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Gorkhas Daughter wins Gold and Bronze in International Taekwondo Championship

11:07 AM
Gorkhas Daughter Sushila Sonar from Northeast India Arunachal Pradesh, who is a 4th Dan Black Belt, represented India in the above 76 kg category and has won Gold and Bronze medal in  2nd International Taekwondo championship 2016 which was held in Bhutan. Sushila Sonar won one gold and one bronze medal in Kyorugi in senior girls above 76 kg category and in Poomsae in U-39 year category.

In the event, Indian contingent comprised of 23 members. The International event was organized by Bhutan Taekwondo Federation and was sanctioned by World Taekwondo Federation.

You make our Indian Gorkha community, Northeast and country as a whole very proud!!!

GYASA FC Runners-up in ‪‎Delhi‬ QUTAB Premier League

1:53 PM
A tremendous show by ‪Gorkha‬ players in a local ‪‎Delhi‬ QUTAB Premier League, Gorkha Youth and Students' Association of India - GYASA (GYASA FC) players walk away with Runners-up trophy in the 7th edition of ‪QPL‬, a Delhi-based local football tournament organized by Vijay Kumar Bali. Theho Pao from GYASA FC was the Top Scorer of the tournament with 6 goals to his credit. To spot Theho in the crowd is quite simple - he is the quiet guy sitting a little away from the rest of the noisy and chattering team circle.

We cannot forget to thank Jenny Lepcha and family for setting up the much-needed food and drinks stall for the boys. You did this for us despite all the inconveniences and the losses. Hats off for such a sporting spirit.

Well done boys, we are proud of you all.

GYASA FC Runners-up in ‪‎Delhi‬ QUTAB Premier League
In an all-Gorkha dominated finals, three Gorkha teams – two teams from ‪‎GYASA‬ FC and ‎North East‬ Gorkha Boys reached the semi-finals of the the 32-team knockout football tournament at Dlf Chhatarpur Farms, New Delhi. There were several other teams who did not make it to the final stages. It was indeed a pleasure to meet so many other Gorkha players playing for so many different clubs and teams.

We are all winners.... the Spirit is more than the trophy.


Gorkha youth icon Roshni 3rd in Tenzing Hillary Everest Half Marathon

6:50 PM
The Indian youth icon Roshni Rai also the founder of Run With Roshni came third/3rd in Tenzing Hillary Everest Half Marathon, the world's highest marathon.The Everest Marathon was started in 1985 by Jan Turner and Tony Hunt on a trek to and from Everest Base Camp.The even was organised by the Himalaya Expeditions, HimEX in short, which is an Adventure Travel and Expedition Company based in Nepal and founded by Nepalese Tourism Professionals.

Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon is an International High Altitude Adventure Sports Event held at Mt. Everest Base Camp every year on May 29 since 2003 to commemorate the historical ascent of Mount Everest by Late Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary on May 29, 1953. The trail crisscrosses the Sherpa heartlands of Khumbu Valley between the Everest Base Camp and Namche Bazaar.

Roshni Rai Receiving certificate from Indian Army Colonel, who lead the Indian Army Expedition to Everest 2016..jpg
Roshni Rai Receiving certificate from Indian Army Colonel, who lead the Indian Army Expedition to Everest 2016.

Roshni on her FB wall wrote the following
Universe loves me.I came 3rd in Tenzing Hillary Everest (THEM) Half Marathon & I won the cash prize of Rs.25000/- (NC).
Reached Everest Base Camp on 27th May & I got the high altitude sickness.I started suffering from lose motion & vomiting. Came down to low altitude in Dinboche yesterday by walking 21km. Today in the morning, I joined Half Marathon from Dinboche.It was tough but Bikram Pandey Kaji NuwaKott Sir has asked Deepak Rai, who is a three times winner of THEM to pace me today. It was with the support of Deepak Rai only, I managed to come third. My finish time for half marathon is 4hrs 2mins.
Now I understood God's plan to make me high altitude sick in Everest Base Camp :)
Thanks to Meenu Shrestha for all the beautiful pics. 
Will be updating more abt EBC trekking soon.

The top three runners in the half marathon have reached the finishing point. The timings of the top three runners are:
1st: Tenzing Dolmans (3:30:13 hrs)
2nd: Dominique Hopkins (3:32:18 hrs)
3rd: Roshani Rai (4:02:08 hrs)

Simarlarly The winners of Full Marathon Open Foreigners:
1. Mr. Robert Celinski from Poland - 4 hrs 24 mins 08 seconds
2. Mr. Fabrice Kah from France - 5 hrs 15 mins 04 seconds
3. Mr. Joseph Wynes from USA - 5 hrs 41 mins 12 seconds

This is indeed a great achievement by our own Roshni Rai and we on be half of the Indian Gorkha Community would like to congratulate her for her achievement. You made us proud again.

Gorkha's Daughters makes it to the top of the world Mount Everest

9:20 AM
Two Gorkha's Daughters from Darjeeling, West Bengal makes it to the top of the world Mount Everest.

Congratulation! Ms. Trishala Gurung, a second-year student of Southfield College Darjeeling, and Ms. Sulaxchana Tamang first-year student of Ghoom Degree College Darjeeling along with other team members from the NCC Girl Expedition to Mt. Everest who successfully reached the summit.

These Darjeeling students have scaled the peak in the first all-girls NCC expedition to Mt Everest. The first ever all-girl National Cadet Corps (NCC) Mount Everest expedition was Led by Col Gaurav Karki, fifteen service personnel and ten girl cadets who from Nepal took a long trek to the base camp from where they scaled the peak of the Mount Everest.

(Left) Trishala Gurung and Sulaxchana Tamang in
Darjeeling on Monday. Picture by Suman Tamang
Ganesh Kumar Gurung, Trishala’s father, today said he had spoken to one of the expedition members over the phone who confirmed that the summit was made on Sunday. “On Sunday at 10 am, one of the expedition members from Camp II gave me the news that the team had made the ascent. I was told they would be returning back to Base Camp by evening today,” he said.

Similarly, Sulaxana’s father Om Prakash Tamang too was overjoyed to know that his daughter had achieved what others can only dream about. “I had heard about my daughter making the ascent on May 21 but did not get confirmation. However, today I spoke to Sulaxana at Base Camp. At such a young age when she was free to choose to do anything, she chose to climb the world’s highest peak. I believe it will give a positive message to females of her age,” he said. According to the father, Trishala last called him on May 18 from Kala Patthar at Base Camp. “That was the last time I spoke to her. She was confident and even joked that she would have a new title after the summit. It is a proud feeling being her parents. She has made the hills and the nation proud,” Gurung said.
Miss Trishala Gurung from Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. in the Mount Everest
Anuradha Rai, principal of Southfield College, where Trishala is presently studying, said she too had heard of the successful Everest summit but was awaiting concrete reports from the NCC head office in Delhi. “I cannot say much as I do not have the actual report or information. But we are proud of Trishala’s achievement. She has made the college and the hills proud,” she said when asked for her comment. Trishala and Sulaxana were selected from more than 100 aspirants from across the nation to participate in the all girls’ expedition organised by the Army. The selection process started at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling after 29 days of basic training. Of the 100 hopefuls, 40 were short-listed for the two-month pre-expedition training at Deo Tibba in Himachal Pradesh from May to June, 2015. Further, 15 were then selected from the 40 to undergo advance training at Trishul Peak in Uttarakhand from August to October, 2015.

Om Prakash Tamang, father of Sulaxchana, 21, said: "My daughter called me around 7am today. She had just returned to the base camp. She said the team had successfully climbed Mount Everest. We are very happy." According to Om Prakash, Sulaxchana was part of the first batch to climb the summit. Ganesh Gurung, father of Trishala, 22, said she had called him this evening to confirm the success of the team. Lt. Col. Kohli said the team had climbed the peak in two batches on May 21 and 22. Preparation for the expedition by the NCC team had started more than a year back. In November 2014, 100 girls from across the country had been selected for training at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling. After completing a nearly one-month training, 40 girls were shortlisted in February 2015. "The 40 girls were then taken to climb Mount Deo Tibba (19,688ft) in Himachal Pradesh. After the 41-day expedition, 15 girls were selected for another expedition," said Ganesh. Between August and October 2015, the 15 girls were taken to an expedition to Mount Trishul (23,353ft) in Uttarakhand. After 50 days of that expedition, 10 girls were selected to scale Mount Everest. The team led by Col. Gaurav Karki was flagged off in Delhi on March 9.

Ace Gorkha Shooter Mr. Sisir Rai from Gitdabling Kalimpong‬

12:37 PM
Writes: Rupesh Tamang

Ace Shooter Mr. Sisir Rai from Gitdabling Kalimpong‬ is a Gorkha achiever who despite all odds have excelled in his field. While the whole nation is celebrating the success of Jitu Rai, there are those whose names are yet to catch the popular fancy. Mr. Sisir Rai is one such sportsperson who has stood against all odds and kept his passion for shooting as well as the Gorkha name flying high.

This is his story.
Name: Sisir Rai
Father: Sh. Dil Bahadur Rai,
Mother: Smt Harka Maya Rai,
Wife: Smt. Leena Rai (married in 1997)
Daughters: Nivedita Rai-15 yrs and Sanjina Rai, 6 yrs.
Permanent Address: Village Pochak, PO Gitdabling, PS Kalimpong, Darjeeling (WB),
Present Address: New Police Lines, Kingsway Camp, New Delhi-09.

Academic Qualifications
Primary School: Govt. primary School, Pochak.
Matriculation: Sita Ram Junior Memorial School, Gitdabling
Higher Secondary: St. Georges Higher Secondary School, Pedong
B. Sc : Kalimpong Govt. College.
Ace Gorkha Shooter Mr. Sisir Rai from Gitdabling Kalimpong‬
Ace Gorkha Shooter Mr. Sisir Rai from Gitdabling Kalimpong‬
Mr. Sisir Rai was an excellent sportsperson right from his childhood days; however it was during his NCC days that his knack for shooting and natural talent in the same came to the fore. Perhaps it was his love for Shooting that drove him to join Delhi Police as a constable in 1997, that same year he got married to his sweetheart. It has been 19 years since he joined the Delhi Police and in 2007 he was promoted as the Head Constable.

After joining the Delhi Police, he made his mark in shooting and in 2001 was made a part of the Delhi Police Central Shooting team. In the first year i.e. 2001 of his shooting career, he participated with his team (Central team of Delhi Police) in Delhi State shooting Championship and succeeded to prove his capability when he won one Gold and one Silver medal in .22 prone free rifle.

He also participated in All India Police Games and All India G.V. Mavlankar Shooting Championship (Big Bore) at Phillaur, Punjab in .38 revolver and 303 Rifle.

But such is the life of a policemen, he was transferred to North West District from the Central Team, however he gave in his best and he performed various law & order duties assigned to him during his tenure in the District. During his posting in North-West District, he did Post-Graduation in Computer Science from Allahabad University.

His passion for shooting brought him to fore and in the year 2007, he was once again selected for Delhi Police Shooting Team.

Since 2007, he participated with his team in all events/ tournaments/championships and in every events/ tournaments/ championships he succeeded in winning numerous medals for his team.
Some of his best performances include wining:

2 GOLD: 59th National Shooting Championship (Big Bore) 2016, Team
GOLD: 58th National Shooting Championship (Big Bore) 2015, Team
GOLD: 58th National Shooting Championship (Big Bore) 2014, Team
GOLD: 23rd All India G.V. Mavlankar shooting Championship (Big Bore) 2014, Individual
GOLD: 7th All India Police Shooting Sports Championship 2013, Team
GOLD: 32nd North Zone Shooting Championship, .22 prone 2012, Individual
GOLD: XXVIII Delhi State Shooting Championship, 10mtr Air Rifle 2012, Individual

Every success they say is measured in 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, despite his knack and natural talent for Shooting, life as a Shoooter wasn’t easy for Mr. Rai. He states, “I was transferred on a regular basis from one unit to another, so it was difficult to pursue my shooting career… moreover, we don’t have basic training facilities like coaching, shooting range, rifle, pistols, ammunition, even target papers for that matter.”

Despite these drawbacks, Mr. Rai has continued to persevere. He managed to buy his own shooting rifles and pistols from his own salary to improve his capabilities.

Such is his passion that in the year 2012, he managed to import a shooting rifle from Germany at the cost of Rs 225,000 all of which he paid from his own savings. He also prepared a 10 mtr air pistol/rifle shooting range in his room and continued to practice in his spare time.

However life is not easy for Mr. Rai as the cost of ammunition are very high and he could not afford to import sufficient ammunition for training and he could only import them for competitions. As such proper shooting kits are crucial for a shooter to perform at his best, but without any financial support from the authorities, Mr. Rai has not been able to afford the best quality shooting kits as they are very expensive.

Despite all the hardships and financial constraints, Mr. Rai has continued to perform to the best of his abilities and won numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for his team.

When asked to comment on his struggles, Mr. Rai says, “Shooting was my dream from childhood and I could achieve the same after joining Delhi Police. I want to continue my shooting career and want to represent for my country at International level and prove my capability to win gold medal for my country.”

Currently, Mr. Rai is coaching his daughter Nivedita Rai in pistol shooting and proudly states, “she has improved herself and got a chance to participate in Delhi State inter School Shooting championship, Open Delhi State Shooting championship in the year 2015. She also qualified for All India Inter School Shooting championship and Sports Crafts shooting Championship.”

We are hopeful that the Delhi Police, Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, Bengal Government and Sports Ministry will come forward and extend financial support to Mr. Sisir Rai and his prodigiously talented daughter, so that they can make the entire nation proud by winning Gold at international tournaments.

If any of our readers want to financially support Mr. Rai and his daughter Nivedita, we’d request you to contact them at:
Phone: 8588855997

Via TheDC

Roshni Rai to ‪‎Ignite‬ Everest Marathon

3:01 PM
Writes: Rajeev Ravidas

"Pedong Express" Roshni Rai has been chosen as one of the ambassadors of the Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon - an annual event organised by the Nepal-based Himalaya Expeditions - on the foothills of Mount Everest.

Roshni Rai, 35, who hails from Pedong, is presently based in Bombay and is a corporate lawyer by profession.

Roshni wrote a mail to The Telegraph saying she felt honoured and excited and is looking forward to be a part of the event.

"Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon is probably the most adventurous run in the world. A briefing session on marathon and trekking will be held in Kathmandu on May 17. More than 130 international runners have registered for the marathon" said Roshni.

Roshni will leave for Kathmandu on May 15.

"I first ran a half-marathon at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in 2007. I was badly injured in the knee because of lack of proper training. The following year, I started marathon training under the guidance of my coach Daniel Vaz. Since then I have run for more than 40 races," said Roshni.
"The marathons include 10km races, half-marathons, marathons and ultra marathons (ranging from 50km to 100km). I have also run in four international races-two in the UK, one in Czech Republic and one in South Africa," Roshni added.
Roshni Rai to ‪‎Ignite‬ Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon
Roshni Rai to ‪‎Ignite‬ Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon

Roshni runs an NGO "Run with Roshni Foundation" in Mumbai that promotes athletes from the Darjeeling hills.

"My foundation supports underprivileged Gorkha runners from the Darjeeling hills to run marathons. We have been doing this since 2012," she said.

On May Day this year, Roshni's foundation had organised the Kalimpong half-marathon.
On the Everest Marathon, Roshni said: "It is an annual marathon organised to pay tribute to Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary who were the first to reach the top of the world's highest mountain Mount Everest on May 29, 1953".

"The Himalayan marathon is organised every year on May 29 from the everest base camp to Namche Bazar. Before the marathon, the runners undertake a 10-day trek from Lukla to the base camp, which are 62km apart, to get themselves acclimatised to the high altitude," she said.

Via: Telegraph

Gorkha youth selected for Indian National football team

9:55 PM
Manipur: A proud moment for Manipuri Gorkhas. Ajay Chettri S/O Ganesh Pandey of Kanglatongbi, Hatikhuwa in Manipur has been selected for Indian National football team. He will now represent INDIA under-19 team.

His former clubs and academies- 

  • Gorkha Jyoti Youth Club
  • Kqnglatongbi Gorkha Youth Association
  • Mohun Bagan Seal Acdemy-West Bengal
  • Royal Wahingdo ahengdo Shillong

Gorkha youth selected for Indian National football team
Gorkha youth, Ajay Chettri, selected for Indian National football team
Ajay was selected by All India Football Federation to represent Indian National U-19 football team. Earlier This month he was called for trail by AIFF after he showcased exceptional football skill representing Royal Wahingdo U-18 in recently concluded I-League matches. After the trial now he made it to National Under-19 team. What an inspiration for young footballers..

Lets congrats his achievement and wish him good luck, guys. Jai Gorkha.!!!

Via Prakash Chettri for Kanglatongbi Gorkha Youth Forum

Kalimpong Half Marathon 2016

5:39 PM
Kalimpong Half Marathon 2016 was flagged off from Pedong by Mr. Dawa Lepcha, Sabhasaad and Mrs. Sarita Rai (MLA contestant from Kalimpong) at 7am. The finishing line of KHM was Kalimpong Mela Ground. Out of 100 registered runners only 94 runners turned up in the start line. 12 runners ran KHM without registration. Within the cut off time of 3hrs, 96 runners completed KHM.

Among boys Ajay Chettri came first in 1hr 13mins and 35secs, Rupen Chettri came second in 1hr 15mins 30sec and Praveen Chettri came third in1hr 17mins 9sec. All the winners ae from 2 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles (BODYGURARD) and currently posted in 17th Mile, Algarah. All the winners are the residents of Darjeeling Districts.

Among Girls Dichen Sherpa from Pagang Gumpa School, Algarah came first in 1hr 52 mins 4 sec, Anjana Acharya came second in 1hr 54mins 33sec and Babita Acharya came third in 1hr 55mins 19sec. Anjana and Babita are sisters and both are the students of Gagotri School.
Kalimpong Half Marathon 2016
Winner of Kalimpong Half Marathon 2016
Winners were given medals, certificates and tshirt of Run with Roshni with slogan, ‘WE ARE GORKHAS AND PROUND TO BE INDIANS’ by the Chief Guest Mr. Amlan Ghosh, ASP Kalimpong, who was welcomed by the band of Kalimpong Girls HS School. All the registered runners, who completed the KHM within the cut off time of 3hrs were given medals and timing certificate by the designated Guests- Mr. Nabin Poudyel, Principal of Pedong Degree College, Capt Prakashmani Pradhan, Principal of Rockvale Academy, Mr. Dendup T. Bhutia, President of Kalimpong Sports Association and Mr. Nardhoj Rai, Father of Roshni Rai.

Mr. Piyush Shah came to participate in KHM, all the way from Ahmedabad driving his Alto Car. Mr. Shah has run 100 marathon i.e. 42km in 200 days. He has also run 24hrs on treadmill. It was an honour for the youngsters of Kalimpong to see him running KHM.
Mr. Roop Betala, Mrs. Manasi Samudra, Cdr. Sunil Handa, Mrs. Ritu Handa came from Mumbai to participate in KHM.

Lt. Col. Shri Krishna and Mr. Shireesh Anjal came from Bangalore.
It was very inspiring to see Dr. Ashok Pratap Singh, DFO ( IFS) Siliguri and Mr. GR Santosh, (IFS) Director, Forest Training Centre, Dowhill, Kurseong completing KHM.
The entire logistics of Kalimpong Half Marathon 2016 at the finish line in Kalimpong Half Marathon was managed by the teachers and students of SUMI School, under the leadership of Mr. Ganesh Dahal. KHM was a grand success with the support of entire public, different organisations, associations and schools from Pedong to Kalimpong.

Following are the main vision of Run with Roshni Foudation ;
1. to eliminate the identity crisis faced by Nepali speaking Indian in their own motherland.
2. Bringing awareness among Indians, how the Nepali speaking people are Indians.
3. To bring awareness all over India that Nepali is a recognized language under the Constitution of India and it is one of the languages mentioned in the Indian currency.

If our Gorkha runners get Gold Medal from Olympic Marathon, we will get the support of International medias to fulfill the above visions. Now by getting the winners of KHM from Army, we are confident to realise our vision very soon.

‘Run with Roshni’ is a mission to eliminate the identity Crisis faced by Nepali-Speaking Indians in their motherland, with or without Gorkhaland. Roshni is not an individual. Roshni means “enlightenment”. It is a mission for the enlightenment and empowerment. Our mission is to enlighten people, who do not know, how Nepali-Speaking people are Indian and to empower Gorkhas in India. Gorkhas, who can climb any mountain, will now run for their empowerment.

Darjeeling has received enough number of her sons with the tricolour on their chest; now she will start receiving her sons with the tricolour on their shoulders. Martyr returns home with the tricolour on their chest, whereas sportspersons return with tricolour on their shoulders.

Team Run with Roshni.

Two ‪Sikkim‬ women referees for Tajikistan

9:01 AM
Writes: Nirmal Mangar

Two women football referees from Sikkim have been short-listed to officiate in the Asian Football Confederation Under-14 Championship that will be held be in Tajikistan from April 26.
Reshmi Chettri, 23, and Phurki Bhutia, 23, who left Delhi for the tourney yesterday are the first women referees from Sikkim to get such an opportunity.

While Reshmi works as a lower division clerk in the state forest department, Phurki is a sport teacher in Gujarat.

The duo have been officiating in several matches, both in the men's and women's categories, conducted by the Sikkim Football Association (SFA).

While Chettri is from Pangthang village in East Sikkim, Lepcha is from Bhushuk Naitam village, also from East Sikkim.

Tajikistan will take part in the tourney along with defending champions Bangladesh, and Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and the Maldives.
(Left) Reshmi Chettri and Phurki Bhutia
"This is a great achievement for our girls as women referees break the stereotype. We are proud of both the girls. This is the first overseas assignment for Sikkim women referees," said the general secretary of the SFA, Menla Ethenpa.

The head referee of the Committee of SFA, Chanchuk Lama, said the selection was conducted by the All India Football Federation and the Asian Football Confederation.

"They (the girls) had to go through the selection process - fitness, theory and practical (levels) - and they were shortlisted after a viva-voce," said Lama.

The final match of the Tajikistan tourney is on May 1.

Both the girls are national-level football players and were appointed as referees by the AIFF in 2012.
Reshmi's father Man Bahadhur Chettri said he was happy with his daughter's selection. "She always wanted to serve football. We are happy with her achievement," said Chettri who works in the forest department.

Phurki's parents, Sonam Gyasto Bhutia and Phampho Bhutia, who are farmers, said their happiness knew no bounds as their daughter had been selected for the overseas assignment.

Via: Telegraph

Gangtok Himalayan takes on table topper Neroca FC on Saturday

7:37 PM

April 14 2016 Gangtok Himalayan SC plays against familiar opponent Neroca FC, Imphal on Saturday at Paljor Stadium in its fourth straight home match of the I-League second division final round.

So far, Gangtok Himalayan has been disappointing at its home ground, collecting only two points from three matches. It is also yet to score from open play as its only goal in three home matches came from a penalty shot.

“In all the three matches, we played better than our opponents but we lacked in converting the chances. We are working on how to convert the chances and I am confident that our boys will start scoring goals,” said Gangtok Himalayan coach A Shanta Kumar to media in a pre-match conference today.

Team captain Nima Tamang also rued the chances missed during the matches against Dempo SC, Minerva Academy and Lonestar FC at Paljor Stadium. Sadly, we have been repeating the same mistake but we are working on improving on scoring goals, he said.
Gangtok Himalayan takes on table topper Neroca FC on Saturday
Gangtok Himalayan takes on table topper Neroca FC on Saturday
“We are in a situation now that we have to win all matches. We will give our best performance in the match against Neroca FC,” said Nima.

Gangtok Himalayan SC had earlier lost by a solitary goal to Neroca FC at Paljor Stadium during the first round of I-League. It went to Imphal for the return match and managed to secure a draw.

“We have analysed Gangtok team to be really good. The only drawback that they have is to score goals. We can’t take them for granted and we will give our best in the match against them,” said Neroca FC coach Gift Raikhan.

The match will be interesting, added Neroca FC captain Tomba Singh.

Neroca FC with seven points is leading the league while Gangtok Himalayan is in the fourth position with two points.

Via Sikkim Express

Sachin Tendulkar wishes Shiva Thapa good luck for Rio Olympics 2016

8:57 PM
New Delhi: Shiva Thapa, the only Indian boxer to have qualified for the Rio Olympics so far, today got words of encouragement from none other than cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar. Tendulkar, replying to a question asked by Thapa in a Twitter chat, wished the 22-year-old the very best for his second Olympics. “Firstly, all the very best for the Rio Olympics. We are with you. We are supporting you. Don’t think about the pressure. Just think about the process, results will follow,” said Tendulkar

“You have to stay positive and enjoy the game. Pressure is going to be there but if you try and live in the present, then pressures will take care of themselves. Good luck,” he added. Tendulkar was responding to a flurry of questions from fans on Twitter. “I am going to my second Olympics at Rio. How did you handle pressure when you played for India at World Cup?” Thapa had asked. The world No.6 Thapa won the bantamweight silver at the Asian Qualifiers in Qian’an, China to qualify for the Olympics in August.

Former India captain Anil Kumble and former England captain Michael Vaughan also had questions for Tendulkar. While Kumble asked him when they could plan a trip together to a wildlife sanctuary, Vaughan asked Tendulkar whether the ball he bowled to him was the “greatest delivery” he had ever faced.

Via cricketcountry

Shiva Thapa qualifies for Rio Olympics 2016

5:41 PM
31st March 2016 Shiva Thapa became the first Indian boxer to qualify for the Rio Olympics when he entered the final of the men's bantamweight (56kg) category at the Asia/Oceania qualifying tournament, Qian'an, China, on Thursday.

Shiva, the top seed in his weight division, defeated 2013 World Championship bronze medalist Kairat Yeraliyev of Kazakhstan in the semi-finals. The Assam lad will face second seed Chatchai Butdee of Thailand in the final on Friday.

This will be Shiva's second appearance at the Olympics. The World Championships bronze medallist became the youngest boxer to compete at the Oylmpics at the London Games in 2012.
Shiva Thapa qualified for Rio Olympics 2016 beating Kairat Yeraliyev (Kazakhstan). Enters in the finals of 2016 Asian/Oceanian Qualification Event.

Legendary Indian footballer Amar Bahadur passes away

9:25 PM

Dehradun: Legendary Indian footballer Amar Bahadur Gurung, who scored the bronze medal winning goal for India against Japan at the 1970 Jakarta Asian Games, passed away at Medanta Hospital in Delhi on Wednesday. Fondly called ‘Amar Dai’ by friends, this footballer from the Doon valley brought laurels for the country though his outstanding sporting skills.

Born on 18 April 1942 in Dehradun, Amar Bahadur studied at the Gorkha Military School. He joined the 4/8 Gorkha Rifles in 1960 and quit Army service in 1967 to play for Mafatlal (Mumbai). He holds the distinction of being the only player from Dehradun to be awarded Maharashtra's highest sporting honour, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Award, in 1973.He was a regular member of the Indian football team in the mid-60s and early 70s.

Considered one the greatest left wingers India has ever produced, Amar gladdened the heart of the football lovers through his play, calmness and gentleman behavior on the filed. After leaving Maharashta, Amar Dai permanently settled in Dehradun in 2007 and since then was actively involved in football promotion. With the sole aim of sharing his knowledge and training budding players, Amar Bahadur formed the Doon FC club. deeply condoles the death of a great Indian footballer. Indian football will always miss a gentleman and sober sportsman like Amar Bahadur.

1st all-girl NCC Mount Everest expedition flagged off

8:02 AM
Press Trust of India | New Delhi: The first ever all-girl National Cadet Corps (NCC) Mount Everest expedition was today flagged off from here.

Led by Col Gaurav Karki, fifteen service personnel and ten girl cadets aim to reach Nepal on March 31 and after a long trek to the base camp from April 8 to 25, the team is likely to try to scale the peak between May 15 and 25.

Director General NCC Lt Gen A Chakravarty had proposed the conduct of first ever NCC Girls Expedition to Mt Everest in 2014.

Pan-India trials at 25 selected hubs were carried out and 100 girl cadets nominated to undergo the customised mountaineering course at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI), Darjeeling, from January 7 to February 3 last year.

Based on their performance, 40 girl cadets were selected for the first pre-Everest Expedition to Mt Deo-Tibba (19688 Feet), near Manali in Himachal Pradesh in April-May, 2015, a statement by the Defence Ministry said.
1st all-girl NCC Mount Everest expedition flagged off
(Left) Trishala Gurung and Sulaxchana Tamang who are in the team of NCC Girls
 Expedition to Mt Everest. Picture by Suman Tamang
Following which, 15 cadets were selected for the next phase based on their performance.
In August last year, the team set off on the second pre-Everest expedition to Mt Trishul (23,360 Feet), and 10 girl cadets were finally selected for the Everest Expedition.

The culmination of pre-expedition activities was winter training at Siachen Base Camp from January 11 to January 31 this year.

Every year, NCC sponsors 354 boy and girl cadets for basic mountaineering courses at HMI, Darjeeling, NIM Uttarkashi, ABVIMAS Manali and Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports (JIM & WS), Pahalgam.

Mountaineering Expedition as an adventure activity was introduced in NCC in the year 1970. Since then, NCC conducts two mountaineering expeditions every year, one each for boy and girl cadets, thus having launched more than 70 expeditions to various peaks.


Jay Gokul Bista Indian Gorkha cricketer played for Mumbai in Ranji Trophy

6:55 PM
Jay Bista (born 23 December 1995) is an Indian Gorkha cricketer who plays for Mumbai in domestic First Class cricket. He is a batting all-rounder who bats right-handed and bowls right-arm off break. He represented Mumbai at the Under-16 and Under-19 levels before making his first-class cricket debut in November 2015 during the 2015–16 Ranji Trophy. For a player just two games into his first-class career, 19-year-old Jay Bista exudes remarkable confidence. He is, after all, a member of the Mumbai class of 2015 - a bunch of players who slide down the hallowed of the Wankhede pavilion yet step into the playing area with a brief prayer. This is a group which has grown up with the Mumbai doctrine of batsmanship, yet one which doesn't conform to its every rule. Nothing else can possibly explain his cover drive off RP Singh in the first hour of the match. He had, after all, played and missed his two previous deliveries, attempting the very shot. There is an air of nonchalance to his batting.

Predominantly, he's all about getting into good position, keeping the head still and let the hand-eye co-ordination take over. Not very dissimilar to an affable Delhite who retired a while ago. "Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar have been the two biggest influences in my life," Bista says. "I know there cannot be another Sehwag and I'm not even trying to be that, but (like him) I just love to stay positive and treat every ball on its merit without worrying about what happened the ball before," he adds, quelling the Sehwag comparisons. The buzz around the bespectacled Bista started much before he swept the experienced Jalaj Saxena out of the attack on a rank turner in Indore to set up a chase of 280 in last month's clash against Madhya Pradesh. His name had been doing the rounds in Mumbai's cricketing circles for a while, and not just because of the numbers he'd been chalking up. He was earmarked to take a place in Aditya Tare's young Ranji side, making him the first player of Nepali origin to play for Mumbai. Bista hails from Dhangadi, a town on the foothills of the Himalayas on Seti zone of the Far-Western Development Region of Nepal, close to the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The relocation to Mumbai though happened so long before he was born that Bista can't put a finger on its exact time-line. "Our family moved to this city around 40-50 years ago. Mumbai has been home ever since," he says with a chuckle. Gokul Bista, Jay's father, had pursued cricket very seriously himself.
Jay Bista Indian Gorkha cricketer
Jay Bista Indian Gorkha cricketer 
Despite representing Mumbai University, braving the cut-throat competition to make the Ranji side appeared a dream too far-fetched. So he redoubled his efforts to make sure his son was blessed with all the opportunities to make it to the sport's highest levels. This included enrolling Jay at Shardasharam Vidyamandir, the school Sachin Tendulkar famously moved to for its cricket focus. "I used to play my cricket at the PJ Hindu Gymkhana till seventh standard. I was asked to shift to Shardashram because of its sporting culture, especially towards cricket. And it was great because only after I went to Shardashram did I realise how much there was to learn. It was there I learnt the basics of how maidaan cricket is played," Bista Jr says. Interestingly, like Tendulkar, Bista started out wanting to be a fast bowler. Except, there was a little problem. His coach, Mr. Pravin Gorgaonkar, deemed that the boy, in his quest to bowl as fast as possible, was in serious violation of the infamous 15-degree arm flexion law and advised him instead to concentrate on his batting and off-spin bowling. For the batting to improve however, there were the hard yards to do. And in Mumbai, the hard yards usually start with crowded train journeys.

Bista's took him from Churchgate to Dadar, a good 12 kilometre distance, at 5:30 in the morning for practice. He used to get back home by 11, just in time to freshen up and make the return trip to Dadar for school. Giving him company in these chaotic commutes were his kit-bag and his doting mother. "My family has been my rock. I would say my mother worked harder for me than I did. When I was a kid, she would take me to practice, wait outside the grounds for the whole duration and then bring me back home and get me ready for school and the return journey." Naturally, academics took a back step in this daily grind but Mr. and Mrs. Bista ensured there was no undue pressure on their lad to excel everywhere. "I wasn't all that great but managed average grades. I scored 80 percent in my senior secondary certificate exams and 61 percent in the higher secondary level," he says. The batting talent though was spotted early. Pleasantly surprised by the boy's hitting abilities during a chance observation, Naushad Khan, father of the now-Uttar Pradesh teenager Sarfaraz, invited Bista to practice at his coaching camp for free. It was at this camp, at the famous Azad Maidan, where Bista would go on to learn his most important cricketing lessons, lessons that would hold him in good stead on a minefield of a track at the Holkar stadium in his second first-class game. "At Azad Maidan, you never got great wickets. They would spin, bounce awkwardly, sometimes keep low... you have to find some way, any way to survive.
Gorkha Ranji Player Jay Gokul Bista
Gorkha Ranji Player Jay Gokul Bista
And that's where I picked up my sweep shot," Bista recollects with a sense of accomplishment. "When I went out to open in our chase of 280 against MP, those practice sessions came flashing back. I attempted my first sweep and the ball went off the middle of my bat. I realised I was timing the sweep really well and continued to use it. 80 percent of my runs eventually came from that shot." The ascent to the senior Mumbai side was not overnight. Bista went through the full rigours of Mumbai cricket - the Under-14s, the Under-16s, the Under-19s and the Under-23s, churning out the numbers at every level. There were disappointments along the way as well. He was known to get very depressed if he ever got out early and needed a talking to from coach Vinod Raghavan to stop him from slipping into a negative spiral. Bista believes he is now mentally equipped to brush off failures and move on. The Under-19 Cooch Behar Trophy early of 2014-15, in particular, put Bista on the peripherals of the senior set-up. The opener set up the title win with blazing centuries against Uttar Pradesh and Punjab in the quarters and the semis. This was followed by twin centuries for the Under-23 side against Bengal, giving the Mumbai selectors a ready-made option to address the senior side's opening woes.

The Ranji call up, he remembers vividly, was out of the blue. Under-23 Coach Vinayak Samant broke the news to him during one of the practice sessions. His parents were ecstatic while Jay himself was merely pleased. "I was not overly happy. I knew I have to perform there also. The ultimate goal, after all, is to play for India... and play at least for 10-12 years." The journey has only just begun for young Bista but he already has his eyes set on lofty targets, chief among which is to be part of a World Cup winning side. He was in Nepal in April 2011 when MS Dhoni & Co. lifted the trophy and regrets missing out on the celebrations that broke out around the Wankhede, a stone's throw away from his residence. "I dream of lifting the World Cup for India. Every once in a while, I log on to YouTube to watch the video of those celebrations at the Wankhede. Someday, I want to be that guy in the India jersey holding that cup." For now though, it's back to hard grind of Mumbai cricket for Bista. Cementing his place at the top of the order in the Ranji side is at the top of his wish-list. Tare and Chandrakant Pandit see a bright future for this lad. And he wants to do his bit to pay them back. Perhaps, propelling the team to a 41st Ranji title might get the ball rolling.

Via Veergorkha

Ace Shooter Jitu Rai Clinches Gold in World Cup

8:37 AM

India’s Pride and Gorkha legend Jitu Rai beat a strong field to win gold in the men’s 50m pistol event shooting World Cup in Bangkok on Friday.

Jitu scored 191.3 points in the final round. Former World and Olympic champion Pang Wei of China took second place with 186.5. Olympic medallist Wang Zhiwei, also of China, finished third with a final round score of 165.8.

'UNITING YOUTHS THROUGH SPORTS' - AAGSU organising Inter-College Football Tournament'

10:33 AM
With the motto of "Uniting Youths Through Sports", the B.Barooah Gorkha Cultural College Unit, (Guwahati, Assam) in association with All Assam Gorkha Student's Union (AAGSU) Guwahati Mahanagar Committee is organising a first ever Inter-College Football Tournament'16, featuring six of the prestigious colleges of Guwahati, in the honour and memory of the great soul Saheed Major Durga Malla. 

"As it is the first ever Gorkha football championship in Guwahati, we are looking forward for eevryone's support and best wishes to all the participating college teams and the working members of the organising team as well,' said Resham Sharma (General Secretary, AAGSU, Guwahati Mahanagar Committee).

[Bina Sharma for TheDC]

Sunil Chhetri joined as the mentor and brand ambassador of DreamChasers

10:55 PM

MUMBAI: Indian football captain Sunil Chhetri has joined as the mentor and brand ambassador of a nation-wide talent hunt programme to pick 15 youngsters in the 8-14 age group for a comprehensive five-year residential schooling in Kolhapur, western Maharashtra.

Under the programme titled 'DreamChasers' and started by three retired army personnel, youngsters would be provided top-class coaching and technical expertise by Sporting Clube de Portugal, for whose reserve side Chhetri had played for a while in 2012-13.

The talent hunt will be held in 15 venues and 10 cities, after kicking off here in April, to cover Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Kolhapur (all in Maharashtra), Baroda, Gandhinagar (Gujarat), Kerala, Delhi, Kolkatta and Guwahati, it was announced at a media conference here on Wednesday.

The selected lot would be nurtured and would undergo professional training until the age of 18 at the residential training centre of Proforce -- housed at the Dr Cyrus Poonawala International School in Kolhapur.

They would be entitled "to a 14-days sponsored training camp at SCP (Sporting Clube de Portugal). They will also be inducted into the special training programme, which is a commitment for five years," it was announced.

Besides football training, their education as well as lodging and boarding will also be looked after. The programme will include 10 months of football training in Kolhapur and one month of free training every year at SCP.

Chhetri, present at the announcement, said that he will be actively involved in the initiative.

"I am going to be part of all major decisions taken. They will be provided the best possible training. Everything will be provided for. The most important thing is coaching," said the 31-year-old national captain.

"When I went to Sporting Lisbon I was 26 and had a four year deal, I was there for seven months and I just played six games. I was improving and enjoying my time over there with the training and the kids I was playing with," said Chhetri.

"It was a great team but the guys who I played with were 17, 18 and 19 years of age and I was 26. I wish I was 16-17 then and I would have stayed for four years. Not saying that I am not enjoying now," he added.

A coach from SCP will be sent to stay with the trainees in Kolhapur with an Indian as his assistant.

"We are considered as one of the best in recruitment. Football in India has a lot of potential," said commercial head of SCP, Bruno Mascarenhas.

Bhima & Puja's journey From child labour to Bengal's Under-14 girls' hockey team

9:14 AM
Vivek Chettri

Darjeeling, Feb. 16: Bhima Chettri and Puja Kachu were victims of child labour not too long ago. Today, the two youngsters are representing Bengal in hockey with Bhima even captaining the state's Under-14 girls' team.

Bhima, a resident of Rimbick in Darjeeling subdivision, was seven when she had been sent to Kalimpong, about 100km away, where she had to help a family in domestic chores. "I was told that I would be sent to school but that never happened," said Bhima.

Puja, from Mainaguri in the Dooars, too, was sent to Kalimpong to work as a domestic help at about the same age as Bhima. Puja's story was just similar: "I, too, was told that I would be sent to school but the family didn't keep the word."
Bhima & Puja's journey From child labour to Bengal's Under-14 girls' hockey team
Bhima Chettri and Puja Kachu Bengal's Under-14 girls' hockey team
Life was difficult for the two until help came in 2012.

Sister Subeshna Thapa, director of Bal Suraksha Abhiyan Trust, which is based in Kalimpong, and her team that has been fighting child labour since 2006 managed to bring a ray of hope in the lives of the little girls.

"We want the society to know their stories so that everyone can learn a lesson. In 2012, we approached the family where Bhima was being kept and convinced them that what they were doing was not right. The family agreed to let Bhima go. In Puja's case, we had to conduct a raid with the help of police and rescue her from her employer," said Sister Subeshna.

The two girls were sheltered at the home run by the trust and sent to St Michael's School in Darjeeling. The school changed the duo's life.

Prakash Rai, who coaches the school hockey team, said: "I must say the two girls picked a lot of hockey within a short span."

Such has been their growth rate that the two were among the six girls selected from Darjeeling district to be part of Bengal's Under-14 hockey team.

And it was no surprise that Bhima was made the captain of the Bengal team at the 61st National School Games, which was held at Ranchi, Jharkhand, from January 4 to 8.

Speaking over the phone from Calcutta, Krishna Mondal, manager of the Bengal team, said: "Yes, Bhima was the captain of the team and the two girls were good in their category. It would be great if they could come and stay in Calcutta and pursue hockey."

The team won two games but lost to Jharkhand in the quarter final.

Bhima, who studies in Class VIII, goes to her family once in a while. She has parents, four sisters and five brothers. In fact, just before she was to leave for Jharkhand, Bhima suddenly did not feel like going. "I really thank Sister Subeshna for making me realise the opportunity that lay before me," said Bhima.

While Bhima's family is aware of her success, Puja has never gone home after her rescue in 2012. "We have learnt that her father is no more and mother is untraceable. Still, we are encouraging her to visit the family before the school reopens. She is planning to visit her family in the Dooars this week," said Sister Subeshna.

Puja, a Class VII student, has three brothers and a sister.

Both Bhima and Puja practise about three hours at the school every day. "When it rains, the hockey team trains in the school hall," said Rai.

While hockey is providing a ray of hope to the young girls, the duo have not yet thought of pursing the sport professionally. Surprisingly, both want to join the police and for the same reason. "I want to be a police woman so that all the evils of our society can be ended. I think police can do much but in many cases they look the other way," said Puja.

Source Telegraph

Shiva Thapa bags Gold Medal in 12th South Asian Games 2016 as India wins 7 gold in boxing

11:09 PM
Our pride, Shiva Thapa bags Gold Medal today during the 12th South Asian Games 2016 at Shillong, Meghalaya. Indian boxers packed a powerful punch as they bagged all the seven gold medals on offer in the men's event of the 12th South Asian Games on Monday.

Glasgow Commonwealth Games silver medalist L Devendro Singh, who is recovering from an injury, began India's gold rush in boxing when he pipped Mohib Ulla of Pakistan in 49kg category at the SAI campus in North Eastern Hill University on the outskirts of the city.

The other gold medallists of the day were Vikas Krishan (75kg), Shiva Thapa (56kg), Madan Lal (52kg), Dheeraj Rangi (60kg), Manoj Kumar (64kg) and Mandeep Jangra (69kg).

"It was a bit tough and my focus was to avoid any injury with the qualifiers coming up next month," the London Olympics quarter finalist Devendro told PTI after he was was adjudged winner 2-1 via split decision.
Shiva Thapa bags Gold Medal in 12th South Asian Games 2016
The Manipuri completely dominated the first and second rounds to run away with the bout.

Mohib Ulla mainly relied on wild swings, while a cautious Devendro was handing out straight crosses and body punches to be adjudged winner.

If Devendro fought off injury to open India's account, world no 6 in middleweight Vikas Krishan put up a brave front after fighting a flu to down Tanveer Ahmed in the 75kg to end the home side's campaign with a magnificent seven gold medals.

Despite not being able to put up his best, Krishan prevailed over his Pakistani opponent with some feisty uppercuts and was adjudged 3-0 winner.

"I was running temperature after landing here failing to cope with the temperature as I'm on full antibiotic dosage so I was not able to give my best," Krishan said while India head coach GS Sandhu felt he would have won through TKO had he been fully fit.

Guwahati lad Shiva Thapa impressed the boisterous crowd, which included his father Padam and brother Govind among others, to prevail upon Sri Lankan W Ruwan Thilina in the 56kg title bout.

Against the Lankan, who was headbutting, Thapa had a defensive strategy.

"The strategy worked and I did not allow him to settle down initially before unleashing a flurry of blows," the world number 2 said.

Source TOI

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