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Annual General Meeting of Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh, ( BGES)

10:17 AM
Roshni Rai

Annual General Meeting of Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh, ( BGES) held on 14th June, 2015 in Andheri Recreation Club, Andheri West Mumbai.
Annual General Meeting of Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh, ( BGES)
Annual General Meeting of Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh, ( BGES)
The meeting was attended by all the Managing Committee Members, Members of the Sangh and many enthusiastic Gorkha Youths of Mumbai. The Venue was arranged by Mr. Lalit Dutraj (Retd), ACP, Mumbai Police one of the founding members of BGES.

The AGM was attended by Prof. Jagdish Thapa, probably the first Gorkha to Graduate in 1958, with Master Degree from Premium Institute of India, IIT Kharagpur & Powai. Prof. Thapa was felicitated by Mr. Lalit Dutraj. Mr. Dhruva Pradhan, the Chairman of BGES presided the meeting.

Mr. P. Shasankar, Vice President of BGES read out the minutes of last year’s AGM. In pursuance to objective of Social & Welfare Scheme of the Sangh, the Chairman informed about the accommodation problems faced by Gorkha Cancer Patients and proposed to make an arrangement of accommodation for them by renting a place. He has appealed all the Gorkha to come forward and support him in this cause.

Mrs. Poonam Lama, General Secretary gave the details of sixteen activities carried out by BGES in last year, some of which are as follows;

• Workshop for Gorkha youth of Mumbai (GYOM) to know and connect with other Gorkhas in Mumbai. 
• Football match of GYOM.
• Medical and blood donation Camp in association with MGM Hospital Vashi.
• ‘Run for Jyotika’ to raise fund for the treatment of Late Jyotika’s cancer. 
• Sending relief materials to Nepal in association with Giants Group, Rotary Club, Siddhivinayak Logistic Ltd and many other organisation of Mumbai. 
• Organized “GORKHA SOCIAL MEET” in Mira Road, with “Preeti Bhoj”

Mr. P. Shasankar, who is the Administrative Head in MGM Hospital Vashi informed that underprivileged Gorkhas will get medical support in his hospital and also he has managed to RESERVE SOME QUOTA for Gorkha students in MGM Nursing College.

For any query regarding the same one can write email to

Mr. Bharat Darnal and his son Mr. Arpan Darnal presented the history of BGES and future course of action of BGES along with Gorkha Youths of Mumbai. Some of the future course of actions are as below :

• Gorkha Food festivals, 
• Youth Workshop, 
• Holding Nepali Sahitya Academy Annual Conference in Mumbai, 
• Providing Shelter to Cancer Patient, 
• Free Medical Checkup & Blood Donation Camp, 
• Celebrating Mass Gorkha Festivals etc.

BGES also felicitated some achievers, who were present in the AGM. Miss. Roshni Rai, the marathon runner hosted the felicitation program [to know who were felicitated click on the pics]

After the felicitation, under open interaction program floor was opened for all to share the experiences. Mr. Kesav Sapkota, Mr. Passang Goley , Mr. Seetam Thakuri & Tapan Naubagh shared their experience and volunteered to take part in activities of BGES to serve the cause of Gorkha community.

Despite Mumbai Rain, more than sixty committed Gorkhas from different walks of life were present for the AGM of BGES, for the development of the Gorkha Community. The AGM was concluded with the positive note & thanks giving by The Chair, followed by refreshment and personal interactions.


Kalimpong Basibiyalo to Support to build Gorkha Bhawan in Mumbai

9:16 AM
Popular monthly literary programme of Kalimpong - Basibiyalo (Passtime) which promotes a fraternity amongst the people literary community of our hills, and provides for a platform to the literary and language enthusiasts to share creative ideas pertaining to any field without any inhibition or apprehension, now have a new goal, which is, building of a Gorkha Bhawan in Mumbai.
Gorkha Mela organized by Basiiyalo in Mumbai
Gorkha Mela organized by Basiiyalo in Mumbai
Why is a Gorkha bhawan in Mumbai necessary? because many of our people who go to Mumbai for treatment, education, work - especially those who go there for Cancer treatment at the Tata Memorial Hospital need a cheap place to stay.

Gorkhas living in Mumbai have time and again requested GTA to consider building a Gorkha Bhawan in Mumbai, but GTA has said that their priority right now is to build a Gorkha Bhawan in Vellore where most people from our region go for their treatment.

Extending their support to the cause members of asiiyalo voted in favour of extending support to Gorkha Ekta Sang Mumbai proposal for building a place for Gorkhalis to stay while they are in Mumbai for various causes.

Basiiyalo will help Gorkha Ekta Sangh Mumbai to collect donations from Darjeeling region as well.

Source: TheDC 

Arjun Pradhan 2nd Fastest Amongst Indians in Mumbai Marathon

10:33 AM
After team Run with Roshni another Indian Gorkha, Arjun Pradhan, from the Army Sports Institute, Pune, has finished 2nd amongst the Indian competitors at the recently concluded Mumbai Marathon.
Hav. Arjun Pradhan - 2nd Amongst Indians in Mumbai Marathon
Hav. Arjun Pradhan - 2nd Amongst Indians in Mumbai Marathon 
Running his full Marathon for the 1st time, Hav. Arjun Pradhan was the 2nd fastest Indian (12th overall) to cross the finishing line with a time of 2:22:22. He was leading the entire race, but inexperience showed at the last leg, and that is when reigning Indian champion Hav. Karan Singh took over and finished 1st with a time of 2:21:35, while Mr. Bahadur Singh Dhoni (2:22:41) finished 3rd.

It is remarkable that both Hav. Karan Singh and Hav. Arjun Pradhan practice together and are team mates from the Army Sports Institute.

It has been declared that these champions will be sponsored by TCS to participate in the TCS New York City Marathon in November this year. Those in New York may wanna be there to cheer our two heros.

With inputs from DC 

Team Run with Roshni makes Indian Gorkhas proud in Mumbai Marathon

9:59 AM
Congratulations!!! Team Run with Roshni for making Indian Gorkhas proud with amazing performance at the Mumbai Marathon 2015 and for earning good name, fame and recognition of the Gorkhalis in India.
Roshni Rai founder of Run with Roshni 
Roshni started her Community project “Run with Roshni” in August 2011. She supported 23 Gorkha Runners from Darjeeling to run Mumbai Marathon 2012, wearing t-shirts with the slogan “We are the Gorkhas, proud to be an Indian". The project got lots of Media mentions to highlight the long struggled Cause of identity crisis faced by Gorkhas, all over India.

Here is the team result
1.Runesh Tamang – Full Marathon (42km) in 2hrs 56mins 7secs.
2.Roshni Rai- Full Marathon (42km) in 5hrs 10mins.

Half Marathon Runners:
1. Uttam bhujel – 1hr 15 mins 52 sec
2.Bikram thapa -1 hr 19 mins
3.Ranjeet rai - 1hr 27 mins
4.Kamal thapa – 1hr 32mins.
5.Patrus lepcha - Though he was suffereing from vomiting and lose motion, he completed 21km in 1hr 38mins
6.Menuka Rai - 1hr 53mins
7.Premika Rai- 1hr 57mins
8.Treeshna Rai- 2hrs 34mins
9. Ritesh Rai- 2hrs 8mins
Team Run with Roshni in Mumbai Marathon
Team Run with Roshni in Mumbai Marathon
Following their amazing feat they were felicitated by the Gorkhalis based in Mumbai and Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh.

Source: DC

Gorkha's Daughter Roshni runs to claim her nationality

9:19 AM
Running with pride of being an Indian comes naturally to this Gorkha girl, Roshni Rai. With her project "Run with Roshni", she wishes to bring her Nepali-speaking community, which has been facing racial discrimination and an identity crisis, to the Indian mainstream. A Mumbai resident for 10 years, Rai will be running at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in January with 10 of her community members from Darjeeling.
Gorkha's Daughter Roshni runs to claim her nationality
Gorkha's Daughter Roshni runs to claim her nationality
Coming from a small village called Pedong in Darjeeling, 34-year-old Rai has represented India at various national and international marathons and races. She claims to be the fastest of the three Indian women at the 2012 South African human race "Comrades Ultramarathon" of 89 km and takes pride in her nationality, but everything hasn't been a smooth sailing for her as she struggled with identity crisis in her own country. "We are Nepali-speaking Gorkhas but we are Indian. Many people don't realise that Nepali is a language listed in the Indian constitution and found on Indian currency notes," says Rai, who began the project with the express purpose of being accepted as Indian.

Run with Roshni began in 2011 to support native Darjeeling athletes and bring them to the forefront. "Athletes in Darjeeling participate in every single race to support their own education and, with this project, I wish to bring empowerment and enlightenment to our community," she says.

Rai began running at the age of 23 when she suffered a heartbreak. "I was heartbroken and bedridden for 15 days. I couldn't eat or sleep, and felt utterly useless. One day, I just went out on a run and cried my heart out. I kept crying and running. At one point, the tears stopped but my feet didn't. I felt so light and kept doing it regularly. That was in 2003 and in 2006, I saw the Mumbai marathon and tried to run it without any practice. I injured myself and felt I couldn't run in future," says Rai, who ran six half marathons in 2009.

Rai is a Powai resident and an advocate by profession. She completed her law degree from Mumbai university and started working at Colgate Palmolive, where she got to know the runners club and her coach Daniel Vaz, who taught her the systematic way of running a marathon. She took up Run with Roshni in 2011 as a part of a leadership course. Ever since she has been collecting second-hand shoes and funds through Facebook and other means to send them to promising athletes back home in Darjeeling. "Most of them come from a poor background and can't afford train tickets sometimes. I know these runners and I am confident that they can run a full marathon under three hours without practice. We want to represent our country so that we get accepted as countrymen," she stresses.

Rai says she is tired of explaining her nationality to everyone. "Even when I practise, exercise or run on the roads, I get called Chinese or chinki. The friendship treaty between Nepal and India further complicates our identity crisis and, for the same reason, we want a separate state of Gorkhaland. The Ghorkaland agitation of the1980s saw 1,500 deaths but nobody talks about it. I only want to spread awareness," she says.

Rai, who has been honoured with the Kalimpong Ratna award back home, has taken a break from work and is focussing on her book that she wishes to publish next year. She wants to become a full-time social worker.

Rai believes that they can compete with Kenyans and Ethiopians as running is in their blood. "Walking 16 to 20 km everyday is normal for people in the hilly areas. I was inspired by author Brandon I Koerner's piece on why Kenyans win all marathons and observed that we could challenge them too in the Olympics. There is a boy in our group who used to be a drug addict but became clean due to running. He says it gives him the same high. Running releases the happy hormone," she says.


Gorkha Mela in Mumbai to begin on 11 January

10:30 AM
SNS,Gangtok:To bring the Gorkha community staying in Mumbai under one platform, Basibiyalo ~ an organisation engaged in promoting literary excellence in the community all over India ~ would host Gorkha Mela next month.

Gorkha Mela in Mumbai
Gorkha Mela in Mumbai 
The two-day long Mela that would begin on 11 January, would stage literary and cultural programmes along with exhibitions of various traditional food, attire and article in Mumbai. Informing about the Mela, its publicity in-charge, Sudesh Khati informed it aims at uniting the Gorkha community people either working or staying in Mumbai. “For these two days, we will make them feel at home in Mumbai,” he said.

The Mela is being organised in collaboration with Mumbai-based Sunakhari Nepali Mahila Samaj at Trivedi Hall, Mira Road in the Thane district.

“During the Mela, three books in English, Hindi and Nepali will be released. Besides, the programme will also witness poetry recital in Marathi, Urdu, Maithili, Urdu, Telugu, Hindi and English besides Nepali,” he added.

Prabin Khaling, representing Sikkim chapter of Basibiyalo, informed the programme will have the participation from Kalimpong, Siliguri, Darjeeling, and Dooars.

“We appeal to all the Gorkhas staying in Mumbai to be present at the Mela as we will be presenting different cultural performances and the ethnic cuisine will also be there,” he added.
The two day long literary-cultural programme will be graced by the literati from Darjeeling Hills and Sikkim. Kavita Lama and C K Shresta are among others litterateurs to be present at the Mela in Mumbai.

Source - SNS

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