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11-Year-Old Girl Child Molested in Kalimpong

12:03 PM

HORRIFIC: 11-Year-Old Girl Child Molested in Kalimpong


After an incident of molestation to a minor that came to light through social networking sites, the accused allegedly identified as Govind Sarki has been absconding, while the little survivor admits that she was molested.

Sarki is known to be a driver (Driving white WagonR) by profession, living with a wife and daughter of two. According to the information received from the survivor’s family, the mother, who suffers from fluency disorder, used to walk her towards her school every day. On Friday, Sakri coincidently was around their locality and volunteered to drop the girl to her school, which he used to do once in a while.
11-Year-Old Girl Child Molested in Kalimpong
On the way to her school, he stopped the car in an isolated area, came out of the driver’s seat, got in the second seat, locked the door, removed her shirt and molested her. It was known that she was alone in the car.

She returned home later in the (Friday) evening and told her mother about the incident, her mother, on the other hand, was not (fully) believed by her family members because of her disorder.

On Sunday, when the family members prepared to give the girl a bath, they asked her about the incident and she said everything slowly. The family members later took her to Sarki’s house to identify him, he was not present. When his photo was shown, she started shivering with fear, informed the family members. They filed an FIR later in the evening on Sunday and admitted her at the District Hospital for her medicals.

‘He also bit her in sensitive parts of the body’ said the family source, while the survivor was nodding behind her at the District Hospital when asked her, ‘How old are you?’ she responded ‘I am turning 11 soon’

It was also known that he gave her 10 rupees before and after he abused her. Sarki, on the other hand, has been absconding ever since the incident

‘If the kid is lying or unsure, why would he abscond after the incident?’ questioned the family members.

However, as per the verbal order of Child Welfare Committee-Alipurduar, (In-Charge Kalimpong), she was sent to Bal Suraksha Abhiyan (An NGO) in the evening, for the temporary shelter.

The case is filed in the Women Police Station and the police sources said that they are investigating in the matter.

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"Death to Child Rapists” - Parliament Passes Bill

8:55 PM
Parliament on Monday passed a stringent legislation prescribing death penalty to those convicted of raping girls below the age of 12 years and making the law against such sexual offences harsher. The Bill replaces the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance promulgated on April 21, following an outcry over the rape and murder of a minor girl in Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir and the rape of another woman at Unnao in Uttar Pradesh.
Death to Child Rapists - Parliament Passes Bill

The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2018, which was passed in the Lok Sabha on July 30, was approved by a voice vote in the Upper House.

While replying to a debate in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju assured the House that the concerns and issues raised by the members would be looked into by the government, even as he did not agree with the demand of several MPs to send the bill to a Select Committee for scrutiny.

Terming the bill as one of national importance, Rijiju said the law is aimed at providing safety to minor girls as he highlighted various aspects of the measure.

He said the government brought the bill, as in the last few months, several heart-rending incidents of rape of under- aged girls have taken place in the country.

Rijiju said four states had already brought a law in their respective assemblies for capital punishement those who commit rape gainst the girl child who are under the age of 12. The states are Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh.

"We have introduced certain changes in the Indian Penal Code, Criminal Court Procedure, Evidence Act and there are consequential effects on prevention of atrocities against children," the minister said.

The bill stipulates stringent punishment for perpetrators of rape, particularly of girls below 12 years. Death sentence has been provided for rapists of girls under 12 years.

The minimum punishment in cases of rape of women has been increased from rigorous imprisonment of seven years to 10 years.

According to the bill, in case of rape of a girl under 16 years, the minimum punishment has been increased from 10 to 20 years, extendable to imprisonment for rest of life, which means jail term till the convict's "natural life".

Stringent punishment for rape of a girl under 12 years has been provided with the minimum jail term being 20 years which may go up to life in prison or death sentence. Gangrape of a girl under 12 years of age will invite punishment of jail term for the rest of life or death.

The measure also provides for speedy investigations and trial. The time limit for investigation of all cases of rape has been prescribed, which has to be mandatorily completed within two months.

The deadline for the completion of trial in all rape cases will be two months. A six-month time limit for the disposal of appeals in rape cases has also been prescribed, the bill says, adding that there will also be no provision for anticipatory bail for a person accused of rape or gangrape of a girl under 16 years.

Participating in the debate, several members made a case for sending the bill for scrutiny to Select Committee, saying there were several shortcomings in it.

Some members argued that the provision of death penalty could affect reporting of cases of sexual assault as in many cases the accused happened to be relatives or known persons.

There was also an opinion that the provision of death penalty could endanger the life of the victim.

Many members suggested that the government change the term 'woman' in the bill appropriately and make it gender- neutral as such crimes do happen with boys as well.

Sukhendu Sekhar Ray (TMC) wondered why there are different punishment according to the age of the vicitm. He also expressed concern over the large pendency of cases in courts in the country.

Manoj Kumar Jha (RJD) expressed concern that provision of death penalty may endanger victim's life, while Kahkashan Perween (JD-U) suggested that like in Bihar, there should be women police stations in all states.

Chhaya Verma (Cong) said punishment should be the same for those convicted for rape, irrespective of the gender of child victim.

Ravi Prakash Verma (SP) said the bill should be sent to a select commitee as it took care only of girls and not boys. Citing a survey, he added that the cases of sexual violence were more against boys. Rajeev Gowda (Congress) also aked the government refer it to a select committee.

Prof. Mahendra P Lama gets clean chit on sexual harassment case

8:53 PM
JNU sexual harassment case: Panel clears professors, warns complainants

The first complaint relates to an alleged incident in 2013, and the second to an incident last year — the complaints in both the cases were registered in January this year. The probe report, along with the ICC’s recommendations, in the first case was submitted on June 29, and in the second case on July 25.

Written by Aranya Shankar , Shradha Chettri
When contacted by The Indian Express, the ICC’s presiding officer, Vibha Tandon, declined comment. Kharat did not respond to requests seeking comment. The complainants could not be reached for comment.

The internal regulator of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has cleared two professors named together in two different complaints of sexual harassment — and instead, issued identical warnings to the complainants for “advertising” the issue.

In separate recommendations following probes in both the cases, JNU’s Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) concluded that “no case of sexual harassment” could be made out against Mahendra P Lama and Rajesh Kharat. Lama is a professor at the Centre for South Asian Studies, where Kharat was former chairperson. However, both sets of recommendations contain the same warning in identical paragraphs.

“It was observed during the proceedings that the complainant herself was advertising about her complaint on her Facebook and through other electronic media and informed the public at large. Hence, the complainant should be issued a warning to not indulge in such act in future because this kind of act by any of the complainants, defendants and witnesses damages the inquiry procedure and the affected parties. This kind of a public propaganda also damages the image of the institution,” it reads.

When contacted by The Indian Express, the ICC’s presiding officer, Vibha Tandon, declined comment. Kharat did not respond to requests seeking comment. The complainants could not be reached for comment.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Lama said: “It was a fake and frivolous case lodged by non-performing students in collaboration with non-performing teachers.”

The first complaint relates to an alleged incident in 2013, and the second to an incident last year — the complaints in both the cases were registered in January this year. The probe report, along with the ICC’s recommendations, in the first case was submitted on June 29, and in the second case on July 25.

In the 2013 complaint, the ICC concluded that “no case of sexual harassment is made out against Lama and Kharat”. In the 2017 complaint, too, the ICC found “no case of sexual harassment”.
In the second case, however, the ICC noted that there was an “administrative lapse” on the part of Lama for denying the complainant a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for changing the supervisor. It noted a similar “lapse” on the part of Kharat for not discussing the complainant’s application for a change of supervisor in the faculty meeting.

In the 2013 complaint, the ICC concluded: “Professor Mahendra P Lama was a strict teacher who wanted his students to work hard and perform up to mark, which cannot be termed and/or understood as sexual harassment at all. The complainant could not complete her thesis on time and also it is clear from the deposition of the complainant that on the basis of some rumour she developed “Lama phobia”, which triggered the present complaint. It is also clear (Lama) gave NOC to the complainant without delay for the change of supervisor.”

On the same complaint, the ICC observed that “Kharat did not perform his duty of maintaining the records and files of the PhD students properly. But this act of Kharat cannot be termed as sexual harassment in terms of the Act”.

In the 2017 complaint, ICC recommended that Lama and Kharat be “censured”. Lama was censured for “creating uncertainty by not giving NOC to complainant as well as directing (the) complainant to de-register against her will”.

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JNU students protest against Mahendra P Lama leveling allegations of sexual harassment

6:47 AM

JNU students protest against 2 other professors alleging sexual harassment

ANI | New Delhi Students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) staged a protest against professors Mahendra P Lama, and Rajesh Kharat leveling allegations of sexual harassment against them. The students demanded that they should be arrested.

Recently, JNU's another professor Atul Johri was arrested in a sexual harassment case and was later granted bail.
JNU students protest against professors Mahendra P Lama leveling allegations of sexual harassment

A student of JNU filed a case against Lama and Kharat, who work in the Centre of South Asian Studies of JNU. The professors allegedly took the student to China for work and tried to harass her sexually.

She asked the Internal Complaint Committee of JNU to suspend the professor. However, no step been taken against him as yet.

Both the professors were arrested by the Police on the basis of the complaint registered by the victim but were later granted bail. The varsity authority has not taken an action against them since then.

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Gorkha Students, JNU in Solidarity with NBU fighting for Gender Justice

9:28 PM
Solidarity Statement from Gorkha Students, JNU to the students of North Bengal University (NBU) fighting for Gender Justice

We students of JNU salute and take inspiration from the historic struggle waged by students of NBU against the recent incidents (15th August, 2016) of sexual harassment in campus premises of North Bengal University. The struggle has unsettled the deep patriarchal anxiety of the administration and will definitely contribute to expansion of the spaces for women (both within and outside campus premises).

   The patriarchal unequal gender relation of society also permeates the work premises. This power relation has its own class, caste and racial manifestations. Under such hierarchical social relation the gender justice cannot be achieved if the perpetrator lies in top of power relation. Failure to deliver gender justice only strengthens the forces of patriarchy and sexual-harassers and jeopardizes the space for women to come up and lodge complaints against similar cases of violence. The administration throughout country has repeatedly used their authority to shield sexual harassers even after they have been found guilty under enquiry, particularly when the guilty is someone with influence. At the one hand laws (Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Work Place Act, 2013) which are supposed to protect and give justice also reflects the same patriarchal attitude. Hence, to look matter of sexual harassment and to sensitise campus on issue of gender, we think that independent and effective body like Gender Sensitisation Committee Against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH), as per the Supreme Court's Vishaka Judgement guidelines 13th August, 1999, should be constituted in every work place of this country and decisions of the GSCASH should be made binding upon the administration or any person with sufficient influence/power. The ongoing struggle of students in NBU can make sure that such proper institutional mechanism is instated in campus premises. Even regressive act like Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Work Place Act, 2013 makes its mandatory to do so.
The procession taken out by NBU students and research scholars on Friday.
 Picture by Kundan Yolmo
We believe promoting a security centric solution to the issue of crime against women (like putting the entire campus under the gaze of CCTVs) will only worsen the situation for female students and hamper their mobility within campus. The security centric approaches reflect the same protectionist patriarchal male chauvinist attitude that will perpetuate the age old unequal gender relations. Such security centric measures are very likely to be used by authority as tool of extensive surveillance and discipline and contrary to initial believe, can be used to further curtail the freedom of students. Definitely prisons are safe, but we don’t want our campus to be that.

We demand speedy trail and prompt justice to be delivered. We demand the perpetrators to be brought to justice, through an impartial investigation and speedy trial in appropriate forum of authority. We extend our solidarity to the uncompromising struggle of students of NBU on issue of sexual harassment and gender justice.

Only the unity among an oppressed can break the chain of patriarchy!  Let us all join hands together and raise voices for gender justice!

-Gorkha Students, JNU                
Issued on 20/10/2010

Three arrested for raping minor in Darjeeling

9:33 AM
DARJEELING 10 Aug 2016 Police arrested three youths on Tuesday night from the Lebong area in Darjeeling for sexually assaulting a minor girl and the three were today produced in court and sent  to judicial custody. According to the police, the three are Bijendra Khawas (21) from Kothey Gaon, Harsingh; Dipen Rawat (30) of Gofley Phatak; and Sushant Pradhan (23) of Upper Harsingh.

The fourth culprit, Ajay Tamang of Banekburn, is absconding, they said.

All the youths are drivers of a local taxi syndicate and hail from the Lebong area, located 8km from Darjeeling town. Police sources said the minor, who appears to have known the accused, was raped twice  in the Lebong area. “The first rape took place on July 25 and the perpetrator was Tamang. That day, the accused picked up the victim and took her to a garage in Upper Harsingh and committed the crime,”  said a police officer.

The second assault was committed on August 1 by Khawas and Rawat. “We are trying to string together the incidents based on the complaint lodged by the victim’s uncle. It seems on August 1, the two accused had taken the victim to Rungdung Khola, a few kilometres below Harsingh, and committed the crime,” the officer said.

The victim’s family lodged a police complaint on August 9, after a week, and the police subsequently arrested the youths the same day. “An investigation has started. We were told by the victim’s family they  were not aware of crime. It was only yesterday that the victim told her family,” said the policeman.

Amit Javalgi, the Darjeeling SP, confirmed that a complaint had been lodged and three people arrested. “Yesterday a complaint was lodged in the Darjeeling sadar police station about rape. Acting on the complaint, we have arrested three people who were today produced in court, while a search is on to trace the fourth accused. Medical examination has also been conducted on the victim and reports are awaited,” he said.

The three accused were produced in the Additional District Session’s (second) court and sent to judicial remand. They have been directed to appear before court on August 19.

Condemning the incident, the Lebong Motor Syndicate today halted vehicular services from the town area to Lebong for the day. “We strongly condemn the incident and want justice for the victim. The accused must be arrested and given severe punishment to ensure such crimes do not recur,” said P. Hingmang, general secretary of the syndicate.


Mangal Singh Rajput's son held for raping a minor in Kalimpong

10:07 AM

Kalimpong, June 13: A probationary clerical staff member of the Kalimpong municipality was arrested from his home last night for allegedly raping a minor on Saturday night.

According to the girl's mother, the 16-year-old child was picked up by Arpan Singh Rajput while she was on her way home after buying grocery items from a fair price shop on Saturday evening. Arpan kept her confined in a garage overnight.

"Arpan forcibly put her on his bike and took her to a garage nearby. She was kept there overnight and he raped her repeatedly. We looked for her everywhere but could not trace her," the mother said.

"My daughter returned home after fleeing from the garage and she told us about the incident".

The girl's family lodged a police complaint against Arpan yesterday.

The Class VIII girl said Arpan repeatedly threatened her and asked her not to reveal anything to anyone.
Arpan, Mangal Singh Rajput's son held for raping a minor in Kalimpong
Arpan, Mangal Singh Rajput's son held for raping a minor in Kalimpong
"Arpan, 24, is the son of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha supporter Mangal Singh Rajput, who burnt himself to death during the party's agitation for Gorkhaland in the middle of 2013," said a police source.

A police source said Arpan had been booked under Section 4 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012. If proved guilty, he could face imprisonment for seven years or lifetime.

Arpan was produced in the Darjeeling sessions judge court today and remanded in judicial custody for 14 days.


Three Gorkha youths rescued the tourist and grabbed the rapist in North Sikkim

1:13 PM
Three Gorkha youths Biren Tamang, Priyanka Tamang & Rajiv Thapa from Gangtok, Sikkim successfully rescued the tourist gal and grabbed the rapist Taxi Driver Prem Rai (22) along with uncle and relatives of the tourist at the sub highway after Kabi Village of North Sikkim around 2 A.M. morning of 15th May’2016.

Priyanka Tamang received the late night call from her colleague residing at Siliguri , West Bengal mentioning that her uncle daughters are missing at Gangtok since many hours and wants cooperation from her side. Priyanka called her friend Biren Tamang and Rajiv Thapa about the incidence and later uncle of the missing tourist also met with Priyanka. 2 vechiles departed from the Gangtok in search of the missing gals , 1 vehicle carrying Priyanka, Biren & Rajiv and another vehicle carrying uncle of one gal and one relative of another tourist gal.

Around 2 AM on the notice of the Priyanka eyes vehicle was found the sub highway of North Sikkim and all of them rushed hurriedly and found that only one gal was there who was senseless. Priyanka taken care of that small gal and Driver Prem Rai was grabbed by others. Driver had used many filthy languages but again he was grabbed and taken to Phodong Police Station of North Sikkim were other 2 gals were there safely with the respected Sikkim Police personnel’s.
Three Gorkha youth  rescued the tourist and grabbed the rapist in North Sikkim
Three Gorkha youth  rescued the tourist and grabbed the rapist in North Sikkim
As per tourist girls statement Driver had given them some substance diluted mineral water and one gal became dizzy and other two flew from their place after getting scolded by the driver. So many stories are there as narrated by Priyanka whose brilliancy has able to rescue the gal and grabbed that rapist driver.

Phodong Police Station , North Sikkim later sent back that culprit to Sardar Thana , Gangtok along with Priyanka Tamang and group with Police Personnel’s and they reached Gangtok around 6 AM in the morning.

Priyanka Tamang have 2 sisters who are studying at Kolkatta, West Bengal and she thinks that every human being should take initiative every time to be part of humanism work. Humanism exists but it should be taken out without fear.

Priyanka Tamang is a Radio Jockey (RJ) at Radio Misty 95 FM Gangtok, Biren Tamang is the Film Director and have own production house name after White Horse Production and Rajiv Thapa is a College Student from Gangtok.

Shared by Suresh Lama, Social Activist Rangpo

2 held in Champa Chettri, Gorkha girl, rape and murder case

7:56 AM
Guwahati: The brutal rape and murder of beautician Champa Chettri, a 20-year-old in Baragolai, Tinsukia district of Assam, continues to boil Assam with police on Sunday claiming to have cracked the case by arresting two suspects.

The girl's charred and disfigured body was discovered floating on the Dihing River.

The police have since arrested two men - Biswajit Chettri and Moinul Ali - and charged them under Section 366, 376 and 342/34 of the IPC.

Champa Chettri was reported missing by her family on April 29 when she did not return from her workplace, a local beauty parlor.

Her body was found floating in Dihing river by some local youths on May 3.

After attempt to burn the body of the victim failed, the perpetrators are suspected to have dumped her body into the river.
People block a road with a burning tyre during a protest over the gang rape (Photo: PTI)
People block a road with a burning tyre during a protest over the gang rape (Photo: PTI)
Rakesh Furba Sherpa, president, Tinsukia Regional Committee of All Assam Gorkha Students Union, also wrote to the Prime Minister equating the barbaric incident of rape and murder with the 2012 Nirbhaya case.

 “It is sad that the 2012 Nirbhaya case has been repeated in Assam... I don't think you've learned anything about laws for women's safety despite all your foreign trips in the last two years," he wrote.

The Gorkha students also called a bandh in Tinsukia on Monday demanding strict action against the accused.

The Assam police which is tight-lipped about its findings claimed that they are probing the incident and waiting for forensic report.

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AAGSU calls for Candle Light rally & Tinsukia District Bandh seeking Justice for Champa Chetri

9:26 AM
Candle Light Assemble in Guwahati followed by Tinsukia District Bandh seeking Justice for Margherita Rape and Murder Case

RAPE in itself Rarest of the Rare Crime: AAGSU

Margherita Rape Case, Tinsukia dIstrict Total Shutdown on Monday

Guwahati 9th May 2016/Tinsukia 10th May 2016: The Guwahati city unit of All Assam Gorkha Students Union (AAGSU) the apex influential organisation of Gorkha students and youth of Assam organized a Candle light assemble seeking justice to the Margherita rape and murder victim. 20 years old Champa was kidnapped on 28th April evening on the way back home from Margherita The dead body of Champa was recovered from Dehing river in Margherita. Two accused Moinul Ali and Biswajit Khatri have been arrested. A case has been registered at Margherita Police Station case Number 94/16 U/S 366,376,342/34 IPC against the youths.

Nanda Kirati Dewan, Central Executive Member (CEM), All Assam Gorkha Students Union (AAGSU) interacting with mediapersons at union’s General Hqtrs at Gorkha Thakurbari Paltan Bazar Guwahati in the sidelines of the candlelight demonstration said, ‘The AAGSU considers Rape followed by Murder  to be Rarest of Rare crime against Woman and nothing less than death penalty on being convicted fairly be given.  AAGSU favours most sensitive and responsive mechanism to address atrocities on woman and children with deterrent laws to the extent of chemical castration and death penalty for Rapists and also maintain a rape accused electronic directory to raise red alert on their movement.

Celebrated Mountaineer who scaled the Mount Everest thrice Ms. Anshu Jamsenpa from Arunachal Pradesh, Miss Asia University 2016, Femina Miss India Miss Popular and Miss Multimedia super model Rewati Chetri, Ms. M Sangma, celebrity cancer survivor cyclist from Meghalaya, president of Greater Guwahati Gorkhali Women society Lila Rai addressed more than five hundered women, youths and college students. The organizers Resham Sharma, General Secretary of AAGSU Guwahati Mahanagar, Ramesh Bastola Advisor of All Manipur Gorkha Students’ Union (AMGSU) , Santosh Acharya and Mona Bastola  president and general secretary respectively of Guwahati City Unit of AMGSU, Kamal Pradhan youth activist and co-convenor of Gorkha Youth of Guwahati (GYG), were present.

Hundreds of students from various colleges and universities participated in the candle light demonstration seeking justice for the victim and detterant laws to tackle incidents as such said, Resham Sharma , Gen Secy, Guwahati City AAGSU.

Meanwhile on Monday the All Assam Gorkha Students Union had called Tinsukia district bandh against the brutal rape and murder of Gorkha girl seeking saw widespread support from the people in the district. All the main areas like Makum, Jagun, Margherita, Tinsukia, Bargolai have remained completely shut down. Police have however detained numerous AAGSU activists for enforcing the bandh at the time of filing this report. Speaking to mediapersons from Tinsukia district headquarters president of Tinsukia Dist. AAGSU Numal Chetry said, ‘This shut down is mark of protest seeking justice for victim, and the bandh was fully successful due mass public support.’

Resham Sharma
Gen Secretary, AAGSU Guwahati Mahanagar
For further information Pl contact Nanda Kirati Dewan +91-9864077700

Gorkhas seek justice for Champa Chettri who was raped and murdered

5:06 PM
Assam, May 8: Greater Guwahati Gorkhali Mahila Samiti and All Manipur Gorkha Student’s Union, along with  Guwahati City Unit and Gorkha Youths of Guwahati (GYG) organised a Candle lit programme at Gorkha Thakurbari (Nepali Mandir), Paltan Bazar, Guwahati on Sunday 5 PM. seeking justice  to our sister Champa Chetry who was brutally raped and murdered at Borgolai Margheritha Tinsukia Assam on 29th April 2016.

Anshu Jansempa, 3 times Mount Everest Climber and Rewati Chetri, Miss Asia University 2016 came to support the cause.

Anshu Jansempa and Rewati Chetri came to support the cause.
Anshu Jansempa and Rewati Chetri came to support the cause.

Gorkhas seek justice for Champa Chettri
Gorkhas seek justice for Champa Chettri 

Also, Gorkha Youths and Students from Cotton College, Gauhati Commerce College, B Borooah College, Pandu College and many Colleges were present.

In a press statement AAGSU has stated, “We thank the media peoples who were there to cover the cause. Also to thank all the Peoples who joined us and supported us to seek justice for our sister.”

Rape and murder of Champa Chetry in Assam, two accused arrested

4:35 PM
Gorkhas strongly condemn the rape and murder of 20 year old Champa Chetry/Chettri on 29th of April 2016 of Baragolai, Margherita, Assam. She was abducted & raped while returning from the beauty parlor she was apprenticing at, after which her body was thrown into a river. The dead body of Champa was recovered from Dehing river in Margherita. Two accused Biswajit Chhatri and Moinul Ali have been arrested. The entire Gorkha community across the country demand strict punishment for the culprits.

A case has been registered at Margherita Police Station case Number 94/16 U/S 366,376,342/34 IPC against the youths.

Under the aegis of All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) Tinsukia District Committee, All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union Margherita Regional Committee on Thursday took out a candlelight vigil from Baragolai to Ledo area in protest against the alleged murder of Champa Chetry by youths recently and whose body was found on Wednesday at Dehing River, Lama gaon.
Rape and murder of Champa Chetry in Assam
Rape and murder of Champa Chetry in Assam
More than 1,000 people took out a peaceful candle rally. Subhash Sharma and Sankar Jaishy, president and secretary of All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union Margherita Regional Committee said that those who are involved should be arrested and strict punishment should be given to them and Rs 5 lakh compensation should be given to the victim’s family members. If the demands are not fulfilled at the earliest then All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union will intensify its agitation in the coming days, said Subhash Sharma and Sankar Jaishy.

Rakesh Furba Sherpa, in desparation, wrote the following Open Letter to PM Narendra Modi.

आदर्णीय नरेंद्र मोदी जी ।
प्रधान मंत्री, भारत सरकार ।

विषय :- न्याय के संदर्भ में ।

बड़ी ही दुख के साथ केहना पड़ रहा हैं कि यह तस्वीर हमारे असम राज्य के तिनसुकीया जिले के अंतर्गत मार्घेरिटा महकुमा बोरगोलाई की निवासी चम्पा छेत्री की हैं । जो मार्घेरिटा शहर में पार्लर का काम सिख रही थी । जिसकी उम्र करीब २० वर्ष की थी । बिते २९/०४/१६ की शाम जब चम्पा बहन पार्लर का काम समाप्त कर घर वापस लौट रही थी तो आज तक वह घर पहुँची ही नही ।
किसीने बताया की चम्पा बहन की लास नदी में तैर रही हैं । अपने परिवार की लाडली हमेशा के लिए अपने परिवार को छोड़कर चली गयी ।
परन्तु, प्रधान मंत्री महोदय जी, यह घटना कोई आम घटना नही, जो कि किसीकी प्यार में एक लड़की ने खुदकुशी कर ली ।

असल में हमारी बहन चम्पा छेत्री, ईन्सान के रुप में भेड़ीयो के हवस का शिकार हुई थी । उसे गिद्ध की तरह नोचा गया था । उसे बलात्कार कर नदी में मरने के लिए फेंक दिया गया । उसकी गलती ही क्या थी........? कि वह एक लड़की हैं ।
अरे उसे तो मालुम भी न था कि आज उसकी जिन्दगी का आखिरी दिन हैं ।
उसे क्या पता था कि आज कुछ पाखण्डी उसकी ईज्जत के साथ खेलने वाले हैं ।

बेड़ी ही दुख की बात हैं प्रधान मंत्री महोदय जी, जो घटना निर्भया के साथ हुई थी, वही घटना आज फिर असम के एक युवती के साथ हुई ।
फर्क सिर्फ ईतना हैं कि दिल्ली में कई सारे न्यूज चेनल उपलब्ध हैं जैसे AajTak, ABP news, NDTV india, Times NOW, । जिनके चलते सरकार तक बाते पहुँच पाती हैं । अगर कुछ घटनाए होती हैं तो वह बड़ी Issue बन जाती हैं । इस तरह से Telecast करते हैं कि प्याज के बड़ते कीमत की वजह से सरकारें बदल जाते हैं । राजनैतीक मुद्दा बनाया जाता हैं ।

लेकिन हमारा क्या ???? 
हमें आपलोगो तक बातें पहुँचाने के लिए क्या करना पड़ेगा ?

क्योंकि चेनल वालो को असम तथा उत्तरपूर्व की घटनाओ पर दिलचस्पी हैं ही नही और असमीया न्यूज आपलोग समझते नही ।
करे तो क्या करें यह अभागी जनता ?

जब इस घटना को लेकर लोगो में गुस्सा उमड़ रहा था तो लोग सड़क पर आकर आंदोलन करने लगे । अपने मन की भड़ास निकालने के लिए लोग नारेबाजी करने लगे ।अपने बहन/बेटी न्याय के लिए हाय-हाय, मुर्दाबाद का नारा लगाया गया । तो क्या हुआ. ? क्या ईस्से सरकार की कुर्सी चली गयी ?
क्या सरकार डगमगा गयें ? 

पुलिस केहती हैं कि **अराजकता** फैल गयी हैं । एकबार पुलिस वाले भी आन्दोलन में उतर जाए तो इनका क्या होगा ???
क्या ईस वक्त ईस तरह की बाते पुलिसवालों द्वारा कहना उचित हैं ?

**अराजकता** कौन फैला रहा हैं? साधारण लोग? जिन्हे दो वक्त की रोटी के लिए कितने मेहनत करने पड़ते हैं ।
क्या **अराजकता** फैलाने के लिए उनके पास समय हैं?

प्रधान मंत्री महोदय जी, 
ईन दो साल की कार्यकाल में आप संसार के विभिन्न देशो में घुमकर, उन देशो से नयी-नयी चीजें भारत में ला रहे हैं । कभी MODERN INDIA तो कभी MAKE IN INDIA कभी Infrastructure की बातें करते हैं तो कभी DIGITAL INDIA की बातें करते हैं । कभी *प्रधान मंत्री सड़क योजना* *प्रधान मंत्री बिमा योजना* कभी *अटल पेंसन योजना* ।

ये सभी अच्छी बातें हैं । हम भी ईन सभी योजनाओ का समर्थन करतें हैं ।

परन्तु, आपने कभी उन देशों में बलात्कारीयों पर किस तरह की सजा दी जाती हैं, ईस विषय में जान्ने की कोशिश की ? 
कभी आपने विदेशो के कानून व्यवस्था पर ध्यान दिए ?
बाहरी मुल्क पर महिलाओ के सुरक्षा के प्रति किस तरह के नियम हैं ?
यदि महिलाओ/युवतियों पर कोई गन्दी नजर से देखता हैं तो उसपर किस तरह की कार्यवाही की जाती हैं, इस विषय पर क्या आपने अध्यन कियें ?

मुझे लगता हैं २ वर्ष की कार्यकाल में विदेश जाकर महिलाओ के सुरक्षा के प्रति आपने न तो किसी भी प्रकार की अध्ययन कियें और ना ही ईसमें आपको कोई रुचि हैं ।

कास आपकी भी ३/४ बेटियाँ होती !! तो सायद ईस विषय पर आप ध्यान देतें ।
महिलाओ के सुरक्षा के प्रति कड़े से कड़े नियम बनातें ।

अगर ईसी तरह रहा तो देखना कुछ दिन बाद आपके अपने Party के Rallyओ में एक भी महिला समर्थक नही मिलेंगे और तब ये मत कहियेगा कि RAKESH FURBA SHERPA ने आपको सुचित नही किया था ।

आशा करता हुँ हमारी प्यारी सी बहन चम्पा छेत्री के हत्यारों/बलात्कारियो को जल्द कड़ी सी कड़ी सजा मिलें ।

॥ ॐ शान्ति शान्ति ॥
॥ चम्पा बहन अमर रहे ॥

Source sentinelassam

Senapati Gorkha Samaj condemns brutal rape and murder of Pampha Rai

10:28 AM
Senapati, Apr 6 : The Senapati Gorkha Samaj, Senapati has also strongly condemned against the brutal rape and murder of Pampha Rai, reports our correspondent.

In a statement, Senapati Gorkha Samaj also conveyed solidarity to the victim’s family members.
Appealing to the authority concerned to deliver justice to the victim and her family, the statement also urged all the organizations in and around Senapati district to extend assistance by demanding befitting punishment to the accused.

Pampha Rai Murder accused banished from locality, JAC announces bandh on NH 39

9:08 AM
IMPHAL/KPI, Apr 4: The Joint Action Committee (JAC) against the brutal killing of Pampha Rai, 2nd MR, Imphal West has announced a bandh on NH-39 from 6 pm of April 5 till 6 pm of April 6 demanding punishment of the murder accused.

In a statement, the JAC said demanded the Govt to try the case in a fast track manner. It also demanded the Govt to take fitting action against the parents of the accused who misled the victim’s family.

The JAC sought the cooperation of all concerned in its fight for justice.

Meanwhile the murder of the woman continues to attract condemnations from all over.
Murder accused banished : A public meeting held today at Langjing Achouba has decided to banish Pampha Rai murder accused Palujam Jameson and his family from the locality.

The public meeting was jointly organised by the Langjing Achouba Development Committee, Langjing Achouba Women Welfare Association and the Western Star Club.
Pampha Rai Murder accused banished from locality, JAC announces bandh on NH 39
Pampha Rai Murder accused banished from locality, JAC announces bandh on NH 39
Similar punitive action would be initiated against people who are found giving shelter to Jameson and his family, reads another resolution of the meeting.

The meeting further resolved to support any course of action that may be taken up by the JAC constituted in connection with the murder of Pampha Rai.

Notably, Pampha Rai was found dead inside a room of Venus Hotel, Lamaka, Churachandpur in the morning of April 2.

Later, a mob attempted to dismantle the house of Jameson but police prevented them from vandalising the house.

On the other hand, the Executive Member of ADC Sadar Hills, Bhumi Prasad and newly formed Sadar Hills Gorkha today lodged their strong resentment over the murder of Pampha Rai and condemned the incident in the strongest term.

The ADC Sadar Hills Executive Member, who belongs to Gorkha community and represents the Gorkha people from Irang Part-II in Sadar Hills administration, condemned the murder of Pampha Rai in a hotel at Churachandpur on April 2.

The Executive Member also extended condolence to the bereaved family members and relatives in their time of sorrow and pain.

He also appealed the authority concerned to deliver justice to the victim and her family.

Meanwhile, Sadar Hills Gorkha Union also separately condemned the murder of Pampha Rai.
Hari Prasad Nepal, president, Sadar Hills Gorkha Union said that the heinous crime is unacceptable while conveying the union’s heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.

The Sadar Hills Gorkha Union leader also urged the authority concerned to frame charge sheets against the culprit at the earliest and deliver justice to the victim and her family.

The union also warned that it will not remain a mute spectator if the demands of JAC formed against the murder of Pampha Rai are not delivered in time and added that it will endorse and support any movement of the JAC in connection with the incident.

Via thesangaiexpress

Reliance Fresh CEO apologises to female customer on Sexual Harassment case, dismisses two staff

9:35 PM
Kolkata, March 6 :Reliance Fresh CEO Damodar Mall apologises to female customer on Sexual Harassment case in Kolkata Tendering an unconditional apology to a woman customer who complained of sexual harassment at a company outlet here, Reliance Fresh dismissed two store employees, said a top company official. Soon after Darjeeling Chronicle put out a Facebook post based on the customer's version, Reliance Fresh took action, sacked the offending staffers, welcomed customers back, apologized to the lady in question and put all details out on social.

The company also set up a two-member women’s committee to inquire into the incident.

In a posting on social media, Reliance Fresh CEO Damodar Mall tendered the apology to the woman.

“We welcome Rajshree ji (the customer) back to our store. We have terminated the offending staffer, Sumit Rajbhar, on account of gross indiscipline and breach of code of conduct,” Mall posted.

Mall said the services of the on-duty store manager was also terminated for dereliction of duty.
Reliance Fresh CEO apologises to female customer, dismisses two staff
Reliance Fresh CEO apologises to female customer, dismisses two staff
Extending a personal apology to the victim Ms. Rajashree Tamang Lama, he has said that Reliance Retail has constituted a high level prove committee comprising of a former DCP and a Legal counsel - both female - to take necessary action to provide justice for Ms. Rajashree Tamang Lama. According to him, a panel of Parbati Paul, retired deputy commissioner of police, and Sarita Joglekar, counsel at Reliance headquarters, will conduct an inquiry and report their findings within 72 hours from March 7.

Images captured on the closed-circuit television at the store have been given to Paul and others authorities.

The accused staff had flashed at Rajashree Tamang Lama, a final year law student at Calcutta University, following which she reported the matter to the duty manager, who allegedly did not take any serious action.

Here is his full apology letter, sent to TheDC on Twitter. 

Reliance Fresh stores have #ZeroTolerance towards misconduct. I share with our customers, particularly our women customers, 6 immediate and specific actions. 

1.We apologize to our valued customer Ms. RTL (we have abbreviated the name on her request) for the actions of Sumit Rajbar and Sumit Mitra of our Netaji Nagar store in Tollygunge.

2.We welcome Rajshree ji back to our store. 

3.We have TERMINATED the offending staffer, Sumit Rajbhar, on account of gross indiscipline and breach of code of conduct.

4.We have TERMINATED the services of the store manager on duty, Sumit Mitra, on account of dereliction of duty. I am personally saddened by the aberration and action of the two abovementioned people to our #ZeroTolerance policy. We love customers and your respect and your experience means the world to us. 

5.Two women, Ms PARBATI PAUL, Dy Commissioner of Police (Retd) and Ms SARITA JOGLEKAR, Counsel at Reliance HQ, both highly-regarded professionals, will report back on their findings and recommendations to within a 72-HOUR DEADLINE beginning Monday, March 7. 

6.All digital information, from all 6 cameras/DVRs (both GE make) at our store, and every single staffer on duty in the store at the time is available to Ms Paul, Ms Joglekar and legal authorities.

Notwithstanding and all these actions, I remain DEEPLY DISTRESSED by the experience of Rajshree ji. I would like to reassure her and each and every customer that we treat you like our own family and me and my company will do WHATEVER it takes. 
- Damodar Mall, CEO, Reliance Fresh Value Formats

Culprit of Reliance Fresh Store Sexual Harassment case in Kolkata arrested

10:50 AM
Alleged culprit of Reliance Fresh Retail Outlet of Tollygunge Netaji Nagar , Kolkata Arrested by Kolkata Police in connection with an incident where a girl, a law student from Darjeeling, had faced a horrible incident of sexual harassment .

He will be produced before Magistrate tomorrow after which he shall be retained under judicial remand.

Recall, a law girl student was abusively treated by this staff with pant zip opened while she was undergoing shopping at this ill fated Reliance Fresh outlet at Tollygunge (Details here).

Girl speaking to VOS said Kolkata police gave tremendous support towards her accompanying a lady police officer to said outlet, here she (victim) identified the person immediately. Alleged person name is Sumit Raj Var aged 19 years old.

Reliance Fresh Store Sexual Harassment case
Reliance Fresh Store Sexual Harassment case

Via Vos

‪‎Darjeeling‬ Students in Xavier protest Against Sexual Harassment in Reliance Fresh store in Kolkata

10:23 AM
St. Joseph's College, ‪‎Darjeeling‬ Xavier Hostel Students Come Out Strongly Against Racism and Sexual Harassment

The students of St. Joseph's College who reside in Xavier Hostel have come out strongly against the racism faced by hill students in others parts of the country, and also against the sexual harassment one of our hill girl had to face in Reliance Fresh store in Kolkata (Details here).

Here is their statement

"We are not dishes like momos or chow mein to satisfy your hunger.
We too are human beings.
Although we are chinky, we are Indians.
Stop treating us like an outsider"

We the students of St Joseph's college (Xavier hostel) Darjeeling support our daughter of the hills RLT, Law student of Calcutta University and condemn against the inhuman act ,by a staff of Reliance Fresh (Netaji Nagar, Tollygunge)

Students from hills pursuing their studies, away from their home has been a victim of such act previously. They have been tormented ,tortured and sexually harassed because of our appearance. Is it that we are superior to them? Or is it that we hail from a different planet?

"The Sexual harassment at workplace (prevention, prohibition and redressal) Act 2013" ensures the protection of woman at workplace, against such a heinous act. Therefore we demand Justice being the honourable citizen of India.
St. Joseph's College, ‪‎Darjeeling‬ Xavier Hostel Students Come Out Strongly Against Racism and Sexual Harassment
St. Joseph's College, ‪‎Darjeeling‬ Xavier Hostel Students Come
Out Strongly Against Racism and Sexual Harassment
The culprits statement " ma'am apko sorry toh bol diya tha... Galti sent hua" Does a man expose his private parts to a girl by mistake? Is he out of his mind?

The citizens of (Netaji Nagar Tollygunge) remained silent over the matter, but we have a question to ask. Would they act silent if their daughter would be a victim of such an act?

India is a land of diverse culture and tradition, with 22 official language and 150 language apart, and we Gorkhas being a part of it. Therefore we believe in the Constitution of India and its system of law. Not only the accused should be punished ,but also the people with such a mentality should frame a positive outlook towards a woman.

So how do we bring a change ?

There should be a contribution from every nook and corner of d nation irrespective of their culture or race.

This is a small initiative from the boys of "Xavier Hostel" and we want a mass appeal from every individual.

Our hearty thanks to the official page of  Darjeeling Chronicle and also to our daughter RLT for her bravery.

Via TheDC

Darjeeling Law Student Faces Sexual Harassment From Reliance Fresh Staff in Kolkata

6:06 PM
Kolkata 5 March 2006: Rajshree Tamang Lama an ex-student of Vidya Vikas Academy Darjeeling and the final year Law student at Calcutta University had to endure a horrible incident of sexual harassment yesterday.

She moved to Kolkata – the city of joy for her studies in 2011 and has loved the city and its people despite all racist taunt she has had to bear from time to time. She says someone calling me, “Chinese... Momo... Chowmein... are a regular thing now, and I have gotten used to it.” However, what happened yesterday has left her faith in the city and its people a little shaken.

She has her final exams starting from the 8th of March, and the last thing she needed was sexual harassment, that too in public.

Here is what happened, in her own words.

She stated, “basically I live alone here in a rented flat, and as this is the start of the month, I went out around 6 pm to get cash from the ATM and then headed to Reliance Fresh near my locality [Netaji Nagar, Tollygunge]. While shopping from my list, I realized that Dal ko packet was not available... so I asked a staff who was standing there if Dal ko packet is there? He said “No”... so I told him to pack half kilo dal for me. I then turned around to get my other stuffs…

As I turned back to fill in my basket, he said ‘Maam Apka Dal'

That is when I realized that he was facing me with his zip open and his man part pulled out on purpose

It took me some time to react, and when I could gather my wits around, I asked him, “are you out of your mind? What the hell are you doing?”

Then may be the realization hit him that I am not going to keep quiet, he said “sorry maam,” but I could not stop there.
Darjeeling Law Student in Kolkata Faces Sexual Harassment From Reliance Fresh Staff.

In desperation, I shouted at him threatening him to complain to the manager and all.. that I m a law student and I know what you did is an offence…

That is when another staff came n asked “what happened?” I called for the manager or the man in-charge, no one came. I had to walk up to the counter and talk with the man there about what happened

Then he went to that man who showed me his penis and called him... In front of the manager the flasher told me, “Maam aapko sorry toh bol diya tha… galti se huwa” and that was it.

Nobody helped me... nobody scolded him or stood up for what is right. Instead that In-charge told me “Maam galti ho gaya sorry” and left it at that.

What infuriates me is the fact that this is not the first time that something like this has happened… “earlier it was a stranger who flashed me on a road… I was shocked as such things would never happen in Darjeeling… so I told a few friends of mine... and though I don;t want to name them, what they said still haunts me… one of them responded...actually chinky log ko n north easterns ko dekh ke people think bad.. may be kuch galat karti hai… bar dancer hai and all.. that is why yeh sab….”

Coming from someone whom I considered to be a close friend was such a let down and a shocker for me. I mean... I was wearing a proper t-shirt n full jeans… so I felt, if t-shirt and jeans allows morons to flash in front of me, then what will happen when and if I wear something short and open and go there? Will he come and touch me?”

The man who showed me his man parts must have been driven by the same notions, and going by the utter lack of accountability on the part of in-charge, I wonder if incident such as these are perhaps a normal thing for people here?”

We inquired if she complained to the police, she said, “I called the women helpline 1091, but I was disgusted… all they did was they wrote down my name and address and asked me what happened and they hung up.”

So we volunteered to inquire with the police on action taken and also inquire with Reliance Fresh on the lack of action on the part of the manager, and also suggested her to file an FIR at the earliest.

Perhaps it’s the caring Gorkha heart, Rajshree doesn’t want to pursue legal action against the culprit. She says, “All I want is him to be sorry for real…. I don’t want his job to go down the drain… may be he has mouths to feed… I don’t want him to be arrested, as I think all it will lead to is for another criminal to be born”

Via TheDC

Darjeeling widow raped and murder in Gurgaon

10:34 PM

A woman found murdered in her rented room in Gurgaon last week was raped before she was killed, police said on Tuesday after the arrest of two suspected killers.

The 28-year-old widowed victim hailing from West Bengal`s Darjeeling worked in pubs and bars here.

She was murdered in Chakkarpur area on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road on February 23 owing to a monetary dispute with the accused, police said.

“A post-mortem by a board of doctors revealed she was raped. She was beaten to death by five men,” Ashok Kumar, incharge of Sector 29 police station here, told IANS.

Two accused Gabbar and Nitish, both aged about 25 and residents of Gurgaon villages, have been arrested whereas three other accused were absconding, Kumar said.


Sikkim Woman Raped in‪ Delhi-based NGO‬, 2 Arrested

9:22 AM
A 21-year-old woman from Sikkim has alleged that she was raped and assaulted by her former employer and a colleague in a south Delhi-based NGO, following which the two accused have been arrested, police said on Monday.

In her complaint, the woman told the police that she used to raise funds for the NGO and her job required travelling to Chandigarh, Shimla, Dehradun, and other places, and it was during one of those trips that one of the accused allegedly physically assaulted her.

The woman further alleged that she was raped by one of the accused while the other person filmed the act. The woman also alleged that the founder "headed NGOs by different names" and would bring girls from north-east on the pretext of providing them jobs and in turn "sexually abused" them, a senior Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) official said.
Sikkim Woman Raped in‪ Delhi-based NGO

"The Commission taking a strong cognisance of the complaint immediately took up the case with the police officials and an FIR was registered at the Hauz Khas Police Station," the official said.

Police said that the woman had come to Delhi around a year ago. She said that she was brought here by the NGO and she quit her job in December after the alleged sexual assault. She approached DCW around a week ago, following which they approached the police.

Source: PTI
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