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All Manipur Gorkha Students' Union to Felicitate Meritorious Gorkha students

11:33 AM
All Manipur Gorkha Students' Union (AMGSU) shall be organizing Felicitation Program for Meritorious Gorkha students of Manipur who secured 1st divison in the Boards exams of class X and XII-2016 and state subject toppers. The union request all the eligible Gorkha students to kindly submit xerox copy of their marksheet and admit card along with their contact no. at any of the collection centre/persons given below by 14th of June, 2016. After that the union shall not accept any submission.
  • 1. Yadav Store- Leimakhong opp. Magic parking
  • 2. Froebell School- Kanglatongbi
  • 3. Sandesh mobiles and computer- Kanglatongbi Bazar Board.
  • 4. Kafle Book store- Charhajare
  • 5. Mitra Pustak bhandar- Kalapahar
  • 6. M/S Hardware- Near Kangpokpi Police Station
  • 7. Saran store- Near Mt. Everest Parking, Senapati
  • 8. Adarsh Medical Store, Senapati Bazar
  • 9. Baskota Medicos, Mantripukhri
  • 10. Sincerly Yours- Maram Centre
  • 11. Gopal Koirala(9612103289)- Serou Bazar.
  • 12. Gopal Bhandari(9862458001) - Ukhrul Bazar.
  • 13. Narayan Adhikari(9436663262)- Irang Pt-II
  • 14. Nirmal Shiwakoti (897477013)- Gopibung
2015 felicitation program at Kanglatombi.
2015 felicitation program at Kanglatombi.

Manipur Gorkha Students' Union (AMGSU)
Manipur Gorkha Students' Union (AMGSU)
Require documents:
2. MARKSHEET one Xerox copy each
3. Write candidate working contact the document. 

Last Date of Submission:
14th June, 2016. AMGSU will not entertained or held any type of complaint or responsibility after the expiry of collection date. AMGSU fervently request our young and aspiring students to submit their documents at the earliest time of possible. Lastly, I request the members of the Facebook Group to kindly inform to the maximum number of students who passed in first divisioners in 2016 exam and state subject toppers.

For further help and assistance kindly contact-
Kashinath Adhikari,
Central Executive, AMGSU
Milan Niroula,
Organising Secretary, AMGSU

Kindly Share the Information.
Prateet Pradhan
Information Secretary
All Manipur Gorkha Students Union

Gorkha Students JNU condemns rape and murder of gorkha girl from Assam and the Dalit girl in Kerala.

7:32 AM
"Gorkha Students, JNU condemns heinous acts of brutal rape and murder of gorkha girl from Assam and the Dalit girl, Jisha in Kerala. We condemn, in the strongest terms the despicable crimes committed against Jisha, against the girl from Assam who was brutally raped and murdered and to the continued apathy shown by the University officials towards the girl from Sikkim. We demand a proper investigation in all these cases with speedy trial for the perpetrators to be booked and be brought to justice." - Gorkha Students, JNU 

Gorkha Students, JNU  Condemn the rising atrocities on the Oppressed and Marginalized

The misery of the oppressed seems to be unending in the world’s largest democracy. Every minute we come across stories from the length and the breadth of our country about oppressed communities and their daily struggle for existence. This agony of the oppressed goes unheard, unattended and unaddressed.  Democracy fails us and the ugly Brahmanical exploitative structure rears it’s hydra head everywhere. Recently, a young Dalit student, Jisha was raped and brutally murdered in Kerala. The perpetrators of this despicable and horrendous act are yet to be punished. The atrocity that went unto raping and killing the young woman is pure evil. How is it, that ‘a body’ becomes prone to more torture, pain, and abuse and why is it that ‘this body’ belongs to an adivasi, a dalit, a minority and a woman. Our political institutions and society are yet to address these issues. However, they are but symptoms of a larger malaise affecting us all. For Jisha and many others, her identity as a woman and a Dalit was enough for the perpetrators to carry out the abhorrent crime with impunity. Such acts have been historically ignored and neglected. Becoming all though more troubling when we see that the so called ‘progressive’ fonts pays only lip service to such gross injustices, thereby, confabulating this struggle for justice and equality
Gorkha Students, JNU  Condemn the rising atrocities on the Oppressed and Marginalized
 Rising atrocities on the Oppressed and Marginalized
In yet another similar incident, in Margherita, Assam, a young Gorkha girl of just 20 years was found to be raped and brutally murdered and thrown in a river (inset pic.1).  He deformed body later showed the degree of brutality meted out to her. When some public spirited citizens and organizations came forward and protested against such atrocity, the Tinsukia police rather than finding the culprits were quick to condemn such protests as fomenting anarchy. The police and the administration in no uncertain terms have tried to belittle the issue and with no media coverage of this heinous act, we fear that this incident too would be in the long lists of cases, where justice goes dying with the dead.

Sadly, this is not new. We encountered similar apathy of our government and our political leaders two years back when a student from Sikkim was sexually molested by her seniors and blackmailed into silence at the prestigious Visva-Bharati Central University in Bengal.  Social media uproar forced a few political leaders to speak on this, who vouched to fight for her and to put the accused behind the bars. Sadly, when the furore died down so did their promises. Till now, the girl still has to undergo medical treatment for her traumas while the culprits still roam free inside the campus, allegedly, because of help and protection from the officials of the University itself.  Her father however remains determined and continues to run from pillar to post hoping that one day he will be heard and his daughter will get the justice she deserves.

Our question remains, as to why that people from certain background are more easily prone to crime and criminals. Why is it easy for the perpetrators to carry out such horrendous acts without the fear of law or justice on the them.  Only too recently a girl from Manipur was abducted right from the middle of a street in a foiled attempt in the city of Bengaluru. Thankfully, the girl was able to free herself not because people chased away the perpetrator or caught him but because of the sheer grit and courage of the girl alone, while we see in the cctv captured video of the act that people stroll by in the vicinity as if nothing has happened. This is indeed shameful and reprehensible.

 Also, in continuation of the series of racial attacks. Closer to campus, on  May 2nd John Thapa and his friend John Rana hailing from Gorkhaland, were brutally beaten (inset pic. 2) up by the locals of Chakkarpur in Gurugram  for raising objection against throwing dirty water on them by the locals. Both of them were brutally beaten by rods and sticks by locals for daring to raise their voice. What is more disturbing is that last year similar kind of racial attack  had occurred on 18/05/2015 when Abishek Rai and his two friends all hailing from Teesta Valley, Gorkhaland, were brutally beaten up by their landlord's son and his friends in Gurugram. Everywhere there seems to be one common thing. The identity of the oppressed becomes an incentive for the oppressor to victimize them. These incidents clearly show that racism for people with certain ethnicity in India is daily living experience. It’s not alone limited to people from Northeast. Even non-north eastern people like the Gorkhas, the Ladakhis, and the Tibetans face it.

Also, it is alarming when we see that such casteist, racial, communal and linguistic discrimination seems to have permeated from our society and unto our political institutions as well. Allowing for a fascist and repressive system to thrive and which represses anything which comes as progressive or just. Such repression got showcased again when two people were killed over police firing in the Tawang District of Aruncahal Pradesh (inset pic 3). The victims were demanding the release of Gyatso, the Secretary of the Save Mon Region Federation (SMRF), who were questioning the building of the dams in an earthquake prone area and were demanding more local consensuses to be built on the issue. We have already seen such roughshodding when huge dams were built on the river Teesta in Sikkim and West Bengal repudiating the concerns raised by the locals about the adverse impact these dams might have on their life, livelihood and the environment. Sadly, we as a society seemed to have normalised this repression and given into the ideology advocated by this repressive regime that makes anyone standing against them typecast as criminals or anti-national. Such typecasting takes away from them their political rights and allows for the full force of the repressive machinery to be turned on them while the citizenry is lulled into looking the other way by the mantra of “greater good”. Such plundering of the tribal forest lands and flooding of huge hill areas are all carried out in the name of the greater good. However, the question remains whose greater good? Is it the good of the regimes over the blood of the oppressed nationalities or is it the blindness of the collective conscience which fails to see the dark side of this greater good? Violence against the oppressed communities has always been structured and programmed well by the authors of oppression, ever and always. History will never forget and forgive the killing of about 1500 people under the state repression during the 1986 Gorkhaland agitation or the atrocities that were meted out to people under the Armed Forces Special Power Act in the North East since 1958. Such state repression is sophisticatedly designed to combat and repress voices of dissent in any form.

In the recent times too we see how such forms of repression has permeated and penetrated even into our educational institutions like HCU, JNU, FTII or JU wherein all and any voices of dissent are criminalized. We have seen how the progressive environment of our own university too is being poisoned by the same repressive state apparatuses manifest in the recent dictatorial High level Enquiry Committee (HLEC) report and the farcical dossier which tries to isolate and profile certain sections of the student community and teachers as immoral and anti-national based on their caste, religion and racial ethnicity.

Such typecasting is what allows for certain sections of our society to be devoid of law and to their claim to its equality, justness or fairness. People with no claim to law are hence then found to be easy target of the repressive regime and the casteist and racial society that we have come to exist in. It is what has allowed the perpetrators of the heinous crime against Jisha to the reach the level of horrendousness yet unheard. It is what is making the Tinsukia administration and police to brush the horrible rape and murder of the bright young Gorkha girl under the carpet of nonchalance. It is the lulling and normalising of such depraved acts that has allowed the molesters in Shantiniketan to roam free, or the violent acts in Gurugram to be reported unheard. It is this ideology of supposed ‘growth’ which excels in repressing and killing its own people.

Gorkha Students, JNU condemns all such heinous acts and travesties of justice. We condemn, in the strongest terms the despicable crimes committed against Jisha, against the girl from Assam who was brutally raped and murdered and to the apathy shown by the University officials towards the girl from Sikkim. We demand a proper investigation in all these cases with speedy trial for the perpetrators to be booked and be brought to justice. Only the unity among an oppressed can break the chain of patriarchy, racism and castiesm!

Gorkha Students, JNU

Hill students suffer as Madhyamik examinations rescheduled

9:36 AM
Vidhyarthi Morcha Demands Heaters and Stoves in Madhyamik Centers

The Gorkha Janmukti Vidhyarthi Morcha has reminded the District Administration and the Bengal government that it is still very cold in Darjeeling, and since Bengal government pushed forward the date of Madhyamik examinations without considering the discomfort that hill students have to face, they should provide for room heaters and stoves (angeti) in those schools that are in the higher altitude.

The WBSSC had assured hill students that proper warming equipments aill be provided to all the schools that require heating, however nothing has been done till date and the examinations begin from February 1st.
Vidhyarthi Morcha Demands Heaters and Stoves in Madhyamik Centers
We hope that our politicians will kindly highlight this act of discrimination against our hill students.

Via TheDC

Meeting for central university in the Darjeeling hills positive - GJM

10:06 AM
The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) has said Wednesday’s meeting in New Delhi between Union minister Smriti Irani and its delegation was positive. The GJM delegation comprises general secretary Roshan Giri, Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia, Darjeeling MLA Trilok Dewan, GTA secretary Don Bosco Lepcha and GTA executive director KB Yogi. They met HRDD Minister Smriti Zubin Irani and urged her to set up a central university in the Darjeeling hills. The minister has reportedly responded by instructing her department to file the matter for further scrutiny.
GJM Roshan Giri
Roshan Giri
Giri said, "We met Union minister Smriti Irani with a proposal to set up a Central University in the hills. She has asked her department to initiate a file on the matter. The GTA has also asked EDCIL India Limited, a central government enterprise, to prepare a detailed project report by February end."

The GJM delegation on Thursday met Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and entreated him to place the proposal for a central university in the upcoming budget. The minister reportedly assured the visitors of giving the matter serious before announcing anything conclusive.

Meanwhile, a veteran academic told an online media house that “a central university cannot be formed without the consent of Parliament. Hence, it takes considerable will on the part of the government and pressure from the locals for such an institute to be constituted. Besides, there is no indication of that sort from the central government at present”.

Source: EOI

Colleges from Darjeeling hills, Sikkim, Siliguri and Jalpaiguri took part in t2 spotlight

10:42 AM
Students of over 20 colleges from Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling hills and Sikkim took part in City Centre t2 Spotlight 2014 grand finale today, the first day of the two-day event.
Participants at the finals of Hotstepper at City Centre in Siliguri on Friday.
Picture by Kundan Yolmo
The event that was held at City Centre here started at 2pm with Muzik Marathon (antakshari) where the hosts conducted three rounds after which, nine colleges were selected to participate in the final round.

The event had several rounds where participants had to guess songs from musical clues and hints on actors.

A few hundred people enjoyed the event and the number rose with each round with the crowd cheering after every right answer from the participants.

Antakshari was by followed by Raagasutra (eastern solo song performance) where students sang Bengali, Hindi and Nepali songs.

Participants sang popular Hindi songs like “Main Tenu Samajhava Ki” from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, “Maula Mere Lele Meri Jaan” from Chak De India and “Tum Se Hi” from Jab We Met.

Nepali songs like “Timi Lai Dekhera” and “Chioso Bataas” and Bengali songs like “Bajlo Tomar Alor Benu” were performed by some students too.

Singer Sayan Chakraborty judged Raagasutra and dancer Aditi Ghosh judged HotStepper, a fusion dance competition, where students performed hip-hop, classical and folk dance.

“I had come to City Centre with my husband to shop but the songs that were being sang at the event were so good that I stayed back and we saw the entire programme,” said Sashwati Ghosh, a resident of Siliguri.

Star Quotient (face of the college) and Mega Watt (music band competition-western) would be held tomorrow, on the final day of the event, organisers said.

Source: Telegraph

JU ragging of Darjeeling students punishment irreversible

11:24 PM
As a member of Jadavpur University’s anti-ragging committee that took the decision to award punishment to the accused, I can say there was no procedural lapse by the vice-chancellor and the university.

Jadavpur University ragging punishment irreversible
The students’ basic contention is that what had happened was not ragging, but according to the definition (of ragging), what had happened was indeed ragging because there was continuity in the action of the accused.

If a person in the heat of the moment slaps someone it does not amount to sexual assault, but if the person stalks someone continuously it certainly amounts to one.

The student who was ragged last month had kept two other students from the hills in his hostel room because they were not getting accommodation elsewhere. It was not illegal because he had signed them in. But some seniors took objection to it and shouted at him, banged on the door and broke the windows of his room. The student, who was in the washroom, came back and asked the seniors why they had not waited for him.

He was asked to apologise and a scuffle followed, during which he was slapped. But the incident was smoothed over by sensible seniors and the victim had not complained. He also asked his roommates to leave. But the next day there was human excreta outside his room, after which he lodged a complaint on the UGC helpline.

Some of the students felt the punishment meted out to the two accused was too harsh. They feel so because the accused are fourth-year students and will be losing a year.

The VC acted in the best interests of the university and according to UGC rules, failure to adhere to anti-ragging guidelines could lead to severe repercussions for the university, such as suspension of grant or even de-recognition. All activities of the university will then come to a halt.
JU VC Souvik Bhattacharyya
VC Souvik Bhattacharyya (face circled) leaves his office after the siege was lifted

Within a few hours of the complaint being lodged, the UGC called up our VC to find out what steps he was taking and he immediately set the machinery into action. There were follow-up calls and... the anti-ragging committee was set into action.

The guidelines mention that if the perpetrators cannot be identified, there will be collective punishment, which could be against all the inmates of the hostel.

Students should go through the UGC Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009.

Source: Telegraph

Darjeeling boy, Pritam Subba, who was ragged at the Jadavpur University

10:41 PM
First Hand Account from PRITAM SUBBA – the boy who was ragged at the Jadavpur University.
Recently two students from Darjeeling were ragged at the Jadavpur University, following which a complaint was lodged with the UGC. After thorough investigation the JU authorities found two of the seniors guilty of ragging and were summarily suspended. However, a few of those who are friends with the seniors have continued to protest against their suspension. Thus, this first hand has been issued by Mr. Pritam Subba whose complaint led to the suspension of those two seniors has issued account.

Pritam Subba Darjeeling boy who was ragged at the Jadavpur University
NOTE: This clarification is for the benefit of the Jadavpur University students and not meant to evoke any sort of emotional response from the greater Darjeeling community. We request our readers to not react to this news in any negative manner. If you have to comment, please be respectful in doing so. 

Here is what Pritam says :

"Hello friends, 
I would like to clarify few things about the ragging incident. I want to share what had actually happened and I would also like to request you to not to believe in whatever the protestors are saying. They are spreading false news just to save their mates."

As we all know, these so-called "senior" students try to rag the fresher’s. We have 6 students from the hills this year, in the 1st year and the seniors had tried to rag them too by imposing dress code on them. I, along with my friend, Ashish Tamang, protested against this. Since then, we have been their targets. They accused us of being communal because we tried to protect our juniors from being ragged. Of the 6 1st yr students, 2 of them were not allocated hostel rooms so we had kept them with us, which we later found out was not allowed as per hostel rule. Taking this opportunity, on the night of 22nd August, few seniors, including Manik Halder, one of those who have been suspended gathered outside my room. They told me to take away the 1st years. They were shouting, using filthy language, and threatened me that they would beat me up if I didn’t take the 1st yr student away by the next day. I disccused this matter with my friends and decided to take them away as we didn’t want any trouble. The next day i.e on the night of 23rd August, a group of senior students gathered outside my room while I was in the bathroom just beside my room. I knew from their voices that they were the same people who had come the previous day. They were shouting my name and said something about 1st year student. Then I heard a sound of breaking glass. When I came out of the bathroom I found that my windowpane had been broken. Seeing this I went to the AGC of our campus to talk about this. He assured that he would talk with those people and called for a meeting with those guys later. Accompanied by my friend Ashish, I went to meet them. Many fourth year students had gathered. As I was very angry at that moment I talked very rudely with them. Manik Halder, the leader of group was there. I told him that if he had any problem with me than come to me directly, there was no need to break my glass in my absence. But those seniors asked me to prove that he, Manik Halder had broken the glass. As I was in the bathroom and could only hear his voice I had no evidence to prove him guilty. However, later on during the investigation they admitted to the dean of the students that they were present there.
Following this they started saying I had put false allegation on the seniors and being a junior I disrespected them, so I have to apologize. This was totally insane. I thought why should I apologize when I have no fault. Anyone would get angry if someone breaks his or her glass for no reason. They were threatening me to beat me up and even said that they were above the authority and even the authority can take no action against them. When I refused to apologize since I had no fault, one of the seniors, Anupam, the other student who has been suspended, slapped me on my face. This could have worsened the situation but thanks to Ashish, he controlled the situation and advised me to say sorry and go away from there. 

Later on other seniors assured me that such things wont happen again and no one would bother me. But that was not to be and again on the morning of 25th august, I found a lump of feces/human stool on my door, which was disgusting. I was very much sure that people who did this were the same people who broke my glass and slapped me… No one else would have done that.

Following this I lodged a complaint with the hostel superintendent and to the UGC.

The authority set up an enquiry committee and those two students were found guilty and suspended from the college.

This situation arose because of the fact that they tried to rag the 1st year students. I want to know from you guys, is this not ragging? Or a framed ragging case as projected by the protestors?

[Inputs by: Rinchen Tamang, if you copy-paste this please credit the original source]

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