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Apurva Tamang selected for Indian Idol 10

11:12 AM
Indian Gorkha Apurva Tamang the talented singer from Mirik Darjeeling District has been selected in National TV Show Indian Idol Season 10. He has been a strong contestant of Indian Idol Junior and Zee TV sa re ga ma pa Lil Champs in the past and is capable of winning the Indian Idol season 10.
 Apurva Tamang

Apurva Tamang born on 24th September 1999 from Mirik, Darjeeling burst into music and entertainment scene as a child sensation, gaining fame as a phenomenal singer on Zee TV's SA RE GA MA PA 2009 L'il Champs making it to the Wild Card entry.

 He started singing at a very tender age of 3 and continued to pursue his vocal training in Hindustani Classical style while at the same time keeping up with world wide trends HIP-POP and RNB. He has performed at many national and international  shows and was awarded numerous honors which include Gorkha Gaurav Samman, Nagarik Samman, Sarojini Gems Memorial etc. he has lent his voice to many regional music videos and movies including Nepali movie 'DHRUVA TARA" and continues to garner appreciation and admiration for his singing prowess wherever he perform.

He has learnt Visharad in Hindustani Classical vocal from the Institute of Prayag Sangeet Samiti AllhabadStart from 02/07/2010 to Date02/07/2017. His Genre are world music, thumri, sufi, ghazal, fusion, experimental, disco, indian classical, classic rock

Download Bipul Chettri’s new album ‘Maya’ for free

9:28 PM
Bipul Chettri’s new album ‘Maya’ now available for free 

KATHMANDU, June 16: Those who love Bipul Chettri’s music are in for a treat! Starting Friday, June 17, fans of the musician will be able to download Chettri’s new album ‘Maya’ for free.

All the eight songs from ‘Maya’ will be available free of charge through Honda Nepal’s social media channels. One new song will be made available each week over the course of the next couple of weeks.

One of the songs from the new album is ‘Syndicate’ which has already enjoyed huge popularity since it was released as a single last year.

This is not all for Chettri’s fans. Honda Nepal is also introducing ‘Bipul Chettri Cover Song Contest’ which is an interesting platform for fans to show their talent as well as their admiration for the musician. Anyone can participate by covering his songs and then uploading it to the contest channel. The best cover will be selected by the musician himself as well as representatives from Honda.
Download Bipul Chettri’s new album ‘Maya’ for free
Download Bipul Chettri’s new album ‘Maya’ for free
The winner will receive a cash prize of Rs 100,000 and also get the opportunity to meet the singer.

Chettri says, “This album has been in the making for the past two years and has been a fun project. I would like to thank Honda Nepal for partnering with us. In the current scenario of piracy and distribution problems, I think this is one of the most innovative ways to spread the music.”

Visit to download songs from ‘Maya’ and participate in the ‘Bipul Chettri Cover Song Contest.’

1. Siriri - the first single from Bipul Chettri's Maya Just click this link and then CREATE AN ACCOUNT to download Siriri
2 Allarey Jovan Click on and just Log in to download the song if you have already created an account.

If you haven't created an account, please create one to listen and to download songs for Free.

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Syndicate Bipul Chettri video guitar Lesson, chords and lyrics - Maya

9:21 PM
Syndicate is a song from Bipul Chettri second album Maya. The song is a simple story of two ordinary people sharing a public space and the individual fantasy world we sometimes enjoy ourselves to be in. Syndicate has already enjoyed huge popularity since it was released as a single last year.

TABBED BY: Pravesh



Strumming pattern: D UUD UUD DU (listen to the song for the tempo)

C G Am F Em Dm

If you do not have capo, you can substitute
C G Am  F Em  Dm  by
E B C#m A G#m F#m respectively

[Verse 1]

Bheta bhayo aja hami, Syndicate ko Maajha hami
C                                          G    
Uvechu timro bagal ma, busy timi mobile ma herechu
Kheleko yowan
Naam timro thaha chhaina, tara malai parwa chhaina
C                                             G    
Boli kei rahechau hai aankha le kehi bhanirahechau hai
G         Am  
Bolu ta k bhanera
                Dm     F
Dar pani lagcha sochera
F                    Em               C
Timi jaane siligudi, Ma jaane sikkima tira

[Verse 2]

Khusi chu hai timrai majha bhule sara sansar aja
C                                       G
timi paani ma sanga nai jaane bhae kati ramailo
hune thyo bhanna ta
Kasto yo milan hamro bis minute ko sambhandha hamro
C                                              G
payera paani napae jasto chinera paani nachine jasto
G                  Am
Jindagi yestai nai ho ra
Am                   Dm      
Aafnai bato ta jaanu chandai chha ra
F                   Em             C
Timi jaane siligudi ma jane sikkim tira


C F C G  x4

[Verse 3]

Am                   F      C
Malai nai here jasto lagcha ghari ghari
Here lagcha ghari ghari
Am                    F    C
Farki herchu ma paani aasa saari
Aasa saari
Am                 F       C
Mana ma sochdai ma ramauda chu
Mana ma sochdai ramauda chu
Am                 F       C
Timi sangai bhaeko kalpana garchu
kalpana garchu



[Verse 4]

Kasto darke paani paryo bhijera ma chura bhae
C                                           G
timi sangai ota laagi aafno gaadi parkhi ma rahe
Bhijechu aja ma rahara le
Saba gaadi chalna thalyo commander ko horn suni
C                                     G
Kalebung to siligudi, hana timi kasto nisthuri
chodera gayau kata tira
Am                  Dm
chadi rakhyau malai etai tira
F                   Em              C
Timi jaane siligudi ma jane sikkima tira

Syndicate - Guitar Lesson by Nepali E-Chords

Syndicate lyrics in Nepali
भेट भयो आज हामी सिन्डिकेट्को माझ हामी
उभिएछु तिम्रो बगल मा, बिजि तिमी मोबाइल मा हेरेछु
खेलेको योवन,

नाम तिम्रो थाहा छैन तर मलाई पर्वाहा छैन
बोली केही रहेछौ है, आँखाले केही भनिरहेछौ है
बोलु त के भनेर
डर पनि लाग्छ सोचेर

तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर

खुसी छु है तिम्रै माझ भुले सारा संसार आज
तिमी पनि म संग नै जान भए कति रमाइलो
हुने थियो भन्नत

कस्तो यो मिलन हाम्रो, बीस मिनेट को सम्बन्ध हाम्रो
पाएर पनि नपाए जस्तो, चिनेर पनि न चिने जस्तो
जिन्दगी यस्तै नै हो र
आफ्नै बाटो त जानू छदै छर

तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर

मलाई नै हेरेको झै लाग्छ घरी घरि
(हेरे लाग्छ घरिघरि)
फर्की हेर्छु म पनि आशा सरि
(हुउ... आशा सरि)
मनमा सोच्दै म रमाउद छु
(मनमा सोच्दै म रमाउद छु)
तिमी संगै भएको कल्पना गर्छु
(कल्पना गर्छुउ...)

कस्तो धर्के पानी पर्यो, भिजेर म चुर भए
तिमी संगै ओत लागि आफ्नो गाडी पर्खिरहे
भिजेछु आज म रहर ले

सबै गाडी चद्न थाल्यो कमाण्डर को हर्न सुनी
कलिम्पोङ टु सिलिगुरि, भन तिमी कस्तो निस्ठुरी
चडेर गयो कता तिर
छाडी राख्यौ मलाई यतै तिर
तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर
तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर
तिमी जाने सिलिगुरि, म जाने सिक्किम तिर

Bollywood Song Stole Bipul Chettri’s Music But It’s Still Shit!

2:27 PM
Writers Neeraj Pun (NEO)

Bollywood has been ‘getting inspired’, screw it, we will just say what it is — Bollywood has been stealing since ages. Anything that’s good needs to be copied, whether a film, a scene or a song because creativity is just a myth for these guys. The latest victim of this trend is Bipul Chettri whose music has been ripped off in a song from an upcoming film ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’. The music for the song titled ‘Chhu Liya’ is composed, or let’s just say stolen, by Ajay Singha and it is sung by Papon and Neha Rajpal. It wouldn’t actually be a bad song if the music was not stolen but as we are so used to of listening to Bipul’s soothing voice along with that music, it sounds terrible.

Here's the song
Title : Chhu Liya
Singer : Papon & Neha Rajpal
Lyrics : Mohit Pathak
Music : Ajay Singha
Arranger/Programmer : Ajay Singha/ Nilotpal Bora

The people from "Hai Apna Dil Tou Awara" have removed the following video where music was straight away taken from the song Aasar of Bipul Chetteri because of too many dislikes and hate comments.

No Bollywood, it doesn’t work that way. You just don’t steal our favorite artist’s music and get away with it without anyone noticing. Busted!!

However, we had the copy of the version of song Chhu Liya where music was taken from the song Aasar of Bipul Chetteri and you can watch the video here

And here’s the original by Bipul Chettri - Asaar

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Amber Gurung Nepali musician passes away

11:40 AM
Writes Vivek Chhetri

Darjeeling, June 7: Amber Gurung, the composer of the Nepal's national anthem, breathed his last in Kathmandu today. He was 78.

Singer Gagan Gurung, a close friend of Amber, said: "I received a call from Kathmandu early this morning about the sad demise of my friend and guru Amber. ... Amber Gurung has been immortalised through his deed." Gurung said Amber was born in Kalimpong and raised here. "Every great singer from Darjeeling was his disciple," he said.

Amber's fame spread after he composed and sang Nepali poet Agam Singh Giri's " Nau lakh tara" (nine lakh stars).

In 1962, he was appointed a director in the state information and cultural department's folk artist section. He left for Nepal in 1969 on the invitation of King Mahendra.
Amber Gurung
Amber Gurung
When monarchy was abolished and a new government was formed in Nepal, Amber composed the country's national anthem, " Sayaun thunga phoolka hami" (of a hundred flowers).

Tomorrow, the GTA will hold a memorial service at the Gorkha Rangamanch Bhavan here at 11.30am.


Mirik Idol Auditions kicks-off

9:17 AM
MIRIK 28 May 2016 A singing talent hunt is being organised in Mirik for the first time ever in the history of the sleepy tourist destination in the hills.

The Various Artists' Association of Mirik will hold a two-day audition for the 'Mirik Idol-Sing for your Glory' on May 28 and 29. About 90 contestants from various corners of Mirik turned out for the

preliminary stage at the Tourist Lodge and were judged by a panel comprising Dipen Gurung (Darjeeling T-Idol), Anil Pradhan, Kailash Rai, Milan Rai and Bhawana Thapa. Nearly 45 or 50 per cent of the participants have advanced to the next round of the competition.

“I believe the competition will go a long way in providing a much-needed platform to the hidden talents of the region,” remarked Dawa Tamang, president of the association.

The two-day audition will also be held at the Tourist Lodge conference hall, followed by the second round at Soureni Community hall, third round at Byawasayee hall  and the final at the Donbosco School Auditorium.


Various Artists of Mirik Presents...

"Mirik Idol-Sing for your Glory"

Audition Dates:
28th & 29th May 2016
Venue: Mirik Tourist Lodge(Youth Hostel)

Registration Fee: Rs. 300/- only
Registration Form will be available from 10 April 2016.

Winning Prize:
Rs. 31,000.00 + Song + Music Video

Car Key'z (Mirik College) - 9851667809
Dawa Tamang (Kashyap Computers,Thana Line)- 9832071343
Buddha Buddy Tamang (Electricity Office, Krishnanagar)- 9775751639
Deep Thokar Tamang (Cultural Deptt., Krishnanagar)- 9832313389
Dipen Basnet (Shadna Kala Kendra,Dushad Gairi)- 9775929219
Mingma Golay (Beithsaida English School,Nij Gaon)

Media Partners:
Himalaya Darpan
Voice of Mirik
Mirik ko sero fero
Darjeeling Chronicle
Darjeeling Times
Strings India

Sound Partner
Pathibhara Sound.

*Rules & Regulations 

1. Only Nepali or Hindi songs will be entertained.
2. Time allotted for each performance is max. 4 minutes.
3. Participants are not allowed to refer any lyrical content while singing.
4. Participants are not allowed to sing on music tracks in Audition Round however, they are allowed to play guitar or any musical instruments.
5. Choice of song is open to the participants but the songs should not have any slangs or derogatory language.
6. There is no age bar to participate.
7. Only the participants from Mirik Circle (Including CHENGA, PANIGHATTA & DUDHIA) will be entertained.
8. Participants are required to submit their recent passport size (2nos.) colour photograph along with the photocopy of the following documents (any one) for address proof.
9. Judges decision will be final.

Bipul Chettri's Ram Sailee Lyrics, Guitar chords & video lesson

6:41 PM
Guitar chords with Lyrics and the complete how to play Guitar lesson video of Bipul Chettri's Ram Sailee - Ode to my Father from his album: Sketches of Darjeeling Sketches
Here's Guitar chords with Lyrics

Note: Play with Capo at 1st Fret
G       D         Em       C
Ram sailee Ma ta Yo banako Pirale
G       D         Cadd9      G
Gum Khaye Yesai Khola Kinarai Ma x 2

G                 Em          C        G 
Dhalapala Garchan Badal Mathi badal ki rani
D                               G
Nabirsanae timilai tadha bhayae pani
Cadd9        G
tadha bhayae pani
D            G
tadha bhayae pani

G       D         Em       C
Ram sailee Ma ta Yo banako Pirale
G       D         Cadd9      G
Gum Khaye Yesai Khola Kinarai Ma

Em          C          Em        D   
Chiso Chiso Hawa Bagyo Mutu Nai bhijnae
Em          C          Em        D
Yesarinai Hoki Mero jindagi bitnae

G       D         Em       C
Ram sailee Ma ta Jindagi Ko Khojma
G       D         Cadd9      G
Gum Khaye Yesai Birano Sahar ma

G                 Em          C        G 
Dhalapala Garchan Badal Mathi badal ki rani
D                               G
Nabirsanae timilai tadha bhayae pani
Cadd9        G
tadha bhayae pani
D            G
tadha bhayae pani

G       D         Em       C
Ram sailee Ma ta Yo banako Pirale
G       D         Cadd9      G
Gum Khaye Yesai Khola Kinarai Ma
Cadd9        G
Khola Kinarai Ma
D            G
Khola Kinarai Ma

Here's the Ram Sailee - Guitar Lesson video click to play.

Ram Sailee - Guitar Lesson by DaniaGreathouse

Hope you guys liked it dont forget to share it....

Bipul Chettri's Ram Sailee Guitar chords video lesson

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Bipul Chhettri at Café Live and Loud in Gangtok

10:16 AM
Gangtok: Bipul Chhettri , the singer who shot to fame with his famous songs ‘Asaar’ and ‘Dadhelo’ performed this evening here at the Café Live and Loud.
Bipul Chhettri at  Café Live and Loud in Gangtok
Bipul Chhettri in Gangtok
Chhettri is a singer and songwriter from Kalimpong who currently heads the Art Department at Vasant Valley School, New Delhi.

He recently launched his debut album ‘Sketches of Darjeeling’ and to promote the album, he is officially on his ‘lai bari lai’ tour. Sikkim is second on his itinerary and before coming here Chhetri performed in Kathmandu and soon plans to do so in Delhi and Kolkata as well.

Interacting with media persons before his show, the singer said his connection with music is since his childhood. His father NM Chhettri is a musician and CM Ghishing, Chhetri’s music teacher, supported and helped him throughout.

“I am very deeply rooted with my culture and therefore, I chose folk music as the genre for my first album. However, I am looking forward to explore other genres as well,” said Chhetri.

The response to his new album was overwhelming all across the world and Chhetri is very thankful to everyone for loving his songs. He also said Nepali music has a good future as Nepali culture has a lot of potential in terms of expressions.

“Music is not the source of income for me, rather it is my passion. My aim is not to become famous. I sing because I love to and I feel music is the journey of my life and it’s this that inspires me to sing,” explained Chhetri.

If he gets a chance, Chhetri would love to work with AR Rahman besides local artistes such as Albert Gurung, Girish and the Chronicles and Still Waters.

“Don’t keep yourself limited; come outside and explore your talents,” is his advice to all up-coming talents.

The story behind Chhetri’s debut album is pretty interesting. During the first months of last year, a song titled ‘Dadhelo’ (wildfire) had gone viral on the internet. The awesome response gave birth to his ‘Sketches of Darjeeling’. The album comprises six songs inspired by life around the hills of Darjeeling. It has a blend of Nepali folk music and contemporary Western elements.

Source: EOI

Gorkhali Parasmani Rai on top nine in Saregamapa in Zee Bangla

9:39 AM
Kalimpong hill lad Parasmani Rai has continued to impress audience by his vocals in the reality show Saregamapa in Zee Bangla since the past few weeks. Hailing from Mulpala in Kalimpong, Rai has been giving back-to-back stellar performances in the programme, winning audiences across the region and also gaining laurels from the judges. Rai has reached the top nine in Saregamapa, one of the most renowned musical reality show in the history of Indian reality television.
Indian Gorkha Singer Parasmani Rai Saregamapa in Zee Bangla
Singer Parasmani Rai Saregamapa in Zee Bangla.
Rai’s father Santoshmani Rai said his son has been giving great performances in the show and has continued to impress the esteemed panel of judges including reputed Bollywood singers Udit Narayan Jha, Alka Yagnik, Hariharan and Kumar Sanu. He said the people in the Hills have also started noticing his performances and have started forming Parasmani fan clubs. “He can win this competition as he is deserving and I urge all the people in the hills to tune in to the channel and watch the show,” Santoshmani Rai added.

In Dooars, the local social worker youths who follow the show have started making people aware of the show and Paramani’s progress. The youths said that as soon as the voting round starts, they will start an MMS campaign to urge the people to vote for Parasmani. Similarly, Bhatpara-based teacher and ardent fan of Rai, Dev Kumar Rai, said that if Parasmani reaches the voting round, he will form a fan club in Kalchini and help the upcoming singer grab more votes.

Source: EOI

Bipul Chettri's Wildfire guitar Lesson video

6:05 PM
After  Asaar lyrics with Chords here's Bipul Chettri's how to play Wildfire guitar  Lesson video.

Wildfire Dadhelo - Guitar Lesson

Bipul Chettri's Wildfire guitar Lesson video
Bipul Chettri's Wildfire guitar Lesson video

Source:  Nepali E-Chords

Bipul Chettri - Asaar lyrics with Chords

2:35 AM
Bipul Chettri's debut album titled, 'Sketches of Darjeeling' has been well received by all music lovers from the hill. Here's the  lyrics with Chords of the song "Asaar" one of the songs from this album. Hope you all will like it and try to play the song...
Bipul Chettri - Asaar lyrics with Chords
Bipul Chettri


A/D (A with A D bass)

You have to listen to the song for the timing of the intro.



Play a similar pattern for F#m and E also. Use appropriate bass notes.

A                  A/D
Pani Paryo Sarara, Chana Bajyo Garara
A                       A/D
Manama Uthyo Aaja Meryo Ananda ko Lahara
F#m             D
Hijo Ko Bipana, Aaja Bhayecha Sapana
E                      D
Eh Kanchi Kati Chadaai Biteko yo Jiwana
A                  D
Pani Paryo Sarara, Bhijyo Kalimpong Sahara
A                      D
Kalo Kalo Badaal Chadi Pharki Aayo Asaara
A       D
aaaaaaa   La Haai

F#m *4

F#m                    D
Jindagi Kahile Ghham  Kahile Chaya, Lai Bari
A       E
F#m                     D
Maya Nai Sabai Bhanda, Thulo Kuro Raicha Ni
A       E
F#m                   D
Charai Tira Nila Nila Aakasha Nai Chaiyo Hai
A       E
F#m                 D
Wari Pari Lageko Yo Kuiro Harayo
A       E
F#m                 D
Manalai Sacho Rakhi Hidi Rahe Chu
F#m                 D
Ma Timro Sahara Mai Bachi Rahechu Mayalu
E       E       A

A                  D
Pani Paryo Sarara, Choda Bagyo Garara
A                       D
Pharki Aaye Timrai Tira Chadi Sara Sansara
F#m             D
Hijo Ko Bipana, Aaja Bhayecha Sapana
E                      D
Eh Kanchi Kati Chadaai Biteko yo Jiwana

A                  D
Pani Paryo Sarara, Bhijyo Kalimpong Sahara
A                       A
Kalo Kalo Badaal Chadi Pharki Aayo Asaara
A       D


Lai Bari Lai Bari
Lai Bari Lai Oh Nani
Lai Bari Lai Bari
Lai Bari Lai  *5 (Fade Out)

Source: tabs.ultimate-guitar

Bipul Chettri's album 'Sketches of Darjeeling' available for download

11:32 PM
Bipul Chettri's album 'Sketches of  Darjeeling' is now available for download. Bipul is a singer/songwriter from Kalimpong, Darjeeling. He has just released his debut album 'Sketches of Darjeeling'.Here is what he has to say on FB:

"Sketches of  Darjeeling' is now available for download . It has been a wonderful journey and I would like to thank everyone involved including you in helping in making this album a reality. Please note that the songs you will be downloading are of extremely high bit rate which translates to superior audio quality and effectively a better listening experience. The album will also be available on iTunes, Amazon etc. in another week or so. Thank you all and enjoy the album."

Bipul Chettri's album 'Sketches of Darjeeling' available for download
Bipul Chettri's album 'Sketches of Darjeeling' cover.

In the beginning of 2013, a song spread across the Internet like wildfire. Not surprisingly, it was titled ‘Wildfire/Dadhelo’. The response from the listeners and the rate at which the song ended up on everyone's playlist laid the foundation for "Sketches of Darjeeling".

Recorded between 2013-14, the album is a collection of songs inspired by life around the hills of Darjeeling, a small town that sits on the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. Harmonically blending Nepali folk music with contemporary western musical elements, the songs have the rare quality of touching the pahari heart and transporting the listener to the land where the songs were born.

1) Mountain High
Vocals/Guitar: Bipul Chettri
Bass: Rahul Rai
Drums/Percussion: Upendra Raj Baraily
Keyboard: Anindo Bose
Shehnai: Lokesh Anand

2) Wildfire (Dadhelo)
Vocals/Guitar: Bipul Chettri
Bass: Anindo Bose
Drums/Percussion: Upendra Raj Baraily

3) Asaar
Vocals/Guitar: Bipul Chettri
Bass: Rahul Rai
Drums/Percussion: Upendra Raj Baraily
Keyboard: Anindo Bose
Trumpet: Toni Quadros

4) Deorali Darah
Vocals/Guitar: Bipul Chettri
Bass: Rahul Rai
Drums/Percussion: Reuben Narain
Keyboard: Anindo Bose
Sarangi: Suhail Yusuf Khan

5) Ram Sailee *Ode to my Father
Vocals/Guitar: Bipul Chettri

6) Rail Garee
Vocals/Guitar: Bipul Chettri
Bass: Rahul Rai
Drums/Percussion: Reuben Narain
Keyboard: Anindo Bose

All songs written, composed, arranged and produced by Bipul Chettri except:
*Ram Sailee, composed by Late Nirendra Mohan Chettri.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Anindo Bose at Plug n’ Play Studios, New Delhi.
Album art by Manohar Rai.
Photography and Album Design Concept by Sonam Tashi.

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my friends and brothers, Anindo Bose, Upendra Raj Baraily, Rahul Rai, Lokesh Singh, Sonam Tashi and Manohar Rai for their unconditional support and encouragement in making this album a reality. " - Bipul Chettri

Download Links Here

Source: oklisten

HAPPY DARJEELING We are from Darjeeling video on Pharrell Williams song

9:06 AM
Darjeeling, May 28: Pharrell Williams has made Darjeeling clap along and make its own Happy tribute song.

Happy, the world-wide hit number from Despicable Me 2, has spawned over 1,500 tribute videos — from Tehran to Calcutta, and now Darjeeling.

Watch video - HAPPY DARJEELING We are from Darjeeling ,India "Queen of the Hills".

“When the whole world is coming up with a tribute video, we, too, decided to come up with ours. We released it on YouTube (on May 25) and it has registered more than 15,000 hits,” said 27-year-old Sikher Chettri, who has a video production studio in Darjeeling.

Chettri got help from a motley home team — professional photographer Smriti Rahel Philip, hotelier Prawin Pradhan, dentist Priyanka Rai, musician Bibek Thapa and singer Pragya Lama.

The three-minute-plus video shows Darjeeling residents channelling their happy vibe as Williams’s song plays.

The name of the YouTube video is not as short as the one-word original title. It is called Happy Darjeeling-We are from Darjeeling, India, ‘Queen of the Hills’.

 HAPPY DARJEELING We are from Darjeeling video on Pharrell Williams song

“It took us about a week to shoot. We tried to capture the happiness of the people in Darjeeling. Since the Happy tributes are the most seen and talked about videos at the moment, our work would serve to promote Darjeeling and showcase its beauty to people around the world,” Chettri said.

“The aim was to shoot impromptu,” Smriti said. “We went around town, told some people about the Happy concept and asked them to do a few steps. Students of schools such as Loreto Convent and Vidya Vikash Academy helped us.”

The locations for the shoots were chosen to capture the sights and sounds of Darjeeling. The video featured people at Darjeeling main promenade Chowrasta, the railway station, the Peace Pagoda, the Rink Mall, the Lloyd Botanical Garden, St Andrew’s Church and the Mahakal temple, among a few.

The youngest among the performers were six-year-old twins in their identical yellow dresses. Maya and Tara Rai, students of Loreto Convent, got featured in the video primarily because of their father Vikram’s enthusiasm.

“The Pharrell song is well-known and we were aware of the tremendous interest it has generated across the world. When Shikher called to shoot with my kids, I immediately agreed. It is a good way of letting the world know about Darjeeling. Moreover, the theme of the Pharrell song goes with Darjeeling. The people are always smiling and they always overcome their daily burdens with a smile,” Vikram said.

One of the Happy tribute videos has been in the news for an unhappy reason. In Iran, three girls and three boys were arrested by police earlier this month for dancing in the video that hurt public chastity. The girls, without veils on, had danced in living rooms, rooftops and public places.

There was global outcry over the arrests and Iran released them days later.

In May 2013, when the hills were supposed to be buzzing with summertime tourists, it was in the grip of a general strike called by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha after one of its leaders, Chandra Yonzone, was arrested for allegedly burning down the home of a Trinamul leader.

This summer has turned out to be happier, dare we say. The tourists are back, and some residents have found the right tune to celebrate.


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Adrian Pradhan and friends launched their first Hindi song ‘Tere Saath Saath’ today on ‘Misty Unplugged’ at Radio Misty 94.3 FM. The 20th episode of ‘Misty Unplugged’ was the 1st episode of 2014. Adrian Pradhan and his friends played numerous songs including their first Hindi Song, “Tere Saath Saath’. The song has been composed and written by Binod Kalikotey.

Adrian Pradhan first hindi song Tere Saath Saath
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