, vision and current focus of the organisation and its structure. Convenor of the North East Kirat Rai Sanskritik Sansthan and Central Executive Member of All Assam Gorkha Students Union (AAGSU) Nanda Kirati Dewan graced the occasion as Guest of Honour and said,’The formation of Kirati Rai Mahasabha, Assam and its maiden Sakela celebrations here is a testimony of amalgamation of Khambus in an organisation to research, study and follow and most importantly preserve its culture and tradition. The celebrations today is proof of Kirati are indigenous and Sons of the Soil in Assam since time immemorial and deserving Scheduled Tribe of the country.’
Khambu people Dancing in the tribal tune in Sakela Udhwali celebrated in Assam
‘Development and uplifment of tribes of Assam like Khambu, Limbu, Tamang, Mangar, Gurung etc. will definitely strengthen the AAGSU ‘, Dewan added calling it Gorkha in Assam today is not just a tribe or caste but it is a composite society a community. He further stressed that Khambus of Assam should join the national demands of inclusion Khambus of country in central Scheduled Tribe list under article 342 of the Indian Constitution.
Prem Sampang elected president of KRM,A , Former President of Assam Kirat Sammelan Pradip Limboo, Senior Advocate Rajesh Rai, Literaturer Shanta Bahadur Dewan, Sol Bahadur Loh were some of the invited guests who spoke on the occasion. The cultural evening attraction was kid celebrity singer of the region Nandita Rai and dance performance by Sakela Silli Dance group lead by Rahul Lamsong Rai. Guest Artist s Parashmani Rai of Zee Bangla famed Sa Re Ga Ma fame from Darjeeling performed in the evening.

Source : Nanda Kirati Dewan

Bharatiya Gorkha Janjati Sangharsh Mahasangh in Delhi on December 17 to press their demand

10:30 AM
At the call of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) president and Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) chief executive Bimal Gurung,  members of the newly formed Bharatiya Gorkha Janjati Sangharsh Mahasangh (BGJSM), comprising 10 communities from the hills of Darjeeling, will be in Delhi on December 17 to press their demand for inclusion of these communities in the list of scheduled tribes.
Bharatiya Gorkha Janjati Sangharsh Mahasangh in Delhi on December 17 to press their demand
“We have been called to Delhi by the GJM president to meet concerned ministers on December 17. We have been asked to take one member each from the 10 communities, to get a grip of what is happening with our demand, for ourselves. We will be leaving for Delhi today”. BGJSM president Kanchan Gurung said on Monday.

“Darjeeling MP S.S.Ahluwalia who is presently also in Delhi will facilitate our meetings with ministers and officials, there,” he said. The BJP leader has backed the GJM demand and also taken up the issue in the Centre.

In August, Gurung had met union tribal affairs minister Jual Oram in Delhi and took up the demand for conferring tribal status to 11 communities of the Hills including one from plains. He had also submitted relevant documents to strengthen the demand.
On his return to Darjeeling, the GTA chief executive had met members of the 11 communities and apprised them about the development in Delhi. He had then also promised to invite these communities to Delhi to meet concerned ministers to take forward the demand. “A lot of positive inroad has been made in regard to the demand of conferring tribal status to ten communities from the Hills. We are doing everything for speedy implementation. In fact, when I go to Delhi next time, I will invite representatives from these communities to Delhi to meet concerned ministers to see for their own what is happening,” Gurung had than said.
The 10 communities from the Hills are Bhujel, Gurung, Mangar, Newar, Jogi, Khas, Rai, Sunwar, Thami, and Yakkha Dewan and Dhimal from the plains of Dooars.
The demand for tribal status to the Hills communities is also mentioned the 2011 GTA agreement which was signed by the state and central government. The agreement says that all Gorkha communities of the Hills excepting the Schedule Caste will be conferred tribal status.
The BGJSM president before leaving for Delhi said that he was hopeful of a positive outcome from the visit. “Each of us has been struggling for the demand on our own ways for a long time but without any result. None of the other political parties of the Hills have either lent support or facilitated our endeavor. But, this time we are hopeful and our anticipation high that with the GJM backing our demand, our effort will bear fruit,” he said.
Interestingly, in February this year, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee had taken up the issue and made a recommendation to the Centre to enlist 10 Hills communities in the tribal status category. However, replying to a RTI filed by an individual, the tribal welfare ministry in June rejected the state government’s recommendation.

Source: EOI

Bengal not to support Hill Quest for Tribal Status

10:38 AM
The state government has declined to recommend tribal status to the people hailing from Darjeeling Hills as demanded by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM).
Bengal not to support Hill Quest for Tribal Status
Leaders from Various hill communities who had gone to meet Mamata on Mar 1, 2014
 where she had promised them that she is pursuing Tribal status for all the hill communities
Instead, efforts will be initiated to declare Darjeeling as a "backward district" so as to enable it to gain additional grants under the Backward Region Grant Fund (BRGF) scheme.

Inclusion of Gorkhas in the ST list is the most sought-after demand by the non-tribal communities in the Hills, apart from the statehood issue. Sources at Nabanna said recommending ST status for Gorkhas to the Centre is difficult since the communities of the region fail to match the main criteria of “social and economic backwardness along with tribal characteristics” of tribals.

"If GJMM places the demand for tribal status at the tripartite meeting, we will neither oppose them nor recommend it. Instead, we are trying to arrange additional financial assistance for development of the region," said a senior state government official.

A backward district receives funds under various heads of BRGF scheme for development and upgradation.

During a visit to North Bengal in January last year, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had herself assured that she would urge the Centre to include various indigenous communities from the region in the Scheduled Tribes list.

Following this, the GJMM had placed their demand before the state government several times. It had also urged the Centre to expedite the process of granting ST status to them.

Infact, a proposal recommending ST status for 10 Darjeeling Hill communities ~ Rai, Yakkha, Gurung, Bhujel, Newar, Jogi, Sunwar-Mukhia, Mangar, Khas and Thami ~ had been submitted by the state government to the Centre prior to the Lok Sabha polls.

However, the Union Ministry for Tribal Affairs has reportedly failed to approve it.

During yesterday's meeting with Miss Banerjee at Nabanna, GJMM chief Bimal Gurung has yet again requested her to take up the issue with the Centre.

Reacting to the news, noted hill based political observer Upendra said, "I think the hill people, other than a few gullible folks never actually believed any promise made by Mamata or Bengal for that matter, they have always been super sly and used dubious methods to control power in the hills. Their policy of saam, daam, danda, bhed which used to work in the past, doesn't work anymore, this is the reason why Hill people over-whelmingly voted for BJP despite GJM's colossal failure. People saw through Mamata's ploy to divide the hill community back before the MP elections itself. So it does not come as a surprise to anyone of us... In fact I had said exactly the same thing back in March... I had said that this whole ST status thing is a sham aimed at getting people to vote for TMC."

"More importantly, this is a Wake Up Call to all the hill people, irrespective of who you are or which party you support, to realize that we will never find acceptance in Bengal... granting a tribal status to us would have meant acknowledging the fact that we are indigenous to the land... and that does not fit with the Bengal sponsored narrative of Gorkhas being immigrants... so by saying they are not going to support Tribal status for the hill communities, they are letting us know, what they actually think about us... if we do not wake up now... a day will come when we may be by the Mechi banks asking ourselves what went wrong" he said.

Speaking on the need to ignore Bengal and march ahead he added, "Bengal is not the only state in India, Gorkhas in Sikkim, Assam and Uttarakhand should join hands with people from Darjeeling in demanding inclusion of Gorkhas as a whole in the Central Tribal list... after all Gorkhas came with the land, we are of this land... we are indigenous to the land... it is our right."

With Mamata rejecting Tribal status for hill communities outright, Mamata seems to have left the path of appeasement altogether, will this move unite the Gorkhas?

Source: SNS

Gorkhas in Uttarakhand demand recognition as a tribal group

9:20 PM
DEHRADUN: The over 12 lakh Gorkhas in Uttarakhand demand recognition as a tribal group. The demand grew even more strident after Gorkhas in West Bengal and Sikkim were reportedly to be granted tribal status.
All India Gorkha Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association (AIGEWA)
All India Gorkha Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association (AIGEWA)
There are at least 15 groups of Gorkhas -- Bhujel, Gurung, Mangar, Newar, Jogi, Khas, Rai, Sunuwar, Thami and Yakhna, among them - that at present are not considered tribal groups. Groups like Bhutia and Letcha have been already been granted tribal status. Tamang and Limboo communities were recognised as tribals in 2003.

President of the All India Gorkha Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association (AIGEWA), West Bengal region, SP Pradhan, said tribal status would make for easier access to higher education and jobs for young people from the community.

In Assam, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Punjab, Sikkim, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram, Gorkhas are listed as an Other Backward Caste (OBC) group.

Given that retirement from the army happens at an early age of 35, Gorkha ex-servicemen should be offered re-employment opportunities too, members at the AIGEWA meeting said. They have also sought that the budget allocated by the Centre for Gorkhas, which is a mere Rs 8 lakh per annum, should be increased.

Source: timesofindia

RTI reply on Darjeeling hills Tribal status Demand

10:41 AM
Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP) has demanded Tribal status for all the Darjeeling hills communities except Schedule Caste.
Hills Tribal issue is in RGI
West Bengal government and GTA have been claiming their efforts to include 10 communities of Darjeeling hills into Tribal status for long time back.
BGP has received a copy of RTI (Right to Information) reply from the central government on the Tribal issues of Darjeeling hills, R Moktan, BGP national spokesperson, stated in a press meet in Kalimpong today.
According to RTI reply, West Bengal government has recommended following hills communities (Bhujel, Gurung, Magar, Newar, Joshi, Khas, Rai and Yakha Dewan) for Tribal status and sent it to Central government. However, it has not been mentioned anything from GTA on RTI reply.
On last August, a delegation headed by Bimal Gurung had submitted a memorandum to Jual Oram, Minister of Tribal Affairs, for Tribal status for 11 communities including ‘Dhimal’ of Dooars.
However, ‘Dhimal’ community of Dooars is not mentioned at all in RTI reply. Meanwhile, central government has sent the recommended hills communities issue to RGI (Registrar General of India) for their opinion. It’s mandatory for the government to get the opinion of the RGI before giving tribal status to any community. Although the Tribal Affairs Ministry is the nodal agency which can give ST status.

Source: DC [input from Himalaya Darpan]

Gurung to press for Schedule Tribe status to 11 hill communities in Delhi

11:48 AM
Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) chief Bimal Gurung has assured the 10 hill communities demanding Scheduled Tribe status that he would seek an update on their demand from the Union tribal affairs minister Jual Oram in his upcoming visit to Delhi on August 27. Gurung  announced this on Thursday in Darjeeling at a meeting of the Gorkha Janjati Kalyan Samiti that represents the 11 hill communities seeking Schedule Tribe status.
GJM chief Bimal Gurung speaking at the Gorkha Janjati Kalyan Samiti meetingon Thursday.
GJM chief Bimal Gurung speaking at the Gorkha Janjati
 Kalyan Samiti meetingon Thursday.
Gurung had first placed the demand before Oram on July 12 of this year. “I will be in Delhi from August 27 to 29 and meet the Union tribal minister to urge him to expedite the issue,” he said. He will lay the foundation stone for a Gorkha Bhavan in the national capital on August 29  in Saket. The Bhawan is being built at a cost of Rs17 crore and will get completed in the next 18 months.

The demand for ST status is a long-standing one of the 10 hill communities — they are Bhujel, Gurung, Mangar, Newar, Jogi, Khas, Rai, Sunuwar, Thami and Yakkha (Dewan) — and the state government had forwarded the list to the Centre.Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had sent the request for their ST status to the Centre in February about a fortnight before the model code of conduct was to be imposed for the Lok Sabha elections.

Gurung has asked representatives of all the 11 hill communities seeking Schedule Tribe status to accompany him to the national capital. “We are doing our job and want community representatives to see how the GJM is doing it and how much progress has been made.”

GTA Delegation met Minister of Tribal Affairs for inclusion of 11 communities in ST list

7:46 PM
Darjeeling Shri S. S. Ahluwalia and GTA Delegation led by GJM chief Bimal Gurung met Minister of Tribal Affairs for inclusion of 11 communities in ST list.
Member of Parliament of Darjeeling Shri S. S. Ahluwalia along with the GTA Delegation led by Shri Bimal Gurung, Shri Rooshan Giri, Shri PT Ola and Shri Benoy Tamang paid a courtesy visit to Shri Jual Oram, Hon'ble Minister of Tribal Affairs.
 GTA Delegation met Minister of Tribal Affairs for inclusion of 11 communities in ST list
 GTA Delegation met Minister of Tribal Affairs for inclusion of 11 communities in ST list
The GJM delegation appraised the the Hon'ble Minister the immediate inclusion of 11 communities from Darjeeling and Dooars region Bhujel, Gurung, Mangar, Newar, Jogi, Khas, Rai, Sunwar, Thami, Yakhha (Dewan) and Dimal in the List of Schedule Tribes under the Government of India.
The delegation also submitted all necessary documents needed for the inclusion of these 11 communities in the ST list.
The delegation explained the Hon'ble Minister that the the demand of granting of tribal status to all the Gorkhas except Scheduled Caste was stated in the agreement of the Memorandum of Agreement of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration .
"I am happy to state that the Hon'ble Minister gave a very positive response to the above demand and we are confident that the 11 communities will be included in the ST list soon." Bimal Gurung

Mamata Banerjee -GTA, Darjeeling municipality and state govt should work together

Mamata Banerjee at Chowrasta today said Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA), Darjeeling municipality and state government should work together for the overall development of the hills which was neglected in the past.

Mamata Banerjee at Chowrasta today
Mamata Banerjee at Chowrasta today
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee officially announced the formation of Tamang Development Board.

Bengal government had written to the Centre for granting schedule tribe status to 11 Darjeeling hill communities

Mamata Banerjee wants peace to prevail for unhindered hills development. Without making a direct reference to the GJM which wants a separate state, she called for maintaining peace in the Darjeeling hills.

Darjeeling package" by Mamata Banerjee announced today at Chowrasta

• Mamata Banerjee officially announced the formation of Tamang Board.
• Her government initiates for granting schedule tribe status to 11 Darjeeling hill communities
• Announced a project of Safari Park over an area of 261 acres at a cost of Rs 255 crore at Sukhna, Siliguri.
• Mamata Banerjee commissions unfinished drinking water project.
• A university in Darjeeling and 

• An IT hub.

DARJEELING: On a visit to Darjeeling, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today in an apparent message to Gorkha Janamukti Morcha said that it should allow unhindered development of the hills by maintaining peace.

"Politics should not be a barrier for carrying out development. The government wants to usher in development. Darjeeling was neglected in the past. I want to bring in development.

Mamata Banerjee honouring Bhanu Bhakta in Chowrasta Darjeeling
Mamata Banerjee honouring Bhanu Bhakta in
Chowrasta Darjeeling
"If the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, Darjeeling municipality and the state government work together, it would be good for the people in the region," Banerjee said.

She was addressing a gathering at Mall in Darjeeling town after inaugurating a slew of projects including a Safari park at Sukhna near Siliguri and Balasan water project from where drinking water would be supplied to Darjeeling.

The Safari park is a project taken up by the state forest department, which will come up over an area of 261 acres at at a cost of Rs 255 crore, she said.

She said that Darjeeling was facing water scarcity and the drinking water project would mitigate the suffering of the people.

Banerjee said her government had written to the Centre for granting schedule tribe status to 11 Darjeeling hill communities. She also officially announced the formation of Tamang board.

"I feel happy when I see my brothers and sisters in the Hills smiling. I want you to maintain peace in the hills. The more tourists come here, the better will be your economy. I want to promote the culture of the hills. I want your cooperation. I have come to the Hills 40 times. I will keep coming back," she said

She assured the gathering that the drinking water problem in Kurseong would also be sorted out as work for a pipelined water project had been taken up.

In her wish list for the hills, the Chief Minister said she wants a university in Darjeeling and an IT hub to come up. 

Source: PTI

Tamang Development and Cultural Board constituted

8:58 AM
Kalimpong, 15 July 2014: Government of West Bengal has finally constituted Tamang Development and Cultural Board.

Mamata Banerjee with representatives of Tamang Youth association
Mamata Banerjee with representatives of Tamang Youth association
In a government circular issued today the formation of the Board is declared. It is also published in the Kolkata Gazette on 16th July 2014. The government memo stated that ‘Tamang Development and Cultural Board’ is constituted vide resolution No. 33-TDD/6S-80/13(Pt.-l) dated 27th June, 2014 of Tribal Development department.

The Executive Body of the board comprises of 10 members nominated by the government and they are Sanjay Moktan as Chairperson and Bishnu Tamang, Hemant Ghising, Prem Moktan, Kabita Tamang, Arun Kr. Zimba. Ganga Raj Tamang and Biren Bomzan as members. A government official will be appointed to function as the secretary while Punit Yadav, I.A.S., District Magistrate, Darjeeling will be Ex-officio Member of the Board. 

The term of office in respect of Chairperson and other non-official members is for a period of five years from the date of notification and shall automatically expire on completion of five years.

In another circular issued by the Tribal Development Department vide Memo No. STDD-53/14/6S-80/13(Pt.-l) Kolkata, the 16th July, it has stated that the general body of the board is constituted by 17 members. The nominated members are Sanjay Moktan to function as Chairperson while Bishnu Tamang, Prem Moktan, Sanjay Golay, Arun Kr. Zimba, Buddha Moktan, Naren Moktan, Rajendra Yonzone, Sangdup Lama, S.B. Tamang, Suraj Lama, Kamal Ghising, Dawa Moktan, Sanjog Tamang will be members and Prasenjit Deb Barman, Director, C.R.I., Kolkata will be Ex-Officio Member.

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Kirati Khambu Rais welcome fresh criteria for inclusion in ST list

11:19 PM
KKRSS welcome report of Panda Panel

Darjeeling: In a meeting of KKRSS (Kiranti Khambu Rai Sanskritik Sansthan)  held in Darjeeling on June 12, the KKRSS has whole heartedly Welcome the recommendations and supports fresh criteria for inclusion in ST list recommended by a panel, headed by union tribal affairs secretary Hrushikesh Panda appointed by the UPA on the eve of the general election.

Meanwhile, KKRSS has been pursuing the issue of ST in Delhi at various levels. KKRSS had already converse on the issue of Khambu Rai and Hinduism with Govt. authorities at RGI (The Registrar General of India), a home ministry arm that oversees censuses and collects demographic data, during the process, govt had assured to form a committee to look into the matter. KKRSS had also requested of Ordinance for the Khambu Rai.

In the year 2010, RGI rejected enlistment of Gurung and Khambu Rai to ST status, however, in the same year, government granted Central OBC to Khambu Rai. The striving by KKRSS for ST status materialized Central OBC for Khambu Rais. Initially, KKRSS categorically rejected OBC as government had provided OBC instead of ST status for the Khambu Rais. KKRSS repeatedly filed RTI, why it was rejected. Following 4 RTI filed by the KKRSS / Janam Rai (RTI activist) and it took complete one year to accomplished proper reply from the government, KKRSS found out that RGI had pointed out 8 reasons for the rejection. Following the RTI replies from the RGI, KKRSS held an interactive session among the distinguished Khambu legal experts in Siliguri to counter the RGI stand. Accordingly a fresh report was separately submitted by KKRSS in the year 2012.

During the exercise for the ST status in Delhi, KKRSS invited Smt. Ranee Narah, former Honorable Minister of State for Tribal Affair to Darjeeling, accordingly Honorable Minister visited Mirik on the occasion of Sakewa 2013. During the occasion, Honorable Minister witnessed the Khambu culture and participated in Sili dance along with Khambu women. “The demand of Khambu Rais for the ST status is genuine demand, I will extend my all support”, said Honorable Minister during her short speech. This was indeed helpful later.

After the visit of Smt. Ranee Narah in Darjeeling, V. Kishore Chandra Deo, former Union tribal affairs minister was invited in Sikkim by Sikkim Khambu Rai Association alias AKRS. AKRS also has been actively working with KKRSS on ST issue. During the visit of Union tribal affairs minister in Sikkim, he had also assured possible support on the issue of ST status for Khambu Rais. KKRSS submitted the memorandum demanding ST status for Khambu in India.
KKRSS has now decided to elect its General Secretary as soon as possible and hold a solidarity rally in Darjeeling hills. The post of General Secretary is vacant after the resignation of Bishal Khambu Rai from its post.

Meanwhile, KKRSS has expressed its solemn concern over the withdrawal of proposal of ST status for 10 Gorkha tribes. KKRSS further stressed to work jointly on ST issue.

Plea for tribal status to10 hill communities withdrawn by WB state Ministry of Tribal Affairs

7:43 AM
Darjeeling, June 11: A reply to an RTI query has revealed that the Union ministry for tribal affairs has withdrawn the proposal of granting Schedule Tribe status to 10 Darjeeling hill communities.

Khambu Rai Rights Movement  for Tribal status
Khambu Rai Rights Movement  for Tribal status
In February-end, about a fortnight before the model code of conduct was to be imposed, chief minister Mamata Banerjee had asked the cabinet to recommend to the Centre the inclusion of the 10 hill communities in the ST list.

Sources at Nabanna had said on February 28 that the chief minister had signed the file recommending the ST status for Rai, Yakkha, Gurung, Bhujel, Newar, Jogi, Sunwar-Mukhia, Mangar, Khas and Thami communities.

“Ideally, the proposal should have been vetted by the state cabinet. But the chief minister does not want to delay the process and it will be mentioned in the cabinet later,” an official had said.

Sources had said that the state government’s move to seek ST status was a political stunt ahead of the Lok Sabha polls as a survey has shown that most of the communities don’t fulfil the economic and social criteria needed for the tag.

Observers were of the opinion that Mamata had taken the decision to woo the hill voters as the issue of inclusion in the ST list is the most sought-after demand by the non-tribal communities in the hills, apart from the statehood issue.

The 10 hill communities’ cumulative population percentage is around 55 per cent.

The Morcha had been consistently raising the issue. On July 14, 2013, the Morcha-run GTA Sabha passed a resolution for granting of ST status to the 10 hill communities.

Babul Roy, senior research officer and Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) of the office of the registrar general of India, while replying to an RTI application filed by a resident of Darjeeling, has stated: “This office had received a proposal of the West Bengal State government through the Ministry of Tribal Affairs on communities namely Bhujel, Gurung, Mangar, Newar, Jogi, Khas, Rai, Sunuwar, Thami and Yakkha (Dewan). However, later on, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs has withdrawn these proposals. At the moment, these are not pending in this office.”

The registrar-general’s recommendation is an important step towards the granting of tribal status.

The process first starts with the Cultural Research Institute (of a state) conducting a research. The research report is then sent to the state’s backward class welfare department.

Following the state government’s recommendation to the Union tribal affairs ministry, the proposal is then sent to the registrar-general’s office, which is under the home ministry.

This office then sends its opinion to the tribal affairs ministry following which the cabinet takes its decision.

Even though the RTI reply does not mention the reason behind the tribal affairs ministry withdrawing the proposals, the reply does state that the main criteria for determining the ST status are “social and economic backwardness along with tribal characteristics”.

Roshan Giri, general secretary of the Morcha, said: “We will not give up on this demand.”

Source: Telegraph

Tamang Youth Association voices for development board

8:57 AM
The Tamang Youth Association (TYA) today said the government had asked its members to visit Nabanna this month to discuss the formation of a proposed development board for the community.

Tamang Youth Association
Tamang Youth Association
This would be the second development board in the hills for a particular section or community — one has been formed for the Lepchas.

“The chief minister had announced the formation of the Tamang Development and Cultural Board on January…. However, after the Lok Sabha elections, no process was started,” Sanjay Tamang, general secretary of the association, said today. The Tamang team went to meet Mamata in Mongpong, where she held a meeting with government officials and police officers of Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling.

Tamang said the chief minister did not meet them but minister Gautam Deb brought to them her message “to meet the principal secretary of the tribal welfare department on June 8”.

Source: Telegraph
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